Weekly Astrology Notes April 2-9, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes April 2-9, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary: Saturn 4/5 and Mercury 4/9 go retrograde this week, along with Venus and Jupiter.

Sunday morning is slow, but the afternoon offers a great opportunity to share your feelings.

On Monday, Moon in Cancer brings up a full range of emotions today. Perfect for a Moon-day.

On Tuesday, Moon in Cancer feels challenged in the morning, but the afternoon is pleasant. Moon enters Leo in the evening and we feel a flush of pride.

On Wednesday, Mars trine Pluto and it’s time to make changes for the better. The evening is particularly good.

On Thursday, Moon (Leo) forms a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus giving us opportunities for advancement.

On Friday, Sun opposition Jupiter and today we feel liberated and want to be in a crowd. Excellent for taking the day off and having some fun.

On Saturday, a tough day. Today we feel restrained by societal traditions with Venus square Saturn and we are forced to become more efficient with Sun square Pluto.(Capricorn). Plan accordingly. Not a recreational day.

On Sunday, Mercury goes retrograde in the afternoon.

Also this week, discussion about Saturn retrograde with respect to Venezuela, USA and Donald Trump and upcoming transits for Recep Erdogan and Turkey.

Sunday morning is slow, but the afternoon offers a great opportunity to share your feelings.

12:59am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires). Late Saturday evening and we are attracted to the unusual.

7:43am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius). Hard to get moving on Sunday morning. Hard to share your feelings with others. Strong need to validation. Need to eat a warm meal. Void of Course begins.

11:27am – Moon enters Cancer. Moon begins a new cycle in Cancer. We are more in touch with our emotions for the next couple of days and prefer to spend time at home nurturing ourselves. Maybe we crawl into our shell and don’t come outside. The best time for planting, now that spring has begun.

11:39am – Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aires) Venus is fallen in Aires, where it says “I am (Aires) beautiful (Venus)”. Vanity must be restricted (square) in order to provide nurturing (Moon) in the home (Cancer).

2:52pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mercury (Taurus) A warm and pleasant aspect that gets us very in touch with our feelings. Excellent time to let down your guard and share your feelings at home with someone, tell them that you love them and what’s really important about them in your life.

5:25pm – Venus (r) enters Pisces. Continues retrograde down to 26d54′ Pisces on April 15. Goes Direct and re-enters Aires on April 29. About 4 weeks in Pisces. Once again, as in January, feelings (Venus) dissolve (Pisces). We loose our personal boundary a bit, become more sensitive and forgiving of others, also more vulnerable and easier to persuade, hard to see the bad side in others. Romance enters a idealistic phase as we seek a partner who understands everything about us including our need to connect with divine source.

Venus in Pisces needs to feel connected. We want a relationship (Venus) with spirituality (Pisces). If we project too much of that onto our partner then we become disappointed. Better to cultivate that need through art and dance or through selfless acts of compassion. Much better way to express that energy.

During this retrograde period until April 15 we are still very much reflecting on and working with our relationship to the collective. So we are not thinking clear about our relationship needs during this period of re-evaluation. That’s why relationships that begin now will need to go through a period of adjustment to get over unrealistic ideas. It’s also not a good time to hash things out with your partner because everyone’s adjusting and no one knows how they feel until this period is over.

Moon in Cancer brings up a full range of emotions today. Perfect for a Moon-day.

9:26am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Feeling extra sensitive this morning. Emotions dissolve and we feel warm and tender.

11:39am – Moon (Cancer) square Sun (Aires). First Quarter Moon. The time each month when we establish the foundation for this months’ growth. This month it’s the square from Aires to Cancer, characterized as a challenge to maintain individuality (Aires) while having a stable home life (Cancer). Today we are forced to focus our attention on home and personal matters and not let ego or pride get in the way.

5:59pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mars (Taurus) A physically strong and positive moment. Excellent time for a workout, especially Yoga.

7:31pm – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra) Feeling warm and generous, indulgent, healthy appetite.

8:32pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Insecurities rise and folks are tense and find it hard to express emotions. A steadfast dedication to preserving what’s important helps avoid disagreements.
Moon in Cancer feels challenged in the morning, but the afternoon is pleasant. Moon enters Leo in the evening and we feel a flush of pride.

4:31am – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires) Early morning has us feeling a little agitated and restless, hard to compromise with others.

1:45pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Venus (Pisces). Afternoon is pleasant, sensitive and caring, no aggression. Not a good time for business decisions. Void of Course begins.

3:13pm – Moon enters Leo. Feeling more creative and wanting our emotions to be on stage (Leo) for the next couple of days. More interested in romance and more dramatic. We are more ambitious and do not easily accept limitations on our desires when pride is involved.

9:31pm – Moon (Leo) square Mercury (Taurus) Feeling a bit stubborn this evening and a bit proud. Communication (Mercury) with your children (Leo) is challenged. We feel a challenge to finance (Taurus) our creative efforts (Leo). Temptation is to spend money just to prove something to yourself.

Mars trine Pluto and it’s time to make changes for the better. The evening is particularly good.

8:46pm – Moon (Leo) trine Sun (Aires) Very creative trine. Use this energy to express your individuality and not settle for limitations.

8:57pm – Mars (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn). All Pluto trine = make changes for the better or reform. We desire (Mars) to make changes for the better (Pluto). In these signs it also gives us a desire to earn money. In fact Mars in Taurus is associated with get rich quick schemes, so this aspect may inspire some folks along those lines. A great aspect to start you own business (Taurus) and learn to work for yourself.

The trine from Taurus to Capricorn is characterized as a pleasant disposition (Taurus) towards career duties (Capricorn). Also personal rewards (Taurus) come from career and an ability to work in your field of choice in life.

With Mars in Taurus, we seek more power and control over our personal lives so that we can do what we want, when we want to. In earth signs, we could apply this energy to the work projects around the home or business. The energy of Mars is released in a steady stream of fixed energy encouraging us to be ambitious and determined. Lots of physical stamina to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

The best use of this energy it to find an opportunity to merge (Pluto) our efforts with some collective effort and thereby benefit in some way, and maybe even help us to develop a greater sense of self, transformed, more competent, yet more communal in our thinking. Always important to consider the greater good under any Pluto aspect. Ideally, the changes for the better should include some reform for society as a whole.

10:06pm – Saturn goes retrograde at 27d47′ Sagittarius. Continues until 21d11′ Sagittarius on 8/25. So that’s 4 months and 20 days of retrograde Saturn. Time for internal restructuring. Re-evaluating our responsibilities, whether or not we can fulfill them, do we have the necessary resources, connections, lasting bonds with others, etc. So it can be difficult. It’s a time of karmic endings. If you have planned properly, then it’s not too tough. But if your long-range plans really lack discipline and realistic hope for success, then it can be a disappointing time. It’s a time of hesitating to take on new responsibilities, even doubting our abilities.

An excellent article by Astrology King. Now is a time of sorting out karma. Some areas in life need more time to grow. The retrograde period revisits the same degrees so we can do that. Since December 30, 2016 we have been in the shadow phase, which are the degrees the planet revisits during retrograde. So basically all the growth we have been doing since the start of this year needs more work. During this time we are tested to see if we can handle the new responsibilities that we’ve taken on since the start of the year.

The Venus square Saturn happening near the time of retrograde is troubling. It’s a very tough aspect that brings up isolationism due to a disagreeable attitude and even cantankerous behavior. For some of us, this retrograde period is a time to use drastic measures, like an intervention, to overcome shyness and loneliness. So if you have a friend who is a shut-in, please do them a favor and call them up and invite them to dinner.

Moon in Leo forms a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus giving us opportunities for advancement.

12:15am – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra). Excellent aspect for relationships.

2:08am – Moon (Leo) square Mars (Taurus) Middle of the night.

10:23am – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires) A flash of brilliance to break up the stagnant thoughts in your head. Inspirational and independent minded.

5:16pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius). Feeling conservative and have a good grip on reality. The Moon activates the coming Saturn trine Uranus aspect happening on 5/18. There will be a lot of opportunities to strike a balance between change (Uranus) and stability (Saturn) with this aspect. So Thursday afternoon is a time to start looking toward the promise of the coming Saturn trine Uranus which brings mature (Saturn) adaptation (Uranus), that leads to rational (Saturn) enlightened thinking (Uranus). We are looking to catch the attention of authority figures in a good way, one which leads to opportunities for advancement. The prideful Moon in Leo helps Void of Course begins.

9:20pm – Moon enters Virgo. Moon is active in Virgo, like the digestive process it does not stop. The Moon expresses the critical Virgo nature through helpfulness and more focus on health and personal hygiene and folks are more punctual. Despite being more active, we are a bit more shy and reserved for the next couple of days.

Sun opposition Jupiter and today we feel liberated and want to be in a crowd. Excellent for taking the day off and having some fun.

5:40am – Moon (Virgo) trine Mercury (Taurus) Early morning commuting flows well. Folks are on time.

2:39pm – Sun (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra). Today we feel expansive and desire to be in a crowd. We seek a meeting (opposition) with the best part (Jupiter) of ourselves and in others, especially with Jupiter in Libra. So that means we crave interactions and need lots of them in order to fulfill our needs. We are jovial (Jupiter), in fact the adjective for Jupiter is jovian.

Today we are interested in what is new and exciting. More forgiving of others, not critical and less interested in details. Louder and looking for freedom of expression. Great aspect for any creative outlet. In fact, the best aspect for creative expression (Sun) in public. Perfect aspect for a concert.

Today we seek to indulge ourselves in whatever brings us fulfillment, so be careful of overindulging. A great aspect for relationships, something we should all be working towards this year with Jupiter in Libra. Normally a very good opportunity to start a relationship as well, but be careful with Venus retrograde and Venus square Saturn tomorrow, it’s kind of a restrictive time for relationships. This is more of a crowd transit, time to be amongst others. Expand your horizons, go out tonight, see a play or go dancing. Physical activity is best with Aires involved and the Sun exalted in Aires, we have a lot of creative energy to express.

Today we could see some issues reach a climax point, which often occurs on the oppositions. There could be a competition amongst the politicians to see who can claim more of the spotlight.

9:33pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) Another great aspect to be in a crowd. We seek a emotional (Moon) connection with everyone (Neptune). Tonight we practice unconditional acceptance. Could leave us open to abuse if we refuse to see the bad side in others. Need to maintain discernment under aspects such as these.

A tough day. Today we feel restrained by societal traditions with Venus square Saturn and Sun square Pluto.

9:24am – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) With the harsh aspects of today, this one will bring us some focus and determination early in the day.

12:54pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Mars (Taurus) Helpful Virgo Moon finds a good outlet for all that energy. Should help alleviate the Venus aspect a bit.

1:28pm – Venus (r) (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius). Last occurred January 27th. This aspect makes us critical of others, feeling a bit cold and disagreeable, even cantankerous, demanding more from others than is reasonable, like nothing is good enough and just generally expect everyone to be perfect.. In Pisces. affinity (Venus) is often misplaced and therefore confused in love, and now the square brings judgment. This aspect unearths feelings of hurt and abandonment. Could invoke criticism and harsh, faultfinding behavior. People put up barriers that lead to isolationism. This aspect along with the next means today we all really need to let go or criticism. It will pass.

This aspect is very restrictive on relationships, luckily Jupiter is still in Libra helping to alleviate some of that. Relationships that begin now are generally problematic with hurdles to overcome, like a significant difference in age and/or social status or some responsibility (Saturn) that must be carried by one partner unequally or unfairly (Venus). Makes happiness a challenge. Existing relationships can feel unsatisfactory or burdensome as equality (Venus) seems hard to achieve (Saturn).

Best bet for this aspect is get real with yourself about your relationship needs and how you have misplaced affinity in the past. See where your current relationship is out of balance with respect to sharing of responsibilities. Also, do not expect much from others today as people are more insular. Share a smile.

5:45pm – Sun (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn) Today we must contend with the powerful forces (Pluto) in our life, at the same time we feel restrained by societal traditions (Capricorn). We need to feel like we are in control (Pluto). Today we are more critical and demanding of others because we feel cut-off (square) from the collective (Pluto), like we need to compensate, act more respectable than usual in order maintain our standing and reputation in the world. We feel paranoid, more repressed than we really are.

The Aires to Capricorn square is characterized as self-restraint which limits our freedom of expression but is necessary to have a career. With this aspect, we feel driven to prove our worth and lash out against those who block us or don’t respect us. If provoked, we get defiant and rebellious, and desire to sever ourselves from authority (Capricorn) that limit our freedom of expression (Sun). In general we feel overwhelmed with career and reputation concerns.

It could bring up disagreements and even fights. Be careful what you say to others today. The compulsive (Pluto) energy combined with the restrictive (Capricorn) energy makes it hard to main objectivity and proper social form. Folks get to wound up and need to relax. That’s when some reach for alcohol (Capricorn because even respectable people drink alcohol) or drugs (Pluto). One way or another, we feel restrained by convention and seek to break free.

It also brings up abusive attitudes towards men, as both Mars and the Sun are traditionally the masculine planets. And earlier today the Venus square Saturn could bring up judgment towards women. So both sides have a hard time today. Just be on the lookout for that.

Basically, the remedy is to turn the energy inward. Use this time for critical self-evaluation, or it could come at you from outside sources, Pluto has a way of doing that. You can get an enormous amount of work done on your own. Pluto provides lots of energy and Capricorn enables us to use it carefully. It could be a very positive day by turning the energy of this aspect inward to re-focus and reform (Pluto) your will (Sun) towards productive ends by releasing superfluous elements of your ego/identity. You probably do not need to stand up for yourself today as much as you think, you could work alone and quietly get a lot accomplished.

Not a good day to start new projects or a new venture, resources are limited. Instead, work on existing projects, focus on existing work that needs to get done. A day of repair and upgrade. And as always with the Pluto square aspects, there is a warning to be extra careful working with dangerous machinery. Compulsive actions lead to accidents.

Sometimes, more gain is accomplished through restraint, this is the lesson of this aspect. We get ahead today only through restructuring our ego, not outward expression. So if you already have a structured ego, then it’s not such a bad day, maybe it’s just more productive for you. So, it’s just such an important lesson in life. Instead of always wanting more like Jupiter, which is associated with growth. This aspect forces us to make more with what we already have, thereby becoming more efficient.

Mercury goes retrograde this afternoon.

1:07am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Venus (Pisces) Emotions very open, easy to absorb the feelings of others.

1:21am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) Middle of the night.

4:15pm – Mercury goes retrograde at 4d47′ Taurus. Goes Direct at 24d Aires on 5/3. Revisiting the same degrees since 3/28. It’s time for the conscious mind to turn inward and seek regeneration. We are shy about making plans about the future because inside we can sense our views are changing and we don’t know how much our opinions will change in the near future. So now is not a good time to make plans, start a journey or make an important decision, if you can wait. Typically there are more traffic and scheduling delays during this time. Not a good time for business transactions. Rather it is an introspective time when we should carefully consider our opinions and not speak until we are certain. It is limiting, but necessary. A time to correct our thinking both personally and on a group level.

This retrograde period is a big one during which we see another pass Mercury trine Saturn 4/24, and Mercury conjunct Uranus 4/28. And then we’ll be getting those aspects once again soon after 5/3. That’s a lot to re-think. I am seeing this as a great opportunity to change our thinking. We need to go over the changes we recently made to see how they agree with the rest of the world around us and further adjust our thinking on matters of great importance.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

With regards the coming Saturn retrograde.

It looks like Venezuela is in for a hard time this summer during the retrograde period. Saturn will stop and go Direct just beneath their natal Saturn and oppose natal Mercury along the way. That means a period of austerity along increased futile measures by authority figures until a complete restructuring of authority is required in August.

All the while they are getting Pluto sextile Pluto. This aspect is transforming the nation economically, but not in a good way despite the sextile. This aspect gives more power to the underworld in society and if not utilized for good, only makes matters worse by strengthening the dark elements. So while authority figures are able to do nothing substantial, the black market and barter as well as drug and crime and corruption, will compensate and prosper.

Saturn square Neptune (7/16 and 10/3). This is the transit that is bringing so much confusion to authority in this country. They are basically out to lunch and of no use to the people at this time. It’s like they are crazy or on drugs until they address a fundamental problem in their perception. A time of restructuring (Saturn) the nations beliefs (Neptune), during which time authority (Saturn) is confused and delusional (Neptune) about what to do because they have limited (square) exposure to the collective (Neptune), so they don’t really know how people feel. It makes it very difficult for the administration to establish themselves properly. It makes them too reliant on the past because they are uncertain and fearful. That’s what Neptune does to Saturn, especially with Saturn in its’ death cycle in Sagittarius.

At the same time, this is the transit that is unearthing difficult things, like the wikileaks Vault 7 release and the revelations of pedophilia in government and authority structures.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn, last pass on 7/13, very close to the previous. This is a good transit that brings some relief from the previous, bring more confidence in make decisions, but it also signifies the establishment of new laws. But if they do that while Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius, it won’t last. So right around mid-July, let’s see if the USA enacts some new laws. If so, we can predict they will not work out and will need to be modified.

Donald Trump
He looks to be having a tough time during this Saturn retrograde cycle as well. As you can see Saturn stops and goes Direct right on top of his natal Moon, and opposes his natal Sun along the way. This is really slowing him down and depriving him of emotional satisfaction on the job. It’s hard work and he has no choice but to keep on going. He needs to take care of his health because his vitality and enthusiasm will both be rather low.

Recep Erdogan
Amazing set of transits coming up for him. Pluto goes stationary retrograde on the opposition to his natal Uranus. I see this as a very challenging time for him. Powerful forces come to oppose him and his plans for the evolution (Uranus) of his country. His freedom and mobility (Uranus) is opposed by forces much greater than him. But it also means that his develops a God complex about his ideas and does something really outrageous. Very dangerous transit for a person in power.

Interesting to note, last year at Uranus square Uranus he had an extreme reaction and he publicly denounced democracy. So he’s got a really big Uranus, that is to say, what he thinks is his place in the world and how he should guide the evolution (Uranus) of others (7th house). It really shows though his personality because it makes such a close aspect to his Ascendant. In fact Uranus opposition Ascendant is closely associated with people who become cult leaders. Pluto conjunct Ascendant and opposition Uranus is going to make him downright unbearable.

And all of this while Neptune conjunct Venus and Mercury concurrently. He is delusional, is not thinking (Mercury) clearly and not seeing others (Venus) objectively. Very easy to be fooled under this combination of transits. Likely he will attempt some sort of messianic act. All that Neptune energy will give him a God complex. Especially so with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant and opposition Uranus both of which have a similar effect. The Neptune transits make him feel like he’s God and the Pluto transits convince him that he is God. We should expect him to do or at least say something rather outrageous at this time. It could also manifest rather negatively for him as powerful forces stop him.

As with their leader, rather volatile transits. Uranus opposition Mercury and Saturn which is sure to bring changes to their political system (Mercury) and authority structure (Saturn) as well as produce a lot of revolutionary idealism. And just like with Erdogan getting concurrent Neptune transits, Turkey is soon getting Neptune conjunct Uranus (5/10).

I would say that since both Erdogan and Turkey are having an intense month, keep an eye towards Turkey this month.

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