Weekly Astrology Notes August 6-13, 2017

Weekly Summary: A fantastic week ahead. 4 aspects this week and they’re all good. Thursday through Sunday gives us a great set of aspects for Romance and Recreation. So get out of the house and have some fun.

On Sunday, Moon enters Aquarius in the morning.

On Monday, Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon. Be true to yourself and let your light shine.

On Tuesday, Moon enters Pisces.

On Wednesday, Moon in Pisces and aspects make it a impressionable day. The mind wanders in fantasy, dreaming of escape from the world.

On Thursday, Excellent day for relationships. Two fantastic aspects: Mercury sextile Venus and Sun sextile Jupiter. The positive energy overflows today. Super-creative day.

On Friday, Venus trine Neptune makes it a dreamy and artistic day, no one feels like working. Take the day off if you can.

On Saturday, Mercury goes Retrograde. Moon in Aires makes it a energetic day, good for recreation.

On Sunday, Sun trine Saturn makes it a day to focus on practical matters.

Also this week: I am going to go over upcoming astrological events, the Lunar Eclipse on Monday, the Solar Eclipse on 8/21, Saturn Direct on 8/25 and Jupiter sextile Saturn on 8/27.

Mercury Retrograde August 2017 Trust Me Babe – Astrology King

Solar Eclipse August 2017 New Moon – Astrology King

Lunar Eclipse August 2017 Full Moon – Astrology King


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