Jupiter opposition Uranus – A Renaissance for Jupiter and Libra

Jupiter opposition Uranus – A Renaissance for Jupiter and Libra


Jupiter (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires).  First pass December 26, 2016 at 20d – Jupiter Direct, Uranus retrograde.  Second pass March 3, 2017 at 22d – Jupiter retrograde, Uranus Direct.  Third pass September 28, 2017, both planets Direct.    Important note, the aspect Jupiter square Pluto happens concurrently within a month or so of each pass (11/24, 3/30, 8/5).  This is very significant because it means there will also be a power struggle happening at the same time.  That’s a lot of change and transformation of perspective and conventional wisdom (Jupiter).

Whenever Uranus enters a new sign, a new paradigm begins.  We are now in the Uranus in Aires paradigm.  However, the new paradigm does not really come into collective conscious awareness until the aspect Jupiter opposition Uranus occurs and the new paradigm becomes universal (Uranus) wisdom (Jupiter).  That’s what is so significant about this aspect.  It’s a major trend in society.

The opposition is a Libra aspect.  It creates contact, cooperation, conflict, balance and awareness, in that order.  Those are the basic steps of the opposition and of a relationship.  They play out the same way, drama and all.  All oppositions, regardless of signs or planets involved, have an effect on relationships.  With Jupiter in Libra, the effect is magnified.  Uranus will shake things up a bit.  This aspect is like Uranus opposition Venus, you can look that up in the transit book and see that it often indicates changes in relationships.  On a macro level, the new paradigm is incorporated into relationships via the Jupiter function, which is the new perception that is coming into awareness.

The energy of an opposition is like two pressurized tanks of unequal pressure suddenly being connected by a pipe with no valves.  The energy moves back and forth across the opposition until equilibrium (Libra) is achieved.  Elements of Uranus and Jupiter interchange.

That’s the general notion, on a personal level this aspect can bring a whole new set of friends and associates into your life.  On a mundane level it will bring changes to Jupiter-related organizations (religion, news media, higher education, professional sports) and expanded awareness of Uranus-related things (science, evolution, freedom, equality, higher awareness).

The positive effect of this aspect is to bring much needed change into the world.  Jupiter frees the forces of evolution (Uranus) by way of offering more avenues of expression, more perspective, more wisdom.  So, on a personal level, if the way has seemed blocked for you, then suddenly the way forward opens up a bit.  New avenues of expression are created.  Many people will be able to cast aside limitations to their growth and evolution.  In addition this aspect helps us overcome regret from failing to make necessary changes in our lives in the past when we could have.  Jupiter forgives easily so it can quickly get on with the business of growth.

In addition, occurrences of Jupiter opposition Uranus also coincide with wonderful breakthroughs in science.  New, exciting scientific discoveries always happen under these influences.  More to the point, recent discoveries enter into the collective awareness (Jupiter) of the population.  A very important issue that could finally come during this passage is that because is Libra is the not-self, this aspect could coincide with the revelation of intelligent alien life.  And there is a lot of it.

Before I go into a more detail discussion, let’s briefly discuss the last two occurrences of this aspect.

Jupiter opposition Uranus – 1989


Uranus was in Capricorn, the new paradigm was a new universal (Uranus) structure (Capricorn).  Uranus was part of a grand conjunction in Capricorn at that time and the opposition to Jupiter was the moment when the new universal structure entered into the collective awareness (Jupiter) of the people.  In Cancer where it is exalted, Jupiter expresses itself in the best way, we saw a lot of forgiveness and overcoming emotional limitations, insecurities, nationalism (Capricorn) as well as expansion of the home.

On a mundane level, it was around this time that we saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet Union along with the Tiananmen Square incident.  It was a very liberating moment.  The opposition from Jupiter was the activating agent for so much of the new structure for authority that came into being at that time.  It was very positive.

Jupiter opposition Uranus – 2003


Jupiter opposition Uranus.  Last occurred August 30, 2003.  Jupiter at 0dVirgo and Uranus at 0d Pisces.  The new paradigm of Uranus (Pisces) (2003-2011) of evolving (Uranus) through what you don’t see (Pisces) came into collective awareness at the opposition to Jupiter, which in this case happened very early on.  It was more challenging than usual, a time of war and lots of delusional propaganda.  In Pisces, evolution (Uranus) was confusing, sluggish due to carrying excess baggage, too concerned with past, had a lot of compassion and tenderness, but not a lot of discernment.  Essentially, the concept of change and evolution went through a confusing and depressing time, a death process.  That 7 year period of time was marked by the old representatives of Uranus passing away.  The 60’s era revolutionaries died off during this time.  Pisces brought a lot of uncertainty, disappointment, deception and confusion to the process of evolution.

Jupiter is in it’s detriment in Virgo, which limits expression to service towards others and an abundance of corrections.  The opposition to Uranus created a dissolving (Pisces) of the Jupiter energy as we felt the need to reach out and incorporate universal (Uranus) beliefs (Pisces) into our own growth process.  This was overwhelming and drove everyone far beyond themselves.  Very easy to loose your safe and secure boundary, your better judgment.  Many were delusional and lost (Pisces) sight (Jupiter) of their own process of evolution (Uranus) and in doing so lost sight of the best part (Jupiter) of themselves, their benevolence and generosity, their self-image, (Jupiter).  Ultimately many lost sight of where they are going, what they are doing, and tragically lost the ability to adapt (Uranus) and cope with lives changes.  I see this as manifesting as so many young souls getting caught up in the false wars.

A positive use of this energy on a personal level came from changing (Uranus) and improving (Jupiter) our health regime (Virgo).  Important point, in the chart of every single Yoga instructor I have encountered, there is a strong Uranus-Jupiter aspect.  In Yoga, flexibility (Uranus) and expansion of awareness (Jupiter) happen in tandem (opposition).  This aspect got a lot of people interested in Yoga and that will happen again this time around.

It was at that time that news media changed quite a bit, for the worse.  They fell in line with the war propaganda being pushed at that time.  The action of Pisces is to dissolve.  In this case, the independence (Uranus) of the news media (Jupiter) dissolved when many news organizations were allowed to merge, reducing the total number and reducing objectivity along with it.  So this goes to show you that Pisces often seems to expand something, like a drop of dye in water, but really it just dissolves and any expansion is an illusion.  Now a small number of powerful people control everything you see and hear from the news to the movies and even the music on the radio.

On last manifestation of Uranus in Pisces era that needs to be mentioned is the advent of drugs like Xanax.  These type of drugs certainly are ruled by Pisces.  Universal (Uranus) availability of drugs (Pisces).  They have a drug for everyone now, even children.

The changes that came about during this time seem rather depressing (Pisces).  The Uranus in Pisces paradigm was incorporated into our perceptions (Jupiter) at the start of the Uranus in Pisces period.  But the new paradigm of Uranus in Aires has yet to be incorporated into our perceptions even though Uranus is two-thirds of the way through Aires already.  Now that Uranus has crossed over the threshold of death-rebirth and we’ve been in Aires for 5 years already, this next occurrence will be much more pronounced.  It will be much more similar to the 1989 occurrence and arrive with an electrical (Uranus) shock.

Jupiter opposition Uranus – 2016-2017


The new paradigm of Uranus in Aires (2011- 2018) is concerned with incorporating universal concepts and greater intelligence (Uranus) into the way we meet the world (Aires).  It a time of personal liberation, when you need to take the reigns of control in your life and be (Aires) the change (Uranus) that you want to see in the world.  And this enters into the status quo at the Jupiter opposition.

Major breakthroughs in science occur at this aspect, so with this next occurrence, we are in store for lots of recent discoveries coming to light.  The special thing is, there have been a lot of recent discoveries since 2003, and what will be revealed will be a lot more in general, and a lot more revolutionary.  Aires is power and initiation, that means energy.  Likely we will see new energy systems which will liberate (Uranus) the individual (Aires) and give us more flexibility and adaptability with which to meet the world.  Many of these discoveries are already known to many scientists throughout the world, but the opposition to Jupiter causes them to be broadcast to the general population where they become common knowledge.  Think free energy.  Believe it, it’s coming.  There are already incredible devices being developed all over the world.  It is just a matter of getting rid of the existing, regressive, resource-based authority structure so they can come to light.  The recent election here in the USA has been about that beneath the surface.  So let us hope that now is the time that we can finally get a release of the new technologies that will help humanity.

With Jupiter in Libra, the new paradigm will effect relationships.  There will be a Libra renaissance.  This indicates a time of liberating (Uranus) society’s view (Jupiter) of relationships including changes to laws and statutes.  Exploitation of minors and youth (Uranus) will be revealed, such as the recent revelations of pedophiles in powerful positions of authority in the USA and UK.  Check out this video.

Jupiter square Pluto (Capricorn) will have some powerful added effects.  First, we can anticipate an unearthing of things done in the dark (Pluto) and judgment to follow.  Pluto (Capricorn), authorities will attempt to dictate relationships to the people, controlling that element of Jupiter (Libra) that wants to hold the door wide open to the spiritual right of marriage.  That’s been occurring for a while and the issue of who gets to be married is far from resolved and this group of aspects is going to bring about a power struggle on that issue.

Personal relationships will go through an overhaul as well.  The need to be in philosophical agreement with your partner (Jupiter in Libra) will need to be balanced with the evolving social consciousness (Uranus).  Couples who once agreed may need to revisit their beliefs to see if they still match.  If not, make an adjustment.

This aspect could encourage promiscuity.  Uranus opposition Libra aspect can manifest that way because it loves to break with tradition and Jupiter in Libra is already looking for an abundance of relationships.

And the accompanying Pluto (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra) will bring some karmic backlash.  The Capricorn to Libra square always brings up relationship issues.  In this case, things done in the dark (Pluto), like affairs, are seen (Jupiter) and judgment occurs.  We could see a lot of judicial action (Jupiter) concerning communal property (Pluto).

This new paradigm is going to come as quite a shock to many people and this could really cause some upset in relationships.  The status quo will change, but it won’t go quietly.  The added Jupiter square Pluto means challenges and revolt along the way.

Overall, there will be a revolution in the way society views women and partnerships(Libra).  Along the Aires-Libra axis this translates to conflict between men (Aires) and women (Libra).

And one of the greatest challenges currently facing the liberation of women and men is internet pornography.  This issue will once again gain more prominence.  The last occurrence of Jupiter opposition Uranus seems to have coincided with the liberation (Uranus) of broadcasting (Jupiter) and hence the rise in popularity and social acceptance of porn.  It looks like a couple of things are going to happen this time.  First, due to the need to correct imbalances and bring equality in the masculine-feminine paradigm, we will see a change in the dominant paradigm, especially with men, regarding the negative effects of porn on the mind (Uranus).

Second, the rise of virtual reality devices in porn will overtax the minds of porn viewers so badly that it will severe them from the rest of society.  One must understand the real bio-electrical distortion that occurs in the human body after viewing too much of this type of material.  The human body electrically rewires itself based on external stimulus, like lab rats, with the goal of maximizing pleasure.  This rewiring distorts critical thinking and eventually renders the individual socially incapacitated.  The new virtual reality technology threatens to further distort peoples’ minds by creating a technology that further connects vision (Jupiter) with sexuality (Pluto).  The increased electrical energy will encourage men to wake up and severe themselves from porn.

During the campaign for President, there was a lot of talk about the way that men use their superior position to take advantage of younger women.  Both sides experienced this.  With Trump it was his locker room comments, and with Bill Clinton it was his serial womanizing.  In fact, for Bill Clinton, the transit Jupiter opposition Uranus has coincided with public revelations of his past behavior including his many trip aboard the private airplane of Jeffrey Epstein.  {Check out just one of many links}.  This is really important because the way that Bill Clinton experienced this transit is the way that society will experience this aspect, especially since for him this transit is along the 1st house – 7th house axis.  He makes a good example.  Notice the transit Saturn opposition Uranus.  While the rest of us are expanding, Bill is getting his limitation.  I predict he may not live much past this transit.  He could be dead by the end of the year, although that does not mean we’ll know about it right away.  Just like the Saturn opposition Saturn of 911.


And it’s not just womanizing, but pedophilia as well.  There is a massive pedophile network run by the some of the most powerful people in government.  See this BBC video.  And as I have mentioned in previous videos, this the pedophile network includes John Podesta, who seems to have gone into hiding lately.  These are just the start of many more such revelations to come.  See this as a micro expression of what is about to be unleashed on the macro level.   A lot of people will be shocked at the kind of revelations to come.  Uranus rules youth because they are the most adaptable.  In fact Uranus transits often coincide with dealings with younger persons.  It’s just one of many facets of Uranus transits.  Society needs to learn about what is happening to the children.

Saturn brings sobriety, respectability and structure and will clean up a lot of the loopholes in the law that enable these pedophiles to operate.  Not only that, but younger people will be more empowered because their perspective will enter mainstream awareness.

And for men this will be a time of being liberated (Uranus) from the outdated and stagnant perspectives (Jupiter) that currently predominate.  After all part of the new paradigm is liberation (Uranus) of men (Aires).  Have you noticed all the men going around with really big beards?  That a Uranus in Aires phenomenon.  Aires rules the head, Uranus is eccentric.

Uranus rules friendship and associations.  The opposition to Jupiter brings new friendships and associations into our lives.  Looking back at the last two occurrences, I recall that a whole new set of friends entered my life each time.  It was wonderful and so I am looking forward to the same thing this time around.

On a social level, now is a time of lots of challenges and changes.  A new paradigm emerges.  You may be startled if you think you have seen everything or have a special connection to God (Jupiter).  Jupiter is known to give some folks a God complex, it enables people to see patterns of thought and behavior, connect the dots, believing only they and other enlightened people can see.  Check out this recent skit from Saturday Night Live entitled “The Bubble” to get an idea of what I am talking about.  This is the negative side of Jupiter, it makes for spiritual arrogance.  It will be hard for some to accept the new paradigm largely because of it.

But as we consider the manifestation of this aspect, let’s also consider the influence of Saturn this time around.  All things ruled by Jupiter are in for a change (Uranus), but note that Saturn is currently in the sign of Sagittarius causing all things Sagittarius to go through a restructuring and rebuilding phase (2014-2017) and that makes it hard for Jupiter-related organizations (religion, news media, higher eduction, sports) to change.  Authority figures are in a death cycle and holding on for dear life.

There is a remarkable amount of energy bearing down on Jupiter/Sagittarius right now.  It will be hard for the Jupiter-related organizations to go through the changes that Uranus brings.  They are stuck in a rigid growth pattern and have a extra hard time adapting.  This is where the weak are separated from the strong.  This confluence of powerful energies will confront and judge the outdated and impious elements in Sagittarius.  The warrior Uranus goes into action compelling change by way of combating inequality and severing association.  Pluto completes the job by, people deemed not worthy get cut off from power, many fall in dishonor, purging the ranks of authority and fulfilling the era of Pluto in Capricorn.  So that’s how the wheat gets separated from the chafe.

All Jupiter-related organizations (religion, news media, sports, higher education) are in for an overhaul. They are all schizophrenic and react with hypersensitivity.  Looking at the comments from my viewers, it seems that just about everyone is ready for changes in the news media.  The Tower of Babel will soon fall.

It can be a confusing time personally because what you see (Jupiter) will be unique (Uranus), yet opposed by the collective mind (Uranus).  It individuates you.  A renaissance in society occurs.  Jupiter square Pluto means what you see (Jupiter) will give you ambition to succeed, but will cut you off from relationship (Libra) if you are dishonest.  We each have the ability to reach incredible heights of personal power and leadership but only if we are honest and fair.  This is just as much a Libra renaissance as well.


That’s the big question with this aspect.  The first pass has this grand confluence of planets at 20d.  To me, this means something special, potentially a revolutionary event in human consciousness. But we still have two more passes to go.  It may well be that the big event is unfolding now with the recent election and the subsequent removal of the worst part of the secret cabal that runs the world.  Those who have been holding back progress are clearly no longer in power.  But we have to wait until Trump is inaugurated to see if mass arrests will happen.

The Big Event in you.

On a personal level you may want to recollect what was going on in your life during the last two occurrences to get a better idea of what to expect this time on a personal level.  But generally speaking with this aspect, something occurs where the universe shows us something we have not seen before, something we have not considered, beyond our current perspective (Jupiter) and we need to incorporate that into our perspective in order to achieve balance.  The energy moves back and forth between the two until balance is achieved.  So the reaction you have to the new information is the other half of the story and often even more important.  As I have reminded my viewers, it’s necessary to maintain your personal boundary as best you can.

This is just a very general idea of the quality of the moment, but each of us will have a unique manifestation.  Uranus will show us something we have not seen before, something interesting and enlightening, something innovative and electric, maybe even something spiritual.  In the recent past occurrences of this aspect we have seen some profound changes in society, this occurrence should be the same.

But the important changes to occur are the changes in you.  All of this stuff happening in society is a great opportunity to break away from the limiting ideas and concepts that hold back your process of evolution.

As for myself, this is particularly true.  The last two passes of this aspect has coincided with great changes in my life.  It obviously depends on what your destiny is, but if you are in tune with the forces of change and transformation in this world, this aspect is very significant.  Essentially you change your religion, your perspective on life.  A whole new set of options is now available that weren’t before.  It’s important that you take advantage of the opportunities that arise now.

A whole new, electrical awareness enters your perspective.  It’s like a light turns on inside of your head.  It is a very spiritual experience in the sense that you get in touch with your higher self (Uranus) and suddenly make more room for your higher self in your life.  It is a very liberating time.  A renaissance for Jupiter and Libra.

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