Weekly Astrology Notes June 4-11, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes June 4-11, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary:  Unlike last week, we’ve only got a couple of aspects for this week.  Sunday 6/4 is a slow day with Sun square Neptune. And we have a moody start of the week with Moon in Scorpio on Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday. There is a Long Void of Course starting Tuesday evening until late Wednesday afternoon, so put off making decisions during that time.  The enthusiasm returns on Thursday with Moon in Sagittarius and the Full Moon is strongest on Thursday evening.  As well Jupiter goes Direct on Thursday, so it’s time to move forward with our plans for growth.  The creative energy abounds on Friday with Venus sextile Mars.  Although the weekend ahead looks to be sober with Moon in Capricorn keeping us focused on mundane matters.

Also this week, a little more about the recent Mars opposition Saturn and how it effected Debbie W. Shultz and Hillary Clinton.  As well the transits for Zbigniew Brzezinski who recently passed away.  And the transits for the firestarters, Kathy Griffin the comedian who created a controversy and Matt Rinaldi, the Texas legislator who instigated a fight.

On Sunday, Sun square Neptune, and we feel our energy dissolving a bit.  It would be nice if you can relax today and take it easy, feel the vibes around us and not have to talk a lot, but the energy is expansive, so you might be busy.

On Monday, the week begins and we are bit moody and intense with Moon in Scorpio and feel the need to focus, build energy and stamina.

On Tuesday, Venus enters Taurus and Mercury enters Gemini, so the energy in the air changes quickly today.  Moon in Scorpio brings up deep feelings.

On Wednesday, Moon in Scorpio continues with a Long Void of Course until late afternoon.  Note a good day to make decisions.

On Thursday, An expansive day with Moon in Sagittarius and the Full Moon tonight brings a lot of creativity and enthusiasm.

On Friday, Venus sextile Mars brings lots of creativity to the day.  People are in a good mood as Jupiter Direct brings the starts of a whole new growth cycle.

On Saturday, a Saturn Saturday with Moon in Capricorn has us focused on work and duty this weekend.

On Sunday, A slow Sunday morning with Moon in Capricorn, but the energy increases in the evening with Moon conjunct Pluto.

Sunday, just like last Sunday, brings us another challenging aspect, Sun square Neptune, and we feel our energy dissolving a bit.  It would be nice if you can relax today and take it easy, feel the vibes around us and not have to talk much.

5:52am – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)  A strong burst of energy early in the morning.  Intense energy needs a personally empowering outlet or we feel frustrated and could lash out.  You may prefer quiet time alone.

9:14am – Sun (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)  We are now at the square in the Sun-Neptune cycle that started on 3/9.  At that time we dissolved a bit and reacquainted ourselves with our spiritual side, got in touch with our connection to the divine (Neptune).  Maybe we got into spiritual healing or some compassionate endeavor, maybe our interest in art or music peaked or maybe we took and interest in the disadvantaged and decided to help others, some way of looking to incorporate Neptune (Pisces) into our being.  Today we are thinking along those same lines.

Life may seem a bit exausting today, the generally low energy that accompanies this and all Sun-Neptune aspects means most folks will not have the energy to work.  And existing health issues could be more problematic today, so you may prefer to relax today and not do anything at all.

Nonetheless, we feel a bit idealistic and inspired.  Really good for writing music.  This aspect inspires us to do our spiritual work, but that idealism may make us want to reach too far and hence get disappointed.

Generally speaking today we need to put aside our ego and dissolve a bit.  Maybe get in touch with what what we came to do in this world.

Communication (Gemini) is a bit more challenging and there is much that is not said.  Lots of impressions can arise in the mind and give you a desire to withdraw and not listen to others, preferring instead to pay attention to the subtle impressions around you.  The Neptune square can manifest as having difficulty caring about others, so effort is required.  However, for folks with a lot of Neptune energy in their natal chart, this aspect can help cut away distractions and have a more productive day.

This aspect could produce a nice spiritual feeling, you just need to be open to it and go with the flow, try not to stand up for yourself unnecessarily or ignore other people’s plight in the world.  Give a hug.

9:16am – Mars enters Cancer.  Cancer is not just the home, it is also the subconscious mind where all of our insecurities reside.  With Mars in Cancer, there is a tendency to identify with and therefore allow those insecurities to rise to the surface not realizing them for what they are.  This manifests as demanding behavior, being inconsiderate toward others and impatience with the softer, nurturing (Cancer) side of life.  That can make it hard to get in touch with your true feelings.

During this time we can expect people, and nations, to express more anger and aggression.  Cancer is also the opposition to Capricorn, which means one must fight with the authority figure at home in order to gain their identity (Mars), hence defiance against tradition is also a trait. There is an strong desire to defend the home turf and brings up strong nationalist sentiment.

The major aspects we’ll see while Mars is in Cancer are Mars square Jupiter on 6/24 and Mars trine Neptune on 6/25.  Also on 7/2, Mars opposition Pluto, that could be one of the most volatile aspects of the year, for lots of reasons, and the signs involved foretell a strong upsurge in the ongoing nationalist movements.  Then on 7/17, Mars square Uranus, more potential for war.  So in July, Mars in Cancer could produce some explosive (Pluto) and surprising (Uranus) results.

6:22pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  Slows folks down in the evening, more agreeable.

10:10pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)  Then this aspect gets people riled up, looking for a connection, maybe even a fight.  Brings out ambitious and impulsive behavior.

The week begins and we are bit moody and intense with Moon in Scorpio and feel the need to focus, build energy and stamina.

1:57am – Moon (Libra) opposition Venus (Aires).  Middle of the night.  Void of Course begins.

3:46am – Moon enters Scorpio.  Scorpio Moon acts like a volcano in the subconscious mind, a strong energy rises up from deep within us and we can become aggressive and ready for action.  This placement can bring up strong negative emotions, people are more defensive about their home and personal space, moody.  Use this time to build energy and stamina, focus rather than uncontrolled release the energy to get a lot of work done.

The need to focus rather than release the energy come from the awareness of what the energy can do, both for yourself and others. For example, Mercury in Scorpio is very measured and careful with their words because they are aware of the power within them.  That’s where all of that control energy associated with Scorpio comes from, it’s the awareness of the effect your energy has on the collective.  It can be a wonderful thing, but it also makes some folks want to play God.

4:51am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Mars (Cancer)  Very energetic early in the morning but it brings up a lot of strong emotions (water signs).  Good for a workout to find some productive outlet for the energy otherwise it could produce outbursts.

Venus enters Taurus and Mercury enters Gemini, so the energy in the air changes quickly today.  Moon in Scorpio brings up deep feelings.

12:27am – Venus enters Taurus.  In that sign until July 6.  Venus in Taurus is very sensual and loves their personal comfort.  This placement makes us want to bring beauty and harmony (Venus) into our personal space (Taurus).  In relationships, Venus in Taurus is steadfast, faithful, stable and sensual.  The fixed earth qualities of Taurus means Taurus loves to be stroked, the opposite of Scorpio which likes to do the stroking.  Venus rules Taurus, just like Libra, but whereas Libra is the not-self, Taurus is our sense of affinity, what is comfortable to us, how we want to be touched.  Venus rules both of these elements of the chart.  The negative side of this placement is laziness, jealousy and possessiveness.  Over the course of the next month we are a bit more lazy and seek comfort more than usual.  Aspects to Venus during this time include Venus sextile Mars – 6/9, Venus trine Pluto – 6/24, both good aspects.  So we don’t see any difficult challenges to Venus during this time, rather we see more creativity and an opportunity to start a relationship or bring more vigor (Mars) into an existing one, and an opportunity to reform (Pluto) or restructure (Capricorn) your life in a positive way, a change for the better.

8:15am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Very helpful and compassionate towards others.  Regenerative energy (Scorpio) helps to reclaim lost elements of self (Pisces).  These are the best trines for healing old wounds.  Sometimes an angel comes into our life and carries you out of your suffering to reconnect you with others, or you might be that angel for someone else.  It’s important to use these trines to recuperate yourself and the community, thereby keeping us whole.

3:15pm – Mercury enters Gemini.  In Gemini until June 22, that’s just 15 days.  Mercury rules Gemini and so now begins a new cycle.  Time to increase your vocabulary, learn new words to make you more adaptable in your communication.  The concrete or conscious mind functions at it’s best, very talkative, fond of intellectual games and pursuits, strong mental confidence and good use of the hands.  This is a good time for writing, driving, taking short trips.

5:35pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto.  Strong burst of energy to break through blockages.  Brings up very deep feelings to the point we may prefer to withdraw from others as we purge negative thoughts and emotions.  Very sensitive to what others feel.  Good for a long hike and good workout.  A long Void of Course begins.  Hold off on making decisions until late tomorrow afternoon.

Moon in Scorpio continues with a Long Void of Course until late afternoon.  Note a good day to make decisions.

3:59pm – Moon enters Sagittarius.  Feeling idealistic with a desire for adventure for the next couple of days.  Enthusiasm for life increases and we feel restless, independent, prophetic – Sagittarius says “I perceive” and we feel like have enough perspective to connect the dots, and have a desire travel.  It’s time to grow (Sagittarius), learn new things and explore more of what life has to offer.

8:36pm – Moon (Sagittarius) opposition Mercury (Gemini)  Looking for a confrontation to expand our awareness and help us learn something new.  Subconscious (Moon) feelings get interjected into conscious (Mercury) mental processes and that can cause confusion or make you say something that you later regret.  More about this later in the video because we have a couple of good examples of that to consider as to how they can create confrontations.  Not a good time to make decisions.

An expansive day with Moon in Sagittarius and the Full Moon tonight brings a lot of creativity and enthusiasm.

6:42pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra)  Very idealistic and adventurous.  Good time to be amongst a broad range of people.  Could bring up superficial enthusiasm, but it’s harmless.

8:48pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  Emotions expand (Sagittarius) as we feel a crisis to overcome limitations and consider the needs of others (Pisces).  Can be very inspirational with prophetic ideas and confusing at the same time.

Full Moon is strongest Thursday evening and it’s a good one this month.

Venus sextile Mars brings lots of creativity to the day.  People are in a good mood as Jupiter Direct brings the starts of a whole new growth cycle.  Calling it forgiveness Friday.

6:10am – Moon (Sagittarius) opposition Sun (Gemini).  Full Moon in Sagittarius.  We reach the point of culmination that began with the New Moon on May 25.  Whatever plans you set in motion at that time now seek recognition in the outer world.  It could be a time of confrontation as you realize your plans meet opposition, or it could be a time of great feelings of self-confidence as we sense our plans will work out in our favor this month.  Either way, there is excitement in the air as with all Full Moons.  With Moon in Sagittarius, we feel an abundance of warmth and generosity, we feel like a prophet or a visionary who can see the future and take advantage of it.  Very hopeful and idealistic Full Moon filled with potential.

Concurrent with this Full Moon are Jupiter Direct and Venus sextile Mars, very nice.  Jupiter Direct brings the start of a new growth cycle, while Venus sextile Mars brings confidence in romance and personal affairs.  So this Full Moon is looking really good without the warnings I sometimes give at the Full Moon.  There is a spiritual feeling in the air that enables forgiveness (Sagittarius) for past missteps, so that’s why I am calling it forgiveness Friday.

7:04am – Jupiter goes Stationary Direct 13d13′ Libra.  On this day everyone takes a step forward in life.  Everyone does something to expand.  Over the course of the retrograde period (Feb 6 – June 8) we have been forced to delay projects and go over unfinished business.  During retrograde we study, turn inward and reevaluate our priorities.  We work hard in the hopes of future gain, not immediate success.  When Jupiter goes Direct, we taste the fruits of our labor over these past 4 months.  We are ready to expand and push over anything that holds us back.  We will be revisiting the shadow degrees (the ones it passed over before the retrograde) up to 23d Libra, until September 7.  Until then we go over previous ground.

This Direct Motion period which lasts until March 8, 2018 when Jupiter will reach 23d Scorpio.  So Jupiter covers 40 degrees during this Direct Motion period.  It is also therefore the last degrees of Jupiter in Libra, so whatever your goals for Jupiter in Libra, now is your last change for this cycle.  Expand (Jupiter) in relationships (Libra) or increase your attractiveness, working on your beauty regime, that work needs to go into the final phases as well.

The Venus sextile Mars happening concurrently, means this Jupiter Direct period is very creative.  We’re rather lucky with this one.

8:41am – Venus (Taurus) sextile Mars (Cancer)  Today we are more wholesome (feminine signs), more energetic and healthful, more balanced, feeling more complete.  It’s a good time to get in touch with your personal needs.  The Taurus to Cancer sextile is characterized as maintaining your personal values (Taurus) leads to emotional fulfillment (Cancer).  Today folks are more confident (Mars) and able to express the softer side (Venus) of themselves without inhibition.  Today we bring harmony and balance (Venus) to the ego (Mars) and so folks are more agreeable, looking to get along with one another.

This aspect encourages communication between the sexes, so it is really good for relationships and friendships as well.  Relationships that start today are creative and romantic as both sides are interested in harmony.  Existing relationships should do quite well also.

We are more creative because Mars brings energy to the beautiful (Venus) side of ourselves and we feel like crafting something.  So it’s a good time to begin new projects, especially those meant to improve the home and personal environment, and also because Jupiter goes Direct today.

This aspect is meant to be shared with others.  We really can’t harmonize unless it’s with others.  So it’s great for a party or social gathering.

With Taurus, this aspect is good for finding and exploring financial opportunities.  Today we have a good business sense and a better than usual mind for investment.  It’s all because, in these signs especially, we are more in touch with what is prosperous for us and will help us build a foundation for life.  So a good opportunity may come up today.

6:19pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius)  Our monthly moment of sobriety. In the early evening we are feeling solemn and quiet, good time for therapy and attending to self-preservation.

11:20pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires).  Void of Course begins.

Moon in Capricorn has us focused on work and duty this weekend.

4:36am – Moon enters Capricorn.  We focus on self-preservation for the next couple of days.  Emotions limited to a narrow band of expression, interested in mundane matters, material success and maintaining tradition.  Folks generally not as warm as usual, less sympathetic to the needs of others because the nurturing quality of the Moon wanes when the Moon is in it’s fallen, or opposite sign.  The remedy for Moon in Capricorn is always live in the present moment, and eat a warm lunch.

12:50pm – Moon (Capricorn) opposition Mars (Cancer)  A tough aspect, irritable, volatile emotions, hard on digestion.  Aspect particularly tough on women.  Outbursts of subconscious emotions, demanding behavior, strong need for attention, inconsiderate of others, impulsive actions.

1:42pm – Moon (Capricorn) trine Venus (Taurus)  A mellow, earthy trine that has the opposite effect of the previous aspect.  Now we sense an opportunity for success through diplomatic (Venus) behavior.

A slow Sunday morning with Moon in Capricorn, but the energy increases in the evening with Moon conjunct Pluto.

7:13am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra)  Prone to excess and laziness, doubts come to mind, folks may not feel like getting out of bed this morning.

9:19am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Self-transcendence, a time of philanthropy, helping others who can’t help themselves.  May feel a subtle, compassionate connection to everyone around you.

6:22pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)  An impulsive aspect that brings a strong burst of energy.  In Capricorn we have a limited band of expression, so we are a bit self-conscious and are unsure of how to use this energy.  If we focus on doing the right thing for everyone concerned, we can use this energy to rise in awareness and establish a new base emotional state.  You can reform (Pluto) your emotions (Moon), purge subconscious negativity.  The more you stay focused in the present moment and avoid vengeful feelings, the more use you get out of this aspect.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

First a little follow up on last weeks Mars opposition Saturn, an aspect I talked about a lot.  I noticed some interesting manifestations.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz

Folks are now implicating her in the Seth Rich murder story.  There is a big upsurge in stories about her on alternative news sites.  They are pointing out how she seems to be threatening “consequences” against a police investigation that confiscated her laptop computer as part of an investigation and she wants it back.  It looks like there could be some evidence on that computer that she doesn’t want the police to know about.  Here is a link and if you look in the list of videos on the right you can see there are many more.

Notice how the Mars opposition Saturn formed a T-square on her natal Saturn.  This was very significant for her.  Clearly she is someone who is manifesting the macro level of this aspect as indicated by her concurrent transits and the fact that she is in the news.  This is a time of serious judgment for her.  The Seth Rich murder story has recently grow exponentially and she is in the middle of it and it might be the link that some folks are looking for to bring down Hillary.

Hillary Clinton
I think that she is connected to the Seth Rich case for the obvious reasons but whether or not the investigation will reach her is highly speculative right now.  The recent Mars opposition Saturn was close to her natal Uranus.  I think it’s interesting how Saturn opposition Uranus coincides with authorities (Saturn) closing in on her gang, judging and limiting (Saturn) her friends and associates (Uranus).  For her Saturn is bringing karma instead of the positive manifestation which is achievement of your highest potential under the Saturn opposition Uranus transit.  This would have been a great transit for her if she had won.  She’d be the darling of the G7 summit.

But, like I mentioned last week, the Mars opposition Saturn aspect clearly demonstrated that during this time, character equals destiny.  She no longer has the power she once had and she is still blaming others for her loss.  And the question of who’s the boss, at least here in the USA, is clear to see, it’s Trump.

One last thing to add regarding Mars opposition Saturn.  I have a good friend with Moon conjunct Saturn in the 10th house.  He’s a really dependable, Saturn-type of guy.  This past week, several people who experienced the negative manifestation of this aspect because they failed to plan ahead ended up calling on him to save them from their poor planning.  And as I watched this whole scenario unfold before me it was clear to me why.  So I laughed and thought that another piece of advice I could give people with regards to the  Mars opposition Saturn aspect is that if you are a really dependable person, lots of people may be calling you next week after they realize their plans fell through and they need you to save them.

Zbigniew Brzezinski
He died and I feel obligated to mention him now because I mentioned him in the past wondering when he would fall.  This guy was a major player in the power elite that run the world.  In fact, he along with David Rockefeller started the Trilateral Commission, one of the foremost “think tanks” for controlling the world.

Notice how the recent Saturn trine Uranus made a grand trine to his natal Neptune at 26d Leo.  Other than that, there are no other major transits happening.  It’s not the typical transit you’d see in these circumstances.  So did he really die?  My hunch is probably not, he’s probably just removed himself from public life to finish out the remainder of his days.  Nonetheless, once again, we see the Saturn trine Uranus aspect creating a Grand Trine to a planet in Leo resulting in the person becoming well known during that time.  Notoriety, more often bad than good, seems to be accompanying this aspect.

And here’s another one with the same thing going on.

Kathy Griffin
She’s caused quite a stir lately with her holding a decapitated Trump head.  Saturn trine Uranus aspect has brought her fame as well, once again not in a good way.  And once again, it forms a Grand Trine to a planet in Leo, Uranus .  So she is having Saturn trine Uranus transit closely during this time.

Also note, Mercury opposition Mercury transit for her.  A good lesson for everyone.  This transit can make you put your foot in your mouth, say something your wish you could take back.  It’s a classic manifestation, any transit book will tell you.  But this is a minor transit, so the notoriety I believe is coming from this Saturn trine Uranus.

And lastly,

Matt Rinaldi
He is the Texas State legislator who recently instigated a fight in the Capital building between himself and other legislators.  The story is that he called Immigration on some protesters who were protesting against a new anti-immigration bill.  I guess he was hoping they would arrest the protesters, especially since some were holding signs that say “we’re illegal”.  So some of the Democrats got angry and went after him.  The funny part about the story is that afterward when reporters asked Rinaldi what he said, he replied that he did not remember.  That’s code for being too embarrassed to repeat it.

Notice his transit, Jupiter opposition Mercury.  Another classic manifestation of the opposition to Mercury by transit, just like Kathy Griffin.  Once again, sometimes you regret what you said.  I should say, when expressed positively, Jupiter can be philosophical and forgiving.  But when expressed negatively, it can be pompous and professorial.  At the opposition to Mercury, all of that energy gets inserted into his politics (Mercury), so being a politician it was a big transit for him.  So this is a good lesson here to see how this transit can manifest in a confrontational way, especially when he’s got so much going on in Aires.  Notice his natal Mercury square Saturn, just like Hillary Clinton, that gives him the need to be the authority (Saturn) in politics.  He is conservative, and in fact so is Hillary, but for her it’s in Scorpio, so it’s a secret.

So, in summary,

The Mars opposition Saturn clearly manifested on many levels, most notably political, where we see who is boss in American politics and who is falling as well as some interesting movement on the Seth Rich case involving high level figures.

The Saturn trine Uranus aspect seems to be continuing to create fame, more often bad than good, when it creates a Grand Trine for folks with a planet in Leo.  It’s an unusual pattern.

And finally, watch out for those oppositions to Mercury , sometimes they make you go too far and say or do something that you later regret.  It’s a good learning lesson for all of us.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes.  Thanks for liking my video.  Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel.  Many blessings and have a great day.

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