Weekly Astrology Notes June 5-12, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes June 5-12, 2016

We have a fantastic week ahead.

The first part of the week, Moon in Cancer, the theme is nurturing yourself while exploring and being curious.  Gardener’s delight with a First Quarter Moon in Cancer.  Relationships on everyone’s mind with Sun conjunct Venus.

Thursday is a Day of Audacity.  With Moon in Leo and Mercury opposition Mars, no one will have trouble telling you exactly how they feel about you.  Be prepared.

Friday we are cleaning up our homes and preparing for a enlightening weekend.  Venus sextile Uranus Sunday morning means a day of learning something new, meeting new and interesting people.

This week is a stark contrast to last weeks’ time of spiritual work.  Enjoy!

Slow Sunday, long Void of Course.

9:47am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires)  Feeling independent and want to do something to express your unique qualities.  Surprise, burst of energy, intelligent and innovative.  Void of Course begins, continues all day until evening.  Void of Course in Gemini is active but energy moves from one thing to another and dissipates quickly.  It’s just not a good time to start any projects.

8:41pm – Moon enters Cancer.  Let the planting begin.  Start of a new cycle for the Moon and it’s now the 1st quarter.  Energy is focused around the home and heart for the next couple of days (Monday-Tuesday).  Attend to nurturing, cooking, and going into your shell, like a crab, to protect your vulnerable side.

Magnificent Monday.  Great way to start the week.  A fantastic gardening day with First Quarter Moon in Cancer plus the planetary aspect makes it perfect for using your hands (Gemini).

2:39pm – Sun conjunct Venus (Gemini) (16d30′)  Everyone becomes a little bit of a Libra today, more diplomatic, fair and sensitive, and a bit more of a liar too.  Relationships are on everyone’s mind.  People are looking to make a good impression, so they make themselves look more attractive.

In Gemini, a great day for communication, travel, or anything that requires a sharp mind.  Clarity is much better than usual.  Gemini can also be rather intuitive playful and this aspect will bring that out.    It’s all in good fun.  We’ll see the ability to share feelings on an equal level, like everyone is your sibling.  A good time to socialize and seek partnership.  Conversations can take on the quality of a mutual admiration society as people exaggerate congeniality.  Great aspect for creative endeavors and for sure a great date night.

The best part of this aspect is heightened sensitivity to aesthetics that disarms aggressive behavior.  People much more in tune with their feelings.  They want to please others and be pleased.

A great aspect to start off the week.  It sets the tone for the week, which is much easier than last week.

4:47pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Feeling warm and generous towards everyone.  Open to impressions, sensitive to others’ needs.

8:54pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)  Conversation is easy for the normally shy Cancer Moon.  Jupiter opens the heart and allows you to express your feelings.

Another gardening day.  Release energy blocks and insecurities though connection with Mother Earth.

1:05am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)  Oppressive aspect that brings out vengeful feelings.

12:20pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)  Emotional energy wants to break free.  You might be angry or frustrated with your own emotional needs or insecurities.  Do your emotional bonds in life permit you enough freedom to do what you want?  If not, the outbursts happen until you create a structure that accommodates both.

12:54pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mercury (Taurus)  A good time to express your feeling.  Heightened sensitivity to words and feelings.  Easy to find agreement on sensitive issues.

5:18pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Mars (Scorpio)  Strong burst of energy for physical activity.  Focus your energy towards fulfilling your emotional needs.  People have the courage and conviction to say how they really feel.  Void of Course begins.

11:47pm – Moon enters Leo.  Creative projects, hobbies and getting attention.  Romance and recreation are the theme for the next couple of days.  Leo rules your children, so parents naturally feel more nurturing towards their kids.  Leo also rules the stage so people are more regal and less likely to crass behavior.


Only one moon aspect today and it is not challenging.  Smooth sailing on Wednesday.

10:30pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Relations with authority figures is good.  Good for business.  Fire signs means inspiration, wisdom (Sagittarius) and success (Saturn).  Now would be a good moment to declare your love because Saturn loves commitment and Moon in Leo has a flare for the dramatic.


Day of Audacity.  People have too much courage today.

10:01am – Mercury (Taurus) opposition Mars (Scorpio) at 25d52′.  With this aspect we seek the balance point between our ideas and our ego.  Ideas are challenged.  The issue is money, both personal finances and collective resources.  We assert our ideas without hesitation and with bravado.  People are audacious. The problem is that our courage and conviction can be like a drug that induces a feeling of power and competence that is out of proportion to the needs of the moment.  The feeling builds until we have a confrontation with someone.  Usually the disagreement is about money.  The temptation is to use subversive means.  The lesson here is to find the balance point between our need to communicate and our need to assert ourselves.  It is not necessary to assert your identity with every conversation or tell people what you really think of them.  Be extra careful today when talking to others, try not assert your ego unnecessarily.

On a societal level, this aspect could produce political confrontations.  Scorpio has a way of going for the throat and cutting deep.  People will have no hesitation voicing their deepest criticisms of their opponents.  This aspect could unearth criminal behavior of some politician.  There could even be an indictment or arrest.  It’s a time of testing once again to see if society can find the balance point.  But to do that, we need to dig deep and face the truth.

Excellent for all kinds of in-depth study, reading and analysis, psychology, scientific study or any mental activity of a deep or penetrating nature.  Mind is focused and steadfast and will want to complete every task, and not leave any loose ends.  It’s good for getting work done.

10:40 am – Moon (Leo) sextile Sun (Gemini)  Good for asserting your will, saying what you think, so it will add some fuel to the preceding aspect.

12:15pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Venus (Gemini)  One more to add to the mix that will encourage people to say what they think.  Emotions and feelings flow smoothly together and people feel their way through the conversation.

6:34pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires)  And here we have the 3rd supporting aspect which will encourage people to say what they are thinking and feeling.  Emotions are liberated and are expressed without conforming to tradition or social restraint.  Quick burst of energy for creative projects.  Excellent for relating to young people and, above all, teaching.  This combination is the one of the best teaching aspects you could find.

10:37pm – Moon (Leo) square Mars (Scorpio)  People demand their emotional needs are met.  Can be a  struggle to find agreement on who is really in charge.  Not good for digestion.  For parents, could cause disagreements with your kids.

A day for working with our emotional body.  Focus on health and cleaning up your personal space.

12:14am – Moon (Leo) square Mercury (Taurus)  Disagreements arise over money for creative projects or your children.  Emotions and ideas disagree.  Void of Course begins.

6:46am – Moon enters Virgo.  Time to clean up our emotions and remove anything that is preventing us from forming emotional bonds.  Virgo is preparation for Libra.  We purify and cleanse in Virgo to remove the blocks that prevent us from expressing our emotional needs with others while in Libra, where we want to present to the world a person who nurtures others and needs to be nurtured.  It’s a very important step we take each month during which time we tend to be a bit more alone, more fastidious, yet continuous processing our emotions.  Negative emotions need to be processed and expelled from the body, so we tend to be a bit more negative now, only because we are more aware of what we are cleaning out.  Attend to your health needs first and foremost and don’t get distracted with endless details.  A good time to clean up your home or personal space.

A solemn Saturday morning.  But don’t let it get you down or spoil your plans to go out because the best time this month to be in a crowd happens around noon and the afternoon is energetic.

5:59am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces).  Emotions go out to sea searching for whatever is missing in your heart.  Be careful of being deceived.  People feel less than appreciated, swept under the rug.

6:52am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Criticize yourself for your own emotional needs so you try to deny they exist.  Hard to give yourself a break.  We jump from one thing to another to satisfy our needs, but that just limits our freedom of expression and we never seem to find the thing that satisfies.

11:29am – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Virgo)  People are warm and generous, filled with the milk of human kindness.  Good time to be in a crowd.  Moon is your heartfelt desires.  Jupiter is the news and broadcasting.  So this aspect makes you feel like your heart is brand new and you want to show it off.  People give themselves permission to make liberal use of social rules and norms, even stretch them a bit, and reinvent themselves for a moment and then expand into that.

3:20pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  We feel connected to the collective (Pluto) and can use (Capricorn) that energy to fulfill a specific (Virgo) emotional need.  Seek social advancement and union with powerful (sexy, rich) people and/or authority figures.  Aspect will increase sex drive.

One of the best Sundays in a while.  A great day to explore and learn something new.  Everyone needs to get out of the house and be with others.

1:10am – Moon (Virgo) square Sun (Gemini)  First Quarter Moon.  Momentary crisis to overcome obstacles to emotional growth.  Time to make precise adjustments (Virgo) about the way we compare ourselves (Gemini) to others.  If your sense of self, creative efforts, etc (Sun) is out of sync with your need to receive nurturing (Moon), then you need to make that adjustment.

4:26am – Moon (Virgo) square Venus (Gemini)  Much like the previous aspect.  Emotions and feelings don’t agree, in this case because we spend too much time comparing ourselves to others.

7:47am – Moon (Virgo) sextile Mars (Scorpio)  Good aspect for physical exercise.  Expending energy (Mars) in a fixed, continuous (Scorpio) manner will regenerate the emotional body quickly (sextile).  Get a good workout in, especially if you really need it.  Void of Course begins.

8:12am – Venus (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires)  One of the best aspects for teaching in the book.  A true appreciation for people who are different than you.  A desire to bring out the unique qualities (Uranus) in others (Venus) and to share in the benefits of life in a truly free society (Uranus).  With this aspect we instinctively see that the evolution of others benefits us, so we want to help others achieve the freedom they desire.  Information is exchanged without hesitation and without conformity to tradition.  People of different age groups and backgrounds find it easier to communicate with one another.

Considering this and the previous aspect, I highly recommend getting yourself into some sort of physical exercise class, like yoga, this Sunday morning.  Or get out for a bike ride or some other form of recreation.  It would be a shame to waste such an enlightening aspect sitting at home and doing nothing.  You really need to be out, talking with others about enlightened topics that will teach you about and give you an appreciation for others.  You need to find brotherly love today.  The deeper and more meaningful the better.  You could really attract a wonderful teacher and friendship on this day if you put out enough positive energy.  So get out of the house on Sunday!

On a societal level, politics takes a step up in vibration today, and a step forward as well.  Uranus/Aquarius is the higher vibrations of Mercury/Gemini, which rules politics.  Tradition is cast aside for a new idea.  New political bonds and friendships are formed with an appreciation for the unique qualities they add to your own.  Sum it all up:  Political (Gemini) relationships (Venus) quickly (sextile) adapt (Uranus).  So this aspect should be the response to the disillusionment we experienced from last weeks’ Venus square Neptune and Venus opposition Saturn.

Also, let me introduce an interesting video about DNA that will enlighten everyone.

4:22pm – Mercury enters Gemini.  Begins a new cycle.  In Gemini until June 29th.   Ideas from the last cycle have been cast aside and now people feel ready to express their new beliefs.  People are eager to compare and contrast (Gemini) with others in order to help them redefine the boundaries of their beliefs.  It’s like a new idea is born (1st step in the 12 step process), and it needs to establish an identity, so it expresses itself quickly and with child-like inhibition in order to find agreement.  In this way we redefine the new boundaries or our ideas.

On a societal level, politics begins a new cycle.  Who cares what you thought before, it’s a new cycle, so what do you believe today?  That what everyone wants to know.  Have you adapted, learned anything new over the course of the last cycle?  The last cycle began on May 2, 2015, which was just about the start of the Presidential election cycle.  Right around that time most candidates declared their candidacy.  Since then a lot of ideas have changed and alliances have formed, changed and in many cases, broken.  Now new alliances emerge and take shape.  People have the confidence (1st step is like Aires) to express their new ideas without fear.

5:33pm – Moon enters Libra.  Time for our emotional self to emerge into the outer world.  Like crossing over the Descendant, Moon in Libra comes out into the world.  Now we want to show everyone that we are someone who is nurturing and who deserves to be nurtured in return.  Moon in Libra is willing to show affection when ever needed to form and maintain a strong emotional bond.  Relationships become more important over the next couple of days.  Good time to share your feelings with your partner.

5:42pm – Moon (Libra) trine Mercury (Gemini)  And there is no better aspect for than then this one.  How convenient!  Sunday afternoon is perfect for sharing feelings.  Gemini likes to compare and contrast, and Libra is sure to give both sides a chance to share their thoughts.

In the news this week:

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant, last pass 6/22/2016.  This will be their last big loud objection to Donald Trump.  Reality has begun to sink in and they see what is coming.  Saturn square Pluto, last pass 11/20/2016, will put a limit on their power.  Notice Pluto opposition Ascendant in the natal chart, don’t fool yourself, understand Pluto in this position, this nation is inherently dominating towards everyone else.  In a way, they want to rule the world.  Also, Saturn square Ascendant, last pass 11/23/2016, this too will limit their expression.  Both these square occur shortly after the election.  So they will suffer a setback in November.  This will begin a 2.5 year period of Saturn in the 4th house, when they will restructure their home.

Looking at the chart for Sweden.  They are going through a very difficult time with the immigrants.  Notice they are having Pluto conjunct Pluto.  They just had the second pass, last pass is 1/9/2017.

Sun and Venus crossing over Mars this week.  This is going to make politics the all encompassing topic this week.  What is so interesting is that the USA is currently going through Neptune trine Sun.  This is a really good transit that is bringing much needed spiritual awareness to the population.  Now is a time of letting go of materialistic concerns.  We are now more concerned with our connection to the divine and because it is to the 10th house, our leadership position in the world it not so important to us, we are now more concerned with helping others.

On Saturday, June 11 in the early evening we have a powerful combination that is sure to make people loud and boisterous.  Jupiter conjunct Moon on top of their Sun.  Look for millions of people to pour into the streets this Saturday evening.

Donald Trump
Sun and Venus crossing over his Uranus and Sun, and opposition his Moon.  Conjunctions to Uranus are making him say rather adventurous and surprising things, even more so than usual.  Notice how bold he has gotten with accusations against Bill and Hillary, even talking about the Vince Foster suicide.  This is surprising for sure.  With Venus in the mix he kind of looks good doing it too.

William Kristol
Here’s a guy I never mentioned before.  He’s the editor of the Weekly Standard, a conservative publication.  He recently got into a media fight with Donald Trump, who called him “a dummy, loser”.  Oppositions are the story with him.  Sun and Venus opposition Mercury, and folks tell you what they think of you.  Because Sagittarius is higher education, it thinks it’s smart and well-informed.  The one thing Sagittarius can’t stand is being called stupid.  And this transit is showing us a typical crisis in politics that we face with the grand cross being activated now.

Also Uranus opposition Neptune.  Pluto opposition Uranus. Both generational transits which means that lots of people are working on the same issues concurrently, so he acts as a generational compass.

Uranus opposition Neptune changes your beliefs, and that is happening for a large segment of society now.  On a personal level, new people come into your life who ask you to incorporate more evolutionary elements into your belief system.  For some, a rather nice transit that brings teachers, young people, and the spiritually evolved people into your life who introduce you to new ideas about spirituality and enable you to get a more universal consciousness incorporated into your belief system.  However, if your beliefs are rigid, then it is a time when the spiritually evolved, mobile and adaptable people oppose your beliefs.

Pluto opposition Uranus.  This is the big challenge for him.  Powerful forces oppose the man he has become.  I say it that way because Uranus is our capacity to spiritually evolve and transform into the highest potential that we can become.  It is our inner super hero.  It incorporates the best of our intellect and desire for freedom along with equality for our fellow human beings.  It is our unique talents and abilities.  If you are someone who has not nurtured your uniqueness or inhibited the uniqueness of others, then this is a revolutionary time.  A volcano of energy, powerful and sustained, unites against you and you have a vicious fight for your life.

Like Ben Carson who also had generational transits during his campaign, William Kristol will act as a bellweather for this generation.  Through his challenges many people will change their beliefs.


A really good video to open your mind about your DNA.

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