Weekly Astrology Notes April 30 – May 7, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes April 30 – May 7, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary:

Sunday 4/30 is a big gardening day. Moon in Cancer is always a good day to put plants or seeds in the ground. And the best time for planting is the during the First Quarter of the Moon cycle. It’s the start of the growth cycle, plants grow better. So it’s the best time for gardening and attending to things around the home. Otherwise a very relaxing Sunday with Moon in Cancer giving us a warm and tender feeling all day. With the Saturn square Chiron aspect exact today, most folks will prefer to stay in their shell.

On Monday, a moody Monday as Moon in Cancer gives us some challenging aspects. Moon enters Leo in the evening.

On Tuesday, Moon in Leo gives us a creative day with some challenges from the First Quarter Moon.

On Wednesday, we move forward today with Mercury going Direct and it’s a spiritual and sensual day with Sun sextile Neptune. Great day for doing what your heart desires.

On Thursday, Moon enters Virgo and we are more critical today and need to focus on our health regime.

On Friday, Moon in Virgo has us focused on earthly matters. A good day for working to improve or reform your life. A day to focus on regenerating your energy.

On Saturday, Moon in Virgo in the morning and the day starts slow. Moon in Libra in the afternoon gives us a strong attraction to others.

On Sunday, Moon in Libra gives us two energetic aspects making it a good day to get out of the house and socialize.

Also this week: Bill O’Reilly, Jason Chaffetz, President Donald Trump, the USA and more about the Federal Reserve.

Planting Day. The best time for planting is the First Quarter Moon in Cancer. Otherwise a very relaxing Sunday with Moon in Cancer giving us a warm and tender feeling all day. With the Saturn square Chiron aspect exact today, most folks will prefer to stay in their shell.

About 12:00pm – Saturn (Sagittarius) square Chiron (Pisces). This is one of the aspects that has been unearthing so much pain in the world. Saturn square to Pisces already has this effect, but Chiron adds even more to it. This is a challenging aspect, however the effects are so subtle that most folks may not even notice it. That’s because Chiron is subtle, yet profoundly important. This two forces at play are Saturn, which is structure and authority, and Chiron, which is pain. It makes us feel humble.

On a personal level, this aspect can manifest as being really hard on yourself, disciplining yourself to the point of causing some pain. Overall we feel a deep insecurity and hyper-sensitivity towards discipline and structure, so much so that we may relinquish authority in our lives out of fear.

My sense is that for some folks this moment in time we come to the end of our rope, so to speak. We suffer the final insult to our sense of decency and we decide to leave the system. This is because the square from Saturn to a planet in Pisces is characterized as a willingness to give up all that you know and have preserved all your life (Saturn) for some spiritual ideal (Pisces). And because we are experiencing such disappointment, some are willing to sacrifice their own career due to a profound dissatisfaction with the current direction of the world.

12:19pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Sun (Taurus) Feeling warm and sensual seeking opportunity to share your feelings. An excellent aspect for a Sunday.

5:27pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Going into your shell gives you a connection to the collective unconscious. Very warm and tender, sensitive and intuitive. Good time to hug someone.

8:23pm – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra) Emotions expand and we feel like eating a big meal.

A moody Monday as Moon in Cancer gives us some challenging aspects. Moon enters Leo in the evening.

3:00am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Feeling intense in the middle of the night.

11:35am – Moon (Cancer) square Mercury (Aires) Our emotions force their way into our speech patterns. We give voice to our insecurities and they get in the way. Folks feel they have something to say and it’s very important.

1:23pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires). Feeling rebellious and a bit restless, strange fascination with things the odd of unfamiliar, in need of stimulation. Poor time for digestion. Feeling a crisis to adapt to the needs of others while your needs are not being met. If contained, can lead to powerful insight into the emotional needs of others. Void of Course begins.

9:12pm – Moon enters Leo. We are more creative and expressive for the next couple of days. More interested in romance and our hobbies. Good time for creative endeavors.

Moon in Leo gives us a creative day with some challenges from the First Quarter Moon.

12:23am – Moon (Leo) trine Venus (Aires) A pleasant aspect in the middle of the night.

10:47am – Moon (Leo) sextile Mars (Gemini). Mid-morning is energetic, good for physical exercise. Good instincts (Gemini) for creative (Leo) projects.

7:47pm – Moon (Leo) square Sun (Taurus). First Quarter Moon. Challenge to overcome feeling worthless or inadequate. Leo likes to shine, but the square to Taurus means we make lack the financial resources to do so. The result is feeling like your are worthless and because of that, unnecessarily limiting your creative ability. Just remember that true love does not cost anything.

11:58pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra). Excellent aspect for relationships. Moon in Leo is romance and Jupiter in Libra needs to related in order to grow.

We move forward today with Mercury going Direct and it’s a spiritual and sensual day with Sun sextile Neptune. Great day for doing what your heart desires.

9:33am – Mercury goes Direct at 24d Aires. Enters Taurus on May 17. Passing over the shadow degrees until May 21. Now we can move forward with our plans. Time of hesitation and introspection is over and we can move forward with greater confidence and certainty.

4:17pm – Moon (Leo) trine Mercury (Aires) Very creative in the signs. Good instincts for romance, knowing just what to say to someone to pump up someone’s ego. Good time to socialize.

5:51pm – Sun (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) A wonderful sextile. Reclaiming lost of elements of self (Pisces) leads to gaining something of personal value (Taurus). We are more sensitive, intuitive, sensual, helpful and compassionate. Today our creative energy (Sun) merges with the collective (Neptune), so we don’t feel so headstrong. Not a good day to make decisions as we are less likely to take our own needs into consideration. Too easy to sacrifice yourself. But it feels good to let go because it’s a sextile and we sense that special connection to the collective and believe (Pisces) that we will be taken care of.

Energy level is a bit lower than usual as we just don’t feel a strong need to stand up for ourselves today. The general sense that everything will work out just fine in the end seems to pervade. With the combination of Pisces and Taurus, folks are more patient today. Many will just not feel like working. It’s a good time to share your feelings as people are more receptive and unconditional.

A good aspect for working with rock medicine, healing with crystals. In fact, it’s common in the charts of folks who do that for a living. And one of the best aspects for getting a massage. Meditation is always a good idea, but today we make time for spiritual endeavors because we feel that need to express our personal values (Taurus) in a spiritual way (Pisces).

6:41pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires) Feeling ambitious and ready for a change. Very inspirational in these signs.

9:35pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius). Creative efforts (Leo) lead to growth (Sagittarius), but with Saturn, we forgo present comfort for future gain. Void of Course begins. Continue until next morning.

Moon enters Virgo and we are more critical today and need to focus on our health regime.

2:47am – Moon enters Virgo. We are more helpful, critical and pay attention to detail for the next couple of days. The mind is focused on work and what needs to be done. Moon is constantly active in Virgo, like the digestive process. We are busy processing information in preparation for coming above the horizon, so we are bit apprehensive and nervous, which makes us more sensitive, easily upset. We are also more punctual and concerned with our health regime.

8:15pm – Moon (Virgo) square Mars (Gemini). Wanting to know all the details (Virgo) about many things (Gemini) has us running in circles. Poor time for digestion. Impulsive, demanding with a lack of consideration for others. Sharp mind (Mars in Gemini) dismissed the emotional needs (Moon) of others. Driving caution.

Moon in Virgo has us focused on earthly matters. A good day for working to improve or reform your life. A day to focus on regenerating your energy.

4:28am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) Helpful feelings extend towards anyone in need. Feeling compassionate, but also easy to be used and deceived. Maybe we escape into fantasy in order to avoid feeling disappointed in others.

7:15am – Moon (Virgo) trine Sun (Taurus) Skillful use (Virgo) of personal resources (Taurus) gives us the ability to create something of lasting value. Always a creative trine, this aspect has many beneficial uses.

2:56pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) A precise adjustment (Virgo) leads to a career (Capricorn) opportunity. A strong burst of energy to reform some aspect of our lives.

Moon in Virgo in the morning and the day starts slow, Moon in Libra in the afternoon gives us a strong attraction to others.

5:42am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) A desire to want more (Sagittarius) before digesting (Virgo) what you already have. Practical reality keeps us grounded and isolated. Void of Course begins.

11:20am – Moon enters Libra. Emotions (Moon) are balanced, harmonious and with an awareness of others (Libra). We have more finesse and are willing to work with others for the next couple of days. Romance and partnerships are accentuated at this time as we need recognition for our emotions from the outer world, that usually means your close partner.

8:22pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Venus (Aires) Could cause disagreements in these signs. Beware of feeling jealous.

Moon in Libra gives us two energetic aspects making it a good day to get out of the house and socialize.

8:56am – Moon (Libra) trine Mars (Gemini) Energetic in the morning. Good for physical exercise outdoors, feel the air.

4:01pm – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Libra) Feeling magnanimous and wanting to express and abundance of emotional energy. Good time for social gatherings. Folks want to be in a crowd.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

The media is full of stories about them, all bad. Uncontrolled violence, no police protection, food riots, last week a GM factory was confiscated by the government. So what we see happening astrologically, Uranus, Mercury quincunx Mars and Ascendant along with sextile to Mercury forms Yod configuration. This accounts for the intense compulsion for reform, people want to make a clear precise adjustments. Once again we see the powerful influence of the Uranus within the Yod configuration. Notice Mercury is doing the same thing. Saturn enter the second house is a time of scarcity of personal resources. And Chiron entering the 5th house puts the collective pain of the nation on stage. This revolutionary activity will certainly escalate in the fall and into next year on the 2nd and 3rd passes of these Uranus transits.

Bill O’Reilly
So it looks like Bill O’Reilly got forced out of Fox News due to allegations of sexual misconduct. We don’t have his exact birth time. So it was either Uranus opposition Venus or Uranus conjunct Moon. Venus and the Moon are the two feminine planets and during this time of Uranus in Aires, Uranus is bringing change to the male-female paradigm. So when someone who needs adjustment gets the appropriate Uranus transit(s), then that person is exposed and embarrassed, it makes them look un-Uranus, unevolved, someone unable to adapt (Uranus) to the current paradigm. Uranus brings things out into the open. Uranus modernizes. If Bill can’t get with the times, then he’s gotta go.

Jason Chaffetz
Congressman from Utah who is rather popular and not facing any obvious problems suddenly announced he would not seek re-election. Uranus quincunx Neptune. Something hidden (Neptune) either has brought out into the open (Uranus) or has been repressed from being brought out into the open. Either way the issue is with something hidden which has career ending implications. Chiron conjunct Chiron. He is reacquainting himself with the issue of pain in his life and with Pisces, once again something hidden. That’s the theme.

Jupiter conjunct Moon, he longs for home and family, so that actually is a personal incentive to leave. However, he is going through Pluto trine Pluto right now, so it’s unlikely that he really wants to quite because he is now coming into his full power. There is something hidden, possibly either something he has done or someone has threatened him. It’s hard to determine without proper house placement, but it appears there is something under the surface here that we are not being told.

So both major political figures who experienced sudden change this week also experienced a Uranus quincunx. You just can’t deny the number of coincidences that we have seen.

Donald Trump
On 5/6, Uranus square Venus (Cancer). Not a good transit for considering the feelings of others. Makes one a bit ruthless, cunning, and wanting to outsmart (Uranus) the opposition (Venus). He feels a compulsion to change, can make him restless. Not feeling good about his relationships (Venus), how he is being nurtured (Cancer). Add Mercury to the mix and it’s even stronger. With this transits concurrent with the USA transits, it looks like we could see some military action again this week, sorry to say. If so, it will be brief, Aires energy dissipated quickly.

On 5/4, Mars conjunct Ascendant and Uranus. This is a transit that makes you want to prove you are able to do whatever you want to do, desire (Mars) for freedom (Uranus). This transit is particularly significant for the USA because the USA identified with it’s Uranus nature so much. In politics, Uranus is associated with hubris.

In a person or nation’s chart, when Uranus becomes out of balance, it develops what is known as the 3 furies: envious anger, retaliation, and never-endingness. These are the symptoms of Uranus not being expressed in a healthy way.

With the USA so close to war with North Korea, this could produce a surprise attack on the part of the USA. This is the kind of transit that likes to start a fight, especially if the USA is to prove something, like who is the most evolved.

Uranus will go stationary retrograde at 28d31′ Aires on August 3. This will make an exact square to the USA’s Pluto at 28d30′ Capricorn. This means an extended period for this transit including all of July and August. This is something we really need to pay attention to. With Uranus in it’s ruling house making a square to Pluto in it’s native house, clearly this aspect will manifest in a typical and predictable way. The issue is privileged information regarding collective resources. Uranus opens the book on the USA’s banking system and decides it’s time for a change. People are astonished at the secrets that are revealed. During this time the USA petro-dollar declines rapidly. An economic crisis ensues. But much more will happen as well as a result of this transit. It will also unleash the forces of rapid change and even revolution in the USA. More than anything we have seen so far, this transit has the potential for causing civil unrest.

Just to give a more complete picture of what is happening in early August. On 8/4, we see the last pass of Jupiter square Pluto. This aspect is going to also have the effect of producing changes in the banking system, only in this case we are looking at a world-wide phenomenon, not just the USA.

And lastly, notice Chiron sextile Pluto transit for the USA at the same time. This indicates there is some pain, likely manifesting as some individuals who face death or at least removal from power.

Overall what we are witnessing is serious reform to the way society deals with the issue of collective resources (Pluto). No longer is one nation, the USA, going to dominate. These changes are happening over several years and a pivotal moment occurs in early August when USA transits coincide with major aspects.

This is going to be a very tumultuous summer in the USA, but I don’t think this is going to result in some all our war. Resources are too scarce for that now. There is too much potential for civil disobedience if the government tries to starts a war. Instead of pulling the nation together, as war often does, it would have the opposite effect at this time. Furthermore the economic realities the US is currently facing preclude a major, drawn out conflict. So instead what we are looking at is the dissolving of the old, worn out elements of authority who no longer serve society, such as dysfunctional elements of the deep state and the Fed.

Federal Reserve
The end of the Fed is a very important topic, so I keep mentioning them little by little. In March, I talked about their Pluto transits and how the Pluto opposition Ascendant and Mars spells disaster for them. Then in April I talked about their Saturn transits and how Saturn entering Capricorn will herald a new cycle for authority coincidental with the fall of the Fed. And this month, I want to mention their Neptune transits. They have a natal Mercury opposition Saturn.

On 4/18, they had Neptune square Saturn. This transit is working to dissolve (Neptune) their authority (Saturn) and challenge them to prove they have a grip on reality. It’s a time when they throw in the towel and give up, just like I was mentioning with earlier with Saturn square a planet in Pisces. A desire to throw away all that you have known and give it up for a cause. Or in there case, because something hidden is revealed. It brings up insecurities and lack of solid direction in life. It also coincides with loss of possessions and other things which you hold dear and have been trying to acquire your whole life. It can be a terribly delusional time when you feel you need a Savior to save you. It has been humiliating for them as they grasp for life while their system decays.

Well coming along this month is Neptune square Mercury on 5/12. For me personally this was the worst transit of my life. With this transit, they completely sacrifice (Neptune) their thinking process (Mercury) to someone else. It is the absolutely worst transit in all of astrology to make an important decision. To say they will be confused would be an understatement. Expect nothing confusion and deception all this week and next from the Fed. Of course they have been doing a lot of that from the very beginning, however now they are falling apart and they’re desperate. They’re grasping for a message to give the illusion (Neptune) of thinking clearly. It will be interesting to read any press releases from them around this time. Any challenges or confrontations they experience around now will result in failure and loss on their part.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for liking my video. Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel. Many blessings and have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Astrology Notes April 30 – May 7, 2017

  1. Tom – Love your readings, I look forward to them every Saturday. Also, thank you for all
    the extra information at the end, ie: federal reserve, etc. I was in the market to purchase a home, but
    now I think I will wait. Keep your readings coming. 🙂


    1. Hi Sandra,
      Thanks for the feedback. I think the dollar will collapse or at least take a dive. But I am not an expert on home prices so I don’t know how that will effect the market. My strategy is to buy physical gold and silver, you may want to consider that. Or maybe get some land in the country and live off the grid. As with all things, the wisest strategy is to ask your higher self what is the best course of action for you. Best of luck to you.


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