Weekly Astrology Notes May 14-21, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes May 14-21, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary: A profound and powerful week coming up. A week of self-mastery. We have the much anticipated Saturn trine Uranus on Thursday. This aspect encourages us to make the necessary changes in our lives in order to fulfill our potential, and be the best you can be.

We also have three quincunx aspects this week, Jupiter quincunx Neptune and Sun quincunx Saturn on Tuesday. The effect of the quincunx is often subtle, yet profound. It could bring up feelings of guilt and a tendency to loose yourself to another persons’ ambitions or delusions, so you’ll to pay attention to where your energy is flowing. And Mars quincunx Pluto on Friday could bring up some volatile energies. With so many quincunx aspects along with Saturn trine Uranus, this week our karma plays an important role in what happens in our lives so we need to be a sublime master and rise above it all and try to see the big picture. Sometimes collective karma is resolved, some event that clears the path of many people.

Also this week we have Venus opposition Jupier on Friday.

So, all in all, it’s a rather profound week ahead. A time when the wheels of progress move forward and everyone must climb on board or risk loosing a wonderful opportunity. Maturity and patience are important traits to master this week. Keep your energy harnessed this week, stick to your regime, to get the most out of this experience.

Interesting stories this week:

We take a look at current transits for North Korea. The saga with them continues this week.

Current transits for Venezuela and Maduro. Things will heat up more over the next two weeks.

In USA politics, we’ll take a look at transits for James Comey, Charles Schummer, Trey Gowdy and Donald Trump.

On Sunday 5/14, Moon in Capricorn has us focused on our own needs today, you may not feeling like being in a crowd.

On Monday, Moon in Capricorn has us focused on material interests, in the afternoon we catch a second wind with a strong burst of energy. Mercury enters Taurus.

On Tuesday, n the morning, the Moon is Void of Course, not a good time make decisions. Late morning Moon enters Aquarius and we are more ambitious.

On Wednesday, Moon in Aquarius gives is 3 enlightening aspect today. A great day to spend outside, feeling the fresh air.

On Thursday, Saturn trine Uranus arrives. This aspect is in effect all week, but strongest today. It encourages everyone to restructure your life in order to fulfill your potential. The accompanying Moon aspects open the subconscious mind to all of this powerful energy giving us a day of profound insight and awareness of our higher potential.

On Friday, a disparate mix of aspects. Mars quincunx Pluto brings out intense desire energies while Venus opposition Jupiter makes us want to indulge and forget about fighting. No one is conservative today, it’s a good day to pursue romance.

On Saturday, Moon in Pisces give us contradictory aspects on Saturday morning, and it’s hard to get a grip on reality in the evening. Sun enters Gemini.

On Sunday, Moon in Aires and it’s time to start new projects.

Moon in Capricorn has us focused on our own needs today, you may not feeling like being in a crowd.

7:24pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Venus (Aires) Feelings and emotions disconnect.

Moon in Capricorn has us focused on material interests, in the afternoon we catch a second wind with a strong burst of energy.

2:51am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Pleasant dreams in the middle of the night.

3:11am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra) Emotions expand, we want to eat a big breakfast.

1:23pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Deep feelings that enable you to reform your emotional foundation.

9:07pm – Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury enters it’s death cycle in Taurus, the last step in the 12 step process that begins with Gemini. So here we see the energy of communication focused on matters of personal value. The usually agile Mercury energy can get stuck in stubborn attitudes and laziness. We are more sensitive to what others say about us and prefer to take our time when making decisions. All of this results in a slow down of the Mercury energy, hence the feelings like communication is dissolving, feels like Pisces. Although Mercury in Taurus is good as persuasion. It’s a good time to spend money on yourself and what you consider to be important. Time to focus on material concerns, like career and relationships.

In the morning, the Moon is Void of Course, not a good time make decisions. Late morning Moon enters Aquarius and we are more ambitious. However, two powerful quincunx aspects today could bring up feelings of guilt and inability to stand up for yourself.

2:17am – Moon (Capricorn) trine Sun (Taurus) Lots of creative energy in the middle of the night.

3:22am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires). Feeling restless in the middle of the night. Void of Course begins. Tuesday morning is a not a good time to make decisions, more a time of reflection.

10:50am – Moon enters Aquarius. Increased interest in social causes and in friendships for the next couple of days. Folks are feelings more friendly in a communal way, so it can be impersonal. Generally more desirous of freedom and less inhibited in expressing ourselves.

11:55am – Moon (Aquarius) square Mercury (Taurus) A fixed square makes folks stubborn. Mercury in Taurus asks us to get down to earth about our opinions, even if they conflict with liberal social values (Uranus).

12:00pm (approx) – Jupiter (Libra) quincunx Neptune (Pisces) Last occurrence 10/23/16. Pushing ourselves to extremes to overcome the guilt of social obligations that are not your responsibility. Compulsive (quincunx) and excessive (Jupiter) display of compassion (Neptune). We feel the need to reach out to the disadvantaged and help them so strongly that it’s impossible to turn away at this time. Even if you philosophically disagree with them, you still feel compassion. The tendency to give too much of yourself and loose sight of your own needs.

The aspect has the potential to pull all segments of society together, such as in large crowds and demonstrations, protests and uprisings. On a personal level you need to keep a positive attitude. The guilt and pain associated with this aspect means it could manifest as health problems. It is very easy to absorb the collective pain, so you need to protect yourself, and this includes avoiding places where there is potential for danger.

10:10pm – Sun (Taurus) quincunx Saturn (Sagittarius) This is another tough quincunx that may bring up feelings of guilt and inability to stand up for yourself. These quincunxes often create a willingness to get swept up in someone else’s ambition and loose sight of who you are. The remedy is to focus inward, restructure yourself so that you become self-sufficient. This aspect makes us loose sight of our health needs and a willingness to let others abuse you. With this aspect, it is important that we not compare ourselves to others.

These two quincunxes could cause many to loose sight of their health needs, push themselves too far, weaken the body and get very discouraged, possibly even experience strong feelings of abandonment. Be very cautious of joining any groups or organizations now or of making agreements with others. Psychological complexes could arise making us feel lost and disconnected from society. Don’t apologize if it’s not your fault. Don’t accept the judgments of others. Take care of yourself first.

Moon in Aquarius gives is 3 enlightening aspect today. A great day to spend outside, feeling the fresh air.

11:09am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Venus (Aires) Moods are pleasant and agreeable, good time to ask for advice.

2:16pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra) Love of flying, strong desire for freedom, feel the fresh air. Good time for a social gathering.

10:38pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Mars (Gemini) High energy late in the evening. Once again today, folks have a strong desire for freedom, very talkative and very intelligent, folks have a sharp mind and want to discuss a wide range of topics. Good for social gatherings.

Saturn trine Uranus arrives. This aspect is in effect all week, but strongest today. It encourages everyone to restructure your life in order to fulfill your potential. The accompanying Moon aspects open the subconscious mind to all of this powerful energy giving us a day of profound insight and awareness of our higher potential.

2:01pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires) Can’t get more freedom loving that this aspect. Folks are ambitious and mentally sharp, electric, something surprising could pop up. It’s nice to see how the Moon activates the Saturn trine Uranus aspect today and gives us a deep feeling that activates our instincts. You can get really profound insight into the world with this aspect, it really opens you up to your higher mind where you find your psychic abilities.

2:06pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) The usual willingness to forgo present comfort for future gain is a bit more interesting today. This aspect encourages idealism and a structured use of our highest mental faculties. Very good for mediation and gaining insight.

5:33pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Sun (Taurus). Last Quarter Moon. The monthly challenge to prove your value to the rest of society is characterized as the Aquarius to Taurus square. This month we need to define clear boundaries around our own values in order to preserve them from disruptive or unusual influence. There is a clear need to discern what are your values and what are the values of others. Sometimes they do not mix and we should avoid trying to. Instead we need to be secure in our own values enough to walk away from people or circumstances that are not good for our personal growth. Void of Course begins.

8:52pm – Moon enters Pisces. We are more intuitive, psychic and impressionable for the next couple of days. We are more sensitive and react with more emotion. Pisces plays the role of martyr and often sacrifices personal needs for the needs of others. It’s important to have a clear defined boundary so as to not absorb the energies of others too much.

11:19pm – Saturn (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) The first occurrence on 12/25/2016 at 20d33′. This second occurrence at 26d30′. The third occurrence will be 11/11/2017 at 25d37′. So now we are on the second pass of this vital aspect. We all need to be working towards our goal of fulfilling our highest potential, whatever that is. It’s always a personal goal or ambition (Uranus) that is relative to what you have been trying to preserve (Saturn). We should all be looking to improve ourselves during this time. Self-improvement is what this aspect is all about. Uranus enables us let go of old, worn out structures and ways of doing things (Saturn) and modernize our lives.

The trine from Sagittarius to Aires is characterized as inspiration (Sagittarius) carried forth into the next phase of growth (Aires). A desire to enlighten others, tell them what you have learned and help set them free with new information. Played out the the extreme, this trine can give you a feeling that you have special access to higher knowledge, so it does need to be tempered a bit. In this case the wisdom (Sagittarius) that we have gained is in danger of dying away now that Saturn is in its’ death cycle while in Sagittarius. So there is this feeling that while the structure of society is crumbling, there is some knowledge that needs to be preserved and carried forth into the next phase of growth. So we have this greater awareness of a finale close at hand and we need to shore up the structure of our lives in order to preserve the coming calamity, sort of like Noah and his Ark. And like Noah, we need to put forth the effort as things rarely happen by themselves with a trine.

We need to use the energy of this aspect to make the necessary change in our lives to keep us vital in the long run. It’s time to recollect our energy and learn a few new things. Open up to new people and how they adapt and do things. Be willing to learn from others, this is the greatest adaptation that anyone can make to the structure of their lives. If we could always be open to learning from others and include that possibility in our thinking then it would help us avoid falling into a rut and stuck in the same old thinking patterns. Maybe someone else has figured out the same problem that you have, you need to find that out, find your community and help build it.

On a mundane level, there is a restructuring (Saturn) of the liberal (Uranus) community. They too are learning they need to recollect themselves and be prepared for the next phase of growth. As well, this aspect helps the conservatives (Saturn) learn to adapt (Uranus). In fact this aspect seems to be one of the aspects that helped Donald Trump achieve victory last November. This aspect is making conservatism look interesting and giving new life to the entrepreneurial spirit once again like it was back in the 1980’s. But because Saturn is in its’ death cycle, so too is the conservatism that is being swept into power during this time. The last dying breathes of an old political movement are being brought forth to see if there is anything of lasting value in it.

In the first pass last year, Saturn was direct and Uranus retrograde, and we saw the conservatives (Saturn) move forward in the USA while the liberals (Uranus) were held back. With Saturn now retrograde and Uranus direct, it seems the liberals move forward in France and the conservatives are now the ones who have to rethink their strategy. In November, it will be Saturn direct and Uranus retrograde.
A disparate mix of aspects. Mars quincunx Pluto brings out intense desire energies while Venus opposition Jupiter makes us want to indulge and forget about fighting. No one is conservative today, it’s a good day to pursue romance.

2:38am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Mercury (Taurus) Good intuition in the middle of the night.

3:30am – Mars (Gemini) quincunx Pluto (Capricorn) This aspect has a strong potential for creating conflict because people are now more willing to assert power over others. Impulsive, accident prone, not willing to listen to reason, thinking you know God and that you are mature enough to act according to your own highest good and for the good of all concerned. Also brings up strong sexual desire. In the wrong hands, this power is dangerous. Used correctly, it can save you from disaster by giving you a fortitude and stamina that you never knew you had. Pluto brings a huge supply of energy to the ego (Mars). The issue is the personal use of collective power along with the pain and guilt associated with past missteps. The guilt can get so strong that it brings up the biggest danger of this quincunx, which is to get swept away by the ambitions of another person and loose yourself in the process. On a personal level, the effects can be subtle, yet profound.

On a mundane level, this aspect could bring a power struggle, possibly the use of force, including military action to bring about reform or transformation, always according to some individual’s idea, usually not the collective. Someone in power is removed or killed, and there are political (Gemini) motivations. Someone could use this energy to make a sudden change in the political landscape.

This is the third quincunx this week and it could prove a powerful impetus to get people out in the street and possibly riot in places like Venezuela.

7:12am – Venus (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra) This aspect encourages indulgence and great pleasure. Our ambition is calmed considerably and we feel like relaxing. Impulsive buying and eating is common with this aspect.

Venus, which rules Libra, is in it’s fallen sign and facing an opposition to it’s native sign. So it could bring up feelings of jealousy. We may be attracted (Venus) to what is not right for us, desire to buy stuff we don’t need, or eat more than we can. Overall no one will feel like holding back and being conservative today. This aspect should really enliven Friday night festivities.

10:51pm – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces). Feeling dreamy and compassionate late in the evening. We feel connected to everything at this moment, so it’s a good idea to put yourself in a special place where you feel nurtured and connected to everything.

Moon in Pisces give us contradictory aspects on Saturday morning, and it’s hard to get a grip on reality in the evening. Sun enters Gemini.

8:04am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) A strong desire to help others and be useful to society. Very compassionate and healing.

9:28am – Moon (Pisces) square Mars (Gemini) We are more sensitive to health issues. A sharp mind (Mars in Gemini) can sometimes ignore the feelings of others. It could create arguments and overly aggressive behavior.

1:31pm – Sun enters Gemini. The Sun enters the 11th step in the 12 step process that begins will Leo. Sun in Gemini is curious, wanting to know a little bit about many things, lots of information without fine detail. Verbal, loves to talk, move from one thing to the next, adaptable, ready to learn new things. So learning new things should be our focus over the next month. It’s time to merge our creative efforts (Sun) with our brothers and sisters (Gemini) in greater society. Find a group to join, some place where you can talk, share ideas, learn something new.

8:39pm – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius). A push-pull on the emotions. Saturn wants us to close down but in these signs we are trying to open up. Makes it hard to get a grip on reality. Hard to find room for others even though you can feel their energy and want to reach out. Bad time to make decisions. Void of Course begins.

Moon in Aires and it’s time to start new projects.

3:11am – Moon enters Aires. Folks are more energetic and ready to start new projects for the next couple of days. Folks are more headstrong, Aires rules the head, and more willing to use force to accomplish their goals.

4:12am – Moon (Aires) sextile Sun (Gemini) The last sextile before the new Moon is always the best time to be with friends.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

North Korea
Been watching them closely lately. Mars quincunx Pluto aspect leads into the transit Mars opposition Jupiter for them. Also note natal Chiron at 20d Scorpio creates a Yod formation pointing towards transiting Mars (7th house). Overall this is a volatile mix of energies. Mars quincunx Pluto aspect and Mars quincunx Chiron (Scorpio) transit are bringing up a lot of impulsive, war-like energy to their 7th house (not-self). And the opposition to Jupiter means some of that energy is directed towards them. The transit Mars opposition Jupiter can bring either sudden stroke of luck or a time of aggressive action and poor decision making. The compulsion from the two quincunxes will compel them to get caught up in the ambitions of someone else. That’s the danger I was warning about earlier. It will likely happen to them. Therefore, my overall sense of this is that issue of North Korea will remain strong this week and there will be a lot of high level negotiations behind the scenes.

Nicolas Maduro
I have been watching Venezuela looking to see if and when the situation could explode. With Maduro, he is going through Neptune transits that make it impossible to see things as they really are.

This week, Neptune trine Venus, and notice he already has a natal Neptune conjunct Venus. Under this transit, he is not seeing others as they truly are, has delusions regarding the feelings of others and delusions about what he represents to the people. He is likely developing a savior complex, much like Erdogan with his Neptune transits.

But notice on 5/23 he will be getting Pluto quincunx Mars. This is the transit that could see him either push back against those trying to remove him or he could be attacked or forcibly removed from office in some way. The forces of reform (Pluto) demand he make a precise adjustment (quincunx) one way or the other, either he does it or more likely, it’s imposed on him. Under the current circumstances with people rioting in the streets because they don’t have enough to eat, this is the kind of transit that gets folks storming the castle to get at you.

And if we look at what is happening to Venezuela this week, it’s rather confrontational. All this week we see Mars in Gemini conjuncts their natal Venus (5/15), Jupiter (5/21) and Mercury (5/27), also next week Mars quincunx Mars and Ascendant (possibly). Mars is historically associated with war and fighting, so we could see a lot of fighting (Mars) in politics (Gemini). And of course this could translate to more fighting in the streets as that society continues to fall apart.

With these planets in the 7th house, this could mean the rest of the world starts paying a lot more attention to what’s happening in Venezuela and demands that the government take action to improve the situation. It may be the only way to improve things is to remove Maduro, that’s the likely conclusion that many people will make this week.

In summary, this week Venezuela burns with Mars transits while Maduro plays the fiddle with his Neptune trine Venus transit. Then next week, the situation heats up and everyone will be looking to make a precise adjustment. The people will confront the government and Maduro and he will likely respond by use of excessive force, as indicated by his Pluto quincunx Mars transit, and order the troops to push back on the demonstrators even worse that they already have.

James Comey
Of course I must talk about him since he got fired this week. Very interesting, the Saturn trine Uranus aspect is forming a grand trine on his natal Uranus. Notice how Mercury was conjunct Uranus on that day as well. Not the typical outcome one would expect from these transits. However, this Saturn trine Uranus seems to be having a fateful effect in the lives of some people who get a grant trine when the aspect is exact. It’s like the person gets real famous in that moment.

Also notice, Jupiter square Mars. This transit increases the Mars energy in your life, makes you rather assertive, pushy, even arrogant. It’s one of those transits that if not handled properly can lead to foolish mistakes. Again it is not the typical outcome of this transit, but Jupiter does rules judicial proceedings, so that part does make sense. The decision to fire Comey happened during the last pass of Mercury conjunct Uranus, so likely we are seeing a follow through on a decision that was made a while ago.

What is interesting is the Trump-Comey synastry. This is the classic troublesome synastry. Notice how Comey’s Uranus sits right on top of Trump’s Mars and Ascendant. The Uranus person tries to change and modernize the Mars person, but the Mars person always fights back as if it were an attempt to start a fight. This kind of synastry takes some conscious work and willingness to make accommodations for both parties. Without that, a confrontation of this sort is inevitable. A good lesson in synastry. Any astrologer could have told.

Charles Schummer
On 5/10, a day when he is in the news for making a terrible contradiction. Notice his transits. Mars (Gemini) opposition Mercury, with Neptune forming a square. This is a good lesson for all of us. He made the mistake of saying something in a tweet that he was forced to contradict himself soon afterward once he realized his mistake. Speaking too soon is the classic manifestation of Mars opposition Mercury. The immediate quality of Mars demands expression before the mind (Mercury) can evaluate what’s being said. It makes for poor decision making. He should have consulted his astrologer.

Trey Gowdy
Representative from South Carolina. He is one of the people who was suppose to go after the pedophiles. Notice Neptune opposition Pluto. This is a generational transits and lots of people, including myself are going through this now. His Pluto is dissolving (Neptune). That is to say his capacity to harness the power of the collective in a competent manner is dissolving. He feels less competent, less powerful, like all his hard work does not lead to the desired end. For him, he is experiencing this transit as his ability to play the role of police (Pluto) is not working. It can be very disheartening. But it is not the only manifestation of this transit. For many, it is a time of forgiveness (Neptune) towards those who have used their power (Pluto) against you and vice versa, a time to seek forgiveness.

He is also getting Neptune trine Venus, just like Maduro in Venezuela, he is delusional about his relationship to others, possibly believing himself to be a spiritual figure for the people. These Neptune transits are weakening his position and creating a cloud of uncertainty around him. It happens to everyone going through a strong Neptune transit.

Donald Trump
So first we are taking a look at his transits on the day he fired Comey. Notice the Mercury conjunct Uranus is making a square to his natal Venus. Mercury square Venus is the kind of transit that you tell (Mercury) someone how you really feel (Venus) about them, even if it’s harsh. It’s kind of funny with Trump, so much of what he does has this “it’s personal” feel to it.

Next up, notice the Saturn trine Uranus aspect on 5/18 makes a grand trine to his Mars. Saturn trine Mars on 5/13 and Uranus trine Mars on 5/27. Of course the traditional interpretation of these transits is very good. Saturn trine Mars enables you to apply yourself in a sustained way meant to get lasting results. Uranus trine Mars enables you to adapt and move in ways beyond your usual, makes him ambitious. For him it carries the added bonus of riding the collective wave of energy as he once again gets beneficial transits during a major aspect. The grand trine by transit effect that accompanies this aspect seems to be producing fame. Trump is traveling on his first trip abroad later this month so clearly he will be increasing his fame during this time. But more importantly he will be looking to fulfill the quality of the Saturn trine Uranus aspect, which is to fulfill your potential. So he has high hopes and ambitions for this trip.

And up this week for Trump, he is getting Mars conjunct Uranus on 5/17, which is also sure to increase his ambition, make him do something surprising. In summary, the transits of Donald Trump this week and next indicate he is ready to make a bold move in a number of areas. His upcoming trip should be eventful, increase his fame and he will be looking to fulfill his ambitions. And surprising military action is a possibility with two Mars-Uranus transits.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for liking my video. Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel. Many blessings and have a great day.

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