Weekly Astrology Notes April 9-16, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes April 9-16, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary:

Sunday, Mercury goes retrograde in the afternoon.

Early part of the week, we are more sensitive and in need of harmony. On Monday, Moon in Libra activates the Jupiter square Pluto aspect and we have a Full Moon on the same day. Much like last week, Monday is a real Moon-day. Strong emotions come to the surface. On Tuesday, Moon in Libra activates the coming Saturn trine Uranus aspect and gives us an opportunity for advancement. In the afternoon, Moon enters Scorpio.

Middle of the week is more intense. On Wednesday, Moon in Scorpio brings focus and stamina. On Thursday, Moon in Scorpio brings an intense encounter in the late afternoon, but Sun conjunct Uranus means it’s a day of surprises. People are restless, ambitious and driven today. It could be a disruptive day.

On Friday, No exact aspects. Moon enters Sagittarius. Enthusiastic, good for social activities.

The weekend looks good for recreational activities. On Saturday, Venus goes Direct and Moon in Sagittarius gives us an expansive day. On Sunday, Venus sextile Mars and it’s a great day for relationships and any sort of fun and exciting endeavor. Perfect aspect for weekend recreational activities.

Also this week, more discussion about transits for the EU, and this time we’ll also discuss Italy and look at the chart of Great Britain to see how they are doing now that Brexit is going forward. And we’ll also look at QE II and Prince William as well, we could see some big changes with them. She is declining and he is rising. And lastely a little bit about Bashar al Assad of Syria.

Mercury goes retrograde this afternoon.

1:07am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Venus (Pisces) Emotions very open, easy to absorb the feelings of others.

1:21am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) Middle of the night.

4:15pm – Mercury goes retrograde at 4d47′ Taurus. Goes Direct at 24d Aires on 5/3. Revisiting the same degrees since 3/28. It’s time for the conscious mind to turn inward and seek regeneration. We are shy about making plans about the future because inside we can sense our views are changing and we don’t know how much our opinions will change in the near future. So now is not a good time to make plans, start a journey or make an important decision, if you can wait. Typically there are more traffic and scheduling delays during this time. Not a good time for business transactions. Rather it is an introspective time when we should carefully consider our opinions and not speak until we are certain. It is limiting, but necessary. A time to correct our thinking both personally and on a group level.

This retrograde period is a big one during which we see another pass Mercury trine Saturn 4/24, and Mercury conjunct Uranus 4/28. And then we’ll be getting those aspects once again soon after 5/3. That’s a lot to re-think. We need to go over the changes we recently made to see how they agree with the rest of the world around us and further adjust our thinking on matters of great importance.

Moon in Libra activates the Jupiter square Pluto aspect and gives us a Full Moon on the same day. Much like last week, Monday is a real Moon-day. Strong emotions come to the surface. Be prepared.

3:58pm – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Libra). Emotions expand and we seek a partner to share the milk of human kindness. Excessive expression of congeniality, desire to be in agreement with others.

6:54pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) Intense focus, the kind that helps in times of emergency. Good for working hard to complete a task. But it also brings up intense energy as we tend to source anger from the collective under these aspects and we feel overwhelmed, and maybe lash out in frustration.

11:08pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Sun (Aires) The tension builds as we meet (opposition) the challenge of this months growth. We come face to face with what we want for ourselves this month. So desire and confidence is high and we are ready to express our emotions. This month, the Full Moon brings us a challenge to find the balance between individuality (Aires) and the need for relationships (Libra).

The two Moon aspects happening just before and just after the Full Moon give this moment some extra potential for rebellious (Uranus opposition) and defiant (Pluto square) behavior. Tensions run high this evening, best to enjoy this Full Moon in private with your loved ones and avoid dangerous places.

Moon in Libra activates the coming Saturn trine Uranus aspect and gives us an opportunity for advancement. In the afternoon, Moon enters Scorpio.

4:31am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires) Early morning feeling rebellious and in need of a change of pace. Drive carefully this morning. Folks are restless and the Full Moon is still in effect.

11:19am – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Emotions slow down a bit as we focus on work and obligations. Libra sextile Sagittarius, always a good time for business meetings. Void of Course begins.

3:42pm – Moon enters Scorpio. People are out to prove their competence for the next couple of days, often show an increase in sexual activity. More intense, energy simmering just below the surface, like a volcano, could go off at any moment. Be more careful what you say and how you say it as folks tend to take things more personal, and they hold on to it instead of letting it go.

Moon in Scorpio brings focus and stamina.

12:40am – Moon (Scorpio) opposition Mercury (Taurus) Intense (Scorpio) feelings from deep in the subconscious (Moon) come forward into the conscious mind (Mercury) and people are worrisome and paranoid. But it’s the middle of the night.

5:49am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) Early morning feeling moody and not really wanting to collect yourself. A gift from the universe comes to those willing to overcome their dark side. More psychic, a good time for mediation.

Moon in Scorpio brings an intense encounter in the late afternoon, but Sun conjunct Uranus means it’s a day of surprises. People are restless, ambitious and driven today. It could be a disruptive day.

6:08am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) A lot of regenerative energy to reform the home environment, but the intensity of Scorpio on both sides makes folks moody and insular. A lot of psychic energy.

5:04pm – Moon (Scorpio) opposition Mars (Taurus) Very fixed and headstrong, hard to find agreement. Once again insecurities arise, just like with the Mercury opposition yesterday. Only today we react with anger and powerful feelings to push through any opposition, like a bull. Strong impulses from Mars opposition Scorpio. Take care with this aspect. Avoid arguments, people are demanding and uncompromising.

9:17pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Venus (Pisces). The volatile Moon in Scorpio ends with a nice trine to Venus in Pisces. The trine from Scorpio to Pisces offers the chance to share the gift of healing with someone. You can use this energy to transcend pain and suffering in yourself and help another do the same. Void of Course begins.

10:29pm – Sun conjunct Uranus (Aires) Today everyone takes on the energy of Uranus and Aquarius. With that, a whole new range of possibilities opens up. People are liable to do something surprising, out of the ordinary. People are less shy or inhibited. Easy to cast off restrictions. Today, we are a bit restless, not interested in work unless it provides us with an opportunity to get ahead quickly somehow. It can bring out the best in some folks who feel more confident expressing the more evolved side of themselves or the worst in some who have a hard time expressing the unique side of themselves and therefore will feel the need to dominate others.

Today, the domineering quality of Aires is stronger than usual. People are highly ambitious and want to take the next step in their process of evolution. The Sun, already liberated in Aires, now gives everyone the desire to show the world just how innovative and free they truly are. The uninhibited side of this aspect can cause problems, especially with Mars in Taurus. Recall Mars rules Aires and the conjunct itself, so this aspect is ruled by Mars, add to that Mars is making a semi-sextile to this aspect. So Mars is heavily involved. And with Mars in Taurus, folks may become like a bull today. So we could see some real stubborn behavior. Just remember it’s just folks pushing forward in an effort to break free.

It’s a disruptive day. People can get overly rambunctious, pushy, rebellious, defiant, attempt to change just for the sake of change, desire to cast off all restrictions, even reasonable and necessary social obligations. In Aires, folks not willing to listen to others. It will be hard to stick to your regular routine today, which could be more difficult than usual due to little surprises and unforeseen difficulties popping up. All of this could lead to problems with authority figures or anyone who represent obligation and therefore restriction in life. It could lead to turbulence and disagreements. Not a good day to settle disputes.

We are changing rapidly today. Some will experience the energy selfishly and be motivated to liberate just themselves. While some will understand that their liberation needs to include the liberation of others and use this energy for more enlightened purposes. The ego has a real hard time understanding Uranus energy, and it takes some years and maturity to know how to handle it properly without creating unnecessary disruption in your life.

Due to the high contrast possible with this aspect, it will be a good test to see where your at on this issue. If you have an unrestrained desire to break free or cause unnecessary disagreements and problems with others, then that should tell you that you have too many restrictions in life or you’re too rigid in your thinking. Does your life has enough freedom and mobility so you can make changes when necessary, or do you need to use force to overcome the weight of obligations? Today you may find the answer to that question.

Generally, folks are more intelligent and scientifically minded, interested in new technology (Uranus). A good opportunity to introduce yourself to something new and different, expand your horizons. You may come up with many ideas today, some quite useful and innovative.

A good time to once again bring up the topic of free energy. At this point, the concept we all need to familiarize ourselves with is that the entire universe runs on free energy. Destroying physical matter and then paying for it, like we have, is no better than living in the stone age when they had to burn wood to keep warm. The basic limitation still exists in our thinking today. That is what must change.
No exact aspects. Moon enters Sagittarius.

3:27am – Moon enters Sagittarius. We are more idealistic for the next couple of days. Broad-minded and enthusiastic about life, willing to expand our boundaries to get what we want in life. A love of knowledge and new things, we are more philosophical and want to publish our ideas.
Venus goes Direct and Moon in Sagittarius gives us an expansive day.

3:17am – Venus goes Stationary Direct at 26d Pisces. The introspective period of Venus is now over. We are less shy about relationships and making agreements. Until May 19 Venus revisits the shadow degrees. So, during the next 4 ½ weeks we are given the chance to do things differently this time with respect to our feelings. Issues regarding love and relationships reach a conclusion, some doubt is released and we move forward. We should now be more aware of our relationship needs, and now that we’ve released unrealistic expectations we are ready to take the next step.

Until April 29, Venus is still in Pisces. The Direct motion period should help us enjoy the better side of this placement which gives us an affinity (Venus) for spiritual (Pisces) things. We are more sensitive and in tune with the subtle vibrations around us. We can feel the emotions of others. Greater compassion and artistic awareness make this a time to spend attending to the sensitive side of ourselves.

Venus sextile Mars is the closest aspect at the start of this Direct Motion period which is very good news. One of the best aspects for Venus and it should make moving forward much easier. The next Venus retrograde is not until Oct 2018.

6:15am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces) In these signs, there is an expansion of feelings and emotions coupled with a religious idealism that can make this aspect either really enlightening or terribly confusing, depending on your current relationship to everything you do not see (Pisces). Brings up strong beliefs that may actually run counter to what everyone else really needs. The result is some people think they are being really compassionate when they are actually being really selfish. Easy to overindulge.

2:15pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Very expansive and idealistic afternoon. Great for recreation and getting out of the house.

Venus sextile Mars and it’s a great day for relationships and any sort of fun and exciting endeavor. Perfect aspect for weekend recreational activities.

5:09am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) Early morning we are ambitious and physically active, looking for an early escape to freedom.

9:46am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Sun (Aires) Lots more physical energy. Very positive and inspirational, strong need for freedom. All that fire sign energy on the Moon means it hard to sit down, folks absolutely must be on the move for this aspect. Good time to travel, go to the beach.

9:54am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Venus (Pisces) In these signs this is a wonderful aspect that expands our feelings and emotions.

11:26am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) Then suddenly the energy slows down and we are more in the mood for therapy. With the previous aspects leading up to this moment, it could work out quite well. Expending lots of energy in the early hours leads to a much deserved quiet time around mid-day when we are sober and reflective. Eat a warm lunch.

6:24pm – Venus (Pisces) sextile Mars (Taurus). A wonderful aspect for relationships. Egos (Mars) in intellectual (sextile) harmony (Venus). We know what we want (Venus) and we see an opportunity (sextile) to take the first step (Mars). In these signs, the warm and tender quality of Pisces and Taurus find expression in all relationships activities, dancing, physical movement and play, and anything recreational like going on a nature hike, or basically anything that enables you to explore and finding something special within, like a kid. Great for massage and any physical healing therapy and getting in touch with your inner child.

The sextile from Pisces to Taurus is characterized as an opportunity to heal the past (Pisces) and in doing so, create something of personal value (Taurus). This aspect crosses the Ascendant, the threshold of death and rebirth from one cycle to the next, so whenever we see a sextile or trine from 12th house/Pisces into the next cycle, it is always something about reclaiming lost elements of self. So getting in touch with your spiritual healing abilities is the best use of this aspect. Also note that the healing quality of Pisces coupled with the sensual earth energy of Taurus make it the best combination for rock medicine, working with crystals.

This is a very social aspect as it brings the sexes together in intellectual harmony. Very good for conversations with your partner. Both side have a strong willingness to listen to one another. Venus brings out the receptive side of Mars and Mars helps Venus overcome shyness.

There really is no bad side to this aspect, so we should consider it to be a wonderful gift from the universe. The last occurrence of this aspect was 2/7/16 and we unfortunately had Sun square Mars on the same day. This time, we have no challenging concurrent aspects, so we can make the most of it.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

This week, we are looking at trends leading to the breakup of the EU.

European Union
Pluto square Venus (Libra) (3/26/17, 5/14/17, 1/15/18, 8/16/18, 11/14/18). Note the extended amount of time between the 1st and 2nd pass as Pluto goes Stationary Retrograde on this transit. So that means that April is an intense month for them. The congenial Venus in Libra is suddenly infused with Plutonian energy. Normally placid people get angry, resentful. Alliances are severed, agreements broken. This transit brings a desire to break away from restrictive relationships and behave in a very warlike manner. A real Machiavellian kind of behavior ensues. I see this transit as manifesting as a lot of manipulative and underhanded behavior. People being coerced, forced, even beaten into submission. They’ll be a lot of this on both sides of the immigration issue. Pluto is now coming in to finish what the Uranus opposition started.

Because this aspect is to the 3rd house, which rule politics, we will see a lot of Plutonian ideas inserted into politics as well. Folks are going to get serious and courageous, lay down demands and draw the line in the sand. Nations will openly criticize one another and we could see a serious challenge to the solidity of the EU starting this month. But this is just the first set of passes, so I would not expect a final outcome until November 2018.

This week, Jupiter conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus. And event that takes place every 12 years. Notice Uranus is in Gemini, which rules politics, so we could say that this natal Jupiter trine Uranus in Gemini creates a lot of change in politics. Sure enough they have had more changes in government, more than 50 at last count, since this chart began. So change is typical for them. This time is no different and we should expect some upheaval to go along with that change.

The ongoing Pluto square Jupiter is creating another banking crisis for Italy. It is rumored that they are preparing to leave the Euro, likely because they can no longer afford the austerity measures. The next two passes, 8/6 and 11/19 should bring a powerful climax to this issue. In fact the last pass of Jupiter square Pluto on 8/4 makes powerful transits to their natal Jupiter. If Italy is going to leave the Euro, look for it to happen in early August. This is a big one for them. I strongly suspect what we are seeing here is one of main instigators in the destruction of the Euro. Look to see what happens in Italy this week on the economic front.

Great Britain
I haven’t used this chart before, being a bit unsure, especially about the birth time. However, this Moon placement at 19d Cancer certainly fits their current desire to break free from the EU. A strong desire for control and reform (Pluto) in the home (Moon), which always brings up nationalist sentiment. So, since Great Britain is now leaving the EU, we can see that this is the strongest indicator we’ve seen yet for Jupiter square Pluto creating a desire to sever familiar (Moon) bonds (Pluto), things we hold in common coupled with the nationalist sentiment of Pluto in Capricorn. The whole idea is have more control at home. If the EU was competent, they could withstand this test, but they aren’t and that’s why this is happening to them.

Notice the concurrent Uranus trine Saturn. A very good transit to be having while taking control of your own destiny. This is surely a good sign that they are going to achieve great rewards in the future for their decisive actions now, enable more mobility (Uranus) in the future (Saturn).

I’ve already mentioned several times in the past, Pluto in Capricorn is the key to watch in all of the EU charts, not just the EU itself, but also Germany and Sweden, and wherever we see turmoil these days. Note all of the planets at 17-19d Capricorn, Libra, Aires and Cancer in the charts of EU nations (those that get conjunction, square or opposition from Pluto). It looks like these are the volatile degrees of Capricorn, the ones to watch with regards to the potential breakup of the EU. So this gives us an overall time frame for the breakup of the EU. By the end of 2018, the EU will likely not exist in it’s current state.

Queen Elizabeth II
This Saturn retrograde period will be challenging for her. Saturn square Uranus, 4/29, and for an extended period of time. Saturn square Uranus is a time when your mobility and adaptability (Uranus) suffer from excessive restriction and adherence to tradition (Saturn). It can be a miserable time when the world weighs you down it seems you’ve lost your zest for life. For her, it also takes a toll on her health with Saturn transiting her 12th house and Uranus in Pisces.

Also notice Uranus quincunx Saturn, 4/15. Another Saturn-Uranus connection. When you see complimentary transits, always take notice. For her, they are both challenging transits. A restless and frustrating time when you feel compelled to change, usually with some discomfort, by forces outside yourself. For her it could mean a loss of power because Uranus brings change that often disrupts the continuity of authority (Saturn). She is being forced to make a precise adjustment (quincunx) right at the moment when she lacks the ability to do so. Very frustrating and physically debilitating. This could also take a toll on her health.

But there is more. Neptune conjunct Venus, 5/15. A confusing time for sure. Neptune conjunct Venus can be the most artistic and dreamy transit, but it also means delusional thinking in relationships and partnerships. And once again she feels weakened, low on energy and so that can’t be good for her health either.

Sum it all up and I see her declining, she may soon abdicate the throne, maybe to Prince William.

Prince William
And as fate would have it, he is also having complimentary transits, but for him it’s Jupiter and Saturn, the king makers and his are both good transits that indicate a rise in power and authority. This retrograde period for Saturn and Jupiter is beneficial for him. Right around 4/29, Saturn conjunct Ascendant and Jupiter conjunct Saturn. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is the mark of leadership in the birth chart and by transit. It indicates a time of measured growth, in conformance with tradition, along with good decision making ability, like that of a leader. It’s rather incredible he is having both these transits concurrently and complimentary and QEII is essentially going through the opposite.

Now with both planets, Jupiter and Saturn, retrograde, you can be sure that there is a lot of discussion going on internally about this issue. It would not surprise me if there is a change at the top coming soon.

Prince Charles
Next month Jupiter conjunct Neptune on 5/15. Saturn conjunct Jupiter does not come until 12/18. It’s only one pass.

Bashar al Assad
Now with so much talk from the Trump administration about going after Assad, here’s his transits.

Coming up this week Neptune conjunct Saturn, his authority and structure are dissolving. But notice once Pluto goes retrograde he is expecting two more passes of Pluto trine Sun, so he’s not dead yet, he can still expect help from outside sources, like Russia. My guess is that he has serious troubles this time around although he may hold on for a while longer.

Despite all of this talk of war, I suspect that the coming Pluto retrograde is going to put a damper on war plans as economic concerns overtake other considerations.
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