Weekly Astrology Notes May 21-28, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes May 21-28, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary:  A week of culmination as we lead up to Mars opposition Saturn on Sunday 5/28 and we see who is the strongest (Mars) in the world of politics (Gemini).  Lots to discuss about that this week.  We have the New Moon in Gemini on Thursday along with Venus square Pluto and I’ll talk about the ups and downs of that.

At the end, I’ll discuss how Mars opposition Saturn brings more power games and civil unrest in the EU and Germany.  Also look at how that aspect effects the major players in the unfolding drama in middle east, including Recep Erdogan, Bashar al Assad, and Israel, and how Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump have Mars conjunct Mars in their synastry and why that’s important now.  And finally, Anthony Weiner who just plead guilty to sexting a minor.

Special Note:  Gardeners be prepared for next weekend, 5/27-28.  It is very best time of the spring season to plant your garden (1st quarter Moon in Cancer) optimal for plant growth.  So, all this week, you’ll need to get your garden ready, remove weeds, till the soil, buy all your seedlings, etc, and put them in the ground 5/27-28.

On Sunday 5/21, Moon in Aires and it’s time to start new projects.

On Monday, Moon in Aires gives us a lot of energy and strong will today to accomplish our goals.  Mid-day could be challenging.

On Tuesday, A relaxing day with Moon in Taurus.

On Wednesday, Moon in Taurus gives us a opportunity to reform our personal environment around noon.  After that a long Void of Course that lasts until early Thursday.

On Thursday, A creative, yet challenging day.  The New Moon brings a burst of creativity to start the new lunar cycle, but Venus square Pluto makes it hard to relate to others.

On Friday, Moon in Gemini gives us an active day with lots of communication.  The evening brings some impulsive behavior.

On Saturday, The best time of the spring season to plant your garden (1st quarter Moon in Cancer).  Be prepared for this weekend.  Beforehand get your garden ready, till the soil, buy all your seedlings, etc, and put them in the ground today.

On Sunday, Mercury sextile Neptune makes for a dreamy Sunday morning, but Mars opposition Saturn is the much stronger aspect today, which slows down our plans and give us focus.  Use the Mars-Saturn energy to work on planting your garden.

Moon in Aires and it’s time to start new projects.

3:11am – Moon enters Aires.  Folks are more energetic and ready to start new projects for the next couple of days.  Folks are more headstrong, Aires rules the head, and more willing to use force to accomplish their goals.

4:12am – Moon (Aires) sextile Sun (Gemini)  The last sextile before the new Moon is always the best time to be with friends.

Moon in Aires gives us a lot of energy and strong will today to accomplish our goals.  Midday could be challenging.

2:38am – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra)  Middle of the night.

7:09am – Moon conjunct Venus (Aires)  Early morning good feelings about.  Instinct (Moon) leans towards beauty and harmony (Venus), people get along well.

11:44am – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Very much the opposite of the previous aspect.  Aspect makes people tough, willing to go it alone if necessary.  People are focused and intense, not interested in superficiality, prefer work hard.  Bad for digestion.

3:36pm – Moon (Aires) sextile Mars (Gemini)  A sharp mind and strong vitality.  A good time seek fulfillment of your desire and for any physical activity.

11:15pm – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  A very useful and inspirational aspect.  Use it to inspire yourself towards a better future.

11:59pm – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires).  Feeling restless and ambitious late in the evening.  Void of Course begins.

A relaxing day with Moon in Taurus.

5:33am – Moon enters Taurus.  Moon is exalted in Taurus where the steadfast and sensual qualities enables the Moon to enjoy lasting pleasure.  Time to seek pleasure and relax for the next couple of days, if you can manage, get a massage.

7:13pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Taurus)  Conscious (Mercury) mind and subconscious (Moon) mind feel more connected.  We think better, more instinctual.

Moon in Taurus gives us a opportunity to reform our personal environment around noon.  After that a long Void of Course that lasts until early Thursday.

4:14am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Emotions dissolve and we are open to the subtle impressions around us.  Desire to escape into fantasy.

12:08pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn).  Seeking a change for the better in our personal affairs.  Take advantage of the opportunity to reform the home and personal environment.  Void of Course begins.  Continue until early tomorrow morning.  Hold off on starting new projects for the rest of the day, good time for mediation.

A creative, yet challenging day.  The New Moon brings a burst of creativity to start the new lunar cycle, but Venus square Pluto makes it hard to relate to others.

5:15am – Moon enters Gemini.  Moon enters its’ death cycle in Gemini.  For the next couple of days, we are more active in our communication, seeking to tie up loose ends before the start of the next cycle.  We have lots of ideas and are interested in intellectual pursuits.  The restless energy can be bad for digestion, you may need to calm the nerves.

9:19am – Venus (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  This aspect can make it hard to relate to others.  Venus is our receptive side and Pluto is the power of the collective, and things that are in the dark.  So today we are receptive to the powerful, yet oftentimes dark side of others and within ourselves.  On the positive side, this energy can bring stamina and focus, but often it is accompanied by a desire to control others or outmaneuver them in some way.  We are more aware of our power today and more apt to use it for our own benefit.

Pluto squares in general bring up feelings of lack and abandonment along with paranoia.  So that is certainly possible today.  But more than likely, we simply feel this energy as a desire to empower ourselves, not take any abuse from others, stand our ground and fight if necessary to preserve what we feel is important.  No one will be a push-over today.

Relationships could suffer under this influence because Venus is Aires is subject to vanity and insecurity about your appearance and Pluto can amplify that and add a dash of paranoia and vindictiveness.  The lesson we learn today is to not be possessive (Pluto) with our affections (Venus).  Once you get the right mindset with this aspect, there is nothing you cannot accomplish because you will have all of the charm (Venus) you need to empower (Pluto) yourself.

Some may experience this aspect as a strong sex drive.  And with Pluto that could mean dark energies come to the surface.  Beware of sacrificing yourself for another persons’ indiscretions under this influence.  The urge to lie (Venus) and cover-up embarrassing past missteps is strong.  Some uncomfortable revelations may pop up today.

12:44pm – Moon conjunct Sun (4d47′ Gemini).  New Moon.  The start of the creative (Sun-Moon) cycle.  Sun conjunct Moon is the most powerful aspect that one can have in the natal chart because it symbolizes creative energy (Sun) that is sincere and comes from the heart (Moon).  This month we face some challenges to our creative efforts.  Venus square Pluto means we need to contend with dark forces in our life and try to outmaneuver them, that means power games. It will make it hard to contend with others this month and will require integrity to avoid getting pulled in the wrong direction.  Superficiality it out this month as we need to be sincere and competent.  And Mars opposition Saturn means we feel repressed by responsibility and authority figures, need to work on self-mastery.

Communication is vital to success of your plans.  We will need to deal with a lot of information this month and we must communicate consciously.  Gemini rules the conscious or concrete mind.  Unconscious communication can lead to missteps and wrong impressions.  Mercury sextile Neptune adds some dreaminess and desire to escape in fantasy this month.  Which is not bad, but we really need to be clear minded this month, focus on the present moment, take care of your nerves and be sure to get adequate rest and mental recuperation.  Creative endeavors need to focus on writing, speaking, teaching, lecturing, printing and journalism.

Gemini or 3rd house also rules the way in which we view the immediate environment.  This month, take note of how you view your immediate surroundings.  Do you sense danger when there is none or fail to see the complete picture?  Staying in the present moment and relying on your instincts keeps the senses sharp and enables you to deal with all the information coming at you.  Pretend like you are driving (Gemini) all month long.  My sense is that it will be hard to make plans for the future this month or start new projects as new information changes our perspective.  Be flexible.

Moon in Gemini gives us an active day with lots of communication.  The evening brings some impulsive behavior.

2:26am – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra)  Middle of the night.

3:26am – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)  Middle of the night.

12:49pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Venus (Aires)  About midday we are congenial.

7:21pm – Moon conjunct Mars (Gemini)  Watch out for impulsive behavior as we reach for our desires (Mars).  Brings up aggressiveness and anger in some folks.  Not good for digestion.  But it will give folks the courage (Mars) to go out this evening.

9:53pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)  Judgmental attitudes arise that dampens our plans and stifle communication (Gemini).  You may have to deal with disappointment if your plans we’re well thought out.  Saturn is inflexible, slow to adapt to the situation.

11:18pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires).  A burst of ambition late in the evening.  Looking for something new to break out of a stagnant situation.  Mentally stimulating and even psychic, able to read other people’s minds.  Void of Course begins.

The best time of the spring season to plant your garden (1st quarter Moon in Cancer).  Be prepared for this weekend.  Beforehand get your garden ready, till the soil, buy all your seedlings, etc, and put them in the ground today.

4:24am – Moon enters Cancer.  The planting can commence early in the morning, giving us the entire weekend for gardening.  The Moon begins a new cycle in Cancer.  During this time we tend to matters in the home and tend to crawl into our shell for a couple of days, attend to our emotional needs and get in touch with our instincts.

About 12pm:  Mercury (Taurus) quincunx Jupiter (Libra).  This aspect completes a Yod formation.  This is going to give us a compulsion to expand our voice, and could also give us a moment of extraordinary philosophical understanding.  This combination of planets means a lot of expansive energy on the mind, voice, opinions, rational thinking (Mercury).

If you saw this Yod formation in someone’s natal chart, you’d say they are very good at abstract thought, but their naivete (Neptune) and idealism (Jupiter) may cause them to get swept away by the perspective (Jupiter) of another, likely a partner (Libra).

Saturday evening the Mercury sextile Neptune aspect is in effect the strongest.  Makes for a good opportunity to escape, have a dreamy Saturday night.

Mercury sextile Neptune makes for a dreamy Sunday morning, but Mars opposition Saturn is the much stronger aspect today, which slows down our plans and give us focus.  Use the Mars-Saturn energy to work on planting your garden.  Moon (Cancer) in a Grand Cross today, lots of stability, reliance on tradition.

12:04am – Mercury (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces).  This aspect dissolves the boundary around the conscious mind in a subtle and interesting way.  This aspect bring heightened sensitivity to your surroundings, greater intuition, more compassionate, willing to help the disadvantaged in society, interest in poetry and fantasy, dreamy, even a desire to escape.  We’re lest apt to stand up for ourselves in an egotistic way, although we are more in touch with our beliefs.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, says I think, very rational, while Neptune and Pisces say I believe and does not need rationality.  So we can let the mind wander, don’t need to rely on rationality or make efficient use of our time.  Lack of a desire to work.  More open to talking to others more than usual.  Because it’s a sextile, we are open to learning, so we are not stuck on our beliefs and are more in a mood to discuss them rather than argue.  Interested in knowing the hidden aspect of some subject.  More psychic and able to read other peoples’ minds.

The Taurus to Pisces sextile is wonderful for healing energy.  The sensual energy of Taurus combined with the compassionate energy of Pisces is the best combination for any type of healing therapy, including massage, energy healing like Reiki, and so many others.  It’s also the best combination for rock medicine.  So look to apply this energy towards healing and regeneration.  Also, any kind of psychic work is sure to be deeper and more meaningful.  And lastly, if your into fairies and sylphs (cloud beings), this is a perfect opportunity to explore that realm.

Not a good time to make decisions as we are not thinking precisely, easy to miss important details.  It’s more a time of abstract thinking.

1:57am – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra)  Middle of the night.

3:08am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Pleasant dreams.  Wonderful connection to the collective, very nurturing and intuitive.  Good time to talk with nature spirits.

3:27am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mercury (Taurus)  A wonderful aspect to accompany the planetary aspect.  We are more in touch with your feelings, very caring (Cancer) towards others, willing to listen, show patience (Taurus).

11:05am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)  Intense feelings come to the surface.  In Capricorn folks are stoic and find it hard to let loose.  Folks are very protective, even defensive.

4:02pm – Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aires)  Obligations in the home inhibit our individuality, vanity.

11:54pm – Mars (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)  Today ego (Mars) energy meets (opposition) limitation (Saturn) and structure.  This is a point of culmination in the Mars-Saturn cycle which began with Mars conjunct Saturn on 8/23/16, followed by Mars square Saturn on 1/19/17.  The square, which coincided roughly with the inauguration of Donald Trump, brought the first test.  Now we are at the point of culmination.  For this reason I am intrigued at the potential political outfall from this aspect.  This could be a time when some plans that have been in the works are revealed.  Military (Mars) plans and actions by authority (Saturn) figures are revealed.  This is coinciding with Trump’s visit to the capital of all the major religions during this time.  Obviously he has something important to say to all three and it looks like this is the time when those plans are revealed.  If you suffer a setback at the square, which he obviously did not, he was victorious, then the opposition is the time when Trump takes a step forward in revealing his true military (Mars) intentions.  More about this later in the video.

The Mars-Saturn cycle is all about self (Mars) mastery (Saturn), something that everyone wants, that’s why it’s such an important cycle to watch in order to objectively evaluate how you are doing in your own life.  On a personal level, everyone is going through the same thing.  Our plans are reaching a point of culmination and now we see if we have mustered the requisite individuality (Mars) to see our plans reach success (Saturn).  The lesson of this aspect, and the Mars-Saturn cycle in general, is “only the strong survive”.  It’s a tough lesson but each of needs to learn it.

On an energy level, the usually agile Mars in Gemini is slowed down considerably, testing our patience and resolve.  This aspect could bring up moments of frustration because we sense the need to demonstrate success to the world right now and if we fail, we feel disappointed, low on energy, demoralized.  In our everyday activities, Saturn inhibits and makes us think twice while Mars wants immediate results.  The two energies do not mix well, forcing us to be patient and keep your ego within acceptable limits.

This aspect tends to make us more aware of our weaknesses and hence a desire to cover them up or deflect responsibility (Saturn) onto someone else.  Today structure may stifling and you may prefer to work alone.  In fact, the best use of this transit is hard work that requires concentration.  You can really use this energy to apply yourself to some useful task.  Just put you nose to the grindstone and work hard.  The best part of any Mars-Saturn connection is the ability to slow down the Mars energy, apply it in a long sustained effort, thus enabling you to build something meant to last.  The lesson is to incorporate responsibility (Saturn) into our desires (Mars) by directing us towards the best, most practical use (Saturn) of our energy (Mars).  Using this energy wisely will enable you to stand up stronger in the world, thereby demonstrating self-mastery.

On a geopolitical level, I am seeing this day of culmination as a time when authority figures roll out their big plans, things they have been quietly working on behind the scenes now are revealed.  Remember Saturn is in it’s death cycle in Sagittarius and likes to wear the cloak in invisibility, like Neptune.  But, the politically motivated Mars in Gemini will bring those dark, Saturnian plans to the surface.  We’ll see a desire (Mars) to wield the sword of karma (Saturn).  But they better be careful because those who are looking to take action find their plans dampened by either a need to maintain convention or just lack of resources.  Unlike Mars-Uranus combinations, Saturn takes all the surprise out of Mars.  Everyone can see you coming.

11:59pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)  Late in the evening, feeling restless.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

The theme this week is the Mars opposition Saturn aspect on 5/28 and we see who is the strongest in the world of politics.  Potentially the issue of a US led ground invasion plan in Syria is decided around this time as Trump makes a speech in front of NATO.  If so, it would be more foolish than usual because you never want to start a war on an aspect like Mars opposition Saturn.  Aggressive actions are dampened by convention and lack of resources.

In addition, I want to encourage folks to check their own chart and seeing how this Mars opposition Saturn may affect you.  Check your chart and see what planets you have at 25 degrees.  For the squares and the conjunct-opposition, this is a challenging set of transits.  But for those with the trine and sextile it could be a very productive time when you exhibit self-mastery.

Now’s let’s consider how this aspect will effect some nations.

European Union
On 5/26-27, Mars quincunx Mars and Pluto.  Who’s the strongest in the EU?  That’s the issue for them this week.  This coincides with the NATO meeting, so it’s all about military action.  These transits lead to impulsive actions, aggression, fighting, protests, demands for reform.  All focused on 4th house issues, homeland, society and culture.  These are the types of transits that activate the cultural volcano (Mars conjunct Pluto in the 4th house opposition Moon) that must eventually erupt in Europe.  This is another decisive week for them.  Look for more social upheaval.  Recall the lesson, “only the strong survive”.  Here we see the issue as who is strongest amongst the EU nations.  A major power struggle for control ensues to see if plans laid out last August at the conjunction, then tested in January at the square, will succeed at the opposition.  It’s like the Full Moon for the Mars-Saturn cycle.  It’s time to demonstrate who’s really running the show in the EU.

On 6/12, Pluto conjunct Uranus and Neptune.  This is THE major transit event in the life of the European Union.  There is no single transit that could possibly coincide with a complete transformation of the EU.  This transit could spell the end of the EU.  It is too much energy for what is still such a young union.  This is the second pass, the last pass comes at the very end of the this year Dec 29-31.  Between now and then revolution is possible throughout Europe.  All it would take is a large scale economic crisis and the situation will explode.  It will be a hot summer in Europe.  There will be few tourists this summer and it will add to the economic problems.

One of many nations already on a short fuse.

On 5/28,  Mars (Gemini) square Mercury.  Strong identification with the ego, which for them leads to a complete breakdown of communication due to the square from Gemini to Mercury.  The is a strong likelihood of disputes and aggression, telling others what to say.  In this case, a lot of people will be looking to start a fight.  It’s traditionally considered to be an accident prone transit.  We could see a transit accident or attack on a transit station in Germany.

On 6/4,  Saturn square Mercury.  Very hard to resolve disputes under this influence.  No one wants to talk.  A strong desire to pull away from others who do not share you opinions (Mercury) or philosophical perspective (Sagittarius).  This could lead to serious international difficulties.  Even to the point of the German government moving in to take a totally dominating role in the EU, even more than already do.  There are already strong indications that Germany is in support of the recent faux elections in France.

They are facing a crisis.  Opinions (Mercury) are being challenged by traditional (Saturn) wisdom.  Saturn limits, very hard to see the big picture.  People will be pointing their finger at those who have failed society.  This will coincide with a desire for more conservative (Saturn) politics (Mercury), a more stern approach to issues related to Virgo, proper procedure and attention to detail and more skillful use of personal resources (2nd house).  The square from Virgo to Sagittarius is sometimes characterized as Virgo likes to hold the doors to the church shut to everyone who does not follow proper procedure while Sagittarius likes to hold the doors to the church wide open and let everyone in.   If we apply this analogy to their current immigration system, this square is the type of transit necessary to reevaluate their immigration system.

On 6/7, Pluto conjunct Saturn.  Just like the EU, this is THE major transit in the life of this chart for Germany.  No other transit could foretell more transformation for that nation.  They already consider themselves to be the Fatherland, that’s very Capricorn.  Despite whatever chart they are currently operating under, they are a Capricorn nation based on their culture.  So for them, it is the ultimate transit.  Just like the EU, this general time line is the same, it will all play out this year.  Basically we are seeing the power of reform (Pluto) being played out in a variety of ways.  Some wish to transform Germany into a multi-cultural state and some are feeling a desire to wish to preserve the culture, both sides utilize this same Pluto energy.

Recep Erdogan
On 5/28, Mars trine Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune.  Once again, the same man who is already going through strong Neptune transits is now getting more.  Likely this will increase his insufferable delusions, his savior complex and like everyone else, take him to the next step in this unfolding drama.

This point of culmination in the Mars-Saturn cycle means things come to a head, possibly some plan now comes to the surface and my guess is he is involved.  Some of the powers that be in this world want to start a war and he is certainly one of the main players.

Byt the way, I don’t want to discourage those who are have a similar trine-sextile combination, it is a good combination.  It’s just who this guy is and all his Neptune transits.

On 7/2, Pluto conjunct Ascendant, 2nd pass.  This transit is transforming him into the power hungry maniac that he has now become.  It makes him feel like God, like the power of the collective (Pluto) works through him (Ascendant).

Bashar al Assad
On 5/28, Mars opposition Saturn aspect makes a T-square to his Moon.  Mars square Moon on 5/28, Saturn square Moon on 6/2. The T-square happening on his Moon could well indicate a severe limitation at home, possibly this could coincide with an attack from the USA.

Also note on 5/28, Mercury opposition Mars.  This transit puts him in a combative mood.  However, this transit also indicates the potential to be the target of someone else’s aggression.

So, I am now worried about the potential for possible attack on Syria by US led forces, but I am not willing to count this guy out until after all his good Pluto transits are over.

The Mars opposition Saturn comes close to their natal Uranus.  They are most certainly THE major player in everything pertaining to the middle east, so it seems clear with these transits to Uranus that the are initiating (Mars) change, ambitious and attempting to fulfill their highest potential (Saturn opposition Uranus).  They’re ready to do something bold.

As an aside, I think the reason why the media keeps referring to Daesh as ISIS, is because ISIS represents Israel.  I got this idea when I read a story recently that said ISIS has apologized for an attack on Israeli troops in the Golan Heights, which they apparently did by mistake.  Here’s the link and I suggest you read through the whole article, especially note how the Israeli official refers to ISIS as Daesh because he really knows, and read between the lines and you’re likely to come to the same conclusion as I now have.

Benjamin Netanyhu
Well, his natal Mars conjuncts Trump’s natal Mars at 26d Leo.  They’re sure to bump heads (Mars) with one another, in general.  I should note that sometimes Mars conjunct Mars in synastry indicates two people who work very well together, but rarely if it’s in Leo.  More than likely, one has to give in and isn’t happy about it.  But with the Saturn trine Uranus aspect forming a grand trine on his Mars as well as Trump, this could be a great moment for both of them.  A time when their fame reaches new heights and  they fulfill their destiny  together.  But can they get along? That’s the big question.

So with the culmination indicated by the Mars opposition Saturn, Trump’s big trip to Rome, Israel and Saudi Arabia followed by a big NATO meeting, it seems like this is the time when these two men unleash their grand plans for conquest together or a time when they come head to head and argue?

And Trump is having Mars conjunct Sun followed by Mars sextile Mars this week, so he will be aggressive, self-centered and powerful, more than usual.  Who knows, maybe Trump confronts Netanyahu and forces some changes on him.

Anthony Weiner
News is now going around he is pleading guilty to sexting a minor.  He could go to jail, but I doubt it, he’s got too much, as they call it “insurance”.  That is dirt on other people.  It was the Uranus square Venus that got him, but that’s also the same transit that gives you the ambition to outsmart (Uranus) other people (Venus), which he seems to have done pretty well considering he is only forced to plead guilty to relatively minor charges compared to what most folks say he should be charged with.  This is one of his transits I had mentioned recently.  But now I am also noticing Chiron square the Moon’s Nodes.  Can’t forget Chiron.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes.  Thanks for liking my video.  Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel.  Many blessings and have a great day.


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