Weekly Astrology Notes April 23-30, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes April 23-30, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary:  Overall, we are looking a pretty good week.  Mercury (r) trine Saturn on Monday and Mercury (r) conjunct Uranus on Friday means the conscious mind is working better this week, more dependable and yet open-minded.  Two aspects involving Mercury while retrograde make it a powerful week for reflection and gaining insight and maturity in our opinions.  More conscious evolution this week.

In the early part of the week, Moon in Aires has us wanting to start new projects.  The New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday has no aspects except a distant trine to Saturn.  So, for the coming month we are feeling steadfast but we may lack an adequate outlet for our creative expression.  We are rather fixed and focussed and need to do something that expresses our personal values and gets us in tune with the sensual side of life, maybe spend lots of time in nature.  And the Moon in Taurus makes Wednesday and Thursday warm and sensual.  Mercury (r) conjunct Uranus on Friday could bring disruptions to your travel plans.

Moon in Cancer on the weekend looks good for spending time at home.  This is also due Saturn square Chiron to Sunday 4/30, a challenging aspect that unearths feelings of disappointment in the structure of your life and in society in general.  It could bring up a lot of sensitivity and fear of authority figures this week.  Due to the current direction that society is headed, this aspect could bring up disappointment so profound, that for some folks, it will be the final insult to their sense of decency.  The truths regarding authority figures in society that have been unearthed recently are so discomforting that many will reach a breaking point and decide to just leave what they once knew in the past and head out on their own in search of something more.

The world is not what we thought it was.  Some realized it a long time ago, and my sense is that many more will come to realize it this month and begin making substantial changes in their lives.

Also this week, Turkey and Recep Erdogan, Paul Ryan, North Korea, China and India.

On Sunday, Moon in Pisces makes the day dreamy and passive, but in the evening Moon in Aires gets us energized.

On Monday, Mercury trine Saturn makes it a great day for writing, organizing your thoughts and working in harmony with authority figures.

On Tuesday, Moon in Aires makes the day inspirational and Moon in Taurus makes the evening warm and sensual.

On Wednesday, The New Moon in Taurus makes today and warm and receptive day.  Lots of creative energy directed towards things that reflect your personal values, like hobbies and romance.

On Thursday,The Moon in Taurus and no other aspects make Thursday feel much like Wednesday, a warm and receptive day.  In the evening, Moon enters Gemini.

On Friday, Mercury conjunct Uranus make for an electric day with lots of new ideas.  Be open to surprises and sudden changes in your travel plans.  Venus enters Aires.

On Saturday, Moon in Gemini keep us active in the morning but the afternoon is challenging.  In the evening Moon in Cancer makes us want to crawl into our shell.

On Sunday, A very relaxing Sunday with Moon in Cancer giving us a warm and tender feeling all day.  With the Saturn square Chiron aspect exact today, most folks will prefer to stay in their shell.

Moon in Pisces makes the day dreamy and passive, but in the evening Moon in Aires gets us energized.

1:22pm – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  In these signs this aspect is schizophrenic.  Emotions are rigid, but these signs says expand.  Need to find a balance between career and nurturing yourself.

2:34pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Pisces).  Feelings and emotions dissolve.  Feeling warm and tender, but easy to be fooled into seeing things not as they truly are.  Best idea is to avoid negotiations or long term decisions this afternoon as we are all just too much in a fog.  Void of Course begins.

5:32pm – Moon enters Aires.  Emotions are centered on self for the next couple of days.  More enthusiastic about whatever is going on in our own lives.  Impulsive and forceful, we’re not afraid to let our feelings show.  Moon in Aires is authoritative because Aires is the 10th step (Capricorn) in the 12 step process.  Good time to start a project, something meant to last.

8:43pm – Moon (Aires) sextile Mars (Gemini)  Emotions are energized.  Good time for a workout, stretch the shoulders and arms (Gemini).

Mercury trine Saturn makes it a great day for writing, organizing your thoughts and working in harmony with authority figures.

1:15am – Mercury (r) (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  The second of three passes (3/29, 4/24, 5/11).  Today Mercury finds structure to be beneficial, rather than confining.  Saturn slows down the mind (Mercury), but the trine makes the effect feel good and get you somewhere you want to go, help you build something to last.  Relations with authority figures are good.  Communication is clear and not frivolous.  Aspect is good for planning for the future.  Also good for writing.  In the birth chart, this aspect is the mark of the author.

Because we need to express ourselves in a respectful way and be recognized for it, today is an excellent day to resolve disputes as both sides feel like they get a reward for doing so.  In fact, the need to express masterful communication today means people will be going around looking to find agreement with others.  So, it’s a good day to make an agreement, both sides can foresee potential effects and incorporate all of the structure necessary for the agreement to withstand the test of time.

This aspect is best applied towards group activities where people with good ideas have a chance to shine.  Good for driving and short distance travel.  Good for making decisions, making plans for the future.  Good for business, meetings and transactions.  But not yet a good day to start a business as Mercury is now retrograde.

And lastly, I should point out that this aspect along with the concurrent Mercury conjunct Uranus happening this Friday.  We have a special moment when we can gain conscious awareness of our full potential as a human being.  A moment of conscious evolution, that’s what this Mercury retrograde period is all about, giving us 3 passes over the Saturn and Uranus aspects.  This all stems from the interplay of Saturn and Uranus, which when coupled with harmonious aspects creates a powerful dynamic of progressive change along within realistic goals.  We can proceed to evolve yet stay within respectable limits and maintain practical goals.

8:24pm – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter(Libra)  Good time to be in a crowd, spend time with your partner.  Emotions expand towards relationships.

Moon in Aires makes the day inspirational and Moon in Taurus makes the evening warm and sensual.

1:46am – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Intense emotions in the middle of the night.

11:04am – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires)  Things don’t go as planned, be ready to adapt.  Rigidity is painful.  Very ambitious and in need of freedom. Just be honest with how rebellious you feel and that will help avoid disruptions.

1:29pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Aires)  Very intelligent, able to move from one topic to the next quickly.  Good for business transactions.

2:53pm – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  This aspect brings out the best of Saturn in Sagittarius.  As usual with a Saturn sextile or trine to the Moon, we are willing to forgo present comfort for future gain.  But even more, it invokes a strong desire to do good which inspires confidence from authority figures.   Void of Course begins.

6:56pm – Moon enters Taurus.  We are more sensual and identify more with our possessions and personal values for the next couple of days.  Moon is exalted in Taurus where the steadfast energy of Taurus enables the Moon to enjoy stability and comfort.  Always the best time to get a massage.

The New Moon in Taurus makes today and warm and receptive day.  Lots of creative energy directed towards things that reflect your personal values, like hobbies and romance.

5:16am – Moon conjunct Sun (Taurus).  New Moon.  The New Moon in Taurus means it time to seek sensual fulfillment in life.  Getting in touch with your feelings and doing what feels good.  This month we are steadfast and dependable, not interested in the unusual or discomforting people or situations.  It will easy to turn away from people who rub you the wrong way.  Harmony is most important.  Good time to start your own business venture or just take stock of how your career reflects your personal values.

There are no aspects to this New Moon except for a distant trine to Saturn.  Lack of aspects makes for lack of creative expression.  It also makes for a pure expression of the Taurus qualities, steadfast, sensual, comfortable, not unusal.  We may be more quiet this month, prefering to spend time in nature away from the strangeness of the world.  Taurus can be stubborn and without an outlet for this energy except a desire to develop yourself in a way that reflects our personal values.  Sometimes that can be hard to do in a group where there are so many competing values.  As I see it, this can be a great opportunity to turn away from the chaos of the world, spend time in nature, find pleasure in the present moment and devote yourself to bringing more stability to your life.

4:39pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Wonderful, very warm and sensual, intuitive.  The sextile to Neptune (Pisces) enables us to gain spiritual insight, regain lost elements of self.  Leave yourself open and receptive to the subtle impressions that bubble up from the subconscious, in them you will find things of personal value to you.

The Moon in Taurus and no other aspects make Thursday feel much like Wednesday, a warm and receptive day.  In the evening, Moon enters Gemini.

1:49am – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Strong burst of energy in the middle of the night.

6:18pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Venus (Pisces).  A pleasant aspect that makes us very warm and tender.  Once again, Moon in Taurus gives that wonderful connection to Pisces.  Void of Course begins.

6:39pm – Moon enters Gemini.  More sensitive (Moon) to communication (Gemini) for the next couple of days.  Moon enters its’ death cycle in Gemini where we seek to finish incomplete business, tie up loose ends and get our affairs in order in preparation for the next cycle.  We are more active, need to communicate, feel a bit restless, may need to slow down if nerves get overtaxed.

Mercury conjunct Uranus make for an electric day with lots of new ideas.  Be open to surprises and sudden changes in your travel plans.  Venus enters Aires.

2:16am – Moon conjunct Mars (Taurus)  Strong desire for love and affection in the middle of the night.

6:13am – Venus enters Aires.  In Aires until 6/7, so that’s 5 ½ weeks.  Aires says “I am” and Venus is beautiful, so Venus in Aires says “I am beautiful”.  It’s a nice affirmation, but “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” so it’s vanity.

Venus is fallen in Aires, where it can be vain and self-absorbed about appearances.  The challenge with this placement is to see the beauty in others and not feel threatened by it, as if it were a challenge to your ego (Aires).  We need to express affection (Venus) with energy and enthusiasm (Aires).  In fact, we desire (Aires) affection (Venus).  Relationships that begin now are enjoyable but not necessarily long-lasting.  Depends on other factors.

In general, we are looking to develop a relationship (Venus) with who we are (Aires), as well as other Aires traits such as aggression, assertiveness, being self-directed and independent.  So we are a little more self-absorbed, but it can lead to some really good things.  A good time to get in shape, work on your body, go to the gym.  Anything you can do to make yourself beautiful would be a good outlet for this energy.

7:50am – Mercury conjunct Uranus (Aires)  This is the second of 3 passes, 3/26, 4/28, 5/9.  This aspect can manifest in a variety of ways, often surprising.  Today we are ambitious, brilliant and interested in strange or unusual people and places.  In Aires, we have good leadership skills that also make for a great motivational speaker.  A day to think outside of the box.  We can conceive of more than usual and are open to new possibilities.  We want to modernize (Uranus) our thinking (Mercury) and we are motivated to work with others for the common good.    Today we enlighten ourselves with innovative ideas, new concepts, and new technology.

If you are traveling today, you are more likely to meet interesting people, but be prepared for sudden, even upsetting changes to your travel plans.  With Mercury retrograde, this could mean sudden break downs or missed connections.  Could also produce a surprise having to do with your siblings (Mercury), maybe an unexpected call or a change in your relationship.

As well we are looking to adopt new ideas and values and incorporate them into our identity (Aires).  It’s a good day to be with others.  We are very curious and open-minded.  Conversation today will be stimulating and open the mind to new possibilities.  Interest in Astrology tends to peak with this aspect. Good idea to find some intelligent people to be with today.  We all need to do something different and unique today, something that stimulates the electrical (Uranus) activity in the nervous system.  It could be most anything, but you really need to move the body, so I would recommend some healthy physical activity.

Just like Mercury trine Saturn on Monday, this aspect activates the coming Saturn trine Uranus on 5/18.  This makes for a moment of conscious evolution.  That means overcoming fear and consciously taking the next step in your process of evolution.  With Mercury retrograde on this second pass, we are very introspective about it, doing a lot of thinking internally today.

4:23pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)  Confusing, hard to relate to others, can’t seem to understand their feelings.  Also easy to be a doormat for others.

7:36pm – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra).  Prone to excess, lots of talk and mostly superficial.  With these two aspects there is a lot of expansion on our emotions and it’s easy to get carried outside of yourself and not realize it.  For sure the energy will lead some to overindulge in food and drink.

Moon in Gemini keep us active in the morning, interested in self-development (1st quadrant).  In the evening Moon in Cancer makes us want to crawl into our shell.

10:29am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Mercury (Aires)  Communication flow smoothly, seeking opportunity to share your opinions.

11:13am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires)  Ambitious and desire freedom.  Good time for a drive, take a different route, see some different scenery.  We’re kind of into ourselves with these two aspect in these signs so it’s a good opportunity to spend time attending to your values.

2:28pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)  Feeling a bit repressed, hard to communicate, inflexible.  Void of Course begins.

6:48pm – Moon enters Cancer.  We crawl into our shell and nurture ourselves for the next couple of days.  Good time to get in touch with your feelings, spend time at home taking care of yourself.  It should make for a relaxing Sunday.

7:59pm – Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aires)  Not a challenging aspect, actually pleasant.

A very relaxing Sunday with Moon in Cancer giving us a warm and tender feeling all day.  With the Saturn square Chiron aspect exact today, most folks will prefer to stay in their shell.

About 12:00pm – Saturn (Sagittarius) square Chiron (Pisces).  This is one of the aspects that has been unearthing so much pain in the world.  Saturn square to Pisces already has this effect, but Chiron adds even more to it.  This is a challenging aspect, however the effects are so subtle that most folks may not even notice it.  That’s because Chiron is subtle, yet profoundly important.  This two forces at play are Saturn, which is structure and authority, and Chiron, which is pain.

On a personal level, this aspect can manifest as being really hard on yourself, disciplining yourself to the point of causing some pain.  Overall we feel a deep insecurity and hyper-sensitivity towards discipline and structure, so much so that we may relinquish authority in our lives out of fear.  The square from Sagittarius to Pisces means we may come face to face with our limitations and realize that there are things that we simply do not see due to our limited experiences in life.  So we need to let go of judgment towards things we do not see (Sagittarius) and seek faith (Pisces).  In other words, when Sagittarius will not suffice, seek Pisces.  The process humbles us, sometimes a lot, but it’s necessary to achieve success in the 4th quadrant of the chart.

On a mundane level, I am seeing this aspect as a overall, global mistrust of authority figures.  At this point, there seems to be no major political figures who are doing a good job of representing the people.  When people think of authority, they automatically feel a profound sense of loss and psychic pain.  Here in the USA, many Trump supporters at this point, find his recent behavior disappointing, like maybe he is just another neocon.  It’s just part of this general disappointment with authority figures that is manifesting now across the globe.  It’s happening everywhere.  This aspect is part of the overall unearthing process which promises to bring some uncomfortable truths to the surface.

As I mentioned earlier in the summary, the dissappointment can be so deep that it amounts to the final insult to our sense of decency.  We loose hope in the system and begin to change our lives accordingly.

12:19pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Sun (Taurus)  Feeling warm and sensual seeking opportunity to share your feelings.  An excellent aspect for a Sunday.

5:27pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Going into your shell gives you a connection to the collective unconscious.  Very warm and tender, sensitive and intuitive.  Good time to hug someone.

8:23pm – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra)  Emotions expand and we feel like eating a big meal.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

People are looking for a savior.  Now that Saturn is retrograde and in the last degrees of Sagittarius, we are now seeing the most extreme behavior associated with this placement.  Saturn is in its’ 12th step, so it feel like Pisces, which is associated with the savior.  So everyone is looking for an authority figure (Saturn) who saves them.  This is for these next 8 months of Saturn in Sagittarius.  By the end of this year, when Saturn enters Capricorn, we will all be amazed at how people have been deceived by false authority figures.  So be aware.

The current Saturn retrograde period, the last in Sagittarius, is our last opportunity to let go of outdated and impractical idealism (Sagittarius).  We have been restructuring (Saturn) our perspective (Sagittarius) over the past 2 years and we need to complete that process before December 20.

Had a big vote on Sunday to give Erdogan even more special powers.  It’s a terrible development.  He becomes a political-religious cult figure.

Neptune conjunct Uranus.  They are looking for a savior (Neptune) to guide them on their path of evolution (Uranus).  Very easy to be deluded by someone who has the right rhetoric, the kind that sounds universal and will enable them to reclaim lost elements of self (Neptune).  Susceptible to someone who offers unrealistic hope.

Uranus opposition Mercury.  A big surge of political ambition.  Changes in the political landscape.  A burst of new ideas and opportunities for moving in new directions never foreseen until now.  A psychically overwhelming transit that needs to handled carefully because it’s easy to loose sight of who you are and thinking in proportion to your situation.  It can be a great transit that opens you up to new ideas, but it also brings powerful people into your life that can take control over your thinking process.

Uranus opposition Saturn.  Saturn rules the 10th, so with transiting Uranus now opposing Saturn, we have a situation where authority (Saturn) is transferred to Uranus.  The transit, and the aspect, Saturn opposition Uranus is associated with achieving your highest potential because the interplay between structure (Saturn) and evolution (Uranus) gives you an evolving, modern structure that carries one to the greatest potential.  So right now you could say that Turkey is looking for an opportunity to achieve what they have always wanted to achieve, to gain the strength and reputation as a world power.

This set of oppositions from Uranus is prone to make the delusional because Uranus is in it’s death cycle in the 10th house, so it feels like Pisces.  Actually their ability to adapt dissolving and they should be using this time to teach others by sharing their wisdom and history with the rest of humanity.  It’s a time of reflection and compassion when they should act as a guide for other nations, playing the role of master in a benevolent, egalitarian manner.  But because Saturn rules the 10th, what instead will likely happen is their authority, common sense and their grip on reality (Saturn) will be carried away by some Uranian figure, like Erdogan, who can use this energy to take complete control of Turkey.

Uranus quincunx Jupiter.  Can’t forget about this one.  Hubris (Uranus) and rhetoric (Jupiter) are compelled (quincunx) to join forces.  More than any other transit, this one makes them susceptible to unrealistic (Uranus) idealism (Jupiter) and political change with the promise of fulfilling their destiny and becoming a world power.

Overall it seems clear that these transits have acted as a whole to transform Turkey.  They are a nation born with a strong sense of destiny that has never been realized.  The problem is they have never stopped to think if their destiny is one that should be realized.  After all, if they feel it is their destiny to assert domination over others against their higher good, then their destiny is corrupt.  Unfortunately they may have to fight a terrible war to learn this fact.  This is the beginning of the end for Turkey.  Erdogan is settling himself up to be the Dajjal, the Muslim version of the anti-Christ, in the grand scenario being played out in the middle east.  Although Erdogan and the people of Turkey may believe this is a momentous period in history for Turkey when they reach for their destiny, but really it is the moment when their national ego is set free to sow the seeds of their own destruction.

Recep Erdogan
As mentioned just recently, with his recent Neptune conjunct Mercury and Venus, he is certainly developing a savior complex.  And his natal Uranus opposition Ascendant makes him a very Uranian figure, only for him the energy is expressed in the negative sense of the term.  This makes such a good case study of Uranus opposition Ascendant.

Paul Ryan
Uranus opposition Moon.  Recently he suffered a humiliating loss when President Trump traveled to Ryan’s home (Moon) district in Wisconsin to sign his new immigration reform bill, the very same one that Ryan opposed previously.  This is basically Trump sticking it in Ryan’s face.  This is a really good example of what can happen when you get a Uranus opposition, especially along the Aires-Libra axis.  People with Uranian qualities come to oppose you.  That means intelligent, adept, professional people get in your face and they embarrass you because Uranus works out in the open and likes surprises and playing a game of psychological warfare.

This transit makes for a perfect example of why we study astrology and why this channel exists.  In this transit, Donald Trump literally became Uranus in Ryan’s life by traveling across this opposition to Ryan’s home (Moon) and brought change (Uranus).  And the implication is, if Trump can do that to Ryan then he can do that to you and me and everyone else.  We are all connected.  The transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) take shape in the form of other people, often leaders, in our life.  Trump is a very Uranian person, the has Uranus conjunct Sun in the 10th house in his natal chart and he came to power under the influence of powerful Uranus transits.  So right now, he is embodying the qualities or Uranus in the lives of many, many people.  You must accept that, good or bad.  Paul Ryan found out the hard way.

Notice how Ryan is also getting Saturn square Pluto, so for sure this event is having the added effect of reducing or limiting (Saturn) his power and influence (Pluto).  In the 10th house, so it’s a serious blow to Ryan’s career.  This is actually really bad new for Ryan who will now face a serious challenge on his next campaign.  And all of this happens on a day when we have Sun conjunct Mercury, so it’s a big news event.

North Korea
North Korea is doing more than their usual saber rattling.  This time they tried to launch a missile in a show of strength and it blew up.  Mercury opposition Mars.  The worst transit for getting your communication  clear during aggressive (Mars) actions.  Communication (Mercury) opposes desire (Mars).  This is the worst transit for getting any sort of medical procedure, like surgery, especially along the 6th/12th house axis.

Notice Moon was conjunct their Moon conjunct Ascendant.  They are incapable of facing anything head on, like a crab that can only walk sideways.  Their highly insular nature, acting like a crab in it’s shell, can be attributed to this natal aspect.

Think about it this way.  Cancer rules the stomach and food.  When we are in the cancer location, the kitchen where food is prepared, we move like a crab, which walks sideways, back and forth, never straight forward.  It denotes extreme sensitivity, like they are afraid of everyone.  All people with Cancer Ascendant have this trait to some extent, depending on aspects.

Important to note, at the end of the year, Saturn opposition Uranus, one pass only in December.  It would not surprise me if there is some monumental change in leadership, by that I mean a completely new paradigm for leadership in that country, not just another replacement who continues in the old, repressive ways.

This week, on 4/29, they get a minor transit, Mars opposition Chiron, in Sagittarius, which rules relations with foreigners.  I am seeing this as a potential for conflict.  The upcoming Jupiter conjunct Neptune (9th) is encouraging them to do something bold.  And Mercury conjunct Uranus makes it a day of surprises. They are experiencing difficulties with North Korea just like the US.  I am curious to see how this effects them.  Will they behave in an offensive or defensive way?

This is making for an interesting study.  Last December when they embarked on their currency reform initiative they had Jupiter conjunct Neptune, which seemed a bit odd.  Now on retrograde, we see the second pass of this transit and the result is most of the ATM machines in India have run out of cash.  This is not the typical effect one would expect with this transit.  Jupiter rules abundance and Neptune is compassion.  Last year when the USA had this transit the result was a large number of people were given clemency and let out of prison early, more in line with what one would expect.  So how is it that Jupiter conjunct Neptune spells scarcity for India?

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes.  Thanks for liking my video.  Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel.  Many blessings and have a great day.

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