Weekly Astrology Notes July 9-16, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes July 9-16, 2017

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: Just a couple of aspects this week. Sun opposition Pluto on Sunday 7/9 and Mercury sextile Jupiter on Friday 7/14.

Lots to go over concerning the G20 Summit this Friday and Saturday 7/7-8 in Hamburg, Germany. I’ll go over the transits for Germany, the EU, Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump, the USA and a little bit about Iraq.

Sun opposition Pluto brings an intense day with potential for confrontation.

8:40am – Moon (Capricorn) opposition Mars (Cancer). Somewhat similar to the Full Moon from yesterday afternoon. This aspect brings an increase in tension and aggressive behavior which could lead to disruptions or fights. Impulsive behavior could lead to accidents. Use caution, especially with the Sun opposition Pluto also happening today.

7:12pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires) Feeling restless and a bit smarter, ready for more independent thinking. Causes disruptions that could lead to accidents, use caution. Void of Course begins.

9:31pm – Sun (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn). Another tough aspect sure to ignite a strong burst of energy that brings stamina and fortitude to help you accomplish whatever you set out to do today. Just realize you could encounter strong opposition to your plans because Pluto brings powerful forces to the surface where they must be dealt with diplomatically (opposition). Harsh or impatient behavior could cause others to rally against you. Everyone is opportunistic, but if you act selfishly the collective comes to oppose you.

This aspect brings up the need to balance (opposition) your creative energy (Sun) with the power of collective resources (Pluto), which means money, power and influence. It brings up a need for more dominance and control in your life so that you can muster all of the resources necessary for your personal success. So power games and power plays are likely. Brings up strong ambitions, subversive or underhanded behavior, desire to get ahead by whatever means necessary. Important to maintain your integrity and composure, especially if you find yourself challenged by someone.

The best part of this aspect is the energy that it brings to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. If there is hard work to be done, this is a great aspect for it. Good time for repair, reform and transformation (Pluto) of the home (Cancer). Any projects to improve the home work out better under this influence. If you are working with others towards a common goal you may find ego energies are working in harmony when everyone is willing to put off present gain for future success, especially if it’s for the good of everyone concerned (Pluto).

Insecurities can be cleaned out and purged from the subconscious if you willing to harness the powerful energy coming up inside of you. Failure to harness the energy could lead to accidents. Important to exercise self-control and maintain composure in order to utilize or exploit (Capricorn) the energy.

This aspect has strong implications for the G20 Summit happening July 7-8 in Hamburg, Germany, which I will talk about in detail at the end of this video.

10:35pm – Moon enters Aquarius. We are more community oriented and desire more freedom for the next couple of days. People tend to be more friendly, but in an impersonal way. We are more intellectual and looking to express the unique side of ourselves.

Moon in Aquarius.

11:03am – Moon (Aquarius) trine Venus (Gemini) Feelings (Venus) and emotions (Moon) in harmony. Good communication skills, good for business, people feel like buying something.

3:38pm – Moon (Aquarius) opposition Mercury (Leo) Brings up pride. Conscious (Mercury) and subconscious (Moon) conflict, poor reasoning ability and erratic behavior.

Moon in Aquarius brings a couple of great aspects.

3:20am – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra) Emotions expand, enlightened thoughts, love the air and freedom. Very flexible, willing to trying something new. Good for an early morning workout or yoga session. Great for flying.

6:46pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Expansive sextile (Sagittarius to Aquarius), but we operate within reasonable limits (Saturn). Reach for your full potential. Good time to be with friends, groups and professional associations.

Moon enters Pisces in the morning makes it a dreamy day, we’re more open and sensitive to impressions around us.

5:40am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires). Feeling a need for change, very ambitious, moving beyond traditional modes of expression. Strong need to be unique. Void of Course begins.

8:51am – Moon enters Pisces. Moon in Pisces feels humanity’s needs and tries to fulfill them by giving unconditional love and compassion to whomever needs it, despite what that person may have done to deserve their present state. For the next couple of days the boundary between us and others dissolves a bit so we can feel what others are feeling. We are more intuitive and impressionable and can get disappointed more easily and desire to withdraw if we can’t make sense of it all.

Moon in Pisces continues, another dreamy and impressionable day. Very sensitive around mid-day with Moon conjunct Neptune.

2:28am – Moon (Pisces) square Venus (Gemini) Middle of the night.

11:28am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) The monthly poke at your bellybutton. A time when we feel more connected to the rest of humanity. We are very sensitive now and in need of reassurance from the collective that our emotional needs will be fulfilled along with everyone else’s. Around mid-day this aspect will make it hard to focus on work, folks prefer daydreaming. Drink clean water.

6:50pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Passionate feelings and deep emotions give us a desire to help others. Desire to reform society and help the disadvantaged.

Mercury sextile Jupiter makes it a good day for communication, especially public speaking.

2:26am – Moon (Pisces) trine Sun (Cancer) Creative time, middle of the night.

3:08am – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius) Inflexible, hard to please. Feeling isolated.

10:00am – Moon (Pisces) trine Mars (Cancer). Lots of emotional energy, good for a workout to cleanse the emotional body. Purge negative emotions with sweat and hard work. Void of Course begins.

1:46pm – Mercury (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Idealistic thinking. Broad-minded. Good long range perspective. Good for making plans, seeing new opportunities, new ways of doing things. In Leo, good for stage work, making any sort of public presentation or public speaking.

Good time to make an agreement, everyone should be clear on all the issues, nothing hidden. Good time to travel, either local (Mercury) or long-distance (Jupiter). Today we are more eager to learn new things, expand our horizons, show more interest in travel, religion, higher-education, philosophy, politics and sports.

This aspect is good for business and any type of business negotiations. Also good for relationships as both sides will feel like talking. And that really is the most obvious manifestation of this aspect. Even usually solitary types will be in the mood for conversation today. But remember Jupiter is not interested in the details and keeping the conversation light is preferable. All of this expansion (Jupiter) of the conscious mind (Mercury) helps us move into something new and interesting, but with the sextile you need to put out the effort.

4:52pm – Moon enters Aires. The fire sign Aires energizes folks, inspires new beginnings, so it’s a good time to start new projects. Pay attention to your own needs for the next couple of days. Subconscious (Moon) urges are expressed in forceful (Aires) manner. This can give us the energy to fulfill our desires, but it also makes folks headstrong. It’s a good time to attend to what is most important to you in life, things meant to last. Moon is in it’s 10th step in the 12 step process that begins with Cancer. So the Moon is masterful, like Capricorn, in Aires. There is a strong urge to do something, build something that helps you stand up in the world.

Moon in Aires makes for an energetic and active day with all positive aspects. Good day for recreation.

2:40pm – Moon (Aires) sextile Venus (Gemini) Feelings and emotions in harmony. Good for pleasant conversation and artistic endeavors.

8:03pm – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra) Good time to be in a crowd. Emotions (Moon) expand to meet (opposition) the best side (Jupiter) in others. Everyone wants to be in a relationship now.

11:38pm – Moon (Aires) trine Mercury (Leo) Communication flows smoothly and it’s real easy to express your feelings. Good time for recreation (Leo). Fire trine, very creative and expressive with lots of flair.

Moon in Aires makes some rather challenging aspects today. Demanding and disruptive behavior could cause arguments this afternoon. Use caution.

1:06am – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn) Rebellious attitude in the middle of the night.

8:50am – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) The only mellow aspect today. Emotional benefits come from willful acceptance of duty. Relations with authority figures is good.

12:26pm – Moon (Aires) square Sun (Cancer). Last Quarter Moon. The Aires to Cancer square is characterized as identity (Aires) needs conflict with obligations in the home (Cancer). The Moon rules the home (Cancer) and is making two difficult squares to Cancer this afternoon, so it could be a rather disruptive time in the home. Emotions are demanding, aggressive and volatile. It is also a time of delicate digestion. Any upset will take away your appetite.

The Last Quarter Moon is always a time of testing to see if your plans worked out well this month. Either a payoff happens for those that made progress or frustration for those whose plans fell through. The thing is these plans are usually made on the subconscious (Moon) level, so if we are not consciously aware of our desires, it can be really upsetting. Consequently, at these times, you may feel unfulfilled and not know exactly why. But if expressed internally it’s good for therapy. A time of introspection to ask yourself what really makes you happy and resolve to do that on the next cycle.

6:12pm – Moon (Aires) square Mars (Cancer) This aspect is even more volatile than the previous because both planets making a square to their native sign. Ego conflicts, hurt feelings if we are not careful. People identify (Mars) with their sensitivity (Moon) and it’s hard to consider the needs of others. People are very demanding. The best bet is to just be aware of the energy and not react to it. Understand that there are times when needs cannot be met and not to loose sight of the big picture.

7:19pm – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires) People ready for a change of pace, moods (Moon) change (Uranus) suddenly, with surprise. Each month this aspect comes along to break us out of a stagnant situation and give us the ambition to move on to something new. This aspect could produce more stress coming so soon after these difficult squares. Maybe you make a break for freedom after a hectic afternoon, feeling a need for independence and nurturing (Moon) the unique (Uranus) side of yourself. Admit you need more freedom now and allow others to have the same freedom.

Interesting Stories:

The G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany on July 7-8 is very important. Major decisions effecting all of us will happen then. Numerous transits for major players happening early this week indicate limitation and feelings of separation and disappointment as events reach a point of culmination. The aspect Sun opposition Pluto on 7/9 means lots of power plays and subversive behavior, but leaders feel guilt if they take a course of action contrary to the needs of the collective (Pluto). They are supposed to discuss terrorism and international trade agreements, but the fall of the petrodollar and a new monetary system are sure to be important topics as well. Of particular note is the prevalence of hard Saturn transits for Trump, Germany and the EU and how the Sun opposition Pluto aspect ties in to all of this. So let’s take a look at the aspects of the major players.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Germany has Saturn at 18d Capricorn, same as Uranus Neptune in the chart of the EU, which makes Germany the authority in the EU. This critical degree, is getting oppositions from Mars and the Sun, so they are both feeling demoralized.

First on 7/3, Mars opposition Saturn, a point of culmination like I mentioned recently on 5/28, when character equals destiny. They are feeling restrained by circumstances beyond their control. Then on 7/11, the Sun opposition Saturn which brings feelings of limitation and a sense of disconnect between you and others. Hard to feel good about yourself. It will inhibit them from getting their way, cause frustration.

On 7/9, the aspect Sun opposition Pluto occurs very close to their natal Saturn. So the uncompromising and undiplomatic equalities of this aspect hit them hard. They are going to be stubborn, refuse to compromise. All oppositions require diplomacy, but in this case the Pluto energy is subversive and vengeful and makes it hard for anyone to find agreement.

This opposition and the resultant transits are where I am getting the sense that there is some other authority, one not spoken of in the press, that is at work during this G20 Summit. Powerful forces of changes are being thrust upon everyone and it does not look like any public player is going to get what they want. Hidden forces (Pluto) are at play during this time.

European Union

On 7/9, the aspect Sun opposition Pluto occurs right on top of their Uranus-Neptune conjunction, so the conflict that arises from this aspect resonates to the core of what they are about as well. They will react with indignation towards any imbalance they perceive to be not in their favor, or against their best interests. Again, very uncompromising attitude. It looks like a time of power plays and confrontation and no one getting what they want because this aspect means everyone is holding on for their fair share of the collective (Pluto) pie.

On 7/11, Sun opposition Uranus and Neptune. For them these transits are similar to the Sun opposition Saturn for Germany because it’s in the sign of Capricorn, so much of the same applies to them also, limitation and feelings of separation. As well, Sun opposition Neptune brings deception, confusion and doubt, low energy and inability to assert yourself. Many things remain hidden and therefore missed so it’s not a good transit under which to make an agreement. Sun opposition Uranus brings surprising events, often upsetting, changing direction in unpredictable ways, hard to follow a predetermined course of action, restless, need freedom, easily agitated. Again not good transits under which to make an agreement. Even more so with them.

Special note, Trumps has poor synastry with Germany and the EU. His natal Saturn at 23d Cancer closely opposes this critical degree (18d Capricorn), so he is like a wet blanket to them.

Saudi Arabia

They are also in the G20, but they are in serious disarray right now. I would like to introduce a story and encourage my viewers to check it out to get a good summary of what is going on in Saudi Arabia. They are showing further signs up falling apart concurrent with an overall shift in the power structure in the Middle-East. Their power is connected to the US petrodollar which is going away and the Saudi Regime does not know how to deal with reality in the new paradigm. Saturn in Capricorn/10th house, they are stuck on tradition. If you read the economic news behind their recent spat with Qatar, it’s all about selling oil in some currency other than the petrodollar.

On 7/6, Uranus square Saturn. There’s a few things overall happening related to this. First, the people (Uranus) demand their say in matters normally reserved for authority (Saturn). Notice in this story how there is revolt against austerity measures. The regime cannot ignore the will of the people any longer.

Since they began, their natal Uranus square Saturn and Pluto has manifested as the people (Uranus) do not share authority (Saturn) nor do they have a say in how collective resources like oil (Pluto) are utilized. However, this has now changed since experiencing their Uranus return last year, which really did bring a revolution internally for them. But it was a moment which passed with a surprising lack of news, consistent with their natal Saturn which is the only planet above the horizon, it’s all we see of them looking from the outside. But now we can see that there was a series of substantial changes in the kingdom.

Second, a shake up (Uranus) at the top (Saturn). Recently, the current ruler appointed his son as successor, bypassing his brother in the normal line of succession, which is not consistent with their natal Saturn, authority (Saturn) is being forced modernize (Uranus). This is the break with tradition is clearly a manifestation of Uranus square Saturn, the positive side is to help you break out of stagnation. If the current ruler dies soon, there is going to be a split at the top.

This transit is clearly manifesting like we’d expect, and it’s showing their inability to deal with change and bringing out impulsive and uncharacteristic behavior from them.

The third manifestation of this aspect I will leave for my discussion on the USA. But it’s the most important element.

On 7/8, Mars square Uranus. A time of great restlessness and poorly thought out plans. Insecurities (Cancer) arise and are expressed without inhibition. Impulsive behavior arises to try and cover up. Lack of discipline, revolt against tradition and better judgment. This is a volatile transit that could create a lot of problems for them. It will make it almost impossible to back down from their foolish demands to Qatar. They will get carried away by their own hubris. It looks pretty bad, especially at the time of the G20 Summit when they need to be diplomatic.

On 7/10, Mars conjunct Pluto. This transit is sure to ignite their passion for dominance. This transit can give you confidence, incredible stamina and ability to move mountains to achieve success. But at the same time brings out war-like behavior. This is the kind of transit that will make them think they can carry out their plans against Qatar.

In summary, the Saudi Regime is facing extreme difficulty which they are not capable of dealing with and their belligerent behavior will only get worse and hasten their demise. Their current behavior feels like a revolution really did happen last year, but it was under the surface and hard to see. The next two passes of Uranus square Saturn are August 31 and April 10, 2018. We may very well be looking at the dying gasps of the Saudi Regime and it will be interesting to see what kind of power plays they make at the G20 Summit.

Donald Trump

On 7/7, Saturn opposition Sun. This transit should slow him down a bit, like hitting a brick wall. This is a rather difficult transit, it turns you inside-out as I mentioned this recently when we had this aspect on 6/15 if you are interested to go back and refresh your memory. Likely, the chorus of people telling him to tone down his wild tweets will grow stronger. This transit can produce a profound feeling of being disconnected from others and it brings up feelings of disappointment. It may indicate a limitation on his plans. Occurring at the time of the G20 Summit, he can expect a stone cold reception, a time when he will have to face and contend with authority of equal power that he must negotiate with, he can’t avoid certain realities.

On 7/10, Mars conjunct Saturn. This is a good transit and should be used wisely when it arrives in your life. It is the start of a new cycle of self (Mars)-mastery (Saturn). The more you focus on things meant to last the better off you are in the long run. Don’t expect a gift at this time, rather the payoff for this transit comes later, so you really need to lay the proper ground work when it arrives. This transit enables him to expend energy in a long sustained drive rather than the typical shorts bursts of energy associated with Mars. It will help him focus and get work done as well as steer clear of superficial or non-traditional behavior.

Saturn will go Stationary Direct at 21d11′ Sagittarius on August 25. That is right on top of his Moon. Extended Saturn conjunct Moon. This will be a time of intense therapy for him. It is a solemn time when if used properly can give you great insight into your mental state and heal psychological wounds, restructure (Saturn) the subconscious (Moon) mind and your insecurities. It could put a damper on his usual outgoing self.

On 7/14, Jupiter conjunct Chiron. I interpret this transit as forgiveness or release from pain because I have read that the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint is a lucky point in your natal chart. I encourage you to check out the book, “Chiron and the Healing Journey”, by Melanie Reinhart.

On 7/11, Jupiter conjunct Saturn. This transit is characterized by either expanding your horizons or expanding within your existing structure, either way is good depending on what is right for you. Generally a very good transit that brings new opportunities and often relief from some burden. Transit also enables good decision making and leadership ability. So it’s a good sign for the USA during the G20 Summit. The people of the USA know what they want.

Also on 7/11, Mars conjunct Mercury. This transit produces a strong identification (Mars) with your ideas (Mercury), a demanding, uncompromising attitude. It could ignite a political confrontation, but we’re having so many of those these days. I interpret this as indicating the mood of the American people is that they feel no need to compromise on international matters at this time. Notwithstanding any of the facts, that is the mood of the people. So it’s doubtful the American people even care about the G20.

Uranus square Pluto. Exact on 7/27, goes Retrograde at 28d32′ on 8/2. So this transit is extended due to the slow motion before and after going Retrograde. In effect from now throughout August. This is the big transit for the USA this summer. This transit foretells a time when many parts of yourself fall away in order to make way for fundamental change and reform. It characterized by things falling apart. These most notable effects of this transit on a national level is that many states are now on verge of bankruptcy. With this transit, you must release the old, worn out patterns that no longer serve your highest good. In the process there is a lot of pain that you must go through. So if you want to know the astrological correspondence to all of this bad economic news with the states, it’s this transit.

In many ways the USA has represented the most powerful, and therefore most Plutonian, force on the planet. Our currency (Pluto) and our power (Pluto) to guide the collective have been stronger than anyone. This unchecked power has corrupted our political system and military to the core. So we need lots of reform. All of America’s problems come from misuse of that collective power. Uranus represents the new paradigm of evolution and in the new paradigm those old ways are no longer acceptable. So many Americans like myself are happy to see this misuse of power end so we can clean up our nation, drain the swamp, like Trump has been saying, despite the pain we must go through. But of course there is powerful opposition from the corrupt politicians and corporate controlled mainstream media who stand much to loose during the transition from economic and military superpower to hopefully once again a truly great nation.

The most notable manifestation of this transit on an international level shall be an end of the US petrodollar. This will have tremendous repercussions throughout the world, not just the USA. I could go on for days. The point is astrologers are suppose to give you the issues and dates and that’s what I am doing. We can time the fall of the US petrodollar and the bankruptcy of the states to this transit.

As far as the effect of this transit on the G20 Summit, America will be a rebel and isolated (Pluto square) from the group (Uranus) as we seek to evolve (Uranus) on our own terms. I don’t see any potential for long-term agreements to be made or kept under this influence. Lots of potential for underhanded (Pluto) tactics, attempts to outsmart (Uranus) the competition. America is ready for a break from international interests shaping our nation, this transit brings out the rebel who refuses to conform.

I should add that it is a great time for individualism in America. In fact, any American who is a rebel (Uranus) for the greater good of the people (Pluto) will be seen as a hero now and will receive the glory that comes from being the Aquarian archetype in a society. Every society has Aquarian archetype, one who enjoys universal appeal and support from their fellow man.

And lastly, one important point to make astrologically. USA’s Pluto and Saudi Arabia’s Saturn are both at 28d Capricorn. These nations share a common destiny. The economic power (Pluto) of America has a common destiny with the Saudi Regime, the authority (Saturn) in Saudi Arabia, they rise and fall together. This Uranus square is severing that common destiny. We saw a similar astrological event in late 2015 with the USA’s Saturn (authority) and China’s Neptune (ancient families) which received simultaneous Pluto square. The effected severed the common destiny and the result was the Chinese Yuan became part of the basket of currencies to replace the US petrodollar as the world reserve currency. The same kind of severing it happening now between the US and Saudi Arabia. Recall earlier in the video I mentioned a third manifestation of Uranus square Saturn for Saudi Arabia, this is it.

They put out a proclamation recently stating that ISIS (Daesh) is defeated. Here’s the story. I am seeing this as a manifestation of the aspect Mercury opposition Pluto on that day, which brought information (Mercury) about the state of the power struggle (Pluto). I see this message as important because of the subject matter and the concurrent aspect. We should expect this type of thing during this aspect and when we see it, give it the importance it deserves. This is very important and very good news and although the mainstream media is fixated on other topics, this actually should be headline news.

As for Iraq, something wonderful is happening with them. Uranus conjunct Mars is giving them the most incredible boost of confidence and ability to change (Uranus) direction (Mars), adopt a new identity, move in ways like they’ve never moved before and fight in surprising ways. This transit brings out the warrior spirit in a person like no other, especially in Aires.

Iraq is a nation that is really manifesting the new paradigm of Uranus in Aires. It’s a great transit to fight a war, the best. Last two passes are 11/17/2017 and 2/17/2018. There is no doubt this transit is helping them to defeat Daesh (ISIS) and once they finish, Iraq will transform once Pluto opposes their Sun next year.

That’s all for weekly astrology notes. Thanks for viewing and thanks for liking my video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.

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