Weekly Astrology Notes May 28 – June 4, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes May 28 – June 4, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary: It’s a big week. Lots of planetary aspects, 8 in all. Luckily most are good. This Sunday, 5/28 is already a big day with Mars opposition Saturn. I mentioned that last week and I’ll talk a bit more about it this week as week. Saturday 5/27 and Sunday 5/28 are excellent days for gardening. I mention that again this week. In the early part of the week, Mon-Tues, Moon in Leo gives us a positive outlook with Mars sextile Uranus on Tuesday making it an exciting day. On Wednesday, Mercury trine Pluto makes it a very productive day, good for concentration, getting a lot accomplished. Thursday morning, the First Quarter Moon brings some challenges but Venus trine Saturn keeps us on our best behavior. On Friday we have some challenging Moon (Virgo) aspects, could make us critical. But on Saturday we have an absolutely fantastic day with Venus conjunct Uranus and Sun trine Jupiter making it a must to be out of the house, go to the beach or whatever you can do to feel the fresh air. Sun square Neptune on Sunday gives us some challenges but increases activity level.

Please note, this week, I am looking at the aspects with a focus on the overall planetary cycles. For example, the Venus-Uranus cycle begins anew this week with Venus conjunct Uranus, while the Mars-Neptune cycle reaches a critical juncture with Mars square Neptune and the Mars-Saturn cycle reaches a climax point with Mars opposition Saturn. In this way we step back a bit and think about the cycles of the planets, instead of just the aspects themselves.

There is very little about politics in this weeks’ report because there are so many aspects to talk about. Just a little about the USA.

On Sunday, Mercury sextile Neptune makes for a dreamy Sunday morning, but Mars opposition Saturn is the much stronger aspect today, which slows down our plans and give us focus. Use the Mars-Saturn energy to work on planting your garden.

On Monday, the positive attitude that pervades the early week begins with Moon in Leo today.

On Tuesday, a very inspirational day with Mars sextile Uranus and positive Moon aspects.

On Wednesday, a very productive day with Mercury trine Pluto.

On Thursday, today we are on our best behavior with Venus trine Saturn. But the First Quarter Moon in the morning hours gives us a challenge to stay focused on important matters. In the evening we regenerate.

On Friday, two challenging squares for Moon in Virgo make it a day of critical attitudes. The evening is a good time for partnerships with Moon in Libra.

On Saturday, two rather energetic aspects, Venus conjunct Uranus and Sun trine Jupiter, make today an absolutely fantastic day to get out of the house and do something different, fun and exciting.

On Sunday, just like last Sunday, brings us another challenging aspect, Sun square Neptune, and we feel our energy dissolving a bit. It would be nice if you can relax today and take it easy, feel the vibes around us and not talk so much, but the energy is expansive you could be rather busy.

Mercury sextile Neptune makes for a dreamy Sunday morning, but Mars opposition Saturn is the much stronger aspect today, which slows down our plans and give us focus. Use the Mars-Saturn energy to work on planting your garden.

12:04am – Mercury (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces). This aspect is more in effect on the evening of Saturday the 27th. This aspect dissolves the boundary around the conscious mind in a subtle and interesting way. It bring heightened sensitivity to your surroundings, greater intuition, more compassion, willingness to help others in need, interest in poetry and fantasy, dreamy, even a desire to escape. We’re lest apt to stand up for ourselves, although we are more in touch with our beliefs.

During this time, mostly the evening of Saturday the 27th and early Sunday the 28th, we can let the mind wander, don’t need to rely on rationality or make efficient use of our time. Lack of a desire to work. More open to talking to others more than usual.

The sensual energy of Taurus combined with the compassionate energy of Pisces is the best combination for any type of healing therapy, including massage, energy healing like Reiki, rock medicine and so many others. If your into fairies and sylphs (cloud beings), this is a perfect opportunity to explore that realm. These things open pathways to the subconscious where we can recollect lost elements of self and give us a direct divine connection (Neptune).

Not a good time to make decisions as we are not thinking precisely, easy to miss important details. It’s more a time of abstract thinking.

1:57am – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra) Middle of the night.

3:08am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Pleasant dreams. Wonderful connection to the collective, very nurturing and intuitive. Good time to talk with nature spirits.

3:27am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mercury (Taurus) A wonderful aspect to accompany the planetary aspect. We are more in touch with your feelings, very caring (Cancer) towards others, willing to listen, show patience (Taurus).

11:05am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Intense feelings come to the surface. In Capricorn folks are stoic and find it hard to let loose. Folks are very protective, even defensive.

4:02pm – Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aires) Obligations in the home inhibit our individuality, vanity.

11:54pm – Mars (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) This is a point of culmination in the Mars-Saturn cycle which began with Mars conjunct Saturn on 8/23/16, followed by Mars square Saturn on 1/19/17.

When you get this by transit, you really want to pay close attention because that is the time of objectively evaluating how you are doing in life. Whatever you achieve during this transit is only through planning and hard work beforehand. If you find that your plans suddenly encounter resistance or lack of energy to succeed, then that should tell you something, maybe you need to be more forceful or plan ahead better. If everything is going as planned, then you have done the necessary ground work and everything seems to fall into place.

When this occurs by aspect, it has a similar effect on everyone at the same time, yet more subtle. So each of us is going through a tough weekend when we feel that events have been foretold by our own character. Saturn judges each of us, and prevents those who have not done the work from achieving success. That old adage, “character is destiny” really holds true this weekend. How well you have prepared and how you are doing this weekend are the same. The lesson of this aspect, and the Mars-Saturn cycle in general, is “only the strong survive”. It’s a tough lesson but each of us needs to learn it. The Mars-Saturn cycle is all about self (Mars) mastery (Saturn), something that everyone wants, that’s why it’s such an important cycle to watch in order to objectively evaluate how everyone, including yourself, is doing.

For nations and leaders, this is now a time of culmination to see who is the strongest (Mars) in politics (Gemini). The conjunction coincided roughly with Trump’s rise to prominence and the square coincided with his inauguration. Now at the opposition we are at the point of culmination, a time when his grand plans for conquest are discussed and restructured to get the approval of the world elite. But they better be careful because those who are looking to initiate action find their plans dampened by either a need to maintain convention or just lack of resources. All actions need to be planned well in advance.

On an energy level, the usually agile Mars in Gemini is slowed down considerably, testing our patience and resolve. This aspect could bring up moments of frustration because we sense the need to demonstrate success to the world right now and if we fail, we feel disappointed, demoralized, low on energy. This aspect tends to make us more aware of our weaknesses and hence a desire to cover them up or deflect responsibility (Saturn) onto someone else. Today structure may be stifling and you may prefer to work alone. In fact, the best use of this transit is hard work that requires concentration. You can really use this energy to apply yourself to some useful task. The best part of any Mars-Saturn connection is the ability to slow down the Mars energy, apply it in a long sustained effort, thus enabling you to build something meant to last. Using this energy wisely will enable you to stand up stronger in the world, thereby demonstrating self-mastery.

11:59pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires) Late in the evening, feeling restless.

The positive attitude that pervades the early week begins with Moon in Leo today.

5:12am – Moon enters Leo. We are more interested in our hobbies and creative endeavors for the next couple of days. Good time to spend with your children. Moon in Leo loves romance and loves to play and recreate. Energetic and easily inspired with a strong zest for life.

8:17pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Sun (Gemini) The first sextile after the New Moon we are looking to talk, brighten up our personal environment with positive ideas that inspire. Good for group activities.

A very inspirational day with Mars sextile Uranus and positive Moon aspects.

3:56am – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra). Early morning feeling expansive with a positive attitude.

11:47am – Mars (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) This is the first sextile in the Mars-Uranus cycle that began 2/26/17. At that time we began looking for ways to incorporate more universal values into our identity, depending on how much we needed to do that. Maybe we decided to set ourselves apart from the group or maybe we started a new project meant to help us develop the unique qualities in ourselves (Uranus). One way or another, we were restless and ambitious and sought a new outlet for our energy. As we arrive at the first sextile, we should be looking for opportunities to make progress on the initiative we took at the end of February.

So now we see Mars making a beneficial aspect to Uranus soon after that hard aspect to Saturn. Unlike a couple of days ago, today surprise is in the air. We are more ambitious, like with all Mars-Uranus aspects, we seek to promote our own ideas and see them accepted by the group (Uranus). Very socially conscientious, willing to shape your ego to fit in well with the group, friends and associates. A sharp mind (Mars in Gemini) gets even more intelligent with this aspect. Very good for coming up with new ideas, new ways of doing things. Very energetic as well, a strong desire to move the body in different directions. Good time to flex the ankles and calves (Uranus).

There are so many potential uses for this aspect because it is all about adaptability and Uranus likes surprises. Today seek an outlet for your ideas that enables you to work better with others in a group setting. The energy of Mars coupled with Uranus can make folks boisterous, unruly, defiant and just not at all interested in following the rules. But because it is a sextile, it comes out in a generally positive manner, not destructive.

10:53pm – Moon (Leo) trine Venus (Aires) Late in the evening more good energy to round out the day.

A very productive day with Mercury trine Pluto.

1:23am – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) Middle of the night.

3:50am – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires) Early morning we’re energetic and ambitious.

4:14am – Moon (Leo) sextile Mars (Gemini). Lots of positive energy this morning, once again the good vibe continue. Void of Course begins.

5:00am – Mercury (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Today the mind functions well. Hard to fool others. We are very productive today, we handle machinery better and have a strong, focused mind. We find it easier to dig deep on any topic and mine the value out of every transaction, word or idea (Mercury). We are keen to use any information (Mercury) we obtain for personal benefit but we are also interested in helping others as well. Nonetheless with Taurus, we are sure to take care of our own wallet (Taurus) first. It makes it a good day to think about ways to earn more money, use your ideas (Mercury) for career (Capricorn) gains.

We are more aware of the power (Pluto) of information (Mercury) and prefer to use it wisely because we are more aware of how information can be misused. We understand the need to keep a secret and not divulge information that needs to be kept secret, especially if it is for our own benefit. If we reformed (Pluto) our thinking process (Mercury) at the conjunction on 1/29/2017, then now we get a payoff at the trine, an opportunity to earn money could come your way.

This aspect increases interest in banking and things that we hold in common as well as esoteric topics (Pluto), like astrology and psychic abilities. Folks tend to speak less and with more competence under Mercury-Pluto combinations. A good day for purchases of things meant to last, valuable things, stuff to help you reform (Pluto) your thinking (Mercury) for the better. A good day to let someone change your mind if they have valuable information.

9:16am – Moon enters Virgo. We are more concerned with hygiene and attend to our health regime over the next couple of days. Good time to either make an adjustment to your plans or if things are already working out well for you, maintain your resolve and be helpful towards others. We are processing more information now and it’s important to keep the mind clear and unpolluted, otherwise we get bogged down in the details and get critical.

Today we are on our best behavior with Venus trine Saturn. But the First Quarter Moon in the morning hours gives us a challenge to stay focused on important matters. In the evening we regenerate.

5:42am – Moon (Virgo) square Sun (Gemini). This month our First Quarter Moon challenge comes from the Gemini to Virgo square which is characterized as a lot of details (Virgo) about many things (Gemini). The result is too much information. So today we are in a crisis to process or digest (Virgo) all of the information coming at us and not get bogged down in useless details that get us nowhere. Discernment is key to keeping your nerves from getting overloaded. You may need to slow down your mind and relax. It could make for a frantic pace this morning as people feel late even though they may be on time. If fact some will find it hard to be punctual (Virgo), so you might want to take that into consideration if you have important appointments this morning.

8:23am – Venus (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) Willingness to forgo present comfort for future gain. Today we are more in touch (Venus) with our long range plans (Saturn) so the need to get what we want in the present moment recedes. Today we understand better the need to be diplomatic, pleasant, or beautiful (Venus) and how doing so will help you with your plans in the long run.

The Sagittarius to Aires trine, so some may feel this aspect as a bit of inspiration which they can use to carry them forth into the new cycle of growth . Ideas that you had before but did not act upon can get a new life. If you did do a lot of restructuring of your life at the conjunction last October (10/29/16), this is a time of opportunity when something new could come into your life, possibly a new relationship (Venus) or positive change in an existing one, or maybe promotion at work (Saturn) or something along those lines, but only because you have done the necessary preparation, not from luck. Saturn always pays off in this lifetime.

Relationships generally work better during this aspect because both partners are more willing to put off present comfort for future gain, also our affections (Venus) are more in keeping with tradition (Saturn), we are more stable and more willing to stand by our partner and forgive (Sagittarius) for the sake of functionality (Saturn) and keeping the peace (Venus). We are more mature and less likely to argue.

We are on our best behavior today. We want to be liked by superiors, so we are more willing to behave accordingly. In fire signs, some will even put on a display and light up the room with their willingness to show just how much they are in affinity (Venus) with authority (Saturn). I should point out that Venus is in it’s fallen sign in Aires in in it’s detriment in Sagittarius, so we could see some childish or primitive behavior as people will focus on how perfect they look. Sagittarius rules the fashion industry and Saturn in the master. Nonetheless, aspect is perfect for making a good presentation of yourself, like if you have stand in front of your superiors or someone who could judge you. A good time to ask the boss for a raise, not withstanding other circumstances. Relations with superiors are generally good with this aspect, they see your desire to do good and are more likely to notice and be inspired by your work ethic.

11:15am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) About midday feeling a bit confused. Easy to extend yourself too far or absorb the energy of others. Helpfulness overcomes feelings of disappointment.

8:09pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Feeling a strong burst of energy in the evening. Good time to revisit or reform you health regime, rejuvenate the body, regenerate your energy, good time for healing therapy, anything to improve your health (Virgo), go for it.

Two challenging squares for Moon in Virgo make it a day of critical attitudes. The evening is a good time for partnerships with Moon in Libra.

1:54am – Moon (Virgo) trine Mercury (Taurus) Middle of the night.

8:21am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) Morning we find it hard to communicate or share our feelings, maybe we’re very critical of self and others.

2:48pm – Moon (Virgo) square Mars (Gemini). More challenges to communication this afternoon. Much like the First Quarter Moon from yesterday morning, feeling much the same. Impulsive, bad for driving, use caution, people are more likely to be distracted by their cellphones. Too much information, easy to get frustrated with others, loose our patience and speak over others. Void of Course begins. Hold off on making decisions during this aspect and until later this afternoon.

5:04pm – Moon enters Libra. We are more congenial and concerned with relationships for the next couple of days. More interested in harmony and doing things to incorporate beauty in our lives. A good time to go out, spend the time in pleasant diversions.

The moment when Moon enters Libra should be considered an aspect all by itself because it is the time when the Moon comes above the horizon and it effects us much like the Full Moon. At the moment of the aspect there is a increase in the desire to be noticed, and if not we can sometimes take it personally. So it’s a good time to pay attention to your partner.

Venus conjunct Uranus happens early Saturday morning and will be felt strongest on Friday evening.

Two rather energetic aspects, Venus conjunct Uranus and Sun trine Jupiter, make today an absolutely fantastic day to get out of the house and do something different, fun and exciting.

12:31am – Venus conjunct Uranus (Aires). A new Venus-Uranus cycle begins. This cycle is all about incorporating change, progressive ideals, social awareness (Uranus) into the way you relate to your partner and the rest of the world in general. At the start of the Venus-Uranus cycle, we feel an strange attraction to the unusual, something new and interesting. We are getting in touch with our unique side, the part of us that is free and uninhibited and desire to do that through our relationships. We are curious about intelligence, seeing it in others and enhancing it within ourselves. Friendships are more important today.

In addition, we want to explore the idea of freedom (Uranus) in relationships (Venus). So today we are more freedom loving, more likely to give our partner extra space and expect the same in return. Uranus likes to bring changes as well. So folks are feeling a desire for change in their relationship. So this could obviously have an impact on personal relations. Relationships that are stagnant could go through a rough time, especially now at the beginning of the Venus-Uranus cycle. If you do not make the necessary changes in your relationship now, then you will experience a critical moment of testing at the squares and opposition. Note Huma Abedin recently filed for divorce from Anthony Weiner when he was getting the transits Uranus square Venus. That’s typical. In Aires, this aspect could give folks the courage to initiate a relationship. Relationships that start now are likely to be interesting and unusual, but not necessarily able to withstand the test of time unless there are other indicators.

A good time to go out and see something different, something that enlightens (Uranus) you, a concert, a lecture, a festival with interesting folk or just social gatherings in general. Folks are more psychic as well under this influence and it’s easier to see into others, sense their intellect.

9:12am – Sun (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra) This has got to be one of the most fun loving aspects there is. In Air signs, we are very (Jupiter) creative (Sun) in the air, intellectual pursuits, moving about and expanding our personal environment. Good for flying. Optimistic, idealistic, open to new ideas, philosophical thinking, interested in higher knowledge to expand the mind. Very energetic, get out of the house, feel the fresh air, expand your lungs. Excellent aspect for travel, either a short trip like a weekend vacation (Gemini) or an overseas trip (Jupiter).

Great aspect for relationships (Libra). Today we are more creative with our partner and looking for something to expand the relationship or at the least enjoy the benefits of the partnership. It is so wonderful that we are having this aspect along with Venus conjunct Uranus. All of the changes that aspect asks of us will have an excellent opportunity for expression. And it’s on a weekend, so for sure this could work out really well.

This aspect is good for business transactions (Gemini) and folks are in a spending mood with the trine to Jupiter. Good time make purchases that expand your creative endeavors, like hobbies, etc. Good time to buy a vehicle or something to expand your horizons.

6:44pm – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Libra) Feel like being a crowd, nurturing (Moon) others and sharing the best side of yourself (Jupiter).

7:33pm – Moon (Libra) trine Sun (Gemini) Another wonderful Moon aspect to compliment the Sun trine Jupiter. Feeling warm and talkative, excellent aspect for social gatherings.

Sunday, just like last Sunday, brings us another challenging aspect, Sun square Neptune, and we feel our energy dissolving a bit. It would be nice if you can relax today and take it easy, feel the vibes around us and not talk so much, but the energy is expansive you could be rather busy.

5:52am – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) A strong burst of energy early in the morning. Intense energy needs a personally empowering outlet or we feel frustrated and could lash out. Impulsive and sexual.

9:14am – Sun (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) Today we feel a bit of a crisis to show (Sun) compassion (Neptune) and we use our creative energy (Sun) to build (square) a connection to the rest of humanity (Neptune). We are now at the square in the Sun-Neptune cycle that started on 3/9. At that time we dissolved a bit a long with everyone else and reacquainted ourselves with our spiritual side and got in touch with our connection to the divine (Neptune). Maybe we got into spiritual healing or some compassionate endeavor, maybe our interest in art or music peaked or maybe we took and interest in the disadvantaged and decided to help others, some way of looking to incorporate Neptune (Pisces) into our being. Or maybe we failed to stand up for ourselves and experienced disappointment on some level. Basically we are interested in the same types of things today, only more so because we are at the square, a time of crisis or testing.

Whenever there is a Neptune square, think spiritual work, because that is what you are doing. Today we need to put aside our ego and do what we came to do in this world. For some of us that just means getting better at what we are already doing, become the perfect (Neptune) that you could be, all the while casting aside delusions (Neptune) or people or circumstances that are draining your energy. There can be disappointment as well as low energy now, just like the conjunction and with all Neptune transits and aspects. It does not matter, even the sextile and trine can bring that affect. Nonetheless, despite being a typical low energy aspect, actually everyone could be quite busy today because it’s a square which gives us the desire to build or do something. Neptune dissolves our energy giving us the illusion of expansion, the result is lots of activity. Really good for writing music. Personally, If have found that I am more active and productive during the Neptune squares.

Communication (Gemini) is a bit more challenging and there is much that is not said. Lots of impressions can arise in the mind and give you a desire to withdraw and not listen to others, preferring instead to pay attention to the subtle impressions around you. The Neptune square can often manifest as having a hard time caring about others, so effort is required. However, for folks with a lot of Neptune energy in their natal chart, this aspect can help cut away distractions and have a more productive day.

This aspect could produce a nice spiritual feeling, you just need to be open to it and go with the flow, try not to stand up for yourself unnecessarily or ignore other people’s plight in the world. Give a hug.

9:16am – Mars enters Cancer. Cancer is not just the home, it is also the subconscious mind where all of our insecurities reside. When Mars enters Cancer, there is a tendency to identify with and therefore allow those insecurities to rise to the surface not realizing them for what they are. This manifests as demanding behavior and being inconsiderate with others’ feelings.

During this time we can expect people, and nations, to express more anger and aggression. Mars in Cancer is also the opposition to Capricorn, which means one must fight with the authority figure at home in order to gain their identity, hence defiance against tradition is also a trait. So war is more likely during this time, sorry to say. There is an strong desire to defend the home turf, this will bring up strong nationalist sentiment.

The major aspects we’ll see while Mars is in Cancer are Mars square Jupiter on 6/24 and Mars trine Neptune on 6/25. Also on 7/2, Mars opposition Pluto, that could be one of the most volatile aspects of the year, for lots of reasons, and the signs involved foretell a strong upsurge in the ongoing nationalist movements. Then on 7/17, Mars square Uranus, more potential for war.

The USA has Sun in Cancer , so on 6/23, USA gets Mars conjunct Sun, close to the Mars square Jupiter aspect, all of which will activate the USA’s natal Sun square Saturn, the USA’s “Daddy doesn’t understand me” complex, defiance against tradition (Saturn) and desire to play the role of authority figure in the world. It will have strong effect, maybe encouraging the USA to go to war.

6:22pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Slows folks down in the evening.

10:10pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires) Then this aspect gets people riled up, looking for a connection, maybe even a fight. Brings out ambitious and impulsive behavior.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for liking my video. Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel. Many blessings and have a great day.

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