Weekly Astrology Notes June 11-18, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes June 11-18, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary: Another big week ahead, just like a couple of weeks ago. Lots of aspects to talk about. There are a couple of themes for this week, one of which is reaching a new level of awareness regarding your personal surroundings – how you relate to the world around you. This is due to all the Mercury aspects. Communication, what you say and don’t say, how it reflects your true self and your profession, your hopes and desires for a better future, all of that undergoes a re-evaluation and restructuring this week.

Tuesday is a big day with Mercury trine Jupiter and Mercury square Neptune which will expand the conscious mind, impart lots of idealism and grandiose thinking, along with some confusion and delusional ideas, all to give us an opportunity to overcome limitations to our thinking.

The other theme is the point of culmination due to the two Saturn oppositions. Sun opposition Saturn on Thursday 6/15, is the most challenging aspect this week. So you may want to plan accordingly and not have too much pressing work to do. Much like the Mars opposition Saturn from 5/28, this aspect lowers energy level. This is also true for Mercury opposition Saturn this coming Sunday 6/18. We are at a point of culmination where it feels like events unfold according to your character and you can objectively determine how you are doing in life. Both of these aspects bring judgment and pessimism in the later half of the week. So it’s a sober week as well, a time when you need to remain realistic, live in the present moment and not let life’s challenges get you down.

On Sunday we have two contradictory aspects. Sun (Gemini) sextile Uranus inspires us to learn new ways of doing things, new outlets for our creative energy, but Mercury opposition Saturn slows us down, makes us unsure, maybe you’ll feel the need to restructure your thinking. The two aspects working together will help you let go of old worn out thought patterns so you can reach a new level of awareness and achieve your highest potential. That could be a painful process or not, depending on you .

On a mundane level, politics is in the forefront once again this week. Maybe some politicians go too far and then get a reality check. It will be a challenging week to see who shines the brightest (Sun) in politics (Gemini) and who’s voice (Mercury) is dominant. A sober moment occurs by this coming Sunday which will mark the end of one political season and the start of a new one. Maybe we will see a shake-up of Trump’s administration.


On Sunday, a slow Sunday morning with Moon in Capricorn, but the energy increases in the evening with Moon conjunct Pluto.

On Monday, the day starts slow with Moon in Capricorn keeps us concerned about mundane affairs, but Moon enters Aquarius in the afternoon to start a very enlightening mid-week.

On Tuesday, Mercury trine Jupiter in the morning and Mercury square Neptune in the evening. A very expansive day for Mercury that could lead to foolish behavior.

On Wednesday, Moon in Aquarius gives us a creative and ambitious day. Great day for getting involved and doing something good for the community.

On Thursday, Sun opposition Saturn means today is a day of objective evaluation of how you are doing in life. The low energy and sober realizations that accompany this aspect means it’s a time that some will prefer to spend alone. Plan ahead accordingly.

On Friday, A dreamy and impressionable day with Moon in Pisces and Neptune goes Retrograde.

On Saturday, The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces can leave us feeling a bit discouraged in the morning, but Moon enters Aires in the late morning to get us started on new projects.

On Sunday, A big day with Sun sextile Uranus and Mercury opposition Saturn. Today we have an opportunity to reach new, higher base level of conscious awareness, which is the overall theme for this week.

A slow Sunday morning with Moon in Capricorn, but the energy increases in the evening with Moon conjunct Pluto.

7:13am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra) Prone to excess and laziness, doubts come to mind, folks may not feel like getting out of bed this morning.

9:19am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Self-transcendence, a time of philanthropy, helping others who can’t help themselves. May feel a subtle, compassionate connection to everyone around you.

6:22pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) An impulsive aspect that brings a strong burst of energy. In Capricorn we have a limited band of expression, so we are a bit self-conscious and are unsure of how to use this energy. If we focus on doing the right thing for everyone concerned, we can use this energy to rise in awareness and establish a new base emotional state. You can reform (Pluto) your emotions (Moon), purge subconscious negativity. The more you stay focused in the present moment and avoid vengeful feelings, the more use you get out of this aspect.

The day starts slow with Moon in Capricorn keeps us concerned about mundane affairs, but Moon enters Aquarius in the afternoon to start a very enlightening mid-week.

11:45am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires). Void of Course begins.

4:45pm – Moon enters Aquarius. We are more interesting in ways to improve the community over the next couple of days. Aquarius is also concerned with individuality and freedom and gives rise to ambition and the desire to change. Aquarius is also concerned with idea of evolution, and with the aspects we are having over the next couple of days, there could be a lot of that. People are changing their minds this week, looking for something beyond the usual. This will be a very enlightening Moon in Aquarius.

Mercury trine Jupiter in the morning and Mercury square Neptune in the evening. A very expansive day for Mercury that could lead to foolish behavior.

7:08am – Moon (Aquarius) square Venus (Taurus) Felling a bit stubborn in the morning.

8:45am – Mercury (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra) This aspect stimulates our idealism, gives us broader, optimistic thinking, more long range perspective, and invites us to make plans with the hopes of a better future. Lots of intellectual activity, good for abstract thinking, study or anything that requires good mental agility, like driving, travel, writing, and public speaking. Easy flow of communication. We are more forgiving of mental errors and open to different opinions, especially from foreigners. Very talkative and a bit superficial. Normally, I’d say a good day for business and to make agreements, settle legal disputes, resolve international affairs. However, those same things are contraindicated for the concurrent Mercury square Neptune. So use your best judgment.

The Gemini to Libra trine is characterized as ease of communication leads to partnership opportunities. So this aspect is good for business partnerships and relationships as it encourages mutual admiration. There could even be business opportunities that present themselves today, but use caution because the next aspect leaves you open to make foolish decisions.

We last had this aspect on 2/21 and it is the second trine in the Mercury-Jupiter cycle that began on 10/11/16 with the conjunction at 6d Libra. So if you are keeping track, consider if something new came into your life around that time, some expansion of your voice. Now comes another opportunity along those lines. For me personally that was when I made some advances in my business and it was a really good time for me.

6:52pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Jupiter(Libra) Feeling indulgent, strong desire to make friends, good for a party, lighthearted talk. Be careful of overeating.

8:29pm – Mercury (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) We are at the square in the Mercury-Neptune cycle that began with the conjunction at 11d Pisces on 3/4/17. At that time we became more aware of subtle impressions around us and how they effect us. Maybe you starting doing an art project, or something along those lines. We now we reach a point of crisis to do something, play something, move our hands and fingers whichever way they want to go. It can bring up a lot of nervous energy if you lack an outlet. The best use of this aspect is art work of some form, either writing poetry, painting, drawing, playing music, playing the drums, etc, anything to let the hands (Mercury) connect you to the spirit world (Neptune).

Traditionally associated with deception, confusion and even delusional thinking, this aspect brings the tendency to surrender (Neptune) your thinking process (Mercury) to someone else. It’s very easy to absorb the ideas of others, think they are your own and proceed while not realizing that you have lost independence of thought. This aspect gives rise to religious idealism and a desire to keep secrets or secrets being kept from you, all of which leaves you open to deception. And the concurrent Mercury trine Jupiter could actually make that a bit worse as it too produces idealism and thinking beyond normal limits.

This aspect is bad for business and planning because it leads to foolish decisions. It’s the worst time to make decisions. I cannot think of a more challenging aspect under which to make a clear decision. So I strongly recommend you avoid doing so until this aspect is well past. Wait a day or two. I should note the earlier aspect is good for planning, so this aspect says the opposite in some respects, which could create further confusion. Use your best judgment.

This aspect does heighten our interest in spiritual matters and it’s good for studying religious, spiritual or mystical subjects. A healthy appreciation for fantasy is the best quality of this aspect. Fantasy can play a vital role in pulling you out of the mundane world and into the realm of spirit. This aspect teaches you to learn the value of having a conscious (Mercury) connection to divine source (Neptune).

These two Mercury aspects when considered together expand conscious awareness enough to carry you away in confusion or you come to a great realization that brings forgiveness and resolution. A day of profound insights is likely. Typical mundane affairs will not give enough mental input today. Either the ordinary will seem boring and you can’t seem to keep your mind focused on the daily grind or you take the initiative to find a place where you mind is unfettered by everyday affairs so you can explore and let the mind wander. You will need extra space to think today.

8:56pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Mercury (Gemini) Good communication skills (Mercury in Gemini) leads to getting your needs (Moon) met in group (Uranus) situations. Good for social activities.

Moon in Aquarius gives us a creative and ambitious day. Great day for getting involved and doing something good for the community.

3:52pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Sun (Gemini) Creativity hits a peak moment. Very social and talkative.

4:49pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Also very social and willing to work with others for a common goal of improving social conditions, egalitarian, concerned with equality under the law.

10:40pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires) Very ambitious, looking for change to break out of the stagnant routine. Strong desire to improve society so that everyone’s needs are met.

Sun opposition Saturn means today is a day of objective evaluation of how you are doing in life. The low energy and sober realizations that accompany this aspect means it’s a time that some will prefer to spend alone. Plan ahead accordingly.

3:17am – Moon enters Pisces. More intuitive and concerned with impressions rather than specific details for the next couple of days. We feel, and often absorb, the feelings of others. Maybe we are more psychic if we are open to that. Pisces is compassionate and sentimental, willing to overlook the bad side in others so a bit delusional as well.

3:17am – Sun (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius). Today creative (Sun) energy meets (opposition) limitations (Saturn). Much like the Mars opposition Saturn from 5/28, it’s a time of culmination when you feel events are foretold by your character, so you may be tested or judged. Today we try to balance (opposition) the need for self-expression (Sun) and duties and responsibilities (Saturn). Aspect lowers energy level, brings up pessimistic thinking, makes obligations seem heavier than usual. Communication is inhibited and some may prefer to be quiet and not talk.

On a psychological level, this aspect turns you inside out. When the inside moves out, you become acutely aware of the boundary between yourself and others and that brings depression, a common ailment with this aspect. And when the outside moves in, suddenly you feel the weight of the world in your heart (Sun) and that too brings depression. But we all need to get turned inside out sometimes because if there is something deep within you that is not finding adequate expression or if your duties and responsibilities prevent you from fulfilling your creative potential, then you need to see that. The lesson of this aspect is to take responsibility for yourself.

You may feel the world is cold and uncaring, like there is an invisible barrier between you and everyone else. It’s hard to get help from others today and easy to feel isolated, bitter and pessimistic. People are just not as available for others as usual. It’s a day of objective evaluation of how you are doing in life. It’s like we’re all sitting down for a test, few folks will have extra time on their hands. The low energy and sober realizations that accompany this aspect means it’s a time that some will prefer to spend alone.

On a geopolitical level, the issue is similar to the Mars opposition Saturn, a time when authority (Saturn) shines (Sun) and everyone else feels like they are in the shadows. Once gain, we are going to see who asserts authority now in order to show who is the boss in politics (Gemini).

5:32pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Mars (Cancer) Feeling warm and energetic in the late afternoon. Good for small social gatherings where people can share personal feelings.

10:08pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Venus (Taurus) Warm, tender and caring late in the evening.

A dreamy and impressionable day with Moon in Pisces and Neptune goes Retrograde.

4:10am – Neptune goes Stationary Retrograde. Here’s a really good article on this topic.

6:11am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) Once a month we get this moment of great sensitivity, a cosmic poke in your belly button. Early morning feeling dreamy and idealistic, very psychic and able to feel the deepest feelings. Take care of yourself during this time, nurture yourself first.

2:20pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Feeling helpful towards those who can’t help themselves. Use this energy to transform the world.

5:29pm – Moon (Pisces) square Mercury (Gemini) Thinking is confused. Disconnect between subconscious feelings and conscious thinking process. Easy to disregard the needs of others. Bad for driving, use caution.

The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces can leave us feeling a bit discouraged in the morning, but Moon enters Aires in the late morning to get us started on new projects.

12:44am – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius) Felling cold and not interested in other people’s feelings.

4:33am – Moon (Pisces) square Sun (Gemini). Last Quarter Moon. The moment each month when we experience a crisis to see if this months goals have been meet. The payoff comes for those who did the work and discouragement for those who did not. This month the crisis is the Gemini to Pisces square characterized as mixed messages. Conscious thoughts (Gemini) get confused by things unseen (Pisces) and we can get overloaded with information. On the positive side, this combination can also confer a great ability to perceive things that are hidden and give great insight, showing others what they are missing. We are more concerned with impressions (Neptune) than concrete details (Mercury). Void of Course begins.

10:55am – Moon enters Aires. We are more enthusiastic and interested in personally getting ahead in life for the next couple of days. Moon in Aires has lots of energy and wants to put it to good use. Head strong and determined, Moon in Aires is forceful and is prone to temporary outbursts, but they fade quickly. Good time to start projects.

A big day with Sun sextile Uranus and Mercury opposition Saturn. Today we have an opportunity to reach new, higher base level of awareness.

3:03am – Moon (Aires) square Mars (Cancer) Watch out for temper flare ups early in the morning. Recipe for a fight. High energy that dissipates quickly. Not good for digestion.

10:28am – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra) Desire to eat returns, I recommend a nice Sunday brunch about now. Good time to be in a crowd to fulfill your greater Jupiter-related needs. That means sharing time with people who have the same religion or philosophy, level education, sports affiliation, perspective, etc. All things related to Jupiter are the things we want to share in a crowd. We forgive, overlook, other differences and find commonality in Jupiter-related things. Crowd equals Jupiter.

11:46am – Sun (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) This aspect stimulates the mind and increases curiosity. Everyone is interested in learning something new today, getting a different (Uranus) opinion. Very good for teaching because we intrinsically see the freedom and evolution of others benefits the same in ourselves. The Sun is our creative nature and Uranus is friends and associates. So this is a perfect aspect for spending time with friends doing something fun, mercurial, playing games, etc. Recreation (Sun) may come in a variety (Uranus) of ways. All in all very stimulating and should get folks out of the house for some fun with friends.

We are more interested in esoteric subjects and have a broad imagination, however the concurrent and very close Mercury opposition Saturn has the opposite effect, so we have a push pull effect on the mind, which can actually be very good. It allows change and evolution (Uranus) but within realistic (Saturn) limits. The interplay of Saturn and Uranus is what makes for reaching your highest potential precisely because of this. The liberating feeling that Uranus brings means we can easily negotiate our way around obstacles that Saturn puts in our path, we just can’t ignore them. We can be different and liberated (Uranus) yet still be self-disciplined (Saturn).


12:07pm – Mercury (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) This is the third recent opposition to Saturn. Today we reach a climax in the Mercury-Saturn cycle that began with the conjunction at 16d Sagittarius on 11/23/16. At that time, you restructured your mind and maybe made a personal commitment to plan ahead better or be more masterful in your speech and opinions, or maybe you decided to quit smoking, which is a typical things to do under a Mercury-Saturn transit. Check your chart to see which house, area of your life that conjunction occurred in. Today you reach a point of culmination for those efforts.

Your opinions (Mercury) need to agree with your role in society (Saturn) because both of these things are a reflection of who you are. Inconsistencies between the two may come up today so that you can resolve them. The lesson of this aspect is to take responsibility (Saturn) for what you say (Mercury). Today we need to find balance (opposition) between our opinions (Mercury) and our duties and responsibilities (Saturn).

Confrontations with authority figures are more likely. So you may find yourself either being judged or judging others for their opinions or lack of integrity. Some folks may prefer to be alone today or simply don’t have much to say. But whatever folks do say today is more important than usual, something having to do with self-preservation, success, career or reputation.

This aspect brings sober talk to relationships. Today is a good day to express you devotion to your partner. Anything along those lines will be well received. However, you may be afraid to confront your partner today fearing you might push them away. It’s usually not as hard as you think it is.

This aspect is good for any work that requires concentration and close attention to detail. Good aspect for study or any activity that shows a willingness to put off present comfort for future gain. Living in the present moment is always the best course of action for tough Saturn aspects.

On a geopolitical level, this aspect brings another point of culmination in politics, frank discussion and a test to see who’s is charge. We’ll see some depressing news on the economy, the banking industry and the Federal Reserve will be in the news. More about that later in the video. Much frustration will likely come from people who are forced to get a grip on reality and see how bad the economic situation really is. Not a good day for business.

7:36pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn) Sunday evening feeling a bit isolated and wanting to rebel. Folks tempted to use their power (Pluto) to get what they want (Moon).

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Following up from some news events from last week.

Saudi Arabia
As soon as Mars entered Cancer, Saudi Arabia manifested this placement just as expected. Mars in Cancer unfortunately has the effect of getting people and nations in an aggressive mood. A call for war, demanding actions in the homeland. Very defensive of the homeland (Cancer/4th house). For them, it’s all the more stronger because their Ascendant really is 0d Aires so they get Mars square Asc.

The recent passage of their Uranus return did not produce the social upheaval and revolution that it could have largely due to them starting a war with Yemen. War is a great distraction but it doesn’t last forever.

But as soon as Saturn reaches Capricorn, and their Midheaven/10th house at the end of this year, followed by Uranus square Pluto and Pluto opposition Pluto next year, we will see the Saudi regime face a whole new set of challenges to their existence. All it would take is for new technology to come along that would replace oil and the Saudi regime is doomed.

Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly made a big splash with her recent interview with Putin. Mars square Pluto, showing her power.

But the transit Mercury opposition Sun is a bit more interesting since I mentioned Mercury oppositions last week. This transit creates a desire for conscious awareness or talk (Mercury) in relation (opposition) to you (Sun). In other words, these Mercury opposition transit make you want to get attention and you want people to talk about you. That’s a common manifestation with these transits. You can see how, unlike many others such as Kathy Griffin or Matt Rinaldi, she handled her Mercury opposition in a non-confrontational way, with more class, but still the objective is to get people to pay attention to you. That’s a good lesson to see to handle this type of transit without the violence.

What I have learned from all of this is that the opposing sign that Mercury is in is looking for attention. Mercury is now in Gemini, so right now Sagittarius is looking for attention. So if you have planets in Sagittarius, check to see which day you are getting the Mercury opposition and plan accordingly.

When Mercury enters Cancer, 6/22 – 7/7, Capricorn will be looking for attention. This will come to a peak on 6/29 with Mercury opposition Pluto quickly followed by Mars opposition Pluto on 7/2. That’s going to be a confrontational week.

And with regards to the Mercury oppositions, we have another example coming up this week,

Federal Reserve
On Tuesday, 6/13, Mercury opposition Mercury, just like Kathy Griffin recently. But for the Fed, also Mercury conjunct Saturn. The concurrent Mercury square Neptune will likely manifest through them on the macro level as these transits will activate their ongoing Neptune squares, which I mentioned recently. Look for them to make a confusing statement that is sure to call attention to themselves as they try to make themselves appear relevant, responsible and aware of what’s going on. This could be a decisive moment for them when whatever they do backfires on them and starts them on a downward spiral. This could have serious negative effects on the Stock Market. We’re all waiting for the moment when they do something that causes the curtain to get pulled back and publicly expose them and they’re likely to do it to themselves by making a foolish decision.

Hillary Clinton

All of these Saturn oppositions we’ve been getting are falling very close to her natal Uranus at 25d Gemini. The Mars opposition Saturn coincided with authorities closing in on her gang, her friends and associates. Let’s see if we get more of that this week with Sun and Mercury opposition Saturn.

Her transits this week include Sun conjunct Uranus on Friday 6/16 and then on Monday 6/19 – Mercury conjunct Uranus. She will be feeling a bit ambitious and restless, but that kind of behavior could lead to mistakes while Saturn is in opposition. She may find her intelligence and mobility (Uranus) for using her power in darkness (8th house) faces karmic (Saturn) opposition (opposition).

Also note that all of these Saturn opposition form a T-square to her natal Moon at 22d Pisces as well as Mercury quincunx Ascendant and Mercury sextile Saturn. So there are other coincidental transits.

In particular, also this week, on Tuesday, 6/13 – Sun square Moon, then on Saturday 6/17 – Mercury square Moon. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a very frustrating week for her. The ambition she feels from the Uranus transits will be restricted by Saturn and these squares to her natal Moon means no one cares how she feels. And then early next month, on July 8, Saturn square Moon will be a definitive moment for her, maybe then she get arrested.

Also note, the Neptune Retrograde this week means the transit Neptune quincunx Mars occurs for an extended length of time. This is certain to weaken her, dissolve her identity, possibly bring up health issues or serious legal issues, or coincide with her political downfall or even death.

Donald Trump

This week, on 6/14, his birthday, so he begins a new cycle as we all do on our birthday. It’s generally a creative time. The last month leading up to this has been characterized as lots of activity, which is common during any death cycle when we see a flurry of activity to complete everything before the start of a new cycle. He has seen his worst attack against him thus far and seems to have emerged on top.

But more interestingly on Saturday 6/17, Mars conjunct Mercury and Mercury opposition Moon. Might be a good idea to ease off on his twitter usage for a day or so. Mars conjunct Mercury (Cancer) will give him the desire to voice his subconscious thought and put him a fighting mood. And Mercury opposition Moon (Sagittarius) is sure to get him to bring attention to himself, in this case it’s his Moon, which for him is the main point of attraction he has with the USA’s chart so his rhetoric will be very strong this week. He is now at a high point in his power and he is looking to assert himself. All things considered, I’d say there is a good chance of a shake up of people in his administration. He’s ready to confront folks in his home (Moon/Cancer), maybe tell some folks you’re fired.

Just passing Mercury conjunct Ascendant and Uranus a day or so ago. It has been a chaotic time with lots of surprises in the news. Notice how at this time, Trump announced to the press, you are going to be surprised and you are not going to like it.

Transits this week look pretty good for the USA. On Sunday 6/11, Sun conjunct Mars followed by Mars conjunct Jupiter on Monday 6/12. Both very positive, energetic transits that inspire confidence and creativity. The bright energy coming for both the USA and Trump means it’s a good week for the nation and not good for those trying to bring down president.

James Comey
After seeing his testimony, I decided to take a look at what’s going with him. The intrigue that is going around regarding all of this is quite interesting. No major transits precisely on the day of his testimony before congress, 6/8, but this coming week looks to be an contentious one for him. Once again the Mercury opposition is set to strike again and call attention to him.

On 6/12, Mercury opposition Mercury. The same transit I’ve talked about recently with respect to several others. Everyone gives their opinion (Mercury) about his opinion (Mercury). When expressed in the negative, this transit brings arguments into your life. His ideas are tested.

On 6/13, Sun (Gemini) opposition Sun. In every cycle, the opposition is the point of culmination. For everyone we have that experience 6 months after your birthday. It’s a time when you face a test to see if you have planned properly. Opposition to your plans is strongest now. Events unfold during this time according to your character. Failure is common at this time. But I should emphasize, just like the Mercury opposition, this transit has the effect of calling attention to you.

On 6/19, Mars opposition Jupiter (Capricorn). Once again, a culmination (opposition) in a cycle. A time when you either do really well or do really poorly, depending on how well you have handled yourself during this cycle. He is sure to face more opposition during this time which could have career (Capricorn) survival implications. This transit brings out your assertiveness and can lead to foolishly overestimating your ability. Like all oppositions, this one calls attention to yourself. This all stems from the fact that the opposition is a Venus/Libra aspect and that rules the not-self, opposite of Mars/Aires which is the self. The meaning of the opposition is to bring awareness regarding self and others. Along the way we go through conflict in the hopes of achieving balance.

On 8/1, next pass of Pluto conjunct Saturn, last pass 11/24. His career (Saturn) is going through a process of reform and transformation (Pluto). The reform part of it entails powerful forces coming into his life to move that process along. The type of behavior a person with weak character can exhibit during this transit is phenomenal. Such a person can become so stubborn and fixated on their need to maintain control, that they will cling for dear life to hold on to all that they have been working to preserve in their life, their career, reputation and standing in the world, even if it’s clear doomed. If you have poor character this transit is like a captain refusing to abandon ship when it’s sinking and he goes down with it. Some of us need to go through that in life, start from scratch and rebuild, that’s what’s happening to him. I think this is the main factor in his life right now. He’s is just digging himself deeper into the hole that he already started a while ago.

It doesn’t look good for Comey at this point from an astrological perspective. His problems only got worse by his recent testimony.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for liking my video. Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel. Many blessings and have a great day.

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