Weekly Astrology Notes October 22-29, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes Oct 22-29, 2017

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:

A powerful and transformative week ahead. This week the emphasis in on Scorpio with 3 planets now in Scorpio making strong aspects. Things are coalescing fast. Scorpio focuses energy so it can penetrate. The scattered thought patterns in the environment are starting to come together. Soon, we’ll see cohesion of previously conflicting ideals in our lives as different pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

The mental expansion starts in the early part of the week, which is inspirational and spiritual. Moon in Sagittarius Sunday through Tuesday brings optimism and Mercury trine Neptune on Tuesday makes us feel like writing poetry while giving us a profound connection to the collective. So early in the week, we are looking at life in a philosophical and poetic way we are not concerned with mundane affairs.

On Wednesday, Moon in Capricorn brings us back to the physical world, and the beneficial aspects from planets in Capricorn continue to give us an enlightened perspective.

On Thursday, we have the biggest aspect of the week, Sun conjunct Jupiter. This is the day that Jupiter makes its’ big announcement that it has arrived in Scorpio. Expect a big news story which will blow the lid of the Hollywood scandals and bring us a significant piece of financial news. Though on a personal level, for those of us not caught up in the reality show drama, it is a fantastic day, one that should bring great inspiration, elevate the mind, give the ability to see patterns in your everyday world previously hidden from view so you can connect the dots. A day when we reach a new plateau in our perspective. The feeling can be so great, even God-like. Jupiter can do that and in Scorpio, even more so.

Then on Friday we have another big day. Venus square Pluto and Mercury (Scorpio) sextile Pluto. All of this Pluto energy brings a day of transformation, fixing things, confronting obstacles, tough negotiations, making firm decisions with serious ramifications, and ultimately transforming into something new, like the butterfly when it breaks out of it’s pupae shell and begins to spread it’s wings.

The upcoming weekend Moon in Aquarius make a good weekend to spend with friends or seek a change of pace.

Daily Summary:

On Sunday, Get out of the house and explore today with Moon in Sagittarius. Mars enters Libra and Sun enters Scorpio.

On Monday, Moon in Sagittarius brings an optimistic feeling to Monday, good day for promoting your ideas.

On Tuesday, Mercury trine Neptune makes it a dreamy day. Try to make a soul connection with others today.

On Wednesday, Moon in Capricorn is not as stoic as usual with some pleasant aspects this evening.

On Thursday, A jovial day with Sun conjunct Jupiter. Everyone is feeling lucky, optimistic and shines brighter. Not a day to be confined, you’ll need wide open spaces or a crowd to fulfill the need for expansion.

On Friday, Today we have Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto and the First Quarter Moon with Sun in Scorpio. So there is a lot of Pluto energy going around today and early tomorrow, especially this evening with both planetary aspects occurring at about the same time around 8pm. Lots of sexual energy along with a compelling need to dig deep and address the issues effecting your life and in society. An evening to shore up your feelings and change for thinking for the better.

On Saturday, Look for something interesting, maybe different to do today with Moon in Aquarius. In the early evening, a contrasting set of aspect to contend with. Last night’s aspects still in effect this morning.

On Sunday, Easy-going Sunday. In the morning, Moon in Aquarius moves us to seek freedom independence. A long Void of Course starting in the morning until the later afternoon means it’s a day to relax and take it easy. Moon enters Pisces in the evening.

SUNDAY 10/22
Get out of the house and explore today with Moon in Sagittarius. Mars enters Libra and Sun enters Scorpio.

4:35am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mars (Virgo). Early morning full of energy, good time for a workout or a yoga session. Void of Course begins.

4:57am – Moon enters Sagittarius. We are more open-minded for the next couple of days. Desire for travel and adventure, sports and recreation. Sagittarius brings out the spontaneous nature in us, childlike and curious, always interested in something new.

11:30am – Mars enters Libra. Until 12/10. Mars rules Aires so it in in it’s fallen sign while in Libra, where Mars lacks the impetus to initiate the ways it wants to, prone to laziness. Libra is the scales of justice, and Mars in Libra is quick to confront injustice or unfairness wherever they see it, but this can also come off as domineering, requiring everyone to live by your rules. The charge during this time is to exercise our diplomatic skills, don’t be afraid to pour on the charm for the sake of persuasion. Just don’t loose your identity (Mars) to someone else (Libra).

10:27pm – Sun enters Scorpio. Until 11/23. Happy Birthday to the Scorpio people. Always a good time of year, folks just more determined to make it through the day. The shorter days are upon us and the superfluous things seem to fall away. It’s time to regenerate, focus on what’s really important, healing the body and mind. With Jupiter now also in Scorpio, it may seem a bit more jovial than usual. We are more aware of our power and are keen to observe and look for ways to grow. Opportunism is in season.

MONDAY 10/23
Moon in Sagittarius brings an optimistic feeling to Monday, good day for promoting your ideas.

3:14am – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Venus (Libra) Pleasant disposition, flirtatious and romantic.

4:18am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces) Emotions expand and to feel a connection with everything around you. Open to fantasy and delusional thinking.

Mercury trine Neptune makes it a dreamy day. Try to make a soul connection with others today.

4:55am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) Moving slowly this morning, focused on work and obligations makes you feel secure. Eat a warm breakfast to get the digestive juices flowing.

8:56am – Mercury (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) Neptune dissolves the boundary around the conscious mind and opens us up to fantasy and flights of imagination, more compassionate and understanding, willing to overlook the bad side in others and willing to listen to the pain of others and help them recover. Words (Mercury) of compassion and universal ideals (Neptune) flow freely. Desire to reclaim lost elements of self, like the “Make America Great Again” slogan. Donald Trump announced the start of his presidential campaign on the transit Neptune trine Mercury.

The trine from Scorpio to Pisces enables a soul connection with others, bringing a sense of connectedness and unity with all things. A gift of healing (Scorpio) is shared universally (Pisces).

Of course there is always some delusion when it comes to Neptune because we all have beliefs that are really just superstitions, things we believe but have no factual basis, yet we entertain those beliefs anyway because it makes us feel good. On this day, those fanciful beliefs get expressed. The result is not harmful or foolish, usually not with a trine, rather it is a moment when you find out what hopes and dreams are really living in you unconscious, how far your mind is capable of stretching. It can be a respite from the mundane.

With this aspect, conscious thought processes (Mercury) freely absorb ideas from the collective unconscious of humanity (Neptune). The result is poetry, which is one of the best uses for this aspect. You may get a lot of ideas today, but you’ll to see if they are practical later on. The best ideas are artistic in nature, and they will carry the unique qualities of your conscious connection to the collective.

Not a day to make or sign agreements, invariably something is hidden. Also ego energies are low and so you’re less able to stand up for you long-term needs.

9:44am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires). Ambitious. Desire to incorporate some creative archetype (Sagittarius) into your identity. Void of Course begins.

5:12pm – Moon enters Capricorn. We are more conservative for the next couple of days, not as available for others as usual, more concerned with our own welfare, thought that may not be the same as usual today days. With Sun, Mercury, Jupiter now in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, Moon gets 4 sextiles in Capricorn. It makes these days much more active than usual, more opportunities (sextile) for emotional fulfillment.

9:08pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Sun (Scorpio) Creative energies flow well now. Ability to use collective resources (Scorpio) to find success (Capricorn). Good time to attend to whatever is important to you in life.

11:41pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Jupiter (Scorpio) Optimistic and confident. Domestic bliss more important now than outward expansion.

Moon in Capricorn is not as stoic as usual with some pleasant aspects this evening.

4:56pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Dreamy and sensitive, active imagination, transcendental feeling, ego dissolves a bit.

9:49pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Mercury (Scorpio) Good communication skills, passionate, calm and clear. Good time for business.

A jovial day with Sun conjunct Jupiter. Everyone is feeling lucky, optimistic and shines brighter. Not a day to be confined, you’ll need wide open spaces or a crowd to fulfill the need for expansion.

3:49am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Just as with Moon in Scorpio, even more so with this aspect, it’s a time for emotional renovation to establish a new base emotional state.

11:10am – Sun conjunct Jupiter (Scorpio) Oh what a happy aspect this is. No better aspect to bring out the good side in everyone. Similar to the Mercury conjunct Jupiter last week. All the Jupiter traits come out in everyone, more jovial, lucky, optimistic, broad-minded, inspired, shine brighter, desire to travel, interested in philosophy, able to see patterns in the environment and connect the dots, overcome limited thinking. A good day for business as everyone is looking to expand and in Scorpio the desire to spend money is stronger than ever. A tendency to indulge or just do whatever you are doing to excess is the most obvious manifestation of this aspect. People are just louder.

Sun rules Leo, the primary creative force in the zodiac. In Sagittarius, Leo energy finds expression in the outer world. Individual creative efforts take on universal forms. Jupiter brings that awareness today. With this aspect, we become aware that we are a universal form of all creation. We become aware of the God-presence within us. And in Scorpio, it’s profoundly personal, so this aspect can make you feel like God because you realize that you personally are a universal form of creation, a child of God no less. The light within you overcomes limitations and blockages and begins to flicker and shine once again. The insight you gain about life can bring a life changing moment when you take a big step towards coming into your own power, reach a new plateau in life, ready to co-create your own reality.

Use the increase physical energy this aspect brings to explore, expand your horizons, learn something new, attend a social event, an excellent activity for this aspect. Jupiter loves a crowd so there is likely going to be more social events than usual on this day. Look to your chart to see where this aspect is occurring and focus your activities there. In fact, wherever Jupiter is current located in your chart is where you are growing and learning new things and this aspect will amplify that a lot.

On this day, Jupiter truly enters Scorpio because when an outer planet enters a new sign, it’s not until it conjuncts the Sun that it is truly in that sign. So we expect to see some outward sign, an indicator that shows us what Jupiter is planning on doing in Scorpio. Jupiter rules the fashion industry, whenever Jupiter changes signs, trends change. And since pornography is the broadcasting (Jupiter) of sexuality (Scorpio), maybe we will see a greater awareness amongst men as to how porn adversely effects the mental and emotional bodies and numbs the soul. With Jupiter now in it’s death cycle, folks will be asking themselves why their plans for growth (Jupiter) did not work out as they hoped over the past 11 years. They’ll be looking for the psychological (Scorpio) reasons and inevitably many men will come to realize the loss of vital energy comes from viewing porn.

10:22pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires). Restless late in the evening, trying to break free from restrictions. Void of Course begins, continues until early next morning.

FRIDAY 10/27
Today we have Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto and the First Quarter Moon with Sun in Scorpio. So there is a lot of Pluto energy going around today and early tomorrow, especially this evening with both planetary aspects occurring at about the same time around 8pm. Lots of sexual energy along with a compelling need to dig deep and address the issues effecting your life and in society. An evening to shore up your feelings and change your thinking for the better.

5:59am – Moon enters Aquarius. We are more socially oriented, interested in social affairs, desire freedom and independence for the next couple of days. Aquarius can be impersonal

12:21pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Mars (Libra) Lots of physical energy, desire freedom, love the air. Mundane work can be frustrating, no one wants to be confined to a small space now. Folks might want to take the day off early, especially with the next aspect.

1:30pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Jupiter (Scorpio). Overindulgent, lazy, in these signs, desire to hide from authority and make your own the rules.

3:22pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Sun (Scorpio). First Quarter Moon. This month the challenge to establish the base for this months growth is characterized as the Aquarius to Scorpio square, which is always about vital information, either sharing it when it needs to be shared for the good of the collective, or not sharing it because doing so would compromise and weaken your position of power. It is the square between the two fixed signs in the upper half of the chart. It represents the rules, both written and unwritten, which govern society, and the common agreement we all have with one another to share collective resources (Scorpio) equitably (Aquarius). Therefore morality plays into it very strongly. So, the challenge this afternoon is to not morally compromise yourself so that you can establish a successful base for this month’s growth.

8:19pm – Venus (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn). Venus and Libra get a challenge today. Intense (Pluto) feelings (Venus), desire to control or manipulate others out of fear, insecurities may arise. We feel a crisis to remain vital, prove we are competent, and have adequate life force energy to sustain us through life. Any uncertainty drives us to encounters with others in search of validation and for that vital energy. Turned inward, this aspect gives you a strong burst of energy to get a lot of work done. Pluto brings stamina and commitment to your work.

Pluto squares have a way of cutting away things that are no longer necessary in life. Venus is our diplomatic and negotiating skills, so today everyone is a tough negotiator, ready to make firm decisions that have serious ramifications. You can shore up your feelings by cutting away whatever is dragging you down. If you are holding on to things that no longer serving your higher purpose, then on a day like this, you feel a crisis like you are loosing your grip and out of fear may want to cling on even tighter. Of course letting go always feels better, you feel lighter afterward. And that’s what you want to focus on this evening, what makes you truly feel (Venus) better, more whole, more beautiful and have the courage to let go whatever is getting in the way of that. Just don’t be selfish about it, all Pluto aspects require you to maintain a strong moral character. Be careful of a compulsion to spend money (Pluto) on vanity (Venus) items.

Venus is beautiful and wholesome, while Pluto is destructive, the square means beautiful things can get bruised or broken, such as feelings and relationships. But it’s always things that need to go away anyhow. You may get disruptions to your personal space, like you have been intruded upon. Secrets may be revealed. Libra to Capricorn square often does this as well. The energy of Pluto is imperative and some may feel compelled by forces beyond their control.

You can use the energy of Pluto to either cause imbalance or you can use it to fix whatever in you that is out of balance. You can go within, focus and with great determination overcome feelings of unworthiness. Use your passion to lift yourself out of a bad situation. This aspect give you the ability to stand up after being knocked down, shake off the pain and move forward with greater determination and understanding. And the depth of feelings that you experience now can also benefit a good relationship. The devotion and passion you feel for your partner helps to build a last bond. And that’s the best part of what Pluto brings to Venus, the commitment and sincerity that only come when a partnership (Venus) goes through a death-rebirth (Pluto) experience together.

8:22pm – Mercury (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn). All that Pluto energy on Mercury means it’s a an aspect that encourages deep thinking but not really saying much. Stamina (Scorpio) and efficiency (Capricorn) in dynamic cooperation, focused on self-worth and success, makes this sextile one to cherish. If you have one of these in your natal chart you are a adept at success in life.

Today we are searching for mystery and intrigue, not interested in superficial things, looking to delve deep on any issue we encounter. Mature, stoic and most of all pre-meditative, thinking like a criminal or a cop. Generally speaking, all of this Pluto energy on Mercury stops folks from talking because no one wants to reveal anything that might compromise their position. Everyone is hiding (Scorpio). Try to overcome the urge to remain silent, take a risk, you could come into your own power and change your thinking for the better. You could also be the catalyst for positive change in some else’s life. But you need to put out the effort because it’s a sextile.

Considering both Pluto aspects tonight, it could be a rather interesting evening. Pluto in Capricorn digs deep and is bringing cultural and ethnic energy issue to the surface. We are living in a time of cultural upheaval and reform. The insights that you may have this evening will be much deeper than usual. A greater awareness and appreciation for the issues that are tearing society apart will come into your conscious awareness (Mercury) and you will feel (Venus) the inequality in society and resolve to do something proactive about it. Passionate desire to discuss the common issues. Good time to participate in a social cause meant to reform society. Be cautious and reconsider any compulsion to transact, i.e. spend money, it may just be you are looking to show your power.

Mercury and Venus are working as a team because of the semi-sextile, a Pisces/Taurus aspect. Pisces dissolves the boundary between them and Taurus gives them an intrinsic value together, rather than two distinct parts, they become like two bills in the same wallet. So Mercury and Venus are locked tightly together this evening. This Mercury semi-sextile Venus aspect also plays into the picture this evening, bringing a desire to talk and to share ideas, helps lighten up all the Pluto energy. This evening, we should feel a greater appreciation for the things we hold in common (Pluto). Aspect makes for good driving habits.

All of this Pluto energy with a potential for good use may make the dark cabal a bit nervous and they may try to do something to channel this powerful energy towards their selfish ends rather than for the good of the collective. So we may see another mass distraction, like the fires in Sonoma County distracted us from seeing what really happened in Las Vegas since the shooting. There is a huge cover-up going on.


Look for something interesting, maybe different to do today with Moon in Aquarius. In the early evening, a contrasting set of aspect to contend with. Last night’s aspects still in effect this morning.

6:02pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Venus (Libra) Pleasant disposition, good time to share your feelings, desire to clear the air, feel the breeze.

6:35pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Mercury (Scorpio) Restless, sharp mind sees everything, more aware of social games people play. Sibling rivalries flare. Contrasting aspects.

SUNDAY 10/29
Easy-going Sunday. In the morning, Moon in Aquarius moves us to seek freedom independence. A long Void of Course starting in the morning until the later afternoon means it’s a day to relax and take it easy. Moon enters Pisces in the evening.

6:01am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Slow Sunday morning.

9:22am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires). Not interested in duty or obligation, need to be free, follow your ambitions. Void of Course begins, continues until the late afternoon.

4:46pm – Moon enters Pisces. Emotions dissolve into the collective and we are more passive and impressionable for the next couple of days. Time to seek sanctuary and to nurture your spiritual side to avoid feeling discouraged. Moon in Pisces helps to recall your dreams, so try to do that over the next couple of days. In fact, on 10/16, we had Moon opposition Neptune in the middle of the night and recommended folks try and recall their dreams when they awake. Well, sure enough I had the most amazing dreams that night. I recall that special feeling of connectedness and I am wondering if any of my viewers had the same experience. Let me know.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Looking ahead to a couple of powerful Saturn aspects in the first half of November.

Saturn square Chiron on 11/02
It’s a lot like the recent Saturn square Neptune transit for the USA when we saw a sacrifice event, the Las Vegas shooting. With Chiron in Pisces, this aspect is similar, so I am a little concerned. This aspect has been an important factor this past year as it has unearthed a lot of truths regarding the pain and suffering (Chiron) the we don’t see, stuff that’s been swept under the carpet (Pisces). At this last passage, we expect some sort of career (Saturn) sacrifice (Pisces) that may take the form of another false flag like the Vegas shooting. But once again, whoever tries something like that will cause themselves to be revealed. As Saturn is in the final months of it’s death cycle itself, a square to Pisces produces this kind of manifestation, some spectacular end.

On a personal level something very deep within each of us is dying now. The uncertainty and pain that everyone is feeling these days reaches a conclusion of sorts at the last pass of this aspect. On a macro level it produces dramatic endings or a group sacrifice. But the same is true internally for each of us now, there is something that we all need to sacrifice and let go of at this time.

And with this aspect forming transits to the USA’s natal Mercury at 24d Cancer. Saturn quincunx Mercury on 10/31. Chiron trine Mercury on 11/16. It looks like the USA is set for a painful political adjustment.

Saturn trine Uranus
The next big aspect, on 11/11. The forces of structure and authority (Saturn) working in harmony (trine) with the forces of change and evolution (Uranus).

The aspect has two passes, the first pass was in late Dec 2016. Ever since then as Saturn and Uranus have had this harmonious connection, on a personal level we are being asked to willingly limit (Saturn) our freedom and independence (Uranus) and thereby take a step towards better life mastery. Unrealistic ambitions, those that are too radical or defiant and have no productive purpose are let go during this time. It is also a time of looking to incorporate Uranian qualities into your life, become more aware of what people different from you have to say and realizing that it has some value. Aspect encourages us to look outside our safe and secure boundary for answers to life’s more pressing questions, like how to get a grip on life. We have more sober (Saturn) and realistic appraisal of our own ambitions (Uranus) in life and make appropriate changes without too much upset, like it’s what you wanted to do all along. As well, aspect brings social reform and encourages us to build (Saturn) community (Uranus), so it’s a good energy to encourage getting involved in the community.

On a macro level, if we think about our connection to the collective and the opportunities for synchronicity that this aspect brings, I’ve noticed that people with this aspect in their natal chart easily obtain the trust of authority figures who just know that their ambitions (Uranus) are always within reason, in harmony with tradition (Saturn). So opportunity to advance may come for those who strike that delicate balance between ambition and tradition.

Politically, I think this aspect makes folks more conservative in general. It has caused the conservatives to learn a few a new tricks, get some new ideas, and a modern identity. So I think this aspect has contributed to the rise of Donald Trump who is seen as a Uranian figure with practical, Saturnian values. His Uranus conjunct Sun in the 10th house resonates well with this aspect. Also, it seems that the recent relaxation of marijuana laws in many places in the world, especially here in the USA, is another manifestation of this aspect. Traditional (Saturn) values are modernized (Uranus).

Interestingly, we see a confluence of transits at this last pass. In fact, the list of politicians getting powerful transits it makes me think we will see some significant event this time.

Donald Trump
He gets lucky with this aspect as it completes a grand trine to his Ascendant and Mars. The exact minute of this aspect shows the Moon conjunct his Mars helping to strengthen that grand trine energy. It should manifest as him taking another step up in power and solidifying his leadership.

However, we have this interesting case where others, including his political rivals are having similar transits. And since a big scandal is now brewing between these same people, it seems like this last pass is going to produce a major event. Let’s take a look at the others.

James Comey
Next we see James Comey, former AG, with his natal Uranus at 25d Leo. So he gets Uranus trine Uranus and Saturn trine Uranus. Interestingly he is facing a lot of renewed scrutiny these days. He is caught up in the Clinton uranium scandal. Also, it’s now been revealed that Comey had drafted Hillary’s exoneration regarding the Clinton email scandal two months before the end of the investigation. I’ll leave links.

Also note Benjamin Netanyahu and Huma Abedin with planets in the same location.

Hillary Clinton
And Hillary is also facing renewed scrutiny about the Russia uranium deal, that she basically accepted bribe money to the Clinton foundation in exchange for getting approval for the deal while she was Secretary of State, this was revealed by Fox News. The last pass of Saturn opposition Uranus transit arrives for her as well as Uranus sextile Uranus. My take on this is that Saturn could bring more limitation to her ambitions and her circle of friends, just as it has been doing, but the concurrent Uranus sextile Uranus may give her some room to wiggle out of responsibility. The same exact set of transits seems to have saved Bill not too long ago (Uranus at 21d Gemini). It would be nothing short of a miracle if the deep state lost so much power that they had to give up Hillary and force her to face responsibility.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz
Interestingly, exactly on the day of this aspect she gets Saturn square Saturn. She too is facing renewed scrutiny and she is not out of the woods regarding information found on those confiscated laptops. Of course this is a time of severe testing and limitation on her career.

In Summary, it may very well be that the most prominent effect of this aspect making these concurrent transits is to make these people famous. The interplay of Saturn and Uranus makes for achieving your highest potential in life. As we experience this energy internally, it ignites within each of us a subconscious yearning for fame and recognition. And for one of these narcissistic politicians, a desire for fame to the point of bringing infamy.

So this week I must remind everyone that we all need to get in touch with spirit, spend time in meditation and soul searching, tuning out distractions so you can reclaim lost elements of yourself (Neptune), like your sense of wonder. Embrace that Neptune quality of Saturn in the last days of it’s death cycle. This is absolutely necessary for everyone so that you don’t get pulled under the current of these powerful forces and reclaim your true place in this world.

That’s all for weekly astrology notes. Thanks for viewing and thanks for liking my video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.

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