Weekly Astrology Notes July 30 – August 6, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes July 30 – August 6, 2017

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:

On Sunday, Venus sextile Uranus continues to inspire us today, but two tough Moon aspects in the morning bring up issues of self-worth.

On Monday, Long Void of Course today. A day for reflection. Not a day to start a project or journey.

On Tuesday, Moon in Sagittarius brings inspiration and the evening is restless and energetic. Ambition starts to rise from Jupiter square Pluto.

On Wednesday, Moon in Sagittarius brings a lot of expansion today, and Uranus goes retrograde.

On Thursday, Moon in Sagittarius gives us a desire to inspire others this afternoon before the Moon enters Capricorn in the evening and we slow down a bit. Jupiter square Pluto is in full force today, so we have lots of drive and ambition.

On Friday, Jupiter square Pluto arrives! A high energy day with lots of ideas and intense interactions.

On Saturday, Jupiter square Pluto still very strong, an ambitious weekend ahead.

On Sunday, Moon enters Aquarius in the morning.

Also this week: Chester Bennington, Bashar al Assad, John McCain. Jupiter square Pluto in the charts of Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Sweden, USA and China.

Venus sextile Uranus continues to inspire us today, but two tough Moon aspects in the morning bring up issues of self-worth.

1:03am – Venus (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) This aspect inspires you to teach others because you see the intrinsic see the value in it. You experience freedom (Uranus) alongside and in partnership (Venus) with others, not independently. A wonderful aspect that is good for social gatherings and working together in a group for some social cause. There is a strong desire to improve society for everyone, get involved in a social project.

Like all Uranus aspects, this too asks us to make a change, do something different, hear a different perspective. Venus is our receptive side and Uranus like to bring surprises, so today we are more open to something new and innovative. There is an electric (Uranus) feeling in the air. Take advantage of this by extending yourself to something new and interesting, something to elevate the mind.

Conversation is likely to be more enlightening, more intellectual and tend to focus on science topics. We are looking for the unusual or strange to help us out of boredom and provide us with some ambition. So people are looking for someone to help them find their ambition, like a teacher who could inspire them. Consequently, people tend to be more agreeable, congenial (Venus) toward others, more flexible (Uranus), have fewer demands, not so easily upset by the unique (Uranus) or quirky side in others. You may find yourself attracted to a different type of person today, someone outside your normal range of experience.

Aspect is good for relationships, existing relationships are looking for change together, not separate so it can bring a new experience to help the two of you grow together. New relationships that begin under this influence are exciting but not necessarily meant to last.

2:21am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mercury (Virgo) Middle of the night.

6:02am – Moon (Scorpio) square Mars (Leo) Intense emotions, the first of two tough squares this morning. Prideful, demanding, uncompromising, fixated on issues of self-worth. You could start of fight if you say the wrong thing, that volatile trait of Moon in Scorpio is at it’s worst now. Be careful what you say. Use the energy to strengthen your soul.

8:23am – Moon (Scorpio) square Sun (Leo) First Quarter Moon. The challenge at this time is to lay the foundation for this months growth that began one week ago at the New Moon. The square from Leo to Scorpio is characterized as a fight between the forces of light (Leo) and the forces of darkness (Scorpio). It’s a battle of wills, personal will versus collective will, and the crisis to include our will (Sun) in the collective (Scorpio). Brings up issues of self-worth.

If you are getting angry this morning, maybe because you feel your energy being drained from your aura by either your own bad habits and self-sabotaging behavior or from others who seek to corral your energy for their own ambitions. These two aspects show you that. Demanding more than is expected from others, or vice versa, is common with this aspect. These aspect bring awareness of the problem in order to reform (Scorpio) the situation. This aspect is meant to show you just how strong you really are on an emotional level, how well you can keep your cool when things aren’t going your way. And most of us tend to overestimate our emotional fortitude, don’t see ourselves as insecure. The Leo to Scorpio square will show you just how much.

8:30pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) A gift from the collective comes your way if you are open to it. The Scorpio to Pisces trine is a healing gift (Scorpio) is given unconditionally (Pisces). Often that means an angel comes into your life, or you could be that angel for someone else. A mellow compassionate feeling leaves us open to subtle impressions, more psychic, in tune with the needs of others.

Long Void of Course today. A day for reflection. Not a day to start a project or journey.

4:10am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn). Moody, suppressed emotions with all that Scorpio energy on the Moon. Lots of stamina once you get moving. Void of Course begins, continues all day until early tomorrow morning. The longest VOC we’ve seen in a while. A good day for mediation and introspection, healing. Not a good time to start projects or start a journey. And a good day to relax with Venus in Cancer.

7:54am – Venus enters Cancer. Until 8/25. Very sensitive, affectionate towards mother, beautiful and serene home, likes to entertain at home, finds love at home, gentle, instinctual, sentimental, needs lots of reassurance from your partner. Venus is busy in Cancer. Mercury sextile Venus 8/10, Venus trine Neptune 8/11, Venus opposition Pluto 8/15, Venus square Jupiter 8/16, Venus square Uranus 8/24.

Moon in Sagittarius brings inspiration and the evening is restless and energetic. Ambition starts to rise from Jupiter square Pluto.

5:01am – Moon enters Sagittarius. We are more broad-minded, idealistic and hopeful for the next couple of days. A desire to travel, expand your horizons. Visionary and inspirational, but can get caught up in religious zeal.

7:00pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Mercury (Virgo) Restless and opinionated. Hard to get in touch with your instincts, not sure what to have for dinner. Choose one thing and be satisfied with that for now.

9:30pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Mars (Leo) A burst of energy late in the evening, in these signs very good for romance. Your partner wants attention.

Moon in Sagittarius brings a lot of expansion today, and Uranus goes retrograde.

1:44am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Sun (Leo) Also energetic and very romantic if you are still awake.

8:44am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces) Emotions expand, very dreamy and idealistic, easy to absorb energy of others. In these signs, more than the usual desire to escape into fantasy and/or philosophical idealism.

3:55pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra) 3rd quadrant is self-expansion. Looking for opportunity to meet new people or explore new ideas, have a nice shared experience. Very social time, good for business meetings and making agreements.

10:31pm – Uranus goes Retrograde. At 28d31′ Aires, down to 24d34′, Direct on Jan 2, 2018. Here is a really good article.

Moon in Sagittarius gives us a desire to inspire others this afternoon before the Moon enters Capricorn in the evening and we slow down a bit. Jupiter square Pluto is in full force today, so we have lots of drive and ambition.

12:37am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) A moment of reflection, energy slows down, folks not as emotionally available as usual.

2:38pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) Ambitious. Sagittarius to Aires, desire to inspire others. Void of Course begins.

5:37pm – Moon enters Capricorn. Emotions contract for the next couple of days as you focus on things meant to last. Just like the Moon conjunct Saturn from earlier today, not as emotionally available, more judgmental and cold. Friday and Saturday we are slower and more sober than usual.

Jupiter square Pluto arrives! A high energy day with lots of ideas and intense interactions.

2:22am – Moon (Capricorn) opposition Venus (Cancer) Middle of the night.

11:22am – Moon (Capricorn) trine Mercury (Virgo) Emotions and intellect flow smoothly. Skillful communication leads to career success. Good time for business negotiations.

11:29am – Jupiter (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) Third pass at 17d30′. Jupiter Direct, Pluto Retrograde. The last two passes were 11/24/16 and 3/30/17. So we are on the last pass and at this point the issues should be much more clear. The two most obvious manifestations has been upheaval in the mainstream media and the rise of the social justice warriors, it’s all political (Jupiter) power games (Pluto). This aspect has brought about a crisis (square) to maintain international (Jupiter) diplomacy (Libra) during a time of structural (Capricorn) reform (Pluto) and a rise in nationalist sentiment (Pluto in Capricorn).

This will be the high point in a week of intense interactions. The extraordinary high energy of this aspect means that all week long we have more drive than usual and feel a bit restless if we lack a proper outlet. There is a smoldering intensity just beneath the surface with every situation, like a volcano could go off any minute. Intense encounters all week long. The energy is very sensual and magnetic and can pull you along without you realizing it, getting you swept up in the collective desire for reform. It can be very seductive and enticing as people are broadcasting (Jupiter) their sexual (Pluto) energy in a race to see who gets to lead the collective charge for transformation. Aspect makes everyone want to be a superhero. Deep psychological complexes come to the surface and are broadcast with astonishing lack of modesty.

On a personal level, now we all feel a compulsion (Pluto) to grow (Jupiter). As I mentioned during the first pass, this is one of the most ambitious aspects in the book, so everyone is looking for success this week. A crisis to show the world what you can do. We are more self-righteous (Jupiter) and have a drive to succeed so strong that you may feel tempted to cut corners, avoid necessary precautions, or even do dangerous things that you normally would not do, which can lead to compulsive actions and accidents. Also one of the most accident prone aspects in the book. Attitude can be overbearing (Pluto) or professorial (Jupiter). Avoid dangerous people and places. Take precautions with dangerous machinery or guns all week long. Watch what your are doing. Avoid unscrupulous behavior and stay within your safe boundary.

Apply all this wonderful energy towards something really positive in your life. Check which house this aspect falls in and see if that helps you find a good outlet. You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to, just be sure it’s good for the community as well.

You may feel a compulsion (Pluto) to travel long distances (Jupiter). But it’s not a good time to start a journey or make long range plans. Easy to overestimate your abilities or the amount of resources available at your discretion (square to Capricorn). Be cautious of taking on more work or responsibility than you can handle or getting caught up in someone else’s ambitions.

The Libra to Capricorn square means conflicts between relationships (Libra) and work responsibility (Capricorn). Attractiveness is tied to social status or a partner is desired for their social standing. Issues with the mother interfere in relationships. This aspect can also unearth difficult issues in a relationships, like infidelity.

This aspect brings a feeling of God-like (Pluto) power or awareness, including psychic ability. Observe it in yourself and others, you’ll learn a lot. It may feel like there’s a battle inside you between the forces of darkness and light. Any compulsion or insecurity deep within you can come to the surface now because with this aspect you reach with both hands to get a large amount of whatever is deep within you and bring it to the surface so you can use it to achieve. It’s one of the best aspects if you keep the right perspective and do nothing underhanded. In the natal chart, indicates success.

Religious fanaticism increases during this time. It can be very inspirational and bring you to new heights of awareness but it can also send some folks over the edge thinking that their greater perspective is some sort of God-given gift that grants them license to violate others boundary or integrity.

With this aspect you have a much awareness of how your actions can effect the community, and that gives you a both desire to do good as well as personal ambition. The opportunity for release from past restrictions and limitations excites everyone to make positive reform in their life. If this aspect coincides with major transits from these planets, then for sure this is a significant moment in your life when a major breakthrough is possible.

This aspect is excellent for the study of esoteric subjects because it provides the energy to dig deep (Pluto) into any subject matter and discern the overall (Jupiter) meaning. The energy of Pluto can be accessed in measured (Capricorn) bursts of sustained, focused drive. You can get a lot accomplished this week, especially if you stay focused.

On a geopolitical level. Every nation seems to have a really strong need to show how powerful they are right now. Everyone needs to boast (Jupiter) about their competence (Pluto). Military action is more likely with this aspect even though it would hard to judge given there is so much conflict happening in so many places. Overconfidence and the raw ambition of this aspect means more war.

Also on the geopolitical level we are looking to see judicial actions related to the pedophiles and their child sex trafficking rings. The latest bombshell is that the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington who recently died, was the biological son of John Podesta. Check out these links and I suggest you follow this story for yourself. It may have been that Bennington was about to expose something really big so he was “suicided”. I will go over his transits at the end of this video.

This aspect amplifies the unrest and calls for reform all around the world, both good and bad, and I believe it is associated with the rise of the liberal social justice warriors. It all stems from believing that your perspective (Jupiter) is the right one for everyone concerned (Pluto). Brings up a lot (Jupiter) of control (Pluto) energy and you may have noticed that it is always accompanied by the need to broadcast (Jupiter) one’s sexuality (Pluto) along with the message.

For those that are getting strong transits concurrent with the aspect, we see propaganda and legal (Jupiter) disputes and power (Pluto) struggles, like we have seen with Trump and Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

8:58pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Altruistic, desire to help the disadvantaged.

Jupiter square Pluto still very strong, an ambitious weekend ahead.

4:37am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Once again the monthly opportunity to achieve a new base emotional state, reform you emotions, unlock your instinctual abilities, psychic awareness.

4:51am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra) Emotions expand. Indulgent and idealistic.

Moon enters Aquarius in the morning.

2:22am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires) Desire to break free from restrictions, hard to related to friends. Void of Course begins.

5:16am – Moon enters Aquarius. More concerned with social causes and our friends and associates for the next couple of days. Desire for intellectual stimulation, innovative thinking, an attraction to the unusual. Getting in touch with the unique side of yourself.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Stories:

Chester Bennington – Neptune transits
On July 20, the day he died, Neptune square Neptune exactly. This happens for everyone at the same age and is characterized as a middle age crisis. It brings a lot more questions than answers. A time of confusion. Beliefs that you have long held suddenly no longer seem valid, easy to get carried away in delusional thinking and get involved in a spiritual or religious movement, especially if you have neglected that side of yourself in the past. Things you feel you were meant to do in this life suddenly become pressing issues that must be attended to right away. Stuff on the far back burner suddenly moves forward. You sense an opportunity to do something spiritual and enlightening, but if you act hastily it results in disturbances in your life and forces set against you.

With him, the news is that he was depressed for a while since the suicide of his friend, Chris Parnell. But the really interesting things about this whole story is the alleged connection to John Podesta, who might be his real father. Also note Sun square Uranus happening on top of his natal Jupiter. Uranus conjunct Jupiter (Aires) is not a depressing transit, it’s very uplifting and brings ambition and revolutionary (Uranus) idealism (Jupiter). With this transit, he was seeking to make a break for freedom from his past and this certainly is the kind of energy that would cause him to rebel against the system that has kept him in place. There is speculation that he was about to reveal his real father and what he knows about the child trafficking rings. It would not be surprising given these transits. The Neptune square provides unrealistic idealism and the Uranus transit makes him liable to do something surprising and revolutionary. Of course astrology could never predict such a thing, but I do see a synchronicity with his transits and events at the end of his life. I hope this story continues to get the attention it deserves and the truth about his connection to Podesta is revealed.

Bashar al Assad – Pluto transits
The man with the most fortuitous Pluto transits. Here’s the story. The US has been arming the Syrian rebels fighting against Assad for years. Well, it looks like Trump finally put an end to all of that and has now stopped the CIA from continuing this covert war. That is wonderful news because the rebels were never moderates like Obama claimed, rather they were always linked to Al-Qaeda and Daesh.

On 7/24, Pluto sextile Neptune (10th house). This transit has clearly manifested like anticipated, he is getting help from the collective. This is about the 5th time I have pointed this out. Every time Assad gets another beneficial Pluto transits, the war in Syria swings his way. Next pass on 11/30. Pluto trine Sun on 12/28.

Neptune conjunct Saturn (8/14/16, 2/20/17) For Assad, this transit seems to coincide with difficult news, times when the rest of the world seems to tell him what is going to happen and there’s nothing he can do about it.

So we are seeing more of the same for Assad, which is that his Pluto transits continue to give him lucky breaks but his overall authority has dissolved and he must continue to sit tight and wait for the rest of the world to determine the final fate of Syria.

John McCain – Pluto transits
Recently diagnosed with brain cancer. His transit, Uranus square Pluto. He has Pluto in the same degree as the Pope so they are going through the same transit. A transit that brings out the revolutionary in you. My thoughts about him are that he is already well past his expiration date and needs to retire, it looks like the sudden change for him manifested as a serious health issue.

Also notice Saturn opposition Chiron. However, I suspect that the recent Saturn square Saturn (Pisces) had a lot to do with his illness. With Saturn going through his 10th house now, this is going to be the end of his career.


Jupiter square Pluto
Last two weeks, I already mentioned Trump, Pelosi and Wasserman-Shultz. There is a showdown in the media for each of these three, though not necessarily all in the same story.

Trump and his war with the media are in full gear.

Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, there was the recent arrest of Imran Awan, an IT guy who worked for Shultz and many others at the DNC. Shultz has now in seclusion speaking only through her attorney. She could get arrested soon.

They have been having a lot of problems with immigrants, a music festival was just canceled because of them, but more importantly we see a major leak of citizens personal information has created a serious crisis of confidence in the government.

Jupiter square Pluto occurs on top of their natal Pluto. Already Pluto conjunct Pluto has been the most transformative transit they have ever had, it seems. Their entire nation and cultural identity are in a state of complete reform, the correspondence with this transit is remarkable. It’s just the kind of thing we would expect. These two transits are bringing the issue to a another peak.

The leak of personal information means something was broadcast (Jupiter) that should have been kept private (Pluto) but was made public for subversive and underhanded reasons (Pluto). Pluto (Capricorn) promises to bring things to the surface, in this case it was something that should not have been brought up, it should have remained private.

This is classic Jupiter square Pluto transit. The self-righteous quality of Jupiter brings disastrous and/or embarrassing results at the Pluto square. And the crisis in confidence (Pluto) is predictable as well. Pluto often involved issues of basic competence and ability to inspire confidence.

Their Pluto return could coincide with a lot more unrest and violence than we have seen. It could be a lot worse, it could be a revolution. But Saturn opposition Sun, a concurrent transit, has dampened their resolve and brought doubt. The last pass happens on 10/24, and soon thereafter the last of Pluto conjunct Pluto on 11/8. So this Jupiter square Pluto is a significant moment in the Pluto return, but the people remain mostly passive, unable to really manifest that transformation that this transit could bring.

Looking at their natal chart I can see a basic weakness, which is Pisces planets sextile Venus but square Mercury. I lived in Sweden for almost 2 years, and taught when I was there, so I have a good idea about Sweden. I can tell you that this combination of aspects is really obvious once you live inside of Sweden as I did for a while. All of the warmth, compassionate, spirituality and friendliness that comes from the Venus sextiles is wonderful but because Mercury and Uranus square all of these planets in Pisces, it causes a disconnect with conscious thinking process and politics. They have suffered a lot because of their refusal to see things and because they surrender their thinking to someone else. Much like Mars square Neptune is the most challenging aspect in USA’s chart, so too for Sweden and Mercury square Neptune.

In summary, what we are seeing is the complete transformation (Pluto) of Sweden, exactly what we’d expect during a Pluto return. It may not work out the way the people of Sweden want it to precisely because of things like this Mercury square Neptune in their natal chart.

On 8/4, we see Mercury opposition Neptune and square Mercury. Let’s see what happens in Sweden on that day. It will be an important indicator of where they are at politically. Considering all of the others events, this should be a big news day for them, a point of culmination when they need to express their politics (Mercury) and beliefs (Neptune). I expect a political confrontation at this time, maybe Lofven resigns or is forced to call for new elections.

USA Constitution

On 8/4 we see Jupiter square Pluto aspecting Neptune.

This is so prophetic, I must share.

Pluto square Neptune, from Robert Hand, Planets in Transit. “Elements of your life that you have always counted on may begin to pass away in ways that are extremely difficult to understand. There will be no dramatic signs of social struggle and change, but the old order is passing away. What may be most difficult to accept is that there seems to be nothing that you can fight directly. It is as if many circumstances, relationships, possessions and various other conditions of your life have lost their right to be and are withering away. You can waste your time regretting this situation, thereby putting yourself into the same position, or you can come to terms with the new world and become part of it.”

The Constitution is the law and Neptune is spirituality, so let’s say this represents the spirit of the law in America. So the spirit of the law gets a Pluto square, a crisis to reform. That seems to be a perfect description of what’s happening in America. The irredeemable elements of American society must now go away.

On 8/4, Jupiter square Pluto makes transits to their natal Pluto. Pluto quincunx Pluto and Jupiter sextile Pluto. For them, this set of transits looks like military action, or at the least, putting on a show of power.

That’s all for weekly astrology notes. Thanks for viewing and thanks for liking my video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.


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