Weekly Astrology Notes June 18-25, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes June 18-25, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary: This Sunday 6/18 is Father’s Day and it marks the start of a great vacation week and that’s the theme for this week as a whole. In fact, I will be taking a one-week vacation as well. Today is a day of liberating ourselves from politics with Sun sextile Uranus while the politicians faces a time of culmination and judgment with Mercury opposition Saturn. The rest of us can experience this aspect as putting attention (Mercury opposition) on Dad.

On Monday, Moon in Aires gives us some energetic and positive aspects today. A good day for business negotiations and to start new projects.

On Tuesday we have the Summer Solstice along with Venus sextile Neptune and Mercury sextile Uranus. An excellent set of aspects to start the summer season and I have lots to discuss about that. There are really some wonderful opportunities ahead for this season.

On Wednesday, Mercury enters Cancer to make 3 planets in Cancer and Sun conjunct Mercury makes it a bright and energetic day.

On Thursday, Moon (Gemini) brings some expansive aspects in the afternoon.

On Friday, the New Moon brings the start of a new monthly cycle and there is lots to look forward to on regarding that.

The upcoming weekend looks to be one of the best we’ve seen all year. If you can manage a vacation this weekend, please do so, it’s the perfect week for a that. On Saturday, Venus trine Pluto brings a positive transformation into our lives and Mars square Jupiter gives us a strong burst of energy for physical activity.

On Sunday, Mars trine Neptune makes the day dreamy, perfect for a relaxing day or even a spiritual retreat.

I really love the aspects we are having this week. And it’s exciting to see so many positive aspects around the the start of two cycles, this month and the summer season, so there is lots to look forward to this month and beyond.

We’ll pay special attention to the charts for the Summer Solstice and the New Moon on Friday, 6/22.


Happy Father’s Day. It’s a day of liberating ourselves from politics with Sun sextile Uranus while politicians faces a time of culmination and judgment with Mercury opposition Saturn. Time to pay attention to Dad.

3:03am – Moon (Aires) square Mars (Cancer) Watch out for temper flare ups early in the morning. Recipe for a fight. High energy that dissipates quickly. Not good for digestion.

10:28am – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra) Good time to be in a crowd to fulfill your greater Jupiter-related needs. That means sharing quality time with familiar people.

11:46am – Sun (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) This aspect stimulates the mind and increases curiosity. Everyone is interested in learning something new today, getting a different (Uranus) opinion. Very good for teaching because we intrinsically see the freedom and evolution of others benefits the same in ourselves. The Sun is our creative nature and Uranus is friends and associates. So this is a perfect aspect for spending time with friends doing something fun, mercurial, playing games, etc. Recreation (Sun) may come in a variety (Uranus) of ways. All in all very stimulating and should get folks out of the house for some fun with friends.

We are more interested in esoteric subjects and have a broad imagination, however the concurrent and very close Mercury opposition Saturn has the opposite effect, so we have a push pull effect on the mind, which can actually be very good. It allows change and evolution (Uranus) but within realistic (Saturn) limits. The interplay of Saturn and Uranus is what makes for reaching your highest potential precisely because of this. The liberating feeling that Uranus brings means we can easily negotiate our way around obstacles that Saturn puts in our path, we just can’t ignore them. We can be different and liberated (Uranus) yet still be self-disciplined (Saturn).

12:07pm – Mercury (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) Another opposition to Saturn. Today we reach a climax in the Mercury-Saturn cycle that began with the conjunction at 16d Sagittarius on 11/23/16. At that time, you restructured your mind and maybe made a personal commitment to plan ahead better or be more masterful in your speech and opinions, or maybe you decided to quit smoking, which is a typical things to do under a Mercury-Saturn transit. Check your chart to see which house, area of your life that conjunction occurred in. Today you reach a point of climax in those efforts.

Your opinions (Mercury) need to agree with your role in society (Saturn) because both of these things are a reflection of who you are. Inconsistencies between the two may come up today so that you can resolve them. The lesson of this aspect is to take responsibility (Saturn) for what you say (Mercury). Today we need to find balance (opposition) between our opinions (Mercury) and our duties and responsibilities (Saturn).

Confrontation with authority figures is more likely. So you may find yourself either being judged or judging others for their opinions or lack of integrity. Some folks may prefer to be alone today or simply don’t have much to say. But whatever folks do say today is more important than usual, something having to do with self-preservation, success, career or reputation.

This aspect brings sober talk to relationships. Today is a good day to express you devotion to your partner, a good time to pay attention (Mercury opposition) to Dad. Anything along those lines will be well received. However, you may be afraid to confront your partner today fearing you might push them away. Saturn makes you feel like it’s harder than it really is.

This aspect is good for any work that requires concentration and close attention to detail. Good aspect for study or any activity that shows a willingness to put off present comfort for future gain. Living in the present moment is always the best course of action for tough Saturn aspects.

On a geopolitical level, this aspect brings another point of culmination in politics, frank discussion and a test to see who’s is charge. We’ll see some depressing news on the economy, the banking industry and the Federal Reserve will be in the news doing something delusional as I discussed in a couple of weeks ago. Much frustration will likely come from people who are forced to get a grip on reality and see how bad the economic situation really is. Not a good day for business.

7:36pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn) Sunday evening feeling a bit isolated and wanting to rebel. People use their power (Pluto) to get what they want (Moon).

Moon in Aires gives us some energetic and positive aspects today. A good day for business negotiations and to start new projects.

5:07am – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) Early morning ready to get to work and put present comfort behind future gain.

8:20am – Moon (Aires) sextile Mercury (Gemini) Mentally active with good communication skills. Good time to make agreements or come to a decision. Good time for business.

11:05am – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires) Folks are ambitious and restless, looking for something new and exciting. Feeling liberated and able to break from tradition. Once a month at this aspect we kind of fall in love with ourselves because it’s in Aires.

12:42pm – Moon (Aires) sextile Sun (Gemini) The last sextile before the New Moon is always a good time for creative endeavors. We are naturally attracted towards group efforts and able to work well with others. Also a good time for business negotiations. Void of Course begins.

2:53pm – Moon enters Taurus. Moon is exalted in Taurus where folks prefer to be patient, act like a bull and see how you feel before acting. But once you get going, the fixed energy of Moon in Taurus keeps you going in the same direction refusing to change course. Time to enjoy the sensual pleasures in life.

Both Venus sextile Neptune and Mercury sextile Uranus occur early Tuesday morning and are more in effect on Monday evening.

The Summer Solstice along with Venus sextile Neptune and Mercury sextile Uranus. An excellent set of aspects to start the summer season.

1:26am – Venus (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Today our imagination plays a more important role in our lives. Venus is our receptive side and this aspect opens us up to all of the good things that Neptune and Pisces has to offer. This aspect makes us feel more compassionate and understanding with a desire to help and teach others as overlook the bad in others. We desire to get in touch with our spiritual side and want to help others do the same thing. We are more open to subtle impressions in the mind and want to share them in a sincere way with others.

Our sense of compassion is so strong with this aspect that we sincerely want to help other people solve their problems and that is what could make this aspect along with the next produce a marked change for the better in people’s attitude and perspective today. It’s transitory but profound. Easy to absorb the energy of others, but in a good way.

Not a day to stand out from the crowd as doing so would seem contrary to the unifying, community building feeling that we all sense today. Altruism and willingness to sacrifice your own needs to help another could transform the world, and that’s what we are hoping for today.

Creative energy is much more accessible to everyone today. Whatever creative hobby you have will be enhanced by this aspect. So today is a good day to be involved in getting in touch with your creative and imaginative side, right brain activities.

Also note that this week in general there are no better set of aspects, especially this one, to get involved in rock medicine. The sensual earth energy of Taurus coupled with the spiritual, impressionist of Neptune makes for the best time to be interested in crystals and healing stones. It’s also a good time to get a massage or do things like Reiki or other types of energy healing therapy. We are all so much more receptive (Venus) to the spiritual (Neptune) side of life and the compassionate energies that accompany those healing arts.

2:30am – Mercury (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) This aspect is associated with higher intelligence and ability to grasp abstract concepts. The mind works faster and it’s easy to grow impatient with those unwilling to put two and two together. Also increases interest in science and technology, anything new and innovative (Uranus) as well as esoteric topics.

Today we are keen to adopt the ideas of others and to see if our ideas are adoptable by others. It makes for a very good exchange of concepts and ideas, it facilitates communication for like-minded people, but it may make for impatience between those who are not like-minded. The accompanying Venus sextile Neptune should help considerably by dampening the ego drive enough to feel where others are coming from.

Therefore, this aspect requires some self-mastery in order to take advantage of the opportunities that could come your way. You could come up with new ways of doing things that your never thought of before, new solutions to an old problem, but you need to apply yourself. It makes for what is usually called “progressive” thinking, but nowadays that may not necessarily be the case. So called political progressives can be rather primitive and regressive lately. So maybe re-inventing that term is part of our collective experience today.

8:21am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Mars (Cancer) High energy but ego energies flow smoothly. Opportunities for financial gain (Taurus).

2:25pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Two wonderful Moon aspects to bring a dreamy feeling to the afternoon, very sensitive and sensual. What a wonderful gift for group activities on such a big holiday. Excellent time to hug everyone you meet.

3:24pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Taurus) More sensitive and sensual than we’ve seen in a while now that Venus is in Taurus. A strong desire to be stroked. Patient, steadfast, caring, all the best attributes of Taurus shine this afternoon.

9:24pm – Sun enters Cancer. Now our energy is focused in the home environment as our creative energy in the outer world dissipates. For Sun in Cancer, what you do with your life in more important that what you do for a living. Quality of life is paramount and if all of your creative endeavors don’t produce a stable home then you feel unfulfilled. Sun in Cancer prefers to spend time around the home, can be somewhat of a shut-in, is more sensitive and nurturing, like a mother, and likes to focus on personal hobbies and creative projects in the home.

Both Sun and Mars are now in Cancer, tomorrow Mercury as well. With all of this inner planet energy focused on the subconscious mind (Cancer), this is really a time of bringing light into and clearing out the mind, healing subconscious wounds. The other aspects we are having this week lend assistance by proving lots of healing energy. And that general theme should carry on for the next 3 months.

Sun enters Cancer marks the time of the Summer Solstice, a celebration that typically centers around home and family, the perfect expression of Sun in Cancer. Despite all of this craziness happening in the world, the astrological theme for this season is focus on inner personal development.

Just look at all the aspects happening now. First I should point out this Yod formation pointing towards Jupiter (Libra). We are getting swept up in a wave of religious and political idealism that is both propelling us to new heights of awareness and terribly inconveniencing us at the same time. That’s the quality of the Yod. Get swept up in forces outside yourself by getting caught up in the ambitions of other people, thrown off of your own life path and that’s where the inconvenience comes from.

On a mundane level, this configuration emphasizes the powerful forces of transformation currently happening in the world and how there is nothing you can do about it, so it is best to pull back and focus on your own needs. The farther you go beyond conventional wisdom, the more karma you create for yourself and others and the more you could reach havoc in your own life. And that is exactly what many people will do during this time, so best not to be one of them. This Yod towards Jupiter while Saturn is in the last degrees of Sagittarius means lots of people go off the bandwagon this season, especially people in the news media, religion and politics, higher education and professional sports (Jupiter). We’ll see career sacrifice at an all time high as people take a flying leap from their Tower of Babel just before it falls to pieces. And I should mention that with this Yod pointing towards Jupiter (Libra) people are hungry for judicial proceedings. This and the Uranus sextiles means people want social justice.

On a personal level, this Yod formation denotes being a spiritual opportunist, which is someone who tries to adopt the abilities and tricks that others have in order to have more power for themselves. It can also bring a lot of luck. But it is truly a double-edged sword (quincunx), you play with fire and you get burned. So along with a thirst for religious or spiritual knowledge and compulsion to expand your perspective, it brings bombastic and professorial (Jupiter) behavior.

The Jupiter quincunx Neptune means people have little discernment on spiritual or political matters, they believe (Neptune) whatever they see (Jupiter). And the quincunxes from the Moon and Venus means people bend over backward to try and please others. It brings an unrealistic desire for approval to the point where you loose yourself trying to please others and end up look foolish.

The thing is, considering the times we live in, your perspective will get expanded without you having to do much. So you won’t have to try too hard this season, rather stay focused on your own needs because Sun and Mercury opposition Saturn means we get turned inside out this season. We become acutely aware of the barrier between ourselves and others and it depresses us. It’s a time of self-therapy, restructuring (Saturn) your conscious mind (Mercury) and your basic creative will (Sun), becoming more realistic, more conservative in your opinions and personal life. It makes it hard to share opinions, many folks may come to realize that they have not really been aware of what they have been talking about and decide to remain quiet for a while. Not a bad tactic as it may save you a lot of grief. A time of self-doubt regarding mundane affairs, your career, you place in the world. You may loose friends, but gain long-term allies.

These Saturn oppositions and the Mars opposition Pluto means it’s a time of culmination and we will see many issues that have been brewing for a while come to the surface now.

But the Moon and Venus trine Pluto are excellent for making a change for the better this season. Personal transformation is really where it’s at this season. And the Moon and Venus sextile Neptune means we are very compassionate and forgiving as well as open to the subtle impressions from the spirit world, angels and fairies, nature spirits and animals. Taurus to Pisces sextile, lots of healing energy for personal and financial recuperation. And Sun conjunct Mercury sextile Uranus is very good for learning new things and for teaching. All the teachers, including myself, need to step up their game this season and reach out more to prospective learners. Society really needs everyone who has knowledge and techniques to share to get out and share them. Techniques or ticks to helps others along is exactly the kind of thing this Yod desires.

9:25pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn). Emotional strength brings a change for the better. A long Void of Course begins, continues until tomorrow afternoon.

Mercury enters Cancer to make 3 planets in Cancer and Sun conjunct Mercury makes it a bright and energetic day.

2:58am – Mercury enters Cancer. In that sign until July 5. Mercury in Cancer has something to say and it’s very important. A placement with strong political ideals and is often an indicator of political aspirations in the natal chart. Mercury rules politics and Cancer is the home turf, so that old adage “all politics is local” really sounds like Mercury in Cancer. Arnold Schwartzenegger has Mercury(Cancer) conjunct the Ascendant, it’s the only political aspect in his chart.

Mercury rules the voice and Cancer is our emotional needs, so Mercury in Cancer speaks from their emotional base, things close to home, both physically and psychologically. Speech is more emotional and prone to ups and downs, dramatic and melancholy. Folks more sensitive, easily hurt by harsh words, it’s good if you can talk like a mother, nurturing and caring, but not in the way a politician does it. Tone of voice is more important than what is said during this time.

Major aspects for Mercury in Cancer are: On 6/27, Mercury square Jupiter and trine Neptune. On 6/28, Mercury conjunct Mars. On 6/29, Mercury opposition Pluto. Wow, 4 major aspects in 3 days. On 7/4, Mercury square Uranus. So Mercury in Cancer is really going to have a lot of important stuff to say this passage. Look for politics to expand beyond the typical as major events shake up the world of politics over the next couple of weeks. And Mercury in Cancer is nationalistic, so expect a further rise in the dispute over nationalism in many nations.

7:14am – Sun conjunct Mercury (Cancer) Last had this aspect on 3/6 in Pisces, now again in another water sign. This aspect is always a good one. It brings the light of the Sun into the conscious mind. We are more talkative, intelligent, opinionated, and curious. Our creative energy is very active and changeable, we can move easily from one thing to the next without much hesitation. Able to do two things at once. Good for juggling. Folks have lots of bright ideas and the inner child within us comes out to play. Good for recreation and sports, especially swimming (water sign).

In Cancer, the quality is warm and nurturing but not agile. Cancer prefers stability and this aspect could bring a bit of nervous energy that makes things happen too fast for emotional comfort. You may need to slow down.

This aspect makes for lots of business transactions, especially things for the home. It should be a good day for business, lots of emotional purchases. This could be a very creative and productive day, especially if you can stay focused.

3:44pm – Moon enters Gemini. Ending a long void of course, Moon enters it’s death cycle in Gemini where we see a flurry of activity over the next couple of days. Good time to catch up on missed connections, attend to all the small details. With Sun conjunct Mercury today, this makes for a lot of brisk energy, good for intellectual activities that could fry the nerves, so you may need to slow down.

Moon (Gemini) gives us some expansive aspects.

1:05pm – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra) Good communication skills enable success in relationships and business partnerships. Good for business negotiations.

2:19pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) But soon afterward things get a bit confusing and overly idealistic, tend to overlook the bad, get caught up in good impressions and miss important details. Easy to be deceived. But it does produce an ability to see things that others have missed and a warm spiritual feeling.

New Moon in Cancer brings the start of a good month ahead.

5:31am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) Feeling the weight of obligations this morning. Hard to communicate as folks unwilling to compromise.

11:45am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires). Aspects gives good sense of how others are thinking, giving you an opportunity to take advantage of the situation and fulfill your ambition. Void of Course begins, continues until mid-afternoon.

3:07pm – Moon enters Cancer. Moon begins a new cycle in Cancer. With so much energy now focused in the sign of Cancer, people are really identifying with their feeling, their emotional needs, especially for the next couple of days.

7:31pm – Moon conjunct Sun (Cancer). And now for the New Moon in Cancer as well. Creativity hits a peak at the New Moon, this month we are focused on home and matters of personal importance. Stability and security are more important now and we are more in need of comfort and nurturing. Overall the concurrent aspects look quite good, much like the Solstice, so most of what I mentioned with respect to that pertains to the New Moon as well. Best of all is Venus trine Pluto happening early tomorrow morning, this is the closest aspect and it’s a great one. This month we have an opportunity for change for the better in our personal lives.

And of course the New Moon in Cancer brings the very best days of the year for planting. So if gardening is your thing, then go for it, there’s no better time.

Overall a very lucky set of aspects to go along with this month’s New Moon, so I am excited to share that with you all.

Venus trine Pluto is strongest on Friday evening which should make it a great night for relationships.

Venus trine Pluto could bring a financial opportunity and a change for the better and it’s a good day for relationships.

1:13am – Moon conjunct Mercury (Cancer) Middle of the night.

1:57am – Venus (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) This aspect could bring a financial opportunity into your life, especially if you have planets around these degrees or 18d Virgo, which forms a Grand Trine. That kind of thing is known to happen with the Taurus to Capricorn trine. Today we are open to other people, business partnerships and relationships, helping us make a change for the better. And we are willing to do the same for them. With the beneficial Pluto aspects to Moon and Venus, there is an intrinsic awareness that whatever benefits someone else also benefits you. And Pluto provides energy so we are more apt to feel that now we have the resources to share with others.

Aspect brings up a desire to improve social conditions and ensure that everyone in society has adequate opportunity for achievement (Capricorn). The personal value (Venus/Taurus) of everyone is recognized on a collective level. Good for teaching and for learning. A powerful ally could come into your life now if you are open to it. Just got to put yourself in the right place and the right time.

Pluto brings emotional intensity and a desire for sexual relations. So this aspect is really good for relationships and could help to warm things up a bit, increase sexual activity. Our interactions are more intense and meaningful, taking on an air of fate. Pluto is like a volcano that brings up stuff from deep below the surface, so more of what we are holding down within us tries to come out. Don’t hold back, letting it come out would a good thing today. You may surprise yourself by uncovering an part of yourself that was lying dormant. Artwork is sure get finished as Taurus is steadfast and Pluto gives the stamina for anything beautiful or artistic. So if you are working on a great masterpiece and are looking for the energy to complete it, now is the time. Pluto brings positive reform and transformation and today those are good things to strive for. Reaching for your goals is strongly encouraged today.

12:09pm – Moon conjunct Mars (Cancer). Emotions are intense and folks are aggressive. Not good for digestion. Brings up strong subconscious forces, more brave and audacious.

12:36pm – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra) Two very expansive aspects to the Moon in the early afternoon. It could produce a very spiritual moment. I’ve been noticing this effect lately with regards to concurrent aspects to Jupiter and Neptune very close together. On 6/13 it was Mercury, and the effect was very positive. The same thing happens today and tomorrow with Mars. For this aspect Emotions overflow, we feel indulgent and forgiving.

1:42pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Strong connection to the unconscious collective.

8:29pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Strong subconscious urges comes to the surface. Some may feel powerful opposition to their feelings exists in society as a whole. Brings up nationalist sentiment. People are argumentative or quietly simmer with intensity and go into isolation. Be careful what you say to others at times like these. The concurrent Mars aspect could increase the effect of this aspect.

9:56pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Venus (Taurus) Very warm and sentimental. The opposite of the previous aspect.

11:07pm – Mars (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra) Ego (Mars) energies are heightened. We reach a crisis point in the Mars-Jupiter cycle which began with the conjunction on 2/14/16 at 21d Virgo. During that time we worked on our physical health, maybe initiated a new health regime (Virgo). So this is the last square, a time of testing to see if we are successful in that.

Otherwise this is a time when we are more active and look for different ways to express ourselves, generally just look to put the best side of ourselves (Jupiter) forward (Mars). It can make for exuberant behavior, idealistic, inspired, religious, philosophical, feeling lucky, and maybe you are lucky today. Generally we are more energetic and want to experience all that life has to offer today, so this aspect is great for getting out of the house, any physical activity like sports or whatever suites your fancy. Just be careful because with this aspect you don’t know your limitations until your reach them, so be careful not to pull a muscle. It’s an accidental prone aspect because we lack our usual caution which can lead to accidents. But it’s not a problem if you just use basic common sense.

The Cancer to Libra square is characterized as projecting issues from childhood (Cancer) onto your partner (Libra) which is common. So today be aware that your exuberance comes from patterns established in early life, so we could see some childhood complexes arise without any shyness about it. Aspect brings up religious idealism as well as overindulgence and lack of objectivity in dealing with others. Be careful with alcohol consumption.

The concurrent Mars trine Neptune means these two aspects together could produce a rather spiritual moment where you feel more connected to spirit and your soul purpose in life.


11:44am – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires) Feeling rebellious and a maybe a bit agitated as childhood complexes arise at the worst moments. Not good for digestion. Desire to cut the cord and be more independent. It fades quickly. Void of Course begins.

3:06pm – Moon enters Leo. More interested in our hobbies and romance for the next couple of days. Our creative energies peak during this time and we look to spend time with our children. More dramatic, like an actor. Moon in Leo feels like they’re meant for the stage.

11:19pm – Mars (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Last occurred 1/18/16. Today our ego energies (Mars) dissolve into the collective (Pisces). Unlike yesterday when we had high energy and we were focused on ourselves, this aspect lower energy level and give us the need to focus on someone else. Taking the focus off ourselves for a change gives us an opportunity to get in touch with the subconscious (Cancer) forces deep within us in a more objective way, with more detachment and compassion. Because ego energies are low, folks are not in a fighting mood and everyone gets along better.

The Cancer to Pisces trine is characterized as heightened sensitivity to other people’s feelings. Our emotions (Cancer) dissolve into the collective (Pisces) where they become part of the group dynamic. If you are around others during this aspect it will help to feel what others are feeling. If you can manage, it’s a good time to spend in spiritual retreat and contemplation around a large body of water, like a river, a lake the ocean. This aspect enhances meditation greatly.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects. And just to let folks know that I am going on vacation next week so I am not sure yet if there will be a weekly astrology notes next week, June 25 – July 2, but if I don’t have notes for next week.

Things are really heating up, there was an attempted murder of several Repulican congress members on Trump’s birthday. It looks like the work of George Soros. And another lawyer associated with Debbie Wasserman Shultz had an untimely death.

With all this going on it’s hard to pull away for a week. If I do, for sure I will return the following week. I just need some time off.

I should point out that Tues-Thurs June 27-29 will be really big days for Mercury aspects as I mentioned for Wednesday, Mercury in Cancer. So mark your calender. Expect a political showdown around that time.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for liking my video. Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel. Many blessings and have a great day.

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