Weekly Astrology Notes July 23-30, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes July 23-30, 2017

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:

On Sunday, The New Moon in Leo brings the start of new lunar cycle and what looks to be a courageous month ahead.

On Monday, a powerful and lucky day, we have a kite configuration along with an contrasting set of aspects today. Venus opposition Saturn leaves us quiet and cold while Mercury trine Uranus gives us ambition and intelligence. Quite the contrast, should make for interesting day at least.

On Tuesday, Moon and Mercury enters Virgo today. We are more critical and discerning.

On Wednesday, Sun conjunct Mars (Leo) makes this an energetic day, it’s a bit like your birthday, a time of new beginnings. Plan ahead for this day. Do something special and creative to avoid getting frustrated from lack of a creative outlet.

On Thursday, Moon in Libra give us two energetic aspects. Late afternoon is the perfect time for romance.

On Friday, Moon in Libra has us congenial during most of the day and give us two strong aspects in the afternoon.

On Saturday, An interesting mix. Moon in Libra could give us some sudden surprises in the mid-afternoon. In the evening, Moon in Scorpio brings a moody feeling and sexual energy. And Venus sextile Uranus in the evening is the perfect aspect for a party or social gathering.

On Sunday, Venus sextile Uranus continues to inspire us today, but two tough Moon aspects in the morning bring up issues of self-worth.

Also this week: More about Jupiter square Pluto and how it’ll effect Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Also this week Venezuela gets their Saturn return, and we’ll look at Neptune transits for Russia, Turkey and Recep Erdogan.

The New Moon in Leo brings the start of new lunar cycle and what looks to be a courageous month ahead.

1:34am – Moon enters Leo. Now 4 in Leo. Means that people are looking for romance and recognition. We all need that today more than usual.

2:46am – Moon conjunct Sun (Leo). New Moon. Always the most creative time of the month. A time when we have more confidence and instinctual capacity to create what we want in life over the course of the coming month. Aspects around this time give a general idea of what’s in store this month. The strong fire sign energy on the Moon this month means everyone is like a boiling kettle. It makes for a lot of inspiration and charisma, but increased agitation. With Mars so close in the mix, it’s a month of new beginnings, asserting yourself and co-creating your place in this world. Not a time to be shy and withdrawn. Time to come out of your shell and tell the universe what you want. Start a new hobby or creative project or romance, whatever you are ready for. Put yourself out there and do it. Also note there is a strong increase in energy level this month. Perfect time for recreation. Bestows courage (Leo) just like the next aspect. No couch potatoes this month.

4:41am – Moon conjunct Mars (Leo) We identify (Mars) with our emotions (Moon). The thing is emotions change must faster than identity. So we experience strong mood swings that can result in outbursts and aggressive behavior. Already a courageous aspect, even more so in Leo.

So it looks like a courageous month ahead and it looks like we are really going to need it with Jupiter square Pluto coming up.

A kite configuration and an interesting contrast of aspects today. Venus opposition Saturn leaves us quiet and cold while Mercury trine Uranus gives us ambition and intelligence.

3:58am – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Emotions expand, looking for recognition from your partner.

7:53am – Venus (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius). Much like the square, this aspect limits (Saturn) receptivity (Venus), folks are not as warm and approachable as usual. Out of sense of obligation or duty (Saturn), we feel forced to exude charm (Venus) even if we don’t feel it.

Saturn tends to make things cold, especially the feminine planets. Consequently today you may feel unsatisfied, desire to be alone with your thoughts (Gemini) and just have a hard time relating to others. You may feel that other people (Venus) feel like a wet blanket (Saturn). Not a good aspect for social gatherings.

However, try not to avoid others today, because the purpose of this aspect is to show you parts of yourself that you would rather not see. This aspect makes you more aware of the inner judgments you have towards others, how you really feel about them. But if look at it from the opposite perspective, you can see how your limited perception of other people in turn limits you and your social success. Awareness, which is the ultimate goal of every opposition, comes when you seen how your judgments limit you and your ability to receive love.

The Gemini to Sagittarius opposition is characterized as a need to balance many facts (Gemini) with the overall picture (Sagittarius). So this aspect helps with that process. However, it is also important that you not come to the wrong conclusion, a typical negative manifestation with this opposition. You need to reflect (Saturn) on your feelings (Venus) before deciding how you really feel.

This is the point of culmination if the cycle of Not-Self (Venus) Mastery (Saturn) which began with the conjunction on 10/30/2016 at 14d Sagittarius.

The interesting things about this aspect is that the next aspect, happening very soon afterward, has the opposite effect.

9:32am – Mercury (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires) Unlike the previous which makes us reflective, this is a mentally stimulating aspect that brings some outgoing behavior. So how you balance these two forces at play will be interesting.

Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury, so today we sense an opportunity to evolve (Uranus), take a step forward towards more freedom and independence. The conscious mind (Mercury) feel uninhibited by tradition. You can think outside the box, find new, innovative (Uranus) solutions to problems in your life and society in general. Socially oriented, but in an impersonal (Uranus) way.

Today we seek to express (trine) ourselves in ways that helps us evolve (Uranus) or display the unique (Uranus) side of ourselves. Creative projects get a boost of energy and enthusiasm. We are more ambitious. Good time to display (Leo) your work and show the world what you can do. Aspect brings confidence, charisma and good timing. We just don’t feel the same social limitations as usual under this influence, there is this innate sense in the air that all opinions (Mercury) are equal and have value to the group(Uranus). It’s like the exact opposite of the previous aspect.

Today we are more interested in esoteric (Uranus) subjects as well as new technology and anything having to do with science. The mind needs more stimulation than usual today, the usual input for the mind is not enough. Conversations are more dramatic (Leo) and unusual (Uranus) topics are discussed. Everyone has an enlightened (Uranus) opinion (Mercury) and has the courage (Leo) to express (trine) it. The Aires to Leo trine is characterized as ability to express creative energy, everyone has an outlet today, and if you usually have a hard time finding an outlet for your creativity, today should make those efforts easier. The Aires planet gets creative expression through the Leo planet. In this case, expressing yourself, your thoughts, opinions, etc. creates opportunity for change, and new friends and associates (Uranus).

1:53pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) Inspired to attend to work looking toward future gains.

2:26pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Venus (Gemini) Harmonious aspect that brings good communication skills.

Moon and Mercury enters Virgo today. We are more critical and discerning.

12:58am – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires) Middle of the night.

2:22am – Moon conjunct Mercury (Leo). Middle of the night. The last aspect for both planets before leaving Leo. Void of Course begins.

3:32am – Moon enters Virgo. We are more critical and more interested in intellectual pursuits for the next couple of days. Emotional energy moves along like the digestive process (Virgo), continuously. Time to attend to matters requiring patience and attention to detail. Virgo rules health so it’s important to eat properly, stick to your health regime. A good time to clean (Virgo) the home (Moon).

4:41pm – Mercury enters Virgo. Virgo is critical, analytical and precise. With Mercury in Virgo, the conscious mind takes on these qualities. But the keyword with Virgo is helpful. They are always looking to be helpful to others. For this reason, they are attracted to work in the health care industry. Mentally adaptable, Virgo is Mutable just like Gemini, and displays good judgment. The keywords during this time are skillful (Virgo) use of the conscious mind (Mercury). Brush up on the details, get your facts straight. Be helpful towards others. Focus on your health regime.

More than the usual 2 ½ weeks, in Virgo for the rest of July and all of August. Goes retrograde 8/12. Re-enters Leo on 8/31. Goes Direct on 9/5 at 28d Leo. Re-enters Virgo 9/9 through 9/29. Aspects for Mercury during this time include: Mercury sextile Venus on 8/10. Retrograde on 8/12. Sun conjunct Mercury on 9/26. Mercury conjunct Mars (Leo) on 9/3. Mercury opposition Neptune on 9/19 concurrent with a New Moon. Mercury trine Pluto on 9/22. Mercury square Saturn on 9/25.

Sun conjunct Mars (Leo) makes this an energetic day, it’ll feel a bit like your birthday, a time of new beginnings. Plan ahead to do something special and creative to avoid getting frustrated from lack of a creative outlet.

3:37am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) Emotions dissolve into the collective where we get powerful insight and a bit of confusion along the way.

10:27am – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Very helpful towards others. Skillful (Virgo) use of emotional (Moon) energy leads to reform (Pluto) of your base emotional state. A change for the better if you use it wisely.

5:51pm – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) Feeling a bit rigid and emotionally inflexible. the The Virgo to Sagittarius square, you need to feel satisfied with what you have, take what the world gives you and not ask for more.

5:57pm – Sun conjunct Mars (Leo). This is the big aspect this week. When you get this by transit, once per year, it is always a good day to remember, much like your birthday, it is a time of new beginnings. As an aspect we all feel that way on a subtle level. This an excellent energy to start (Mars) a new creative (Sun) project. This would be a good aspect to prepare for, think of something in your life that you want to start now and utilize this energy to make the most out of it.

With this aspect, people identify (Mars) with who they are (Sun), not so much with their feelings, possessions, beliefs or associations. So what you may feel or get in touch with is a purer expression of who you are, untainted by other concerns, especially in Leo. Mars brings lots of energy and vitality while the Sun brings pride and enthusiasm to accomplish whatever you set you mind to. No one will be shy today, even normally timid people have something new going on in their life that they want to talk about.

Of course there could a negative side to all of this, which is strong ego energies and pushing others around. Because of the immediate need to express yourself, you may get frustrated working in a confined environment where your creative ability lacks expression. If you can, put yourself in a place where you can express yourself freely, otherwise you could get angry and experience accidents or illness. If so, it’s because you lack creative expression. I find that recreation is the best outlet for this energy. So plan ahead to make the most out of this aspect. Think of it like your birthday, what do you want to do? Start a new project.

11:31pm – Moon (Virgo) square Venus (Gemini). Instincts (Moon) and feelings (Venus) disconnect. Too much information, mind needs to slow down. Void of Course begins.

Moon in Libra give us two energetic aspects. Late afternoon is the perfect time for romance.

8:37am – Moon enters Libra. Libra is harmony and balance. Over the next couple of days, we seek to balance our emotional state with others. We need more quality one-to-one encounters during this time, so romance and partnerships become more prevalent. Good aspect for social gatherings and romance.

5:32pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Mars (Leo) The first of two romantic aspects this afternoon. High energy, good self-esteem and looking for attention.

6:08pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Sun (Leo) A creative time, in these signs, it’s all about romance. Strong need to be recognized by your partner.

Moon in Libra has us congenial during most of the day and give us two strong aspects in the afternoon.

3:35pm – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Libra) A moment of emotional expansion, good time to be in a crowd. Idealistic and open minded.

5:37pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) Intense emotions give way to passion and jealousy. Desire to sever emotional bonds that restricts us. Can bring up difficult truths about your relationship (Libra). But the stamina and energy can be very productive if put to good use, reform the home.

An interesting mix. Moon in Libra could give us some sudden surprises in the mid-afternoon. In the evening, Moon in Scorpio brings a moody feeling and sexual energy. And Venus sextile Uranus in the evening is the perfect aspect for a party or social gathering.

1:26am – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Middle of the night.

1:25pm – Moon (Libra) trine Venus (Gemini) Emotions in balance, good time for discussion.

2:30pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires) Sudden surprises, attraction to the strange or unusual, looking to break free. Not a good time to discuss partnership agreements, too much desire for independence. Void of Course begins.

5:23pm – Moon enters Scorpio. The Moon rules Cancer, which is flowing water, Scorpio is solid water or ice. So Moon in Scorpio often feels an iceberg, 90% of it is below the surface. Emotions below the surface looking they are ready to explode like a volcano (Scorpio). People are more easily offended, more intense, moody and prone to sudden outbursts. Also an increase in sexual activity. The strong burst of energy is meant to purge negative people and emotions so you can reform your life in some way.

Venus sextile Uranus is strongest this evening, so it’s a great night for a party or social gathering.

Venus sextile Uranus continues to inspire us today, but two tough Moon aspects in the morning bring up issues of self-worth.

1:03am – Venus (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) This aspect inspires you to teach others because you see the intrinsic see the value in it. You experience freedom (Uranus) alongside and in partnership (Venus) with others, not independently. A wonderful aspect that is good for social gatherings and working together in a group for some social cause. There is a strong desire to improve society for everyone, get involved in a social project.

Like all Uranus aspects, this too asks us to make a change, do something different, hear a different perspective. Venus is our receptive side and Uranus like to bring surprises, so today we are more open to something new and innovative. There is an electric (Uranus) feeling in the air. Take advantage of this by extending yourself to something new and interesting, something to elevate the mind.

Conversation is likely to be more enlightening, more intellectual and tend to focus on science topics. We are looking for the unusual or strange to help us out of boredom and provide us with some ambition. So people are looking for someone to help them find their ambition, like a teacher who could inspire them. Consequently, people tend to be more agreeable, congenial (Venus) toward others, more flexible (Uranus), have fewer demands, not so easily upset by the unique (Uranus) or quirky side in others. You may find yourself attracted to a different type of person today, someone outside your normal range of experience.

Aspect is good for relationships, existing relationships are looking for change together, not separate so it can bring a new experience to help the two of you grow together. New relationships that begin under this influence are exciting but not necessarily meant to last.

2:21am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mercury (Virgo) Middle of the night.

6:02am – Moon (Scorpio) square Mars (Leo) Intense emotions, the first of two tough squares this morning. Prideful, demanding, uncompromising, fixated on issues of self-worth. You could start of fight if you say the wrong thing, that volatile trait of Moon in Scorpio is at it’s worst now. Be careful what you say. Use the energy to strengthen your soul.

8:23am – Moon (Scorpio) square Sun (Leo) First Quarter Moon. The challenge at this time is to lay the foundation for this months growth that began one week ago at the New Moon. The square from Leo to Scorpio is characterized as a fight between the forces of light (Leo) and the forces of darkness (Scorpio). It’s a battle of wills, personal will versus collective will, and the crisis to include our will (Sun) in the collective (Scorpio). Brings up issues of self-worth.

If you are getting angry this morning, maybe because you feel your energy being drained from your aura by either your own bad habits and self-sabotaging behavior or from others who seek to corral your energy for their own ambitions. These two aspects show you that. Demanding more than is expected from others, or vice versa, is common with this aspect. These aspect bring awareness of the problem in order to reform (Scorpio) the situation. This aspect is meant to show you just how strong you really are on an emotional level, how well you can keep your cool when things aren’t going your way. And most of us tend to overestimate our emotional fortitude, don’t see ourselves as insecure. The Leo to Scorpio square will show you just how much.

8:30pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) A gift from the collective comes your way if you are open to it. The Scorpio to Pisces trine is a healing gift (Scorpio) is given unconditionally (Pisces). Often that means an angel comes into your life, or you could be that angel for someone else. A mellow compassionate feeling leaves us open to subtle impressions, more psychic, in tune with the needs of others.

Interesting Stories:

Jupiter square Pluto

Last week I spoke about Donald Trump and how his Jupiter at 17d Libra is set to get a powerful combination of transits to help him defeat the mainstream media. This week we focus on Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Nancy Pelosi

Notice her natal Jupiter is at 17d Aires, exactly opposite Donald Trump’s Jupiter. Isn’t that interesting? So her transits are Jupiter opposition Jupiter and Pluto square Jupiter. The Jupiter opposition Jupiter is a good transit, just like the Jupiter conjunct Jupiter for Trump. So all things appear to be pretty equal. The real question is how will she handle this Pluto square Jupiter transit. Like Trump, she will have lots of ambition and be overbearing and uncompromising. This transit unearths uncomfortable truths about you and can even bring judicial actions, depending on your past. My sense is that the Pluto square for both of them could produce a showdown between these two. After all, they occupy the perfect positions in government for this. So let’ see if we see a fight in the media between them.

Also note her Mercury at 17d Pisces so she will also be getting Pluto sextile Mercury, which could help her quite a bit.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz

On 8/4, or close enough to that day, Jupiter conjunct Mercury and Pluto square Mercury. Pluto square Mercury is reflective of much of what she has been going through in terms of her desire to control (Pluto) the information (Mercury) about her. It is a transit that can bring lots of intense encounters and you really need to watch what you say. Actually a very positive transit to help you reform you thinking, but with Jupiter added it can coincide with overconfidence, missing the details, making mistakes, and legal problems for someone like her. And that’s exactly what’s happened with her recently. This is the second pass of Pluto square Mercury, with the last pass coming soon afterward.


Here’s the story, Maduro is thinking about rewriting the constitution. Interesting, Saturn restructures whatever it touches and now with their Saturn return on 7/23, he is seeking to restructure (Saturn) their structure (Saturn). Perfect. So this is how they, and how many people experience their Saturn return. And I like the way the headline reflects the idea perfectly. Once you have lived enough of your life and have gained the maturity, you create your personal constitution, that’s a really good way of describing your Saturn return, which happens for everyone at about age 29, and then you update you constitution in your late 50’s at the next passage. We always seem to want to take on more authority over our own life at Saturn transits, especially this one.

By the way, this story came at a time of Mercury trine Saturn, once again Mercury brings us the information.


Using the chart of the Russian Federation chart. The recent passage of Pluto over Uranus and Neptune coincided with a very positive transformation (Pluto) of that country. They have reformed themselves quite well lately.

The recent Jupiter square Neptune has been a harbinger of the forthcoming Neptune opposition Jupiter. This will happen next year (3/22/18, 9/25/18, 1/21/19) , so I am mainly focusing on a long term I see happening for them. Neptune opposition Jupiter has not happened yet, but it was very close before Retrograde and I believe the effect has already started due to the concurrent Neptune sextile Uranus.

Recently, Jupiter square Neptune coincided with a lot of expansion (Jupiter) of their political influence in the world. Jupiter expands and Neptune has no boundaries, it helped them overcome limitations like so many examples we have seen in the past with Jupiter square Neptune or Sagittarius square Pisces transits. It sends you beyond your safe and secure boundary in order to fulfill your beliefs or a spiritual cause for the great good of humanity. Even more so with the coming transit for next year.

Neptune opposition Jupiter along with Neptune sextile Uranus are bring a Pisces spiritual quality, they will increasingly see themselves as taking on the role of savior, saving Christian society while the immoral western democracies are falling apart, something they have felt for a long time. I believe Russian will expand her influence a lot next year and experience a spiritual revivial of sorts. This will start in the Spring 2018.

There is a complete distortion of Russia in the US mainstream media who are always portrays them as bad, and so it may be hard to see that there is a spiritual revival happening in Russia now. But there is and I think we should pay more attention to it.

Not many transits happening for them beyond that, their planets are all in the lower half of the chart. In 2019, it will interesting to see what happens when they get Pluto sextile Pluto and Venus.

On 7/23, Neptune conjunct Uranus. They are rather confused (Neptune) about their process of evolution (Uranus). It seems their place in this world is overshadowed by things they do not see, all sorts of beliefs and superstitions (Neptune) are suddenly becoming part of their group (Uranus) consciousness. It is a very confusing and possibly dangerous time when they are swept along by forces beyond their control. This transit makes them susceptible to being swept away by a cult figure like Erdogan, which is exactly what has been happening with them. With transit like this you never know how you feel until after that are over.

What intrigues me the most about this transit is the effect it has been having on the people of Turkey. Uranus is the conscious collective, the group awareness, while Neptune is the unconscious collective, the dreams and hopes for a better future. So the effect has been quite profound for them, resulting in a conscious awareness of things that have been hidden in the past. For an individual, this transit is phenomenal in the psychic awareness and evolution it brings. For a nation, it has the same effect on a group level.

Recently there has been a unearthing of amazing things from the past. I am thinking about the recent popularity in all of the subterranean caves and complex dwellings in places like Derinkuyu, and what this must be doing to the collective consciousness of the people of Turkey. Maybe some of the them are wondering what those early people were like and what connection they feel to them.

In addition this transit brings about a loss (Neptune) of the group awareness (Uranus) only to have a new, greater awareness once the transit is over. Turkey is in a state of confusion and they won’t know how they feel until this transit is over. And the man primarily responsible for this confusion is…..

Recep Erdogan

So we can see that his natal Mercury and Venus are in the same place as Uranus in the chart of Turkey, so he is clearly the one who is leading the delusion. His transits are giving him a savior complex (Neptune). Along with Pluto conjunct Ascendant, these transits are encouraging him to express the worst side of his natal Uranus opposition Ascendant, to become a cult leader.

My overall sense with Turkey and Erdogan is that during this time of these Neptune transit they are lost and can’t be reached. By that I mean they don’t know who to follow, what to do, who or what to believe, their energy is scattered, they look unsure of themselves, they feel weak. So any military actions now would be very foolish and sure to end in disappointment. This situation is ripe for them to get caught up in delusion and do something foolish.

That’s all for weekly astrology notes. Thanks for viewing and thanks for liking my video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.

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