Weekly Astrology Notes May 7-14, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes May 7-14, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary:   An great week ahead.  Lots of planetary aspects.  This week we break out of stagnation, move forward, take the next step.  In fact, 4 out of the 5 planetary aspects we are having this week are good for following through on your existing plans and even starting your own business.  Mercury, now Direct, makes the last pass of Mercury conjunct Uranus on Tuesday and Mercury trine Saturn on Thursday.  So the whole middle of the week we are mentally alert and ready to move forward with our plans.  With Sun in (Taurus) trine Pluto on Tuesday, there is no better aspect to gather your personal resources for career goals and do something meant to last that reflects your personal values.   The Mars square Neptune on Thursday gives us the only challenging aspect this week.  And Mars trine Jupiter on Friday gives us lots of energy and a desire to grow.

Also this week, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Queen Elizabeth and a detailed analysis of the upcoming French election on 5/7.  Transits for Le Pen, Macron and their synastry with France.

On Sunday, Moon in Libra gives us two energetic aspects making it a good day to get out of the house and socialize.

On Monday, Moon in Libra gives us a restless afternoon, but calms down by the evening and the Moon enters Scorpio.

On Tuesday, A great set of aspects to start your own business.  Consider what that notion entails, and that’s the kind of energy everyone has today.  Very confident, independent and self-motivated.

On Wednesday, The Full Moon in Scorpio brings up intense energy today.  Folks are on edge and ready to sting like a scorpion.

On Thursday, A busy day with Mars square Neptune and Mercury trine Saturn, lots of important matters to consider.

On Friday, Mars trine Jupiter makes it an energetic day and we desire to grow, learn and explore.

On Saturday, This weeks action carries into the weekend.  Moon in Sagittarius keeps us interested current events.

On Sunday 5/14, Moon in Capricorn has us focused on our own needs today, you may not feeling like being in a crowd.

Moon in Libra gives us two energetic aspects making it a good day to get out of the house and socialize.

8:56am – Moon (Libra) trine Mars (Gemini)  Energetic in the morning.  Good for physical exercise outdoors, feel the air.

4:01pm – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Libra)  Feeling magnanimous and wanting to express an abundance of emotional energy.  Good time for social gatherings.  Folks want to be in a crowd.

Moon in Libra gives us a restless afternoon, but calms down by the evening and the Moon enters Scorpio.

12:56am – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Strong burst of energy in the middle of the night.

12:42pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Mercury (Aires)  Lots of talk makes for a restless afternoon.  Poor time to make decisions as emotions are too involved.  Trivial pursuits make useless diversions of your energy, hard to stay focused.

1:47pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)  Folks are ambitious and restless and looking for a change of pace.  These two aspects could bring outbursts and disruptions, sudden changes to your plans.  Not good for digestion.

3:59pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  Emotions calm later in the afternoon when we are willing to accept structure.  Void of Course begins.

10:01pm – Moon enters Scorpio.  Feeling intense and passionate for the next couple of days.  Scorpio brings out the dark side in our nature, sometimes that means fighting within ourselves.  Scorpio enables us to source energy from the collective but sometimes where don’t know where it’s coming from, so we get frustrated.  If we do not have the maturity, the energy it brings up can be hard to handle resulting in sudden outbursts.  Therefore, it brings up a strong need to focus our energy and show stamina and grace, especially this month with the aspects we’re having over the next couple of days.  Lots of healing energy if used in a compassionate way.

A great set of aspects to start your own business.  Consider what that notion entails, and that’s the kind of energy everyone has today.  Very confident, independent and self-motivated.

11:21am – Sun (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Last occurrence 9/6/16.  A change for the better.  Today it feels good to empower yourself and make a positive change in your life.  The energies of the universe are working more in your favor today to transform your life and those around you.  Don’t hold back.  Scorpio says “I penetrate”, so with the trine to Pluto we feel confident to dive deep into any issue or complication, determined to see it resolved.

With this aspect, we have focus and determination, insecurities do not inhibit as much as usual, and we are able to display the more powerful side of our personality.  It’s important that we include others in our thinking today.  The transformation we seek always impacts others and we must take that into consideration.  Anything that involves community service or helping to make the community better is an excellent expression of this aspect.  Good for all social work.

In earth signs, this favors projects involving building and construction, grading and molding the land, as well as all mechanical work, like car repair.  We use our personal resources (Taurus) to achieve career goals.  An excellent aspect to start your own business.

10:19pm – Mercury conjunct Uranus (Aires)  This is the third of 3 passes, 3/26, 4/28, 5/9.  This aspect can manifest in a variety of ways, often surprising.  Today we are ambitious, brilliant and interested in strange or unusual people and places.  In Aires, we have good leadership skills that also make for a great motivational speaker.  A day to think outside of the box.  We can conceive of more than usual and are open to new possibilities.  We want to modernize (Uranus) our thinking (Mercury) and we are motivated to work with others for the common good.  Today we enlighten ourselves with innovative ideas, new concepts, and new technology.

If you are traveling today, you are more likely to meet interesting people, but be prepared for sudden, even upsetting changes to your travel plans.  Could also produce a surprise having to do with your siblings (Mercury), maybe an unexpected call or a change in your relationship.

Interest in Astrology tends to peak with this aspect.  We all need to do something different and unique today, something that stimulates the electrical (Uranus) activity in the nervous system.  It could be most anything, but you really need to move the body, so I would recommend some healthy physical activity.

Just like Mercury trine Saturn on Thursday, this aspect activates the coming Saturn trine Uranus on 5/18.  This makes for a moment of conscious evolution.  That means overcoming fear and consciously taking the next step in your process of evolution.  With Mercury now Direct the last pass, we are ready to move forward with our plans.

The Full Moon in Scorpio brings up intense energy today.  Folks are on edge and ready to sting like a scorpion.

1:41am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Pleasant dreams.

12:29pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Intense energy on the Moon weighs heavy on the emotions, may bring up feelings of guilt because we can access too much energy from the collective.

2:42pm – Moon (Scorpio) opposition Sun (Taurus).  Full Moon.  This month could be a powerful one.  Scorpio Moon will bring out the dark elements in society.  People feel the need to express the most powerful elements of the psyche.  Brings up a lot of sexual desire and a desire to dominate others.  Folks are ready to sting someone.  However, focusing on things of personal value, things that reflect your peaceful, harmonious side (Taurus) can help you become aware of an release attachments to the darker elements of your psyche.  Like most Full Moons, this one is best spent in a safe place away from dangerous people and situations.    Void of Course begins, continues until tomorrow late morning.

A busy day with Mars square Neptune and Mercury trine Saturn, lots of important matters to consider.

9:59am – Moon enters Sagittarius.  We’re more idealistic and forgiving for the next couple of days, looking to broaden our horizons and expand our perspective.  Good time for learning new things, philosophical pursuits, exploring the better side of yourself.

10:53am – Mars (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) Last occurrence 8/25/16.  Can bring out unrealistic aggressive behavior that is out of proportion to the situation.  Tendency is to want to save the world which leads to some people who can’t find their own personal boundary.  With Mars (Gemini) we’ll see a lot of activity, communication and transactions.  It makes for a busy day as folks can’t seem to get a handle on their desire nature, no boundaries on desire.

This aspect creates a crisis to incorporate two very different elements of our psyche, our ego and our connection to the collective, or God.  Neptune asks that we dissolve our ego while Mars is the ego.  So the resultant frustration leads to lots of activity and aggressive behavior in an attempt to preserve what seems to be dying.  It makes for low energy as well, hard to stand up for yourself.

With Mars in Gemini, be careful with alcohol and/or drug consumption.  The mind is already confused.  Also there is a strong driving caution with this aspect.  Compulsive actions (Mars) reveal things that you do not see (Neptune).  Humiliation ensues, ego (Mars) dissolves (Neptune).  Drive slowly, this will activate the Mercury trine Saturn aspect which keeps the mind thinking within safe limits so long as you are willing to take the effort (trine).

On a positive note, this transit does bring up the desire to help the underdog, someone whom society has swept under the rug or who hasn’t been treated fairly in life.   Feelings of discontent leads to escape into fantasy and superstition.  A nice way to overcome confusion and frustration is to dance, let go of ego demands and let your feet (Neptune) lead you in whatever direction (Mars) you feel like going.

Robin Williams, the famous comedian, had Mars square Neptune in his natal chart.  For him, this aspect manifested in the most wonderful way, the group hug, a desire (Mars) to nurture (Cancer) everything (Neptune) in a group (Uranus) fashion.

1:15pm – Mercury (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  The third of three passes (3/29, 4/24, 5/11).  Today Mercury finds structure to be beneficial, rather than confining.  Saturn slows down the mind (Mercury), but the trine makes the effect feel good and get you somewhere you want to go, help you build something to last.  Relations with authority figures are good.  Communication is clear and not frivolous.  Aspect is good for planning for the future.  Also good for writing.  In the birth chart, this aspect is the mark of the author.

Today is an excellent day to resolve disputes as both sides feel like they get a reward for doing so.  People are looking to find agreement with others.  So, it’s a good day to make an agreement, both sides can foresee potential effects and it’s likely to succeed.

This aspect is best applied towards group activities where people with good ideas have a chance to shine.  Good for driving and short distance travel.  Good for making decisions, making plans for the future.  Good for business, meetings and transactions.  A good day to start a business as Mercury is now Direct.

This aspect along with the Mars (Gemini) square Neptune should make that aspect a bit easier to handle.  The confusion that comes from the Neptune aspect is greatly alleviated by the structure Saturn gives to the thought process.  The combined effect may enable you to dismiss outdated beliefs in favor of more practical concerns.

Mars trine Jupiter makes it an energetic day and we desire to grow, learn and explore.

2:41am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Venus (Aires).  A pleasant and inspirational aspect in the middle of the night.

3:19am – Mars (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra).  Last occurrence 12/1/16.  Trine from Gemini to Libra is characterized as knowing just the right thing to say, balanced (Libra) communication (Mercury), especially with your partner.  With Mars and Jupiter involved, there’s an abundance (Jupiter) of Mars (energy), a desire (Mars) to grow (Jupiter) explore, travel and learn more.  The trine from Mars to Jupiter is characterized as initiating (Mars) action to bring out the best (Jupiter) in yourself.  Folks are not shy today.

We’re more energetic, more intellectual, desire freedom in socially acceptable manner – in agreement with conventional wisdom (Jupiter) – want to make a good impression on others, heads up and ready for a conversation, open to something new.  A good time to settle disagreements with others.  Minds are sharp (Mars in Gemini) and easily forgive (Jupiter) in order to move on.  Physical energy increases, folks will want to get in a good workout or any physical activity for self-improvement.  Jupiter is lucky and Mars says “I am”, so folks feel more daring and adventuresome, but in a good way, not rebellious.  Good aspect for starting a romance (Libra) and new relationships that begin now will be exciting and physical.  Existing relationships should do quite well also.  This aspect at times can make folks think they are bigger (Jupiter) than they really are and look to expand their ego (Mars).  In Air signs, some may think they know more than they do.  Nonetheless it’s a very positive aspect.

2:09pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  Idealism leads to unrealistic expectations.  But it’s easy to forgive (Sagittarius) and let go of disappointment.  Because there is always disappointment with Neptune.

This weeks action carries into the weekend.  Moon in Sagittarius keeps us interested current events.

2:45pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires)  Feeling ambitious, looking for a change to break up to stagnant energy.

3:56pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius).  The time each month when we slow down for self-therapy.  Take a moment to take care of yourself, get in touch with your goals and aspirations in life, and nurture your inner child, the innocent, tender part of yourself.  You may prefer to be alone.

7:14pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Mercury (Aires)  Thoughts (Mercury) and emotions (Moon) in harmony (trine) give us inspiration (Sagittarius) to carry us forward (Aires).  Void of Course begins.

10:37pm – Moon enters Capricorn.  We’re focused on self-preservation for the next couple of days, interested in building career and looking for more certainty in life.  Emotions tend to dwell on self out of necessity.  We tend to not see things on the bright side of life, which can put a damper on things. To let go of pessimism, focus your mind on the task at hand and not worry about the future, let it take care of itself, focus on yourself and your personal needs instead.

Moon in Capricorn has us focused on our own needs today, you may not feeling like being in a crowd.

7:24pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Venus (Aires)  Feelings and emotions disconnect.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

Anthony Weiner
On 5/11, the Mars square Neptune aspect makes hard transits to his natal Pluto.

Neptune opposition Pluto means his ability to wield power over others is weakened.  His power base (Pluto) is dissolving (Neptune) and he lacks the energy and resources to sustain himself.  He’s lost his stamina.  It’s a generational aspect.  Forces beyond him are changing the situation and he has no control over it and must simply do the best he can and wait until change happens.

This is a very important issue for people born in the 60’s and who carry the revolutionary spirit of the 60’s in their birth chart.  Members of this group suffer a humiliating realization during this time on a group level, not a personal level.  The effects may be felt on a personal level, but it will be clear that is not the source of the issue.  It’s a group lesson and Anthony Weiner could play a major role in a group learning lesson.

Mars square Pluto.  This is a very compulsive transit, accident prone transit.  It can bring out the worst in someone’s character, a time when one becomes their Pluto.  For him, that could bring disaster.  The energy could easily come at him instead and it could mean he is either arrested or someone tries to kill him.

Huma Abedin
We see a few things happening with her.  First, Saturn quincunx Jupiter means she is compelled to make a powerful (Scorpio) and precise (Virgo) decision.

Second, we see the coming Saturn trine Uranus forms a grand trine on her Moon at 26d Leo.  She becomes very popular, some event propels her into the spotlight and she becomes very important.  But do not think that just because it is a grand trine that it does not mean death.  Something I learned late last year with the death of George Michael.  Notice how on the last occurrence of Saturn trine Uranus, it made a grand trine to his Moon, and he died even though he was also getting a Jupiter sextile Moon.  Not the usual transits associated with death.  But the next one could.

Third, we see she is going through Neptune opposition Mars during this time, so her identity is dissolving into the collective (12th house).  And on 5/8 she is getting Mars opposition Neptune.  Complimentary transits really amplify the effect.

Queen Elizabeth
A tough week for her.  Disappointment from Neptune conjunct Venus.  A profound sense of pain and feelings of guilt regarding failed ambitions from Chiron conjunct Uranus.  It would not surprise me if the decision to abdicate is made this week, although it may not happen at this time, it will happen by the end of this year.  So the stories coming out in the alternative media about high level meetings about her are probably true.

Marine LePen
On 4/23, she made it through the first round of elections and the final round happens on 5/7.  She is getting a whole bunch of major transits and they paint a pretty good picture for her.

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant, exact on 4/30 precisely in the middle of the two votes.  Jupiter conjunct Ascendant says I am (Aires) lucky (Jupiter).  So she is feeling confident for sure, lots of warmth and forgiveness, and ready to expand into something more.

Even more significant is the Pluto opposition Midheaven (MC).  This is the transit that is enabling her to ride the collective wave of energy into victory.  Pluto going through the 4th house is very protective of the home, and in the natal chart indicates someone with nationalist sentiment.  Clearly her need to reform (Pluto) the home (4th house) is the impetus for her political aspirations at this time.  And because it is Pluto, she is sourcing energy from the collective to accomplish her goals.

Uranus conjunct Saturn.  Changing (Uranus) the structure (Saturn) of her life in a once in a lifetime way.  Once again we see the interplay of Saturn and Uranus coincidental with reaching for your highest potential in life.

Saturn trine Saturn.  A time when things seem to go your way on all the Saturn to Saturn trines and sextiles.

Mercury conjunct Saturn is indicative of the decision going in her favor.  Mercury is politics.  Good for relations with authority figures, encourages trust from others, people more likely to see her as dependable, respectable (Saturn).  This particularly important because it means she is riding the wave of Saturn trine Uranus coming 5/18.  Recall Donald Trump was elected with the transit Mercury trine Saturn.  Positive Mercury-Saturn transits are always the best time to ask the boss for a promotion or a raise.

And of course the coming Saturn trine Uranus, Mercury forms a grand trine to her natal Venus (Leo, 11th house).  That’s got to be the best indicator of victory yet.  Uranus trine Venus gives her the charisma of a progressive teacher.  Despite her right wing, conservative politics, she now comes across a being rather progressive, that should work in her favor.  Saturn trine Venus makes her masterful (Saturn) at congeniality (Venus), so she appears more mature and dependable.  It also makes folks like her a lot.

Saturn square Uranus.  This is the only one that is not working in her favor.  A limitation on her mobility.  Yet once again reminiscent of Donald Trump who had Saturn opposition Uranus at election time last year.

All in all, this is an amazing set of transits that is sure to produce a surprising outcome with so much Uranus energy involved.  She could pull off a surprise victory, just like Donald.

France Le Pen synastry
It looks really good.  Her Ascendant conjunct (F) Sun, Mercury – a natural leader for France.  Her Jupiter conjunct (F) Pluto, expand France’s power.  Her Sun, Mercury conjunction (F) Uranus – a good leader for them.  Best of all her Sun, Mercury sextile France Sun, Mercury – they get along well together.

Emmanuel Macron
The guy running against Le Pen in the French elections.  There is no much happening with him transit wise.  Jupiter conjunct Pluto is ongoing, but not near exact on 5/7.  Other than that, no supporting transits.  It would be surprising to see him get elected under these transits.

Notice his natal Sun conjunct Mercury opposition Jupiter, that is the quintessential aspect for a politician.

France Macron synastry
Not so good.  His Saturn conjunct (F) Pluto – the opposite of Le Pen, he limits their power and influence.  His Mars conjunct (F) Uranus – bad, lots of disagreements.  His Pluto conjunct (F) Sun and Mercury – not good for France – he tries to dominate and control everything in French politics.

France Transits on 5/7
Jupiter conjunct Mercury is the dominant force they are feeling right now politically, so they are looking to expand, increase their voice.  And clearly with Le Pen having her Ascendant at 15d Libra, she is the one who is expanding along with France.

Summary of French elections
The French would be foolish to elect Macron.  It looks like everything is looking like a surprise victory for Le Pen.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes.  Thanks for liking my video.  Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel.  Many blessings and have a great day.

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