Weekly Astrology Notes July 16-23, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes July 16-23, 2017

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: We have a busy week ahead. 5 aspects this week, most notably Mars square Uranus on Monday and Sun square Uranus on Thursday. These two aspects form the overall theme this week, which is a time of restlessness and desire for independence. As well we have Venus square Neptune on Monday and Venus trine Jupiter on Tuesday. Together these two Venus aspects will give us a bit of expansion and feeling of enlightenment, more warmth and compassion along with some wishful thinking. On Wednesday, Mercury trine Saturn gives us a productive day, good for business and relations with authority figures.

I’ll also discuss the upcoming Jupiter square Pluto aspect on 8/4 and go over transits for George Soros, President Trump, Pope Francis, the Federal Reserve and Jamey Comey.

On Sunday, Moon in Aires makes some rather challenging aspects today. Demanding and disruptive behavior could cause arguments this afternoon. Use caution.

On Monday, an expansive yet confusing day with contrasting aspects. Venus square Neptune leave us inspired, yet weak and vulnerable while Mars square Uranus makes us bold and unpredictable.

On Tuesday, Venus trine Jupiter brings abundant good feelings, but Mars square Uranus is still in effect for at least the first half of today. The confluence of energy sets us aloft this morning to bring a feeling of personal liberation.

On Wednesday, Mercury trine Saturn has us focused on work and getting ahead today. Good day for business.

On Thursday, Sun square Uranus brings another disruptive day, folks looking for change.

On Friday, a sensitive day with Moon in Cancer. Be gentle to yourself and others today.

On Saturday, Moon in Cancer gives us two challenging aspects today and the Sun enters Leo.

On Sunday, the New Moon in Leo brings the start of new lunar cycle and what looks to be a courageous month ahead.

Moon in Aires makes some rather challenging aspects today. Demanding and disruptive behavior could cause arguments this afternoon. Use caution.

1:06am – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn) Rebellious attitude in the middle of the night.

8:50am – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) The only mellow aspect today. Emotional benefits come from willful acceptance of duty. Relations with authority figures is good.

12:26pm – Moon (Aires) square Sun (Cancer). Last Quarter Moon. The Aires to Cancer square is characterized as identity (Aires) needs conflict with obligations in the home (Cancer), so it could be a rather disruptive time in the home. Emotions are demanding, aggressive and volatile. It is also a time of delicate digestion. Any upset will take away your appetite.

The Last Quarter Moon is always a time of testing to see if your plans worked out well this month. Either a payoff happens for those that made progress or frustration for those who didn’t. Plans are often made on the subconscious (Moon) level, so you are not always aware of why your feel upset.

But this aspect is also good for therapy. A time of introspection to ask yourself what really makes you happy and resolve to do better on the next cycle.

6:12pm – Moon (Aires) square Mars (Cancer) This aspect is even more volatile than the previous because both planets making a square to their native sign. Ego conflicts, hurt feelings if we are not careful. People identify (Mars) with their sensitivity (Moon) and it’s hard to consider the needs of others. People are very demanding. The best bet is to just be aware of the energy and not react to it. Understand that there are times when needs cannot be met and not to loose sight of the big picture.

7:19pm – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires) People ready for a change of pace, moods (Moon) change (Uranus) suddenly, with surprise. Each month this aspect comes along to break us out of a stagnant situation and give us the ambition to move on to something new. This aspect could produce more stress coming so soon after these difficult squares. Maybe you make a break for freedom after a hectic afternoon, feeling a need for independence and nurturing (Moon) the unique (Uranus) side of yourself. Admit you need more freedom now and allow others to have the same freedom.

An expansive yet confusing day with contrasting aspects. Venus square Neptune leave us inspired, yet weak and vulnerable while Mars square Uranus makes us bold and unpredictable.

7:34am – Venus (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) Neptune is seen as the higher vibration of Venus. When these two planets get together, there is always artistic inspiration along with wishful thinking, lack of discernment and deception that leads to disappointment.

With the square you sense a crisis. You see someone who’s needs are not being met, someone who is disadvantaged and you feel (Venus) compassion (Neptune) without bothering to discern the circumstances of the issue. Blindly agreeing with someone just to assuage the sense of discontent in the world is common. People lie down like a rug and allow others to walk all over them. Relationships (Venus) are particularly vulnerable to this manifestation. Communication (Gemini) has a hidden element to it, not sharing your thoughts with others, often things left unspoken or seeing things that others do not see and can’t say anything.

Aspect forces us to behave diplomatically (Venus) towards everyone, regardless of how you might feel about them. That can feel very counterproductive, takes the wind out of your sails, makes you feel weak and unable to stand up for yourself. There is no profit in Neptune in a worldly sense, it causes your energy to dissipate, it’s like part of you belongs to the rest of the world and there is nothing you can do about it.

The remedy is to work with the spiritual side of yourself under this aspect. Consciously give time to others but try not to absorb their energy or feelings of discontent. Take nothing personally. Spending time in meditation is always helpful, help to recollect your energy.

Despite all the warnings, this aspect can bring a warm, compassionate feeling that enables you to forgive others.

This is the first square in the Venus-Neptune cycle that began on 1/13/17 at 9d Pisces.

6:35pm – Mars (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires) This aspect is much like the later Sun square Uranus coming on Thursday. A time of great restlessness, desire (Mars) for freedom (Uranus) and independence with a strong potential for disruptions and arguments that lead to fights. Mars squares its’ native sign, so individual (Mars) freedom (Uranus) runs counter to the objective of this aspect, yet that is what everyone craves. Instead of asserting (Mars) yourself, you need to assert community values (Uranus), do what is good for others and not look for personal glory. Identify your desires (Mars) with the desires of the community. Then you can avoid the obvious problems associate with aspect and get value out of it. And always remember when fighting for your freedom you must liberate (Uranus) yourself first (Mars) before the rest of the world. And that too is part of this aspect. And as they say, those who cannot find freedom within, go without, and they are the ones who create the disruptions.

Uranus is intelligent and if you want to gain the intelligence that this aspect can bring you need to internalize it, observe the behavior of others. You will notice that you become more aware of what everyone else is not getting on a social level, everyone’s insecurities (Cancer). But by not reacting to the situation, you open your mind to learn so much more about what is really going on in social settings.

Both of these Uranus squares are to Cancer, so it’s like a Uranus square Moon thrown into the mix on both aspects. People are very sensitive (Moon) to social groups (Uranus) and feel (Moon) a strong need to belong, so strong that both of these aspects bring a fascination with the unusual or strange, even to the point of being attracted to someone who is bad for you just to bring some excitement into your life. Watch out for wanting change only for the sake of change.

Social groups, especially political ones, will be emboldened this week. Strong probability of social unrest, even another false flag event. This aspect bring divergent (Uranus) types of people together so they can work out their differences, and that often involves disagreements. Steer clear of violent protests this week. Liberate yourself first.

This is the first square in the Mars-Uranus cycle that began on 2/26/17 at 22d Aires. So today we experience the first challenge to expressing our individuality (Mars) in the new paradigm (Uranus).

9:56pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Feeling warm and sensitive late in the evening.

Venus trine Jupiter brings abundant good feelings, but Mars square Uranus is still in effect for at least the first half of today. The confluence of energy sets us aloft this morning to bring a feeling of personal liberation.

4:30am – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Feel like making an improvement for the better. We have the energy to help others as well as ourselves in this moment.

9:01am – Moon (Taurus) square Mercury (Leo) Subconscious (Moon) thoughts interfere with communication (Mercury) ability. Need to assert personal values.

1:08pm – Venus (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra) A wonderful aspect, sure to bring an abundance (Jupiter) of feelings (Venus). Basically the best aspect in the book. Nothing bad to say about this one. Today you are able to share (Venus) the best side of yourself (Jupiter) with others without hesitation. That’s sounds like an affirmation, but really that’s the general interpretation. The Gemini to Libra trine is good communication skills (Gemini) leads to relationship and partnership (Libra) opportunities. Talking nice will get you somewhere today. Folks more apt to get dressed up today and look their best. People are very socially oriented, not on time, more fashionably late.

Like all trines and sextiles, you need to put out some effort being diplomatic and pleasant just for the sake of being pleasant. It may seem superficial, but it is an essential part of life and today being congenial works to your benefit more than on other days. Aspect is good for relationships and creative endeavors. Good day for business, lots of transactions (Gemini) and folks more willing to make an impulse buy, something to make themselves more beautiful (Venus). Good day for travel or to begin a vacation.

6:56pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Sun (Cancer) A creative time, very receptive, sensual (Taurus) and tender (Cancer). Share this time with someone special in your life.

11:11pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Mars (Cancer) Great aspect for sex. Void of Course begins.

Mercury trine Saturn has us focused on work and getting ahead today. Good day for business.

12:31am – Moon enters Gemini. For the next couple of days, emotional energy is active and moves from one thing to the next quickly. Good time catch up on missed connections. Nerves can get overtaxed if you’re not careful. Hard to feel depth of emotional commitment when things happen so fast. Need to slow down. Moon in it’s death cycle in Gemini.

12:16pm – Mercury (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius). Thinking (Mercury) conservatively and efficiently (Saturn). Saturn slows down the mind, but in a good way, enabling us to collect our thoughts and plan ahead better. Thinking is efficient (Saturn), maintained within respectable limits and we seek to make the most out of every situation, but not in an egotistical way. Rather the idea is to gather as much available information thereby getting the most out of what you have. Excellent aspect for planning, communication with authority figures. Good day to talk to your superiors and develop better relations with them. Good day for business, people are looking to make a purchase meant to last.

This is the last trine in the Mercury-Saturn cycle that began on 11/23/16 at 16d Sagittarius. The second trine in any cycle is the Sagittarius trine, a time when you achieve perspective (Sagittarius says : I perceive”). So it’s a good time to look back at the progress you have made since then. Wonderful things about this aspect is it gets you too look back, learn from the past, and move ahead with better understanding. This cycle began soon after Trump was elected and it began a new cycle of political (Mercury) restructuring (Saturn). We should all be able to get a better perspective on his presidency.


Sun square Uranus brings another disruptive day, folks looking for change.

1:54am – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra) Middle of the night.

4:39am – Moon conjunct Venus (Gemini) Emotions (Moon) in balance (Venus). Wholesome attitude.

5:20am – Mars enters Leo. Until Sept 6, 7 weeks. Everyone desires (Mars) to be on stage (Leo). Enthusiastic, fun-loving, enjoys sports and recreation, like to plot their own path in life, not humble, especially about their hobbies and creative endeavors. Good time to begin a new hobby or a new romance, something to help you express your creative side. Mars is our direction, it collects the energy of the inner planets in one single vector so you can apply that energy towards activity in the world. With Mars in Leo, we need to apply energy towards our creative endeavors in order to get ahead in life. So don’t neglect the creative side of yourself for the next 7 weeks.

12:32pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) Emotions restricted by responsibilities, folks are cold. Feeling judgmental, hard to share feelings. Slows down digestion, eat a warm meal at lunch if you can.

3:04pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Mercury (Leo) Good time to express your feelings. Communication takes on flair and emotion. Great singing aspect.

5:24pm – Sun (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires). This can be a pretty exciting and often disruptive aspect. The purpose, like so many Uranus aspects, is to help you break out of a stagnant situation and move into something new. Strong need for independence, but the lack of restraint and desire to revolt against authority figures is so strong that you may do something impulsive that you later regret. People are restless and looking for a confrontation today. This could cause fights and other violent behavior.

The good side of this aspect is that is does make you more intelligent and able to move with greater flexibility, but understand that this comes at a cost to preserving the structures in your life. As I have seen it at work in my life, there are two ways to rebel with this aspect. The good way is to rebel against restrictions that someone else has unfairly imposed upon you. The bad way to rebel against the restrictions that you you have placed on yourself. If you handle this aspect the good way, then you are sure to get relief of some kind along with a new set of possibilities in life. If you handle it the bad way, then you are only destroying yourself and will later come to regret it.

Try to internalize the energy of this aspect. Claim you independence internally first before you seek external expressions of freedom. In a sense, try and do the opposite of what you may be feeling, surprise yourself, instead of trying to change the world and thereby creating chaos around you, try and change yourself. You may find that you have more freedom in the long run.

10:40pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) Ambitious, looking for a change of pace. Void of Course begins.

A sensitive day with Moon in Cancer. Be gentle to yourself and others today.

1:09am – Moon enters Cancer. Moon begins a new cycle in Cancer. For the next couple of days you go into your shell a bit, protect the sensitive side of yourself, and prefer to spend time at home.

11:34pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) A tender (Moon) and compassionate (Neptune) aspect, perfect for late in the evening.

Moon in Cancer gives us two challenging aspects today and the Sun enters Leo.

2:34am – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra) Middle of the night.

5:49am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Early morning feeling passionate and intense. Strong burst of energy. Could be disruptive at home (Cancer).

8:16am – Sun enters Leo. Sun begins a new cycle in Leo. We now have 3 planets in Leo. Let the season of self-expression begin. Leo is the King or Queen. Good at playing the leader of the group, one who is concerned that everyone gets the play their part on the stage of life. Romantic and affectionate, Sun in Leo has no problem putting on a display to attract a mate. Sun in Leo is good at teaching, loves children.

11:05pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires) Feeling isolated from the group, desire to sever emotional bonds in order to break free. Folks are smarter now, attracted to the unusual. Void of Course begins.

The New Moon in Leo brings the start of new lunar cycle and what looks to be a courageous month ahead.

1:34am – Moon enters Leo. Now 4 in Leo. Means that people are looking for romance and recognition. We all need that today more than usual.

2:46am – Moon conjunct Sun (Leo). New Moon. Always the most creative time of the month. A time when we have more confidence and instinctual capacity to create what we want in life over the course of the coming month. Aspects around this time give a general idea of what’s in store this month. The strong fire sign energy on the Moon this month means everyone is like a boiling kettle. It makes for a lot of inspiration and charisma, but increased agitation. With Mars so close in the mix, it’s a month of new beginnings, asserting yourself and co-creating your place in this world. Not a time to be shy and withdrawn. Time to come out of your shell and tell the universe what you want. Start a new hobby or creative project or romance, whatever you are ready for. Put yourself out there and do it. Also note there is a strong increase in energy level this month. Perfect time for recreation. Bestows courage (Leo) just like the next aspect. No couch potatoes this month.

4:41am – Moon conjunct Mars (Leo) We identify (Mars) with our emotions (Moon). The thing is emotions change must faster than identity. So we experience strong mood swings that can result in outbursts and aggressive behavior. Already a courageous aspect, even more so in Leo.

So it looks like a courageous month ahead and it looks like we are really going to need it. The major aspect happening during this time is Jupiter square Pluto. That’s all for this week’s aspects.

Interesting Stories:

Jupiter square Pluto
Let’s start looking ahead to the third and last pass pass of Jupiter square Pluto on August 4, 2017 at 17d30′. Jupiter Direct, Pluto Retrograde. This aspect has already shown us the incredible power it has to expose excessive and licentious (Jupiter) sexuality (Pluto). The first pass on 11/24/2016 was close to the time that the Pizzagate story broke in the mainstream media. Since then there has been a global crackdown on pedophiles and their child sex trafficking rings. All over the world these organizations have been exposed, the pedophiles arrested and many children have been freed. Despite not much about this in the US mainstream media. Most recently, the 3rd most powerful man in the Vatican, Cardinal Pell was arrested for multiple sexual assaults against children. And in Germany a massive rings involving 87,000 members, even Brad Pittis openly exposing this elite cult, he says “Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America” it sounds like he is turning into a conspiracy theorist. Stories like these have been coming ever since the first pass of this aspect. So I am thinking that as we approach the last pass, we’ll reach a critical mass of stories and the mainstream media is forced to cover the issue or maybe some really big players in the USA will be exposed. We shall soon see how far up the chain of command this goes and if this a precursor to a much bigger revelation.

Regardless of who finally gets arrested, the most widespread and obvious manifestation of this aspect it that it is now common knowledge about what is really happening in the world that there are child sex trafficking rings in the most powerful organizations on the planet including churches, political organizations, and the entertainment industry. And these rings operate primarily for the purpose of keeping powerful people in line through blackmail.

Another issue that is associated with this aspect is pornography, the publication (Jupiter) of sexuality (Pluto). One of the manifestations that we have already witnessed with this aspect is that is encouraged people to drop moral judgment and do something that causes embarrassment. Some of my viewers may recall the story about Evo Morales, President of Ecuador, who has a natal Jupiter square Pluto and accidentally broadcast the porno on his cell phone during a legislative session on the day that Mars activated that natal aspect. It’s a good example of this aspect causing embarrassment due to unscrupulous behavior.

We all seem to be involved with the reform of our society these days, reform (Pluto) has become synonymous with politics (Jupiter). The need for reform seems to be the main concern in every political discussion. As well, legal (Jupiter) conflicts usually accompany this aspect and we seem to be headed for several major legal showdowns on the last pass.

Another obvious manifestation of this aspect is that it is bringing about events meant to reform (Pluto) mainstream media (Jupiter). We’ve seen a lot of that lately with the CNN fake news memes, they are getting worst ratings than Yoga Bear reruns. This aspect is exposing how mainstream media (Jupiter) works in private (Pluto) to manipulate (Pluto) the public and now that too has become conventional wisdom (Jupiter), just like the pedophile revelations.

Higher education (Jupiter) is embattled in power struggles (Pluto), like Evergreen College in Washington State. Even professional sports (Jupiter) isn’t sure how to handle guys like Colin Kaepernick. This aspect has been activating his natal Mars opposition Moon, coincidental with all his obsessive behavior and his career in the NFL may be over. If you listen to him now he talks about a need to get back to his ancestral roots, sounds very Pluto square Moon. But you see what can happen when a planet opposes it’s native sign, in this case Mars, it’s very self-destructive to whatever aspect of yourself that planet and sign relates to. It’s similar to what is happening this week with Mars square Uranus (Aires) on Monday and as I mentioned you really can’t claim your individuality without fighting against your own identity. So you need to be really careful.

Only a political level this aspect is disrupting (Pluto) international relations (Jupiter), severing common bonds as Pluto squares often do. All international issues seem to focus on reform nowadays. And here in the USA, passionate and obsessive (Pluto) displays of rhetoric and philosophy (Jupiter) have accompanied the rise of groups like Antifa. They are one of Soros’ creations, and here is a recent story from Israel where they have declared that George Soros is a “threat to democratic governments”, let’s look at his transits.

On 7/16, he gets Jupiter opposition Uranus, either a lucky transit or a time of serious confrontation. It looks like the later for him. In these signs, this is one of the most confrontational transits one can have. This is the last pass, so the issue is ripe for resolution. All of the liberties (Uranus) he has taken, all of the hubris (Uranus) he has spewed, all of the underhanded things he has done to take away the freedom (Uranus) of others, all that has all been broadcast (Jupiter) over the course of this transit. Much of what he has been doing has now come to light and even Israel hates him now, just like his native homeland of Hungary they have already kicked out all of his NGOs. So the world in closing in on him.

Over the next couple of reports I’ll cover who is going to manifest this last pass of Jupiter square Pluto. As we’ve seen in the past, when an aspect makes transits to a person’s natal chart, that person ends up being the one who manifests the aspect for many. And once again, it’s Trump.

Donald Trump
On 8/4, you can see that this square will give him Jupiter conjunct Jupiter and Pluto square Jupiter. That’s very good for him. Jupiter return is a very opportunistic transit that will do a lot to counteract the Saturn conjunct Moon (Sagittarius). And Pluto square Jupiter is the most ambitious transit in the book and potentially lucky as well. Although it is also a very accident prone transit, so he needs to be careful.

Last week I mentioned how his Saturn transits are going to slow him down, but that will do him good in this case to balance the Jupiter and Pluto influence. So as I see it, these transits compliments one another well, they each remedy the bad side of the other.

In fact, as it turns out, his Saturn transits are giving him more authority and the Saturn opposition Sun is not slowing him down as much as it is enabling him to show his ability to negotiate with other authority figures. His has made a very good impression on Russian leaders with his comprehension of the facts. The combination of the two forces, expansion and ambition from the Jupiter and Pluto along with conservative, practical negotiating skills from the Saturn transits, plus an ability to adapt and change coming from the Uranus trine Mars, all of this will propel him to his highest potential. These are very good transits to be going through during these difficult times ahead.

In particular, the Jupiter square Pluto landing on his Jupiter indicates that he will win the war with the media. And that’s the big point to make here.

Pope Francis
Notice his Pluto at 28d Cancer sits exactly opposite Pluto in USA’s chart, so just as USA is going through Uranus square Pluto, so is he. So as the USA is experiencing radical upheaval (Uranus) with respect to collective resources (Pluto), so is he. Interesting to note a story in the alternative press which states “Pope Francis destroys all corporation releasing all the trust funds to humanity.” Now, I understand this is really far out wishful thinking, but we cannot deny the obvious correspondence between this news and his transit. This transit indicates a revolution (Uranus) in banking (Pluto). Clearly something significant is going on with his actions now. He and the church are being forced to change. Even the Pope must change the way he deals with the issue of collective resources.

Even if this article is just wishful thinking, the Uranus square Pluto transits along with the Jupiter square Pluto aspect are bringing profound changes to the world’s monetary system.

Federal Reserve
Coincidental with the story about the Pope, we see the transit Pluto opposition Ascendant, second pass. This is the transit that spell disaster for the Federal Reserve, when they finally face powerful (Pluto) opposition. And sure enough we see another story dated July 10 when the Fed announced they are “implementing the balance sheet normalization program this year”. That means the are forced to balance their books. It is bad news for the economy, but the Fed has no choice, they are no longer able to operate under the old ways, they cannot pump any more money into the economy with QE. This Pluto opposition Ascendant is the kind of transit that forces you to make a fundamental change in your life, so . So this is just one more piece of news that tells me that fundamental reform is coming to the world’s monetary system.

James Comey
On 7/10 Trump declares “Comey leaked classified information. This is so illegal.” On the same day, Saturn conjunct Sun, which is traditionally known as a “time of personal and professional defeats.” Robert Hand, Planets in Transit. Saturn limits and restructures whatever it touches, so for him this transit manifested as a hit to his reputation (Saturn) and he’s being held accountable for his actions. Also notice Sun opposition Saturn happening about now adding more of the same energy.

On 8/1, Pluto conjunct Saturn. This is the transit that is bringing the investigations into his professional behavior, things that effect his reputation. It’s a very karmic time for him. He faces career (Saturn) reform (Pluto) which may include police actions (Pluto) against him. Very telling the Saturn conjunct Sun produced such as notable manifestation. Leads me to believe this next pass on 8/1 may coincide with even greater disclosure of his actions, maybe even arrest.

Saudi Arabia
Like I mentioned last week, on 7/8, Mars square Uranus followed by Mars conjunct Pluto. A time of great restlessness and poorly thought out plans, like war. It’s even worse than I expected. The Saudi Regime is now openly attacking and killing it’s own people while the western media remains silent.

There’s so much reform and change happening in the world. It looks like things are really heating up on many fronts. I hope all of this information helps folks to make more sense of what’s going on, what forces are at play in world events, and satisfy your curiosity, hopefully keeping your head in the stars.

Recep Erdogan
On the day of Sun opposition Ascendant, Sweden declares he should stand trial for genocide. The Descendant is the point of open enemies.

That’s all for weekly astrology notes. Thanks for viewing and thanks for liking my video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.

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