Weekly Astrology Notes Sept 17-24, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes Sept 17-24, 2017

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: This Sunday the 17th is great to be in a crowd, meet someone to expand your horizons.

On Tuesday we have the New Moon in Virgo along with all of the inner planets. So we have a very Virgonian month ahead. A lot of critical energy up ahead as we look to make a precise adjustment, cut away the useless or unnecessary elements of self. Time to focus on your health regime and look to be helpful towards others.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury opposition Neptune means communication gets a bit cloudy but takes on a spiritual quality as folks are more sensitive. The first of two Neptune oppositions asking us to show a bit more compassion this week. So Tuesday and Sunday, 9/24 at Mars opposition Neptune, you may have low vitality, and are stretched a bit thin as you feel the need to reach out to whomever crosses your path and be as helpful as possible, also feeling more compassionate and more in tune with spirit. You may need to draw a boundary around yourself to avoid absorbing foreign energy. Be extra careful using intoxicants and drugs, something we often feel tempted to do with Neptune energy. We need to let go of control, let the universe drive for a while and be willing to show compassion towards others.

Then Friday Mercury trine Pluto makes it a day of vital communication, people have better judgment, know what is right and wrong. A good day for business and maybe even an opportunity for career advancement. A high energy day that gives you an opportunity to reform your thinking, purge the mind of impurities and even learn an important skill that will help you get ahead in life. Look for helpers on this day, you will find them.

Also this week, a bit more about the upcoming Jupiter opposition Uranus. I think we are going to have a big event at the end of this month.

Daily Summary:

On Sunday, Several positive Moon (Leo) aspect compliment Venus trine Uranus, making it an exciting, interesting, mentally stimulating day. A good day to learn or try something new. Seek some activity that takes you beyond your normal routine today.

On Monday, Mentally active Monday with Moon in Virgo.

On Tuesday, New Moon with all 5 inner planets in Virgo! A very Virgonian month ahead. Mercury opposition Neptune expands your range of communication enough to reach everyone in your universe.

On Wednesday, No exact Aspects. Moon enters Libra in the morning.

On Thursday, Moon in Libra smooths out the day with only one challenging aspect.

On Friday, Mercury trine Pluto gives us good judgment and opportunities for career advancement.

On Saturday, Moon in Scorpio asks us to expend energy around the home, you’ll need to reform the home environment this weekend.

On Sunday, Mars opposition Neptune takes the wind out of your sails. The ego dissolves and we seek to be helpful towards others.


Several positive Moon (Leo) aspect compliment Venus trine Uranus, making it an exciting, interesting, mentally stimulating day. A good day to learn or try something new. Seek some activity that takes you beyond your normal routine today.

7:18am – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) Willingness to put off present comfort in the hope of future gain. The trine from Leo to Sagittarius means we are looking to take our creative efforts (Leo) and adapt (Sagittarius) them to some universal form.

The energy is active this morning, good for something like yoga or a good workout on Sunday morning.

1:37pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra). Brings out the optimistic side in everyone. Inspired yet congenial.

5:34pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Leo) Another very romantic and congenial aspect, great for social gatherings, folks are in the mood to show their creative side.

5:55pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires). Feeling a rise in ambition, looking for intellectual stimulation. Another fire trine to add even more inspirational energy to the day. Void of Course begins. Time to relax on Sunday afternoon.

9:25pm – Venus (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires). An excellent aspect for teaching or learning something new. Attend a class or lecture, go to an art or science exhibit, expand your mind, seek intellectual stimulation, go someplace you haven’t been before, just do something different. This aspect also stimulates our desire to teach and share our knowledge with others, so you may find yourself explaining things that help open new doors in the lives of others. It’s all because we see the intrinsic value in elevating others today, we want everyone to be as liberated as we are. Hence we feel a strong sense of community and want to share what we have with others. You could meet someone who changes your life, opens you up to new possibilities in life.

Venus is our receptive side, Uranus is intelligent and rules our process of evolution. So today we are receptive to anything that helps us get smarter and thus evolve. Ambition is strong today, this aspect helps overcome the shy side of Venus, encourages you to ask questions, warm up (Venus) to others who are different from you or unusual or eclectic (Uranus) because you see they have something to offer.

Aspect stimulates our interest in science, technology, computers and astrology. So you’d be wise to apply yourself to these topics today. Relationships fair well under this aspect as it stimulates the love and affection your share, Uranus modernizes Venus. New relationships that begin now are meant to help you grow, but not necessarily meant to last unless other factors indicate.

The Aires to Leo trine, so we are looking to put some creative inspiration (Aires, cardinal) into physical form (Leo, fixed), so it’s excellent for all creative endeavors. A good time for social gatherings. Relations with your children should be better than usual.

And you should find where this is happening in your chart, in those houses is where this aspect will manifest. I am encouraging this way of looking at aspects more and more because I am seeing the value of it in my own life in how I apply this information.

9:52pm – Moon enters Virgo. We are more adaptable, capable of critical thought and analysis, and more concerned with hygiene over the next couple of days.

Mentally active Monday with Moon in Virgo.

12:48pm – Moon conjunct Mars (Virgo) In the early afternoon, strong (Mars) emotions (Moon), feeling aggressive and assertive, a sharp mind with critical (Virgo) opinions.

4:20pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Virgo) Mentally active late in the afternoon. Mind working better than usual, good at remembering names and details, good time for business negotiations.

7:47pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) Emotions expand, the boundary around you dissolves a bit, open to subtle vibrations around you, more sensitive, easily deluded, desire to escape into fantasy.

New Moon with all 5 inner planets in Virgo! A very Virgonian month ahead. Mercury opposition Neptune expands your range of communication enough to reach everyone in your universe.

3:34am – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Middle of the night. Good judgment, opportunity for reform, maybe earning money.

12:10pm – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) A crisis to be satisfied with what you have (Virgo to Sagittarius square).

6:15pm – Venus enters Virgo. Until 10/15, so that’s 3 ½ week. Joins Sun, Mars, Mercury and the Moon. So for the next 9 hours, including the New Moon, all inner planets in Virgo. So if you feel a bit critical or analytical this evening, you know why.

Venus in Virgo is usually very neat in their appearance, but sometimes the exact opposite when things are not going well for them in life. Virgo rules work, so Venus in Virgo has better than usual relations with co-workers. Fastidious and perfectionist, have a hard time sharing feelings, a bit shy, concerned about health, shows sympathy for the disadvantaged, makes a good nurse or doctor. For the next few weeks we are receptive (Venus) to things related to Virgo, analysis, processes, critical thinking, trying to make good judgments, health and digestion, consequently we may not feel as much giving of ourselves as much during this time. Relationships (Venus) go through a time of adjustment with lots of aspects while in Virgo, lots of opportunities to activate this placement. Venus opposition Neptune 9/29, Venus trine Pluto 10/3, Venus conjunct Mars 10/5, Venus square Saturn 10/8. Venus enters it’s death cycle in Virgo, the last step in the 12 step process that begins with Libra. The fastidious nature of Virgo causes the feminine ego to dissolve, so you may feel a bit of a loss in the ability to show affection. Affection (Venus) becomes lost (last step feels like Pisces). Focus on your health and being helpful towards others.

8:50pm – Mercury (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces). The first of two planetary oppositions to Neptune this week. Neptune has a way of taking the clarity out of the thinking process, especially when Mercury is in aspect. Today your thoughts con-fuse with others, meaning that you must now consider things that have been hidden (Neptune) in the past which now require your conscious (Mercury) attention. So uncomfortable truths could be revealed, things done in the past could come up and cause some difficulty. You may feel the temptations towards deceitful actions to cover them up or could be the subject of the same behavior from others.

It’s not a good day to make agreements or come to a final decision about something. Inevitably there is something you’ve missed and besides you never really know how you feel until this aspect is over. Aspect has a way of bringing uncertainty to relationships (opposition). Important that you not leave things unsaid as it could create the wrong impression.

Today the boundary around your conscious mind (Mercury) dissolves (Neptune) a bit so you can see things that you haven’t seen in the past. You may perceive the thoughts of others, feel more impressionable and just generally absorb the thoughts of others. So clear thinking is more challenging today.

This aspect in often seen in the birth chart of people who work in retail or the medical industry as well as people who do lots of transactions (Mercury) with everyone (Neptune) and without judgment, like a cashier would have to do or offering assistance to lots of people like a nurse would have to do. On the Virgo-Pisces axis, we are looking to be helpful towards others, doing our best to provide just the right piece of information (Mercury) that will help someone make the proper adjustment (Virgo) in life. That’s the best part of this aspect.

You may find yourself communicating with lots of people today. Communication in general will be take on an air of compassion and helpfulness. The news in the wake of the hurricanes will bring the suffering (Neptune) of others to our conscious (Mercury) awareness, potentially bringing out the savior (Neptune) in each of us.

It’s generally advised at this time that you should avoid intoxicants like drugs and alcohol because you are more sensitive than usual to the negative influences. It’s important to keep the mind clean and clear so you can bring forth the good judgment of Virgo, rather than getting lost and loosing conscious control of your surroundings. This could invite serious problems. Be careful while driving (Mercury) today. Keeping the mind clear will help you to see things that others do not see, possibly even have a mystical experience, something that brings you a sense of connectedness.

This is the culmination of the Mercury-Neptune cycle which began on March 4, 2017 at 11d Pisces. So once again today we are more concerned with the fate of humanity and may feel powerless to do anything about it, but confront it we must.

10:30pm – Moon conjunct Sun (Virgo). New Moon at 27d27′ Virgo. We have a rather challenging New Moon this Month. The first thing you’ll notice is all the planets in Virgo along with the New Moon. Most of them make an opposition to a planet in Pisces. The New Moon sits in close opposition to Chiron and Mars and more precisely, Mercury form and opposition to Neptune. So we will be dealing with a lot of hidden (Pisces) things that come up this month and you may feel a little weaker than usual. It’s time to clean up (Virgo) the conscious mind, avoid intoxicants, you’ll need to think clearly in order to make the right decisions. Hidden things cloud the mind, don’t help them. Keeping a clear mind will help you see things that others don’t and avoid the downside of the Pisces experience, which is suffering and disappointment and in this case pain (Chiron) as well. The descriptions for Mercury opposition Neptune and Mars opposition Neptune on Sunday contain much of the advice that goes along with this challenging month ahead. Much of what I say about those aspects, especially Mercury, really goes strongly for the month ahead.

And as I mention in both cases, the best part of this configuration is the attitude of helpfulness that it brings. You will feel much better about yourself and life in general if you can find some way of being helpful towards others this month. Virgo brings good judgment, but you need a clear mind. And that will also help you have a cosmic experience, a sense of connectedness. In addition, please note that mutable signs require we show maturity good character. You’ll also need faith (Pisces) to help you get by.

And for sure health issues come up this month. All the more reason to cleanse the body, purge impurities from the body in order to get the mind functioning properly. Avoid junk foods and other things that clog your system. Getting your digestive system in the best functioning order possible is the most important advice I can give you.

Void of Course begins. And with the Pisces oppositions it’s really not a good month to make agreements. You really need to be sure about all the details, hidden things that you normally might take for granted have a way of coming back at you. Relationships face a challenge this month to deal with issue of pain and the need to make adjustments. You may have to contend with other forces outside of the relationship that require your attention to the point where the relationship just seems to go unnoticed for a while. Don’t worry this will pass.

In fact, we will all be forced to contend with issues outside of ourselves more this month. We will need to show more compassion and helpfulness. We will all need to make important decisions regarding not only our individual fate, but possibly the fate of others. You will see things this month that make you cry, things you may have never seen before. Getting through the pain will be an important part of your own cleansing process. It will help you to release unwanted thought patterns that have long since expired but still linger.

Geopolitical considerations, I see this as month when things are revealed, disappointment occurs and authority (Saturn) seems either out of touch of just look like failures despite their best efforts. Politics (Mercury) gets lost in other considerations outside the normal realm of politics. Things that they have avoided may suddenly come up and create problems that require fateful decisions to be made quickly. Notice the squares to Saturn. Authority faces a lot of limitation and judgment. The Chiron opposition could produce a rather painful experience for us all. Considering Pisces is a water sign and these hurricanes have had too much water dumped on us, it’s hard not to make the connection. A lot of concerns regarding water this month.

But of course it’s not all bad, though it may seem that way at times. Notice the kite formation with Venus making a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus and Jupiter still forming the two sextiles to complete the kite. This means we have some creative opportunities available this month, but those efforts needs to be Virgo-Pisces in nature. They need to have something to do with health and helpfulness, as well as helping you make an adjustment in life, a way of letting go of the past (Pisces) and working (Virgo) towards a better future. So you may find there is actually a great opportunity related to your work as well.

Notice Mercury and Mars trine Pluto. There are opportunities to reform your life in some way, focus your energy (Mars) and mind (Mercury) towards a positive goal that could change your life for the better. If you cleanse your mind and purge debilitating emotional patterns, you will experience a rebirth (Pluto) and give you new career (Capricorn) opportunities.

No exact Aspects. Moon enters Libra in the morning.

3:06am – Moon enters Libra. We are more congenial and in need of attention for the next couple of days, in search of comfort through harmony and balance. Generally a better time for social gatherings and spending more time with your partner.

Moon in Libra smooths out the day with only one challenging aspect.

10:01am – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) Control energies arise, folks are nervous and protective, prone to isolate themselves. Relationship (Libra) secrets are revealed.

7:12pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Able to put off present comfort for future gain. In these signs good time to be with your partner, attending to your relationship responsibilities, both sides willing to co-function.

Mercury trine Pluto gives us good judgment and opportunities for career advancement.

3:27am – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Libra) Feeling optimistic, generous, with a big appetite.

6:04am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires) Ambitious looking for freedom, brings up insecurities, easily agitated, disagreements may arise, sudden events could bring upset, poor time for digestion. Void of Course begins.

10:40am – Moon enters Scorpio. We are more passionate and intense for the next couple of days. Scorpio helps to reform your base emotional state and brings up a lot of subconscious (Moon) impulses (Scorpio) along the way. Good for working around the home, just in time for the weekend. The interesting note about Moon in Scorpio is the abundance of sextiles to planets in Virgo. This is sure to bring up even more than the usual amount of sexual energy associated with Moon in Scorpio.

10:59am – Mercury (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn). A fantastic aspect. Today your mind works better, more focused, more competent, able to talk only when necessary and when you do, you have something relevant to say. Good judgment (Virgo) leads to career opportunities (Capricorn). Analytical, precise, good moral character, good time to communicate concerning important matters. And best of all lots of energy and stamina to overcome obstacles and see a project through to the end.

More community oriented as Virgo is helpful and Pluto has us concerned with making conditions better for everyone. Lots of good ideas come up today.

This aspect should be a welcome respite from the strong Neptune energy that is clouding our thinking and has us feeling low most of the week. So it should be a day when folks find some hope and resolve to make a change for the better.

1:02pm – Sun enters Libra. Mars is in it’s fallen sign in Libra while the Sun is in it’s detriment in Libra, so the masculine principle is waning in Libra, which is why the fall season is referred to as the fall. Libra Sun is generally timid and shy and needs reassurance. It’s the time when individuality recedes in favor of diplomacy and the need to get approval from others. Generally not the time when we begin new projects, but there is no particular astrological reason why we should not, it’s just not the high season for new starts. It’s the time of harvest, a time of social gatherings, time to show your Libra qualities, gracious and temperate, tactful and considerate.

5:35pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Venus (Virgo) Good time to express your feelings, strong sexual desire arises.

Moon in Scorpio asks us to expend energy around the home, you’ll need to reform the home environment this weekend.

8:53am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mars (Virgo) Just like yesterday afternoon, strong sexual desire arises. Also a strong burst of energy to get you moving in the morning. Good time for a workout or morning Yoga session.

10:22am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) Emotions dissolve. Emotional pain is transformed into an opportunity to heal. Good for healing past wounds and finding resolution on deep issues. Increased psychic abilities.

7:07pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Intense emotions intended to reform your base emotional state. Lots of stamina and drive, could bring up jealousy and possessiveness.

Mars opposition Neptune takes the wind out of your sails. The ego dissolves and we seek to be helpful towards others.

12:33am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mercury (Virgo) Late Saturday night the sexual energy is strong. Void of Course begins, lasts until late in the evening. So it’s V/C all day long. Not a day to start new projects. Though you may not have the energy anyway with Mars opposition Neptune.

12:50pm – Mars (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) Our second opposition from Virgo to Neptune (Pisces) this week. Classically one the more challenging aspects, associated with low vitality, inability to stand up for yourself and just generally feeling discouraged. The subtle vibrations of Neptune dissolve the ego (Mars) and the boundary between you and others. Open to feeling what others are feelings, even unfamiliar people living in distant places. Bad news effects us more strongly at these times and we should be more aware of this as we are watching the news and videos. We are just so much more impressionable now that these things get inside of us and evoke a stronger than usual emotional response. Such things could bring up feelings of disappointment or just being discouraged about life.

In this case, the desire (Mars) is to be helpful (Virgo) towards others, there is no filter of judgment, it’s unconditional love (Neptune) for everyone no matter what they are like, no matter how different from you they may be, you just want to help. Considering all of the bad news regarding hurricanes this aspect should evoke a tremendous outpouring of assistance to those in the path of the storm. And that is really the best use of this aspect, to be helpful towards others. Just be careful of playing the role of savior to such an extent that you overexert yourself.

Also it’s generally advised at this time that you should avoid intoxicants like drugs or alcohol because those things may effect more than usual and not in a good way. The boundary around you is already dissolving and that should be enough to get you high, so to speak. So much of the Neptune energy is wasted, it is always a good idea to see if you can reverse that trend. A clean (Virgo) sharp (Mars) mind could give you the ability to perceive things that others do not, or maybe even have a spiritual experience and realize your connectedness to all people and all beings.

This is the culmination of the Mars-Neptune cycle which began on January 1, 2017 at 9d Pisces. So once again with Neptune in Pisces the energy is extra debilitating. You may feel like trying to hide your head in the sand, seek sanctuary from the storm, delve into fantasy. You may even be tempted to deceive others if you are not able to defend your actions (Mars) or your beliefs (Neptune). Things that you have done in the dark (Neptune) have a way of coming up on the oppositions to Neptune. Or you may find yourself the subject of deceitful actions. So it’s really not a time to make an agreement, the chance of things being missed is strong. The point is this aspect is meant to reveal things that you weren’t aware before so you can discover the hidden meaning of things, which if understood properly will be the key to helping you adjust or reorient yourself. Because recall this is on the Virgo-Pisces axis which asks us to make the adjustments necessary to move into a new phase of life.

9:01pm – Moon enters Sagittarius.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Jupiter opposition Uranus
We’re getting closer and you can already feel the electricity in the air. All sorts of events are tied to this last pass coming on 9/27. The USA, EU, Bashar al Assad of Syria, Israel, the Federal Reserve are all in for significant change as decisive events related to this aspect effect all of them.

In the USA it looks like the main effect will be economic as the US petro dollar will soon no longer be the world’s reserve currency and the Fed is getting ready to have the curtain pulled back on the last 100 years of their failed monetary policy. Here’s a good article on all the gibberish they are spewing recently.

And it looks like we are in for some sort of showdown between Bashar al Assad and Netanyahu. They both have planets at 27d Libra. With Assad it’s his Venus which sits at the exact degree and minute of the opposition, 27d22′. For Netanyahu, it’s his Sun at 27d33′ Libra so he is due to get Jupiter conjunct Sun and Uranus opposition Sun. Just like Assad, he is reaching an important moment, a culmination of his plans. He is very ambitious right now, likely to do something bold and surprising (Uranus). He really wants to break free from limitations. There is recent news that he met with bin Salman of Saudi Arabia while trying to reach a secret agreement with respect to Assad, they both want Assad out and it looks like they are planning a new offensive together. So this adds more speculation to the idea that Netanyahu could do something surprising soon. But with Assad having essentially the same transits, I speculate that whoever does something underhanded will be the looser in the end. So if Netanyahu makes a bold offensive he will be met with an opposing force just as strong, maybe stronger.

By the way there is a lot of talk in the Saudi kingdom that bin Salman is set to take the throne soon, which could happen coincidental with Saturn entering Capricorn the first week of December.


Back in January I put out a video entitled “Jupiter opposition Pluto: A Renaissance for Jupiter and Libra”. Going over many of the things I said in January still seems on the mark. If you have not had the chance to see that video, please check it out. We have seen the great sweeping changes in the news media as anticipated and the new technology is becoming impossible not to notice. Bosch just came out with a new battery for electric cars that goes twice as far as the current generation and costs a lot less. And all of this new technology is just waiting for the old guard to pass away so that it can be released. The oil companies have been the ones who have repressed this technology all of our lives. And now that cars are going to become all electric soon, the value of oil is diminishing, so this too is part of the demise of the petro-dollar.

And I should mention that Pluto goes Direct the day after on 9/28, and that will set off the third and last pass of a bunch of powerful Pluto transits happening all over the world, especially in Europe. So we’ll see some big events start to unfold the last week of September.

That’s all for weekly astrology notes. Thanks for viewing and thanks for liking my video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.


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