Weekly Astrology Notes Oct 1-8, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes Oct 1-8, 2017

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: It’s a big week for personal growth and self-improvement. Early in the week, Mars and Venus trine Pluto, so it’s time to regenerate and make improvements in your life.

Mars trine Pluto on Sunday 10/1 encourages us to make a change for the better in life. Lots of stamina and energy to regenerate (Pluto) yourself ( Mars), improve conditions in life and work with others towards a practical goal (earth signs). Then on Tuesday, Venus trine Pluto brings intense feelings to the surface along with a desire to improve your life and health and even help others do the same. These two aspects bring lots of sexual and regenerative energy and but also strong ego energies that could manifest as ruthless behavior, you may even surprise yourself with some the impulsive behavior you didn’t know you had.

In fact, we have a really significant week for Venus (Virgo). At the end of her death cycle, Venus brings wonderful opportunities to share yourself with others and dissolve old feelings that you are ready to release. Existing relationships should fare better than usual and if you don’t have one, you’ll be inspire to start a new relationship. Sexual energies are strong with this Venus trine Pluto and with Venus conjunct Mars on Thursday, a very creative aspect, good for social gatherings, an aspect that is best shared with others, no good being alone on Thursday.

Then on Sunday 10/8, we get contrasting aspects. Venus square Saturn asks us to overcome feelings of unworthiness and criticizing behavior. In contrast Sun conjunct Mercury (Libra) makes us very social. The mix of these two aspects give us an opportunity to overcome personal limitation by eliminating feelings that you no longer need.

Also this week: Transits for Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, Spain, the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Daily Summary:

On Sunday, Mars trine Pluto makes it a productive day with a sense of destiny, like you are ready for a pay off. Find something useful to do, take advantage of the increased stamina to work on a project to get ahead.

On Monday, Moon in Aquarius is a lot of fun in the very early, but Moon in Pisces starting at 7:30am makes it a moody Monday, feeling more sensitive and vulnerable today.

On Tuesday, We are passionate about our feelings today as Venus trine Pluto gives a sense of destiny to all of our actions once again this week. Lots of sexual energy, you need to express yourself today.

On Wednesday, Moon in Pisces leaves us a bit depressed with a long Void of Course until the early afternoon. Wait until then to start new projects.

On Thursday, A very creative day with Venus conjunct Mars (Virgo) stimulating our desire nature. Once again this week, we feel passionate and we’re looking for love. A day to be shared with others.

On Friday, Moon (Aires) gives us a couple of energetic aspects this afternoon before it enters Taurus this evening for a mellow Friday evening.

On Saturday, Moon (Taurus) gives us two wonderful aspects today making it a warm and sensual day, good for work around the home.

On Sunday, Contrasting aspects. Venus square Saturn means we feel tested and need to focus on perfecting (Virgo) ourselves, while Sun conjunct Mercury means it’s a bright and creative day.


Mars trine Pluto makes it a productive day, find something useful to do, take advantage of the increased stamina to work on a project to get ahead.

4:32pm – Mars (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn). We had Sun trine Pluto on 9/9, Mercury trine Pluto on 9/22, now Mars trine Pluto, followed by Venus trine Pluto on 10/3. The Virgo to Capricorn trine is the last earth trine. Skillful (Virgo) use of personal resources (Taurus) leads to personal success (Capricorn), that’s the basic idea of the grand trine in earth. At the Virgo to Capricorn trine, we are looking to achieve, come above the horizon, stand with good moral character, and with integrity in order to obtain success (Capricorn).

Mars trine Pluto gives us strength (Mars), focus and stamina (Pluto) to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Industrious in the word for today. Thinking is practical, good judgment, making just the right decision to ensure success. Strong desire to get ahead and achieve, even in a somewhat ruthless way.

Ego energies will be running a bit high today, sometimes the mix of Mars and Pluto, even a trine, means we are tempted to take personal control of collective resources, it makes us ambitious beyond our needs, a bit greedy. In general, everyone feels like a payoff is due to them from the universe today. In a way it is, but you must be sure to take only what is rightfully yours. Criminals (Pluto) may feel more emboldened by these Pluto trines this week, so use caution.

But it’s a great aspect, you can use this energy to rise above the weaker and superfluous elements of your character and do something that will help you in the long run. So apply yourself today, work hard and see a job through to the end because you know it pays off in the long run, even if you don’t earn more reward for your extra work today, you know it will pay off eventually. This trine keeps the energy under the surface until just the right moment when you may act decisively. Locate the houses where this aspect occurs and focus you attention on activities related to those houses today.

4:56pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) End the week on a nice sextile to bring a pleasant disposition to Sunday evening. Good for enlightened conversation and sharing ideas.

Moon in Aquarius is a lot of fun in the very early, but Moon in Pisces starting at 7:30am makes it a moody Monday, feeling more sensitive and vulnerable today.

2:13am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires) Feeling a strong desire for independence.

4:13am – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra). Feeling generous and forgiving, looking to expand your social sphere. Big appetite. Void of Course begins.

7:26am – Moon enters Pisces. Feelings dissolve into the collective for the next couple of days. Time to consider the needs of others but not get pulled under the surface. We are more psychic and in tune with the subtle energies around us. More sensitive and compassionate and more prone to delusions and feeling disappointed. Staying active helps release old emotional patterns.

We are passionate about our feelings today as Venus trine Pluto gives a sense of destiny to all of our actions once again this week. Lots of sexual energy, you need to express yourself today.

5:46am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) A cosmic poke on your belly button. Find a safe, quiet space and meditate. Feeling extra sensitive.

12:06pm – Venus (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Once again this week. First Mars, now Venus. Today you are passionate (Pluto) about your feelings (Venus). It makes for a day of strong expression of your feelings. A desire to express a deep commitment to someone or something. Today love is felt more deeply than usual.

Pluto acts like a volcano to bring up feelings from deep within you and expose them on the surface. This will give you insight into yourself and others, helping to see everyone’s true intentions. Psychological (Pluto) insights are more plentiful than usual. The intense feelings brought to the surface will also bring up control energy because with Pluto there is always this awareness of the power of your own being and how best to use it to your advantage. There is a lot of sexual energy in the air, even a sense of destiny to go along with it, so this aspect could facilitate coupling. Relationships that start under this influence are intense and sexual.

Strong desire to be helpful (Virgo) towards someone who genuinely (Capricorn) needs it. Good aspect for teaching or being the agent of reform in someone’s life. Desire to regenerate your life in some way, improve or clean-up your personal surrounding, make a precise adjustment (Virgo) to achieve success (Capricorn). Willing to spend money to achieve your goals.

2:20pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) A strong burst of energy to help the disadvantaged, good for healing and regenerating.

2:34pm – Moon (Pisces) opposition Venus (Virgo). The afternoon brings a disconnect with our emotions. Feeling a bit isolated, not a good time for social gatherings.

4:36pm – Moon (Pisces) opposition Mars (Virgo) Feeling aggressive, the need to take action, make an adjustment. Emotional impulses hard to define. Time of poor health and digestion.

Moon in Pisces leaves us a bit depressed with a long Void of Course until the early afternoon. Wait until then to start new projects.

12:19am – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius). Emotionally rigid, hard to relate to others, desire escape. A long Void of Course begins. In the morning is a good time for meditation but wait until the afternoon to start new projects.

1:40pm – Moon enters Aires. We are more energetic for the next couple of days, desire to start new projects and more willing to follow (Aires) our impulses (Moon). Headstrong and not willing to compromise, you find most value in doing what is best for you.

A very creative day with Venus conjunct Mars (Virgo) stimulating our desire nature. Once again this week, we feel passionate and we’re looking for love. A day to be shared with others.

7:01am – Moon (Aires) opposition Mercury (Libra) Feeling a bit restless, subconscious (Moon) thoughts interfere with conscious (Mercury) thought processes, makes us preoccupied.

9:53am – Venus conjunct Mars (Virgo) A very amorous aspect, brings out the desire for a partner. A good time to begin (Mars) relationships (Venus). Mars is our desire nature and Venus is our receptive nature. Under this influence we want attention and desire physical connection with another. Your ego (Mars) desire connection with another (Venus), so you really must share this aspect with another. No good being alone for this one.

With this aspect, you are more willing than usual to bend to the needs of your partner, because you get ego gratification from your partner and vice versa. So folks are very agreeable today. There is a strong desire to be with others today and that natural social magnetism will bring folks together easily. So this is an excellent aspect for any type of social gathering.

Also brings a strong appreciation for beauty and art. Seek a partner and pleasant surroundings.

11:40am – Moon (Aires) opposition Sun (Libra). Full Moon. A point of culmination in this months efforts to grow. Along the Aires-Libra axis of identity, this month we are really looking for recognition. Your emotional needs (Moon) require a partner (Libra) in order to unleash your creative (Sun) potential. Rather appropriate with so many aspects involving Venus this week, this really adds to that. The need to either have a partner or prepare yourself for one to come into your life is the main them for this week. This Full Moon is impulsive and we act aggressively (Aires) towards our partner, not waiting for them to make the first move. Strong attraction to your partner, or a potential one, along with the Venus conjunct Mars will make this the most romantic Full Moon we’ve seen in a long while. A very creative time as well. Use caution, with so many subconscious energies coming to the surface, it brings out overly aggressive and uncompromising behavior in some folks.

6:46pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn) Feeling isolated and left out, maybe jealous of what others have. Secrets from the past hold you back.

Moon (Aires) gives us a couple of energetic aspects this afternoon before it enters Taurus this evening for a mellow Friday evening.

4:26am – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) An inspiration (Sagittarius) that you want to incorporate into your identity (Aires), and you do it with practicality (Saturn).

11:58am – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires) Ambitious, headstrong and in love with yourself. Be flexible, ready for a change of plans. Desire for independence.

3:38pm – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra). Emotions expand, desire to be in a crowd. Indulgent, poor judgment. Void of Course begins.

4:56pm – Moon enters Taurus. We are steadfast and set on our course for the next couple of days. Moon is exalted in Taurus where emotions mellow and we’re more sensual. Concerns over finances and personal possessions.

Moon (Taurus) gives us two wonderful aspects today making it a warm and sensual day, good for work around the home.

12:58pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces). Time to get a massage. Very earthy and sensual and sensitive, good for rock medicine.

9:01pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Regenerate (Pluto) in the home (Moon). Looking for a change for the better, helpful and steadfast towards others, willing to use your personal resources (Taurus) to reform your personal surroundings.


Contrasting aspects. Venus square Saturn means we feel tested and need to focus on perfecting (Virgo) ourselves, while Sun conjunct Mercury means we’re more sensitive, shy yet talkative, and it’s a bright and creative day.

3:46am – Moon (Taurus) trine Mars (Virgo) Burst of physical energy, we feel like spending money to get ahead.

5:54am – Venus (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) The first of two contrasting aspects today. One the one hand, Venus square Saturn means Venus faces a test today, but on the other hand Sun conjunct Mercury (Libra) means all things Venus shine brighter by the Sun and the light of conscious (Mercury) awareness. This aspect gives you the opportunity to overcome and eliminate negative feelings.

Once again it’s the Virgo to Sagittarius square which asks us to be satisfied with what we have, don’t ask for more (Sagittarius) until you have digested (Virgo) what you already have. Sometimes that takes a while, it inhibits growth (Sagittarius). This combination requires maturity (mutable square), so you may feel it hard to be live up to expectation today and keep on with your work despite feeling dissatisfied.

Venus square Saturn is a time of testing (the applying square). The tendency is to isolate yourself, feeling like you aren’t good enough, not pretty enough, lack social grace (Venus qualities), and consequently behave cold, precise, unyielding and overly structured (Saturn qualities). Sometimes even downright cantankerous and anti-social if you feel you are not getting enough respect in life or lack adequate structure to your life. The universe is giving you a test to see how you feel. It’s generally not a good time for social gatherings as people are feeling critical and judgmental and are not as emotionally available for one another as usual.

Time to roll up your sleeves and do the dirty work, clean up you act and your personal environment. Virgo asks us to eliminate feelings (Venus) that we no longer need. This is especially significant now that Venus is at the end of her death cycle. So you really need to let go of feelings (Venus) that are dysfunctional or negative, things that are holding you back. The universe is giving us a great opportunity to let go, purge old, worn out feelings in order to make way for something new once Venus enters Libra on 10/14.

Focus on perfecting (Virgo) yourself. Taking all of that energy of Saturn and turning it inward will yield positive results while directing it outward leads to wounded relationships. And predictably this aspect is bad for relationships, feeling more restricted than usual and prone to criticizing your partner.

Not a good day to sign agreements nor it is a good day for business, folks do not feel like spending money, unless it’s for something like health products. Maybe the health food stores do well on an aspect like this one.

6:45am – Moon (Taurus) trine Venus (Virgo). Skillful (Virgo) use of personal resources (Taurus). Void of Course begins, continues until this evening. Slow Sunday, time to be steadfast and complete unfinished projects.

1:54pm – Sun conjunct Mercury (Libra) Last had this aspect on June 21 in early Cancer. This aspect is always a good one. It brings the light of the Sun into the conscious mind. We are more talkative, intelligent, opinionated, and curious. Good day for communication. Our creative energy (Sun) is very active and changeable (Mercury), we can move easily from one thing to the next without much hesitation. Able to do two things at once. Good for juggling. Folks have lots of bright ideas and the inner child within us comes out to play. Libra, an air sign, can be intellectual and superficial.

In Libra, this aspect is a perfect time for a social gathering, quite the opposite of the previous aspect. So there’s quite a contrast. With this aspect, we need to talk to others, share ideas, develop relationships and partnerships. The not-self (Libra) requires our full conscious (Mercury) attention. We are more eloquent and desire to persuade others to go along with our ideas.

The contrast of the two aspects means if you do the square, you restrain your criticism, purge negative feelings as required at this time, and instead be helpful towards others, then you get a reward. And that reward is a glimpse of a greater reality once you let go of the old, worn out feelings. It’s like, the universe is giving us conscious awareness of what we need to eliminate, taking some of the guess work out of today’s challenge. With Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra, the two are working together very well. The result is a particularly enlightening moment, a release of an emotional burden along with a sense of lightness, like air, an exquisite feeling of heightened awareness and profound sensitivity towards others.

A good aspect for business transactions, once again, a contrast. People want to spend money to beautify (Venus) their life, cloths, cosmetics, romance, going on a date, etc. Though both aspect encourage purchase of health products.

Listening to music or putting yourself in beautiful surroundings today will do more good than usual. A good day to go to the beach or take a hike with a partner. Also, any creative (Sun) effort using your hands (Mercury) will also be a good outlet. You will make beautiful music together with your partner.

6:44pm – Moon enters Gemini. Moon enters it’s death cycle in Gemini. Brief attractions. Emotions are mercurial. Time to catch up on missed connections, complete unfinished projects. More mentally active, good at solving puzzles, a bit restless and in need of stimulation.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Anthony Weiner
On 9/25, got sentenced to 21 months in prison. The biggest transit is Neptune opposition Sun. So it seems to me, from an astrological perspective, this verdict was far more about compassion and forgiveness (Neptune) than it was guilt, despite the sentence and the disgrace that goes along with it. Knowing what he has truly done, you could say he was forgiven for the overwhelming majority of it and he is getting the proverbial “slap on the wrist”. Nothing more.

Just to let folks know that although Neptune rules prisons and mental institutions, things that society has swept under the rug, these Neptune transits do not typically produce these kind of manifestations. Neptune opposition Sun can be a wonderful, spiritual moment in your life despite the delusion that accompanies it. And Neptune opposition Pluto is actually a very good transit that helps dissolve and heal a lot of things from your past. But we don’t have his correct birth time so we must ignore the Neptune opposition Midheaven, but the North Node conjunct his Moon seems appropriate. So it looks like that file folder labeled “Insurance” on his confiscated laptop really helped out, he got off easy.

Huma Abedin
Check our her transits. Mars conjunct Mars in the 12th house, masculine (Mars) element of her life dissolving (12th house) and ready to start a new cycle, but that’s just on the surface. Much deeper and more to the point, Pluto quincunx Venus, last pass, and Chiron quincunx Moon exactly. Getting swept up in the karma of others and being terribly inconvenienced.

I was looking at their birth chart as indicated on astro.com and astrologyweekly.com, both which show a birth date of Nov 22, 1975, but there doesn’t seem to be any major transits for that birth chart. Then I noticed that astrotheme.com has a birth chart of Sept 27, 1464, which in my opinion really fits the Spanish character for which they are so famous. And looking at the transits for this chart, this makes more sense, we see the recent Jupiter opposition Uranus right on top of their natal Neptune at 27d Libra. What I see in this is that these political events are all about changing (Uranus) some very old beliefs (Neptune). Jupiter conjunction means they are looking to overcome limited beliefs and recuperate lost elements of self (Neptune). They are looking to grow (Jupiter) beyond their current belief system. That’s what this is all about for them. For the EU as a whole this is yet another manifestation of Jupiter opposition Uranus occurring right on top of their natal Jupiter at 27d Libra along with their Pluto transits.

It’s rather internesting how this old chart seems to give us some valuable insight, more than the recent chart. Old energies coming to the surface to be cleaned out. What is going in there is a cultural revolution, not a political revolution.

The Jupiter opposition Uranus aspect is certainly the main drive force behind the current calamity in professional sports. The reason why this energy is being expressed with such defiance in the USA is because of the transit Jupiter square Pluto. Exact on 10/3. An interesting take on the whole subject can be found in this story bringing up the point that all of this commotion will cause people to wake up, de-hypnotize them . After all professional sports is one of the main weapons of mass distraction used to keep us from seeing the big picture. Also, advertisers are pulling their ads from the NFL, a crisis (square) between professional sports (Jupiter) and money (Pluto).

But there is so much more than sports to this transit. Jupiter square Pluto is one of the most ambitious transits in the book, also one of the most accident prone. This week American feels very ambitious and is filled with righteousness (Jupiter) that has a hidden “self” in front of it. Broadcast (Jupiter) defiant (Pluto) energy. Jupiter can be arrogant and the square to Pluto can manifest as a power play, an attempt to usurp power and take the reigns of control to lead a movement to reform society. Jupiter square a planet in Capricorn (Saturn), brings poor judgment. Jupiter often thinks it knows better than Saturn, even though it does not, and you’re not sure if you want to expand or contract. Nonetheless, the ambition can manifest positively if you take certain precautions, a brilliant stroke of luck can come your way if you are working in harmony with the collective, otherwise it can come off as just a naked power play. This transit can reveal deep psychological truths about you, revealing subconscious motivations, things about you that you’d prefer were kept hidden, even from yourself. The audacity that arises within you can startle even you. Like I was mentioning earlier with the Mars and Venus trine Pluto this week.

That’s what I think it will do to the USA, reveal something regarding hidden forces of control, like a glimpse of who is behind the scenes, pulling the strings on US foreign (Jupiter) policy.

The trick with this transit and all Pluto transits is to do the right thing, be morally upright, don’t cut corners. Jupiter likes to brush over the details. It requires policing (Pluto) yourself and therefore displaying self-control. If you do that, this transit can work out really well for you, you just have to be willing to admit that you want to use the power of the collective (Pluto), don’t pretend to be shy, just be willing to do it in a way that is in agreement with the cosmic forces (Jupiter) in the universe. This transit can show you if you are growing (Jupiter) properly, in agreement with forces greater than yourself.

For the USA, we could see some rather foolish mistake in foreign (Jupiter) policy. The current situation with North Korea is a good example of how the the Trump administration is being controlled by globalist forces who do not want resolution on this issue. I expect this transit to bring out the worst elements of US foreign policy and this could potentially create a problem for the USA. And we can’t neglect the issue of money (Pluto). The desire for it is a strong motivating force under this transit and with the US petro-dollar falling apart at the seams, we could see the USA do something to try and prevent that from happening.

Saudi Arabia
The Jupiter opposition Uranus came close to squaring their natal Saturn at 28d Capricorn. On 10/1, they get Jupiter square Saturn. With this transit, they experience a crisis to show their authority and wisdom. But secrets are revealed, (Libra square Capricorn). Saturn is fast approaching a square to their natal Mercury and Sun and will soon enter their 10th house. Over the next couple of months authority is dissolving more in that country than anywhere else. The Saudi regime faces a serious challenge to remain relevant, stay connected to their people and to just get a grip on reality (Saturn).

This Jupiter square Saturn transit may encourage them to make a stand to preserve their position, and do something foolish. Hard Jupiter-Saturn transits show difficulty demonstrating good judgment, you’re not sure whether you should expand (Jupiter) or should contract (Saturn). Likely this will manifest as a diplomatic (Libra) challenge involving foreigners (Jupiter). They will try to force their hand and make a executive decision that looks like it is forward thinking (Jupiter) but really is just covering up their weak spot (Saturn). Their foreign alliances are weakening and this transit will reveal that.

Saudi Arabia’s Saturn conjuncts the USA’s Pluto, meaning their authority (Saturn) shares a common destiny with the money and power (Pluto) of the USA. This transit may reveal some secret regarding the intimate relationship between the two nations.

That’s all for weekly astrology notes. Thanks for viewing and thanks for liking my video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.


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