Weekly Astrology Notes July 2-9, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes July 2-9, 2017

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: We have a rather stimulating week ahead with Sun opposition Pluto this Sunday, 7/2, and Mars opposition Pluto the following Sunday, like powerful bookends to an otherwise very nice week . Both Pluto aspects bring a strong burst of energy and a potential for conflict. But the middle of the week has some wonderful aspects. On 7/4 the USA has it’s Solar Return, and it will be a stimulating day with Mercury square Uranus. On Wednesday, a wonderful set of aspects, Sun trine Neptune and Sun square Jupiter. Very expansive, dreamy and idealistic. Most folks should have a pleasant feeling on that day. Then on Friday, we have another pleasant aspect, Mercury sextile Venus. So Tues-Fri has good astrological weather. And we have the Full Moon on Saturday which brings out the highs and lows in everyone, makes for an eventful Saturday night.

Also on 7/4, a more subtle yet profound aspect. Jupiter quincunx Neptune means rhetoric and idealism reach a high point and that’s really a major theme these days. We lack discernment on political matters and we’re getting caught up in the ambitions of the few. I’ll talk more about that and how it impacts the chart of the USA.

Also this week: Debbie Wasserman Shultz, John Podesta, birthday transits for the USA, and some interesting developments in the EU.


On Sunday, Mars opposition Pluto brings a day of conflict with authority figures.

On Monday, A compassionate and healing Monday as the Moon forms a grand trine in water signs with the Sun and Neptune.

On Tuesday, Happy Fourth of July. A mentally stimulating day with Mercury square Uranus. Jupiter quincunx Neptune brings unrealistic idealism.

On Wednesday, A Wonderful and expansive day with Sun trine Neptune and Sun square Jupiter. Very dreamy and idealistic.

On Thursday, Moon in Sagittarius brings an optimistic day.

On Friday, Mercury sextile Venus makes it a day a leisurely and harmonious day.

On Saturday, The Full Moon this evening inspires us to reach for success (Capricorn).

On Sunday, Sun opposition Pluto brings an intense day with potential for confrontation.

Mars opposition Pluto brings a day of conflict with authority figures.

4:58am – Mars (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) This is the major aspect of Mars in Cancer, sure to bring up a lot of powerful desires (Mars) and insecurities (Cancer). A strong desire to confront authority figures, brings out the fighting spirit in folks. Not a good time for a demonstration, it could quickly escalate into violence.

Today the force of the ego is directed to what we hold in common, money and resources. We identify (Mars) with the collective (Pluto) and demand our fair share of the collective resources and those that feel cheated are not in a compromising mood. In fact it is very hard to compromise under this aspect but that is exactly what you must do. Merging your ego (Mars) with the collective (Pluto) means finding points of agreement. Otherwise it’s a fight. People unified under a common goal, likely a common culture or ancestry (Cancer) can accomplish enormous amount of reform and transformation working together under this aspect. But for sure there will be powerful forces of authority and tradition (Capricorn) working against such efforts.

So this aspect could have strong geopolitical ramifications. More than any aspect we’ve seen, this could ignite nationalist sentiment and start riots. Strong potential for violence.

If you are working on a personal project, this aspect could be very beneficial, so long as what you are doing is a positive reform of your life in some way. You’ll find you have all of the energy you need. It brings up impulsive behavior so you’ll need to consciously tap into the energy and let it expand your awareness. We’ll all feel a little more like God today and that could bring some very egotistical behavior as well as some profound insight on your place in the world and the value that you hold to the rest of society.

Today you may feel insecure, but the more you stay aware of your value to others and the collective in general, the more comfortable and secure you will be when asserting your own needs. Because we all want to be included in the collective, but we feel subconscious guilt if we are not doing our part for the rest of society. So today be aware of your subconscious (Cancer) impulses before they carry you away. Be careful working with machinery or handling guns.

6:16am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires) Conflicts arise over a strong need for independence. Intelligence increases along with the hubris that goes with it. Void of Course begins.

9:59am – Moon enters Scorpio. More intense and passionate for the next couple of days. Subconscious desires come to the surface and people are more aggressive and demanding. More stamina, display a strong emotional commitment to what you are doing.

A compassionate and healing Monday as the Moon forms a grand trine in water signs with the Sun and Neptune.

9:46am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Sun (Cancer) A wonderful healing aspect in water signs, a time when we have the ability to nurture someone else on a deep and meaningful level.

2:16pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) And now for the other side of the grand trine with the Moon today. Once again we feel compassionate and willing to give of ourselves to another.

10:28pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Strong burst of energy for regeneration and recuperation. A significant moment we should take note of. Lots of energy for reform and transformation.

Happy Fourth of July. A mentally stimulating day with Mercury square Uranus.

12:58am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Mars (Cancer) Regenerate and recuperate in the middle of the night. Now we see the Moon complete a Kite formation, which is a Grand Trine with an addition planet adding two sextiles and an opposition, or in this case 3 oppositions. This is a powerful moment. It occurs 4am on the East Coast and mid morning in the EU. The kite formation endows considerable luck and intelligence along with a sense of destiny with Pluto at the top of the kite. Grand trine in water signs, the trinity of the soul, there is an abundance of emotional healing energy which if applied virtuously could heal past wounds through acknowledging our connection to the collective unconscious, and help others recuperate as well along the way. A very advanced soul will be born now.

5:12pm – Venus enters Gemini. Venus in Gemini likes to put it’s affections into words and clever, playful little things that they do. Feeling are verbalized, not held internally. Curious, likes to move from one person to the next. Good for conversation. Attracted (Venus) to the ideas and intellect (Gemini) of others. At times superficial, desire for mental stimulation can be too much and this makes it hard to be patient and build a long lasting bond with others. Until August 1. They’ll be a couple of hard aspects during this time, Venus square Neptune on 7/17 and Venus opposition Saturn on 7/24.

5:51pm – Mercury (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires) Today we have a desire to be smarter, are more curious, and have an attraction to the unusual. Stimulates the mind and the thinking process, leads to lots of ideas, you may need to write them down to remember them all. The purpose is to get you out of your usual routine, break up the stagnant energy in your life, see things in a different way and come to a new solution to old problems.. A restless intellect, wanting to know lots of things, desire for information, move from one thing to the next, often in a direction not originally intended. Take the reigns of this energy by trying to do something different today or it could come up as little unpleasant surprises that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Today you may feel a crisis to modernize (Uranus) your thinking (Mercury), people like to intellectually spare under this aspect, but it’s all for good. Some folks could be agitated, especially those who don’t want to change their mind. Just be open to new ideas today. You may feel impatient and desire to lash out at those that are slow to understand you. Sometimes things tend to break down more under this influence. Not a good time to work with machinery and there is a strong driving caution with this aspect.

This is the first test (square) in the Mercury-Uranus cycle that began with the conjunction on May 9 at 25d Aires. At that time we felt the need to modernize our thinking and this is the first challenge.

6:34pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Mercury (Cancer). Thoughts and emotions in harmony, good time to express feelings or listen to someone else. Good for conversation over a meal (Cancer). Void of Course begins.

10:00pm – Jupiter (Libra) quincunx Neptune (Pisces) Idealism in religion. Any ideas for new projects, any type of growth or new plan of action needs to be thought through carefully during this time, easy to miss important details and face disastrous results. Easy to get carried away with idealism and loose sight of your true needs, maybe sacrifice (Neptune) yourself for the ambitions of someone else.

Jupiter expands and Neptune has no boundary, so this aspect encourages us to expand beyond our usual boundary and drift into new territory. Very open to new ideas, very gullible, willing to entertain wishful thinking. And the quincunx also means events brought forth at this time have the quality of collective karma, which means many get swept up by ambitions of others and together create a powerful collective energy that helps shape society, although not always for the better.

The aspect strongly effects politics, the media and religion (Jupiter) and now we are seeing some of the most fantastic, unrealistic behavior from these people, going way beyond their usual bounds. It also a time of endings (Pisces) for many of them. The aspect strong impacts the chart of the USA which I go into later in this video.

10:08pm – Moon enters Sagittarius. More hopeful and optimistic for the next couple of days. More energetic, restless, and a desire for travel and adventure. Time of expansion, good time to be in a crowd.

10:38pm – Moon (Sagittarius) opposition Venus (Gemini) Feelings and emotions conflict. Not a good time for social gatherings.

A Wonderful and expansive day with Sun trine Neptune and Sun square Jupiter. Very dreamy and idealistic.

5:20pm – Mercury enters Leo. Communication takes on the fire quality of Leo, creative, proud, dramatic, likes to be on stage, generous, warm and affectionate, strong willed and charismatic, but can get wrapped up in their own opinions and loose objectivity. Until July 25. All good aspects. Mercury sextile Venus this Friday 7/7, Mercury sextile Jupiter the following Friday 7/14, Mercury trine Saturn on 7/19, Mercury trine Uranus on 7/24.

5:47pm – Sun (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) What a dreamy and idealistic day this shall be. The combination of Neptune and Jupiter brings a lot of expansion and a multitude of outlets for our creative (Sun) energy. The Neptune aspect brings a bit lower energy level and the Jupiter aspect does the opposite. It could be a busy day as you feel the connection between yourself and others. Lots of creative energy today, far more than most days. Great for any art projects you are working on. No one should lack inspiration today. Good evening to be in a crowd so long as it’s pleasant and folks are sensitive to one another, so not a political rally unless you are coming together in the spirit of reconciliation.

This aspect brings healing, compassion, resolution, ability to reclaim lost of elements of self. It’s another good time for a spiritual retreat, just like the Mars trine Neptune on 6/25. Good for spending time in a pleasant, nurturing (Cancer) environment. Good for communication with your mom. You may be amazed at the ability to talk over the past with her now if there are issues. And if not, then time spent with mom today would be very well worth it. The connection you feel towards her today is better than at any other time.

This aspect bring a profound connection to the collective unconscious of humanity. We can feel others intuitively and it does not frighten, but rather brings an urge to break down the boundary between ourselves and others and merge with them in a compassionate way. Folks are willing to overlook the bad side in others in order to experience a deeper connection. Increases psychic awareness and ability to connect with nature spirits.

7:44pm – Sun (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra) Another really nice aspect, despite the square, this aspect feels much like the trine. Creative endeavors get a boost of energy and optimism. Desire to relate, people need company now, not a good aspect for solitary work. Aspect is good for social gatherings, especially where there is lots of food (Cancer). Folks tempted to overindulge.

Increases interest in philosophy and religion, politics, sports and higher education. People are more energetic, idealistic and willing to forgive past missteps for the benefit of getting along today. Good aspect for relationships, it should facilitate sharing warm feelings and new relationships that begin now have a positive, hopeful quality that helps them overcome the bad times. People are more congenial and even a bit superficial, good for pleasant conversation and mutual admiration. This aspect bring out the harmless little liar in all of us.

The square from Cancer to Libra is characterized as issues from early life inhibit relationships. But in this case, we could see relief from an old situation. Jupiter brings forgiveness, and the creative energy of the Sun means we can find the space to overcome childhood insecurities and improve our relationships. The concurrent Sun trine Neptune helps quite a bit to bring out the better side of this aspect. It’s such a nice pair of aspect this evening that everyone should be happy, if not you need to see an astrologer.

Moon in Sagittarius brings an optimistic day. Yesterday’s aspects still in effect this morning.

2:47am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces) The Moon activates the Jupiter quincunx Neptune aspect in the middle of the night. If you’re awake, it’s a very expansive hour.

2:59am – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Middle of the night.

8:34pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) Monthly time of sobriety and therapy. Good time for reflection on what you’ve accomplished in life and ways to improve. Strong desire for personal security, not easy to give of yourself now. Important to use the moments for what they are best meant for. We can grow a lot on the inside.

Mercury sextile Venus makes it a day a leisurely and harmonious day.

6:19am – Mercury (Leo) sextile Venus (Gemini) Classically, one of the most pleasant aspects. Communication and thinking (Mercury) tend to focus on things of beauty and relationships (Venus). This should make Friday morning a time when most folks will not want to work, but prefer more leisure activities. It’s a good time to talk (Mercury) about your feelings (Venus), share them with someone who understands you. Aspect is good for relationships, a good time to declare your love for someone, buy (Mercury) roses (Venus). Aspect is good for business, folks are more inclined toward extravagant spending. Ability to perceive and appreciate beauty is heightened. Good for social gatherings and a relaxing time.

7:12am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires). Fire trine, very creative, thinking outside the box, looking for something new to stimulate the mind and share with your friends and associates. Void of Course begins.

10:45am – Moon enters Capricorn. More solemn and sober for the next couple of days. Time to focus on self-preservation and things meant to last in your life. Time to take stock of your life. Folks generally not in a generous mood, more frugal, don’t show feelings as much.

The Full Moon this evening inspires us to reach for success (Capricorn) as if it were our destiny. The intense energy of that accompany this Full Moon bring some words of caution.

3:05pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Feeling philanthropic in the afternoon. We feel a desire to help those who cannot help themselves, thus giving us an opportunity for self-transcendence (4th quadrant).

3:45pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra) A wonderful aspect that overcomes the inhibitions of Capricorn to give us a more positive outlook. Good for relationships.

9:07pm – Moon (Capricorn) opposition Sun (Cancer). Full Moon. Typically we expect a Full Moon in Capricorn to be a somewhat conservative time, focus is on the home (Cancer) now. Also, when the Moon is opposing its’ native sign means we are confronted with our insecurities and so prefer a secure environment. We also looking for security in our career and in the things meant to give us stability in life. So it’s not as outgoing as other Full Moon aspects.

But it’s a Full Moon on a Saturday night which means folks will be very active this evening as self-confidence and self-loathing reach a high point at the Full Moon. It’s all about the relationship (opposition) between your basic emotional state (Moon) and yourself (Sun), basically how you feel about yourself, so that’s why we see the very good and very bad come out at this time. At the Full Moon, your creative efforts (Sun) reflect (opposition) your hopes and insecurities (Moon). All the more intense this time because of …

11:05pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Very intense energies around the Full Moon. Be careful, stay away from violent people and places. Powerful subconscious desires come to the surface. Some folks will get completely unhinged. Brings up subversive and vindictive energy. Some folks will desire nothing less than to cause pain. But if you harness this power you can utilize (Capricorn) it to purge your psyche and overcome impotence.

Sun opposition Pluto brings an intense day with potential for confrontation.

8:40am – Moon (Capricorn) opposition Mars (Cancer). Somewhat similar to the Full Moon from yesterday afternoon. This aspect brings an increase in tension and aggressive behavior which could lead to disruptions or fights. Impulsive behavior could lead to accidents. Use caution, especially with the Sun opposition Pluto also happening today.

7:12pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires) Feeling restless and a bit smarter, ready for more independent thinking. Causes disruptions that could lead to accidents, use caution. Void of Course begins.

9:31pm – Sun (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn). Another tough aspect that is sure to bring a strong burst of energy that brings stamina and fortitude to help you accomplish whatever you set out to do today. Just realize you could encounter strong opposition to your plans because Pluto brings powerful forces to the surface where they must be dealt with diplomatically (opposition). Harsh or impatient behavior could cause others to rally against you. Everyone is opportunistic, but if you act selfishly the collective comes to oppose you.

This aspect brings up the need to balance (opposition) your creative energy (Sun) with the power of collective resources (Pluto), which means money, power and influence. It brings up a need for more dominance and control in your life so that you can muster all of the resources necessary for success. So power games and power plays are likely. Brings up strong ambitions, subversive or underhanded behavior, desire to get ahead by whatever means necessary. Important to maintain your integrity and composure, especially if you find yourself challenged by someone.

The best part of this aspect is the energy that it brings to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. If there is hard work to be done, this is a great aspect for it. Good time for repair, reform and transformation (Pluto) of the home (Cancer). Any projects to improve the home work out better under this influence. If you are working with others towards a common goal you may find ego energies are working in harmony as people are willing to put off present gain for future success, especially if it’s for the good of everyone concerned (Pluto).

Insecurities can be cleaned out and purged from the subconscious if you willing to harness the powerful energy coming up inside of you. Failure to harness the energy could lead to accidents. Important to exercise self-control and maintain composure in order to utilize or exploit (Capricorn) the energy.

Interesting Stories:

Debbie Wasserman Shultz
Been watching her lately as she is one of the key people to watch with the unfolding drama regarding the DNC server scandal and Hillary Clinton. Here’s the story. She is turning against her friends. Notice the transit Saturn square Venus. This is a tough transit that can make you disagreeable, even cantankerous towards others. And for sure the is feeling isolated and under intense scrutiny which is also common with this transit.

In summary, she continues to face obvious career difficulties concurrent with difficult Saturn transits, just like we would anticipate. We can anticipate she will face further problems between the time Saturn goes Direct in late August and when it squares her natal Saturn and Venus, mid-October to mid-November, when the issue will come to a conclusion.

Concurrently, Pluto square Mercury is bringing further issues for her to contend with. This transit in many ways more reflects her recent behavior, her attempting to recuperate a laptop in police custody and now turning against her friends. Pluto squares bring up this kind of subversive behavior as well as severing emotional bonds. The last 2 passes, 8/13 and 11/12, so th happen close to the Saturn transits.

John Podesta
On 7/5, the second pass of Pluto conjunct Sun. A once in a lifetime transit that completely transforms you. The upheaval that one experiences during this time is nothing short of life-changing. For him the transformation is all bad because of all the bad things he has done need to come up and cleared out in order for that transformation to take place. This is what happens during this transit. If you try to hold on to things that need to be purged then you bring powerful forces to work against you. Pluto requires that we work for the common good so those elements of yourself that do not work for the common good need to go away at this transit.

Mercury reaches 3d Leo on Saturday, the 8th, which will bring Mercury opposition Mercury and Mars. Like so many Mercury oppositions we’ve seen in the recent past this should put him in the news this coming weekend.

He is scheduled to go before some US House committee to testify regarding DNC emails and all that speculation regarding the server being hacked by the Russians even though the US government has never even looked at the server to determine that. Some are speculating that Podesta will be asked some questions regarding the Seth Rich case, let’s hope.

In summary, it looks like he will be in the news again this week, so we’ll watch for him and see what he does.

On 7/4, the Solar Return, aka birthday for the USA. Here’s the transits.

Neptune trine Sun. This means the USA is receiving some help this year is healing wounds of the past. It’s a very beneficial transit that brings healing energy and often some form of spiritual guide into your life. This transit stimulates compassion and spirituality. The American people will get a spiritual revival of sorts and that change will bring healing to the nation. We’ll see more citizens helping out and getting involved in community activities this year.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn. Very good transit that means renewed vigor for authority and is indicative of good leadership skills, making good decisions. The USA should be able to make notable progress on changes in government as Jupiter brings expansion, new ideas, forgiveness of past mistakes in order to move on into something new. The last pass occurred mid-November last year just after Trump got elected and is indicative of luck (Jupiter) for conservative (Saturn) organizations. This transit also brings some respite from the USA’s natal Saturn square Sun. Jupiter square Sun brings optimism and growth.

Neptune quincunx Saturn. This is a tough one. The USA looses its’ standing in the world, falls from being the world authority. Authority (Saturn) is sacrificed (Neptune) by circumstances beyond its’ control (quincunx). Loss of career. Death of a leader or authority figure. The old guard dies.

The aspect Jupiter quincunx Neptune is manifesting world-wide as delusion (Neptune) regarding religious and political (Jupiter) matters, and is dissolving (Neptune) many political, religious and media-related (Jupiter) people and organizations in the world. As we can see, this aspect impacts the USA’s natal Saturn. So this will effect the USA who will take the blame for many of the world’s problems this year. The collective karma that comes with the quincunx is sure to manifest as dissolving the USA’s authority in the world, which is part of the passage of Neptune through the 10th house when you suffer for the rest of the world and get blamed for things that aren’t your fault. But because of Jupiter and Neptune trine Sun, the USA can also expect some relief of the burden of responsibility.

Saturn opposition Mars. Restrictions on movement, judgment from abroad (Sagittarius). This and the Neptune transits will weaken the USA and make it hard to undertake any military action. The military faces an austere time, lack of resources. Also, any military action will have to be in cooperation (opposition) with foreign (Sagittarius) authority (Saturn) figures. In others worlds, the USA will not be able to go it alone on military affairs this year.

Uranus square Mercury. This is the one that produced so much division in politics last year, the will of the people (Uranus) not being reflected in the political decision making process (Mercury), recall Sanders being cheated by the DNC. It comes close to another pass when Uranus goes retrograde down to 24d34′ on Jan 2, 2018 and it is still in effect in this chart for the coming year.

Mars conjunct Mercury brings a strong voice and strong identification (Mars) with your opinions (Mercury) and the resultant struggles that go along with that. Mercury conjunct Mercury brings a sharp mind and good reasoning ability which hopefully will help in politics.

In Summary, the USA’s role in the world will change this coming year, restrictions on military action, loss of authority on the world stage and suffering for the world’s problems, but makes it through with some good decisions and some help from the American people.

European Union

A Declaration in Central Europe. Here’s an interesting story. The Central European Defense Cooperation, which happens to roughly correspond with the boundary of the old Hapsburg dynasty, is making a pledge to cooperate and stop immigrants from reaching their country in defiance of the Western EU nations. This is an important development in the ongoing struggle for power in Europe.

On 6/27, Uranus opposition Jupiter. Very significant that this opposition to the EU policies is happening on this transit. This is a transit that brings sudden changes, which if you are prepared for means a lucky opportunity, but if not prepared can bring terrible conflict, the kind that is out in the open (Uranus). Uranus is transiting their 9th house, the natural house of Jupiter, so this is the perfect setup for a conflict within EU politics to occur. With Uranus, the issue always involves freedom, equality and right to be unique and self-determined and the 9th house rules foreigners. So it should come as no surprise that we are seeing a strong desire for freedom against the EU political system regarding the issue of immigration. But things remain calm on the surface with Saturn sextile Saturn preventing any major structural changes to show, but this is also indicative of the adaptation (sextile) that we see developing in Central Europe.

What makes this so interesting from a historical perspective is that the Central European block is reminiscent of an old boundary that is now being reformed. All of this revival of cultural identity is coming from the Pluto transits to the grand conjunction in Capricorn. By the way, many other nations in Central and Eastern Europe have similar conjunctions in Capricorn, but without the nasty Moon opposition Mars and Pluto the EU has. So there is a lot of this cultural revival and nationalism going on that is not destructive to the native culture the way it is for the EU as a whole.

On 6/29, we saw Mercury opposition Pluto occur right on top of that conjunction, so that brought the issue to a culmination and more in the news. And this week on Monday, 7/3, Mars opposition Uranus and Neptune. This will be another point of culmination where we could see strong opposition to the establishment.

That’s all for weekly astrology notes. Thanks for viewing and thanks for liking my video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.


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It looks like the power struggle in the EU is shaping up to be a fight between Western and Central Europe over the immigration issue.

The Central European Defence Cooperation commited against mass migration | Visegrád Post

Debbie Wasserman Shultz is now disagreeing with people in her own party.



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