Weekly Astrology Notes April 16-23, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes April 16-23, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary: Early part of the week looks really good with Venus sextile Mars on Easter Sunday and Sun trine Saturn on Monday. Wednesday also looks good with Sun conjunct Mercury making it a bright and intelligent day. But Friday we have the last pass of Venus square Saturn, so we are resolving the issue of isolationism. Pluto goes retrograde this week. Also, the Sun enters Taurus and Mars enters Gemini.

Also in this weeks’ report, the Federal Reserve, the missile strike in Syria, Bashar al Assad, Syria, and Jared Kushner.

On Easter Sunday 4/16, Venus sextile Mars and it’s a great day for relationships and any sort of fun and exciting endeavor. Perfect aspect for holiday festivities.

On Monday, Sun trine Saturn and our creativity is focused on working toward a secure future. It’s a good day for relations with authority figures with Moon in Capricorn.

On Tuesday, Moon in Capricorn gives an intense day with potential for disruptions.

On Wednesday, Sun conjunct Mercury gives us a bright and intelligent day with lots of communication. Sun enters Taurus and it’s time to prove that your creative efforts reflect your personal values.

On Thursday, Moon in Aquarius makes us ambitious today, especially around mid-day. Pluto goes Retrograde.

On Friday, in the morning we’re a bit restless, but Venus square Saturn forces us to meet people half way, which inhibits interactions and slows us down. In the afternoon Moon in Pisces and we need a group hug. Mars enters Gemini.

On Saturday, Moon in Pisces and we are feeling dreamy and altruistic.

On Sunday, Moon in Pisces makes the day dreamy and passive, but in the evening Moon in Aires gets us energized.

Venus sextile Mars and it’s a great day for relationships and any sort of fun and exciting endeavor. Perfect aspect for Easter holiday festivities.

5:09am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) Early morning we are ambitious and physically active, looking for an early escape to freedom.

9:46am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Sun (Aires) Lots more physical energy. Very positive and inspirational, strong need for freedom. All that fire sign energy on the Moon means it hard to sit down, folks absolutely must be on the move for this aspect. Good time to travel, get together with family.

9:54am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Venus (Pisces) In these signs this is a wonderful aspect that expands our feelings and emotions.

11:26am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) Then suddenly the energy slows down and we are more in the mood for therapy. With the previous aspects leading up to this moment, it could work out quite well. Expending lots of energy in the early hours leads to a much deserved quiet time around mid-day when we are sober and reflective. Eat a warm lunch.

6:24pm – Venus (Pisces) sextile Mars (Taurus). A wonderful aspect for relationships. We know what we want and we have the confidence to take the first step. In these signs, the warm and tender quality of Pisces and Taurus find expression in all relationships activities, physical movement and play, and anything recreational like going on a nature hike, or basically anything that enables you to explore and finding something special within, like a kid. Great for massage and any physical healing therapy and getting in touch with your inner child.

The sextile from Pisces to Taurus is characterized as an opportunity to heal the past (Pisces) and in doing so, create something of personal value (Taurus). This aspect crosses the Ascendant, the threshold of death and rebirth from one cycle to the next, so whenever we see a sextile or trine from 12th house/Pisces into the next cycle, it is always something about reclaiming lost elements of self. So getting in touch with your spiritual healing abilities is the best use of this aspect. Also note that the healing quality of Pisces coupled with the sensual earth energy of Taurus make it the best combination for rock medicine, working with crystals.

This is a very social aspect as it brings the sexes together in intellectual harmony. Very good for conversations with your partner. Both side have a strong willingness to listen to one another. Venus brings out the receptive side of Mars and Mars helps Venus overcome shyness.

There really is no bad side to this aspect, so we should consider it to be a wonderful gift from the universe. The last occurrence of this aspect was 2/7/16 and we unfortunately had Sun square Mars on the same day. This time, we have no challenging concurrent aspects, so we can make the most of it. It should make for a wonderful Easter celebration.

Sun trine Saturn and our creativity is focused on working toward a future and it’s a good day for relations with authority figures with Moon in Capricorn.

5:43am – Sun (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) Our creativity is focused on working toward a better future. Today we willfully give up current pleasure for the promise of future gain. Our work is careful and meticulous, able to withstand scrutiny. The creative will (Sun) is more structured (Saturn) and focused on career. More responsible and willing to follow tradition. Good for relations with authority figures, In fire signs, it’s an inspirational aspect encouraging us bring forth inspiration (Sagittarius) into the next cycle of growth (Aires).

We have a better grip on life (Saturn) and therefore a better understand of how we fit in and where our opportunities for growth can occur. We are more reflective today and better in touch with our limitations, which don’t seem so much of a burden today. It’s easier to know your place with this aspect, that is to say, the place that is most able to lift you up from where you are at. For most of us, that means being at work, because that’s how most of us get ahead.

6:55pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) A time to focus on helping others, improving living conditions for the socially disadvantaged.

Moon in Capricorn gives an intense day with potential for disruptions.

2:03am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra) Middle of the night.

6:58am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Early morning we feel a strong burst of energy, very focused and obsessed. Folks are cool and calculating, looking to get ahead, reform and reinvigorate their career. Could create disruptions.

5:32pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires) More disruptions and restless energy. Folks see what’s wrong in others and unwilling to compromise on their ideas. Bad time for negotiations. Could create disruptions.

10:21pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Venus (Pisces) A pleasant aspect that encourages us to help others.

Sun conjunct Mercury gives us a bright and intelligent day with lots of communication. Sun enters Taurus and it’s time to prove that your creative efforts reflect your personal values.

1:00am – Moon (Capricorn) trine Mars (Taurus). Feeling a bit energized in the middle of the night.

2:57am – Moon (Capricorn) square Sun (Aires) Last Quarter Moon. The time each month when we expect to see the fruits of this months’ labor. It’s a critical time of testing. Aires to Capricorn square, career goals vs. individuality. Void of Course begins.

3:52am – Moon enters Aquarius. We are more ambitious and interested in personal freedom for the next couple of days. Interested in something different, maybe unconventional. Good time to be with friends or focus on matters of social concern.

5:31am – Moon (Aquarius) square Mercury (Taurus) Not a good time for communication. Personal values (Taurus) conflicts with our social obligations (Aquarius). Avoid financial (Taurus) dealings with friend (Aquarius).

2:27pm – Sun enters Taurus. We get creative (Sun) with our finances (Taurus) for the next month. There is no greater indicator of owning your own business than Sun in Taurus/2nd house. It’s time to look for ways to make money (Taurus) with your hobbies (Sun). The Sun is out to prove something in Taurus, the 10th step (Capricorn) in the 12 step process that begins with Leo. A time of proving something to ourselves, just like the Last Quarter Moon from earlier today. We do this each month with the Moon and once a year with the Sun. The need to prove can be so strong that we can get downright stubborn. That’s where the classic trait of stubbornness with Taurus comes from, along with the fixed quality of the sign.

Just like the Last Quarter Moon is a time when we ask ourselves if this months’ efforts paid off, Taurus is essentially the Last Quarter Sun, a time of the year when we ask ourselves, what is the value (Taurus) of my creative (Sun) efforts? It’s a sincere questions that strikes at the heart of our personal values (Taurus) and causes us to want to get in touch with our feelings (Venus). And if we come up with a less than adequate answer to this question, then we begin to restructure (Capricorn) ourselves to correct the situation. Maybe we start our own business.

10:54pm – Sun conjunct Mercury (r) (Taurus). The first aspect for the Sun in Taurus and today we feel (Taurus) like communicating (Mercury). We put more creative effort (Sun) into communicating and transacting with others in a variety of way. Minds are bright and sharp. In Taurus we are sharing ideas of a personal nature, talking about our personal values and possessions and whether or not life is giving us the fulfillment we need. A good time to share your feelings. Good time to get a massage. Look to see where this is occurring in your chart (0d Taurus). Activities related to that house is where you want to direct your attention.

A good day for business transactions, despite Mercury retrograde. However, the retrograde means we are still are apprehensive about making important decisions or starting new ventures. So despite common astrological wisdom, it’s not a good day to start a new business.

People should be less shy today, more willing to talk. A good time to have a discussion, but don’t insist on a resolution just yet. The Sun just entered Taurus and tomorrow Mercury leaves Taurus and goes back down into Aires. So this aspect kind of blurs the line between Aires and Taurus. The Sun is bright and can overwhelm Mercury in this aspect, so don’t get too wrapped up in your ideas today, it would only hold you back. It could be a restless day if you depend on travel and communication going as planned, leaving you spinning your wheels, putting effort into things that are going no where.

Moon in Aquarius gets us ambitious today, especially around mid-day.

Pluto goes Retrograde. Mercury (r) enters Aires.

5:46am – Pluto goes Stationary Retrograde at 19d23′ Capricorn. Goes Direct on 9/28 at 16d51′. Here’s a link. Not a major event, Pluto is retrograde 40% of the time. The major aspect for Pluto at the start of this retrograde period is Jupiter square Pluto, which happens on 8/4 at 17d30′. Now both Jupiter and Pluto are retrograde, so we arrive at the most introspective time of this issue. The whole pedophile issue seems to have receded, but it will return once Jupiter goes Direct 6/9 and we approach the last pass 8/4.

Our personal ambitions have been aroused significantly by this aspect, but we are not ready to move forward. We are still considering our options, thinking about the best course of action, waiting for the weather to change. During this time of reflection, we should re-familiarize ourselves with the moral of doing the right thing for everyone concerned. As with all Pluto aspects, we must consider the needs of the collective or we risk misusing our energy and hurting ourselves or others.

We need to reflect on how we use our power, especially our sexuality. This year, our strong drive and ambition needs a period of reflection like this one. During Pluto retrograde it is not a time for outward reform, it’s a time of reflecting on what did and did not work to make your life better in the recent past, restoring your proper energy level by removing things that drain your energy, and building up energy for the next Direct motion period.

10:37am – Mercury (r) enters Aires. Goes Direct on 5/4 at 24d Aires. Enters Taurus on 5/15. So that’s 26 days in Aires. Communication takes on the qualities of Aires, which likes to be first, domineering, strong but lacks sustained drive. Likes to debate, but can change directions quickly. 11th or Aquarius step for Mercury that begins with Gemini, so Mercury in Aires says “I know (Aquarius) what I think (Gemini)” and is not easily swayed by others, yet reserves the right to change their own mind. A very useful trait. Can be very witty and like to do something surprising.

Mercury will be busy in Aires. Mercury conjunct Uranus on 4/28 and on 5/9, and Mercury trine Saturn on 4/24 and on 5/11, so it will be activating the Saturn trine Uranus aspect 5/18. That’s the major theme of this retrograde period. So as Mercury has the 2nd and 3rd pass of these aspects, we should be doing a lot of writing and planning and thinking (Mercury) independently (Aires) so as to achieve as much success as possible for the coming Saturn trine Uranus. The more structured you are in your thinking, the better off you’ll be during this time. The energy of Uranus always needs to be brought down to reality, but it usually happens afterward. But in this case we can do both at once. Very nice. A good time to practice integrity in all your transactions. Keeping your thoughts structured, respectable and with a firm grip on reality (Saturn) will enable you to harness the powerful energy of change and enlightenment (Uranus) now descending upon the conscious mind (Mercury).

11:50am – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra). Love of freedom and the air. Good time to take a drive, feel the air in your face. Big smiles for everyone. Good time to ask a friend (Aquarius) a favor (Jupiter).

In the morning we’re a bit restless, but Venus square Saturn forces us to meet people half way, which inhibits interactions and slows us down. In the afternoon Moon in Pisces and we need a group hug. Mars enters Gemini.

3:16am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires) Ambitious and looking for an opportunity to break free.

3:32am – Mars enters Gemini. Continues until 6/4. So that’s 6 ½ weeks in Gemini. The biggest challenge of Mars in Gemini is willingness to listen. The singular nature of Mars does not agree with the dualistic nature of Gemini, so it’s not great for politics, USA has Mars in Gemini. But it makes for clever communication skills. Compliments Mercury in Aires, that’s clever. Actually that should have a strong effect and makes folks smarter. Mars is Gemini can change quickly and adapt as necessary to fit the situation. Strong desire to make a connection, good for sexual advances, using communication (Gemini) to fulfill your desires (Mars). Impulse (Mars) buying/transactions (Gemini) much like Mars in Taurus. Domination (Mars) of the conscious mind (Gemini) leads to good mental control and decisiveness. A sharp mind. Good driving skills. Good placement for a pilot.

4:10am – Venus (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius) Last occurred 4/8, before that 1/27. Now that Venus is Direct, this is the last of 3 passes. And true to obtaining resolution, I can now see that this aspect has manifested as the issue of isolationism. So now at the 3rd pass we should have resolution, forgiveness of past tendency to withdraw and a renewed commitment to coming out of your shell.

The challenge with this aspect is to make a conscious, concerted effort at meeting people half-way. Venus requires balance and asks us to relinquish some of our power in order to find agreement with others. But Saturn is authoritative and does not relinquish power out of fear. If we don’t overcome the fear, it leads to judgment which leads to isolationism.

This aspect makes us critical of others, demanding more from others than is reasonable, like nothing is good enough and just generally expect everyone to be perfect. This aspect unearths feelings of hurt and abandonment. Could invoke criticism and harsh, faultfinding behavior. People put up barriers that lead to isolationism.

This aspect is restrictive on relationships. Existing relationships can feel unsatisfactory or burdensome. Relationships that begin now are generally problematic with hurdles to overcome, like a significant difference in age and/or social status or some responsibility (Saturn) that must be carried by one partner unequally or unfairly (Venus).

Today, be meticulously honest in all your dealings with others. Hesitate and reflect, especially now that Saturn is retrograde. Incorporate structure and integrity (Saturn) in all your one to one (Venus) encounters. It may seem repressive because Saturn aspects have a way of feeling like a wet blanket has been throw over you, but the obligations that Saturn places on you pay off in the long run.

Saturn may make it seem like beauty and grace (Venus) are out of reach, but ultimately the lesson of this aspect is to learn that beauty and grace are essential for survival (Saturn), not just a luxury, so we must incorporate beauty and grace into the structure in our lives. Congeniality (Venus) is essential. As folks are working through their feelings internally, do not expect much from others today. Share a smile.

8:19am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Ambitious but career oriented.

11:23am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mercury (Aires). Ambitious with good communication skills. Void of Course begins.

12:43pm – Moon enters Pisces. Emotions dissolve into the collective for the next couple of days. We are more sensitive and in tune with the needs of others. Easy to sacrifice your needs for the needs others. That’s ok so long as you understand what you are doing and don’t set yourself up for disappointment. More sensitive, psychic, warm, tender and caring.

1:13pm – Moon (Pisces) square Mars (Gemini) A challenge to listen to others and consider their needs. Low on energy. Easy to sweep others under the carpet, or call someone crazy (Pisces). Easy to start an argument, be careful what you say (Gemini) to women (Moon). The remedy for this aspect is give someone a hug. Gemini rules the arms, and Mars is you desire nature, so we desire to extend our arms around the emotions (Moon) of everyone (Pisces). That’s astrology for a hug.

4:25pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Sun (Taurus) A warm and tender moment, great for expressing (Sun) your emotions (Moon).

Moon in Pisces and we are feeling dreamy and altruistic.

12:58pm – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) A cosmic poke on your belly button. Emotions dissolve into the collective and we can feel a connection to everything. Very empathetic. Good time to cry.

11:19pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn). Good opportunity for philanthropy. The more I see the Capricorn to Pisces sextile in peoples’ charts, that is what I find.

Moon in Pisces makes the day dreamy and passive, but in the evening Moon in Aires gets us energized.

1:22pm – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius) In these signs this aspect is schizophrenic. Emotions are rigid, but these signs says expand. Need to find a balance between career and nurturing yourself.

2:34pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Pisces). Feelings and emotions dissolve. Feeling warm and tender, but easy to be fooled into seeing things not as they truly are. Best idea is to avoid negotiations or long term decisions this afternoon as we are all just too much in a fog. Void of Course begins.

5:32pm – Moon enters Aires. Emotions are centered on self for the next couple of days. More enthusiastic about whatever is going on in our own lives. Impulsive and forceful, we’re not afraid to let our feelings show. Moon in Aires is authoritative because Aires is the 10th step (Capricorn) in the 12 step process. Good time to start a project, something meant to last.

8:43pm – Moon (Aires) sextile Mars (Gemini) Emotions are energized. Good time for a workout, stretch the shoulders and arms (Gemini).

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve was born under Pluto Retrograde and I believe this will be the last one that the Federal Reserve sees. As I mentioned in in my Weekly Report for March 19-26, 2017, and will continue to mention, is what we are seeing is an incredible moment in history and astrology is giving us some valuable insight.

Saturn enters Capricorn on Dec 19 at 8:48pm, but as is customary for an outer planet, it does not really take full effect until the Sun conjuncts that planet. Well, it just so happens the next day, December 20. So Saturn enters Capricorn with a bang and makes its presence know immediately. Also that conjunction makes an EXACT opposition the the natal Pluto of the Federal Reserve. Very karmic. It means the rest of the world starts the new Saturn cycle by saying to the Fed, you must now account for yourself.

Of course Pluto opposition Ascendant and Mars are the main factors, but this moment promises to be very significant. This is the moment the Fed face karma. In summary, the biggest effect of this Pluto retrograde will be watching the Fed fall apart. I believe it is wise to let folks know this spells disaster for the US dollar, which is a Federal Reserve Note.

Missile Strike on Syria 4/5/17
The time of the missile strike in Syria shows a Mars trine Pluto and Mars quincunx Jupiter happening concurrently. Once again a major military event occurred at a time of significant Mars aspects, just like so many times in the past. Recall the Mars quincunx Uranus last year that coincided with the attack in Nice, France and the attempted coup in Turkey. Just as with this missile attack, they are all false flags events. This time it was Mars quincunx Jupiter. The quincunx is a Scorpio/Virgo aspect that creates a compulsion to make a precise adjustment (Virgo) and it seems so often involves destructive force (Pluto). The Mars trine Pluto only adds confidence (Pluto) to war-like (Mars) actions.

This event has caused much disillusionment in some of Trump’s most ardent supporters. Many folks have noted that the speech that Trump gave just following the attack is almost the exact same speech that Obama gave regarding US missile strikes in Syria. It’s the same pattern of lies and subsequent military action. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Things seem to be taking a step backwards, but we need to wait for a change in the economic weather before we will see the kinds of changes we are hoping for. That’s why I mentioned the Fed once again in this report. The looming collapse of the US dollar is the major event of this year, and that’s all tied in with the Fed.

Bashar al Assad
So we are seeing the authority (Saturn) of Assad being affected by outside, trans-personal forces beyond his control, it seems his authority is weak and dissolving (Neptune). This week the transit Neptune conjunct Saturn is exact, but we have already seen the effects leading up to this. The missile strikes in Syria have made his authority a collective (Neptune) issue. However, one of the collateral effects of a Neptune transit, one that Trump surely did not consider, is that Neptune can have the effect of glamorizing someone and/or turning them into a sacrificial figure, a martyr. Neptune rules Hollywood and is a strong factor in the charts of famous actors. With so much credible information coming out that the missile strike was a false flag, this event is galvanizing public opinion in his favor and this could make him into a martyr, or at the least, a champion of a lost cause who never gives up hope (Neptune). So long as he remains resolute and firm in the midst of this storm, he will gain a reputation (Saturn) with no boundaries (Neptune). So oddly enough this event could help him on the world stage.

During this Pluto retrograde period, Assad gets the 2nd to last pass of Pluto trine Sun and Pluto sextile Neptune, which is sure to continue benefiting him with outside help. The last pass of this transit occurs in December along around the same time as the only pass of Saturn opposition Jupiter. Observing all of the forces affecting him, I would say that will be a culminating moment for him.

Taking a look at the chart of Syria. I have referenced their chart only once before, I am now more confident using the 1941 natal chart. At the start of the civil war in 2011, notice Neptune square Saturn and Uranus. On 4/5 during the recent missile strike, we see Uranus conjunct Mars, and recently Jupiter went Stationary Retrograde right on the opposition to Mars. It was not a good idea to attack them during such a transit. It will serve to galvanize their ambition (Uranus) for independence (Mars). Coming up this week for Syria we see Mars conjunct Saturn and Uranus, two strong transits considering it is such a major element of their chart. I am seeing this as a time when they assert their independence. In the face of a fight, they are not in the mood to back down, their reputation and independence are at stake. Despite Mars conjunct Saturn being a time when one should conserve energy, the Mars conjunct Uranus does very much the opposite, it makes you restless, and the combination of the two ignites their national identity, their sense of destiny, and their unique character. Likely we’ll see more serious battles this week in Syria.

Jared Kushner
President Trump’s son in law, married to Ivanka. He is having a strong Pluto transit as well. Uranus opposition Pluto. This is a transit that bring out the revolutionary in a person, a desire to make substantial changes in the world. Generally, he is a very private person, not showing much above the surface, natal Pluto square Sun and Mercury. But Uranus is bringing what he does in private (Pluto) out into the open (Uranus). His power is now clear for everyone to see, even though he may not realize it.

But a person with Venus conjunct Neptune is always the last to learn how other people think about them, and once they do, it can be devastating because they start out life being rather delusional about their place in the world and it often takes some difficult experiences to learn that lesson. His wife has the same aspect.

This is a good example of how Uranus transits bring knowledge and information out into the open, thereby producing enlightenment (Uranus). Sometimes what is brought out into the open is negative and you think, wow that’s not enlightening, but it is because it’s being brought out into the light. In this case, his dark side, his power (Pluto), is now being seen by everyone. So that’s what enlightenment means in this case. It make a good case study to see how Uranus is working on him by increasing his visibility as a power player. Add increase in visibility to the characteristics of a Uranus transit, like change and restlessness.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for liking my video. Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel. Many blessings and have a great day.

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