Weekly Astrology Notes Sept 10-17, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes Sept 10-17, 2017

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: A busy week ahead. Lots of aspects. It’s a fantastic week for Venus, which forms part of a kite formation reminiscent of the same formation that occurred a the Solar Eclipse. So this week we are far more receptive (Venus) than usual, open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and open to higher spiritual influences that will guide us through this week.

And with three aspects for Venus, all of them good, it’s a very good week for relationships.

Venus trine Saturn on Tuesday brings maturity and good character.

Sun square Saturn on Wednesday is our one tough aspect this week. Low energy, self-doubt, makes us a bit critical and judgmental, maybe even angry with the world.

Venus sextile Jupiter on Friday makes it the perfect night for a party or social gathering and an excellent start for the weekend. It will be an fun Friday night.

Mercury conjunct Mars on Saturday brings the start of a new Mercury-Mars cycle, makes us headstrong and desire to start a new project.

Venus trine Uranus on Sunday, the best Venus aspect of them all, open to new ideas, new people come into your life, help you see a new perspective, learn something new, do something out of the ordinary.

Strongly recommend you get out of the house on Friday and Sunday. You don’t want to waste the fantastic Venus aspects sitting at home, you may drive yourself crazy.

Daily Summary:

On Sunday, A wonderful healing and sensitive Sunday. Morning is sensual and spiritual. Afternoon is positively warm and earthy with the Moon forming a grand trine in earth signs, a lucky day.

On Monday, Moon is Void of Course this morning until early afternoon. Once again, a slow Monday morning, time for meditation. The pace picks up in the afternoon when the Moon enters Gemini.

On Tuesday, Venus trine Saturn makes it a pleasant day, a good time for relationships but the Last Quarter Moon in the evening brings some challenges.

On Wednesday, A mentally active day with Moon in Gemini. And Sun square Saturn makes us a bit critical and judgmental, maybe even angry with the world. The evening is more relaxed once the Moon enters Cancer.

On Thursday, Two outer planets aspects to the Moon in Cancer may take you outside of your comfortable shell and ask you to consider the needs of others.

On Friday, Venus sextile Jupiter (Libra) and we are pleasant and feeling indulgent today, not a day for work. Friday evening is a night to get out and go to a party.

On Saturday, Mercury conjunct Mars today makes us headstrong and ready to start a new project.

On Sunday, Several positive Moon (Leo) aspect compliment Venus trine Uranus, making it an exciting, interesting, mentally stimulating day. A good day to learn or try something new. Seek some activity that takes you beyond your normal routine today.

A wonderful healing and sensitive Sunday. Morning is sensual and spiritual. Afternoon is positively warm and earthy with the Moon forming a grand trine in earth signs, a lucky day.

7:06am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces). A wonderful sextile that opens us up to the presence of nature spirits, good for healing with crystals and stones, massage and anything sensual.

2:19pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) A change for the better. Use the energy to reform you life, maybe your home or personal environment. An opportunity to heal others, give to another to help transform their life. Or an opportunity to earn money or gain something of personal value. Good time for business transactions.

4:54pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Sun (Virgo) Feeling warm and caring, helpful towards others. Good time for social gatherings, enjoying the sensual pleasures in life. Both of these trines bring luck or potential for some wonderful opportunity.

5:54pm – Moon (Taurus) square Venus (Leo). Void of Course begins, continues until Monday afternoon. So Sunday evening is mellow time once again with Moon Void of Course, time to relax and let go. And we’ll have another slow Monday morning on the 11th.

Moon is Void of Course this morning until early afternoon. Once again, a slow Monday morning, time for meditation. The pace picks up in the afternoon when the Moon enters Gemini.

12:29pm – Moon enters Gemini. Moon enters it’s death cycle in Gemini. We are more mentally active for the next couple of days, more talkative, a bit restless, more interested in mental pursuits, feel the need to communicate more.

2:54pm – Moon (Gemini) square Mercury (Virgo) A disconnect that interferes with conscious thought processes. Lots of little details (Gemini) fill the mind and we want to analyze (Virgo) each one. Makes for non-stop thinking and difficulty completing meaningful tasks. Poor digestion.

7:42pm – Moon (Gemini) square Mars (Virgo) Similar to the previous square, same signs. Strong emotions, irritable, nitpicking and analyzing everything. Again poor time for digestion.


Venus trine Saturn makes it a pleasant day, a good time for relationships but the Last Quarter Moon in the evening brings some challenges.

9:53am – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) Thoughts con-fuse with others and we get easily deluded, lots of wishful thinking. Need to make peace with the subtle vibrations around you so that you can see what others do not see. Feeling poetic and dreamy, a slow morning.

5:49pm – Venus (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) The first of three good Venus aspects this week. Today is the day to allow your pleasant side to show, more than at other times it will get you somewhere. Being kind and pleasant (Venus) towards others is an important part of being successful (Saturn) in life. With this aspect that is easier to do. Relationships work better today as both sides are willing to be reasonable. Also relations with authority figures is better than usual.

Today you have a sober mind, good for resolving problems in a relationship, discussing important topics and coming to a peaceful resolution. Aspect brings a good opportunity to resolve disputes.

Relationships that begin now are realistic and can withstand the test of time better than most. Existing relationships also do well, time to declare your commitment to a loved one, show them how much you care. The maturity and good moral character that this aspect inspires will help us at the Last Quarter Moon happening later this evening.

11:25pm – Moon (Gemini) square Sun (Virgo). Last Quarter Moon. The time again each month when we taste the fruits of this months labor. As usual we feel a struggle to find success in our personal life. These two signs together encompass the functions of the rational mind and are therefore both ruled by Mercury. With the square, the tendency is for the mind to work too hard wanting to know a lot of details (Virgo) about many little things (Mercury). Growth is blocked by meaningless pursuits. You need good character to overcome this blockage.

It seems we are seeing more of the Gemini to Virgo square this week to help prepare us for the Mercury conjunct Mars (Virgo) coming this Saturday. These are mutable signs which ask us to reorient ourselves, modify our thinking, so we are looking to make an adjustment now. The mutable signs are at the end of each quadrant, success in these houses requires maturity and good character. Developing the planets you have in mutable houses is necessary in order to differentiate your character from that of others. If you become too fixed in your ways in life, it’s like you can’t make it beyond the fixed signs. If you want to move on to something new in life, get through each quadrant, then you must develop your character in a way that enables more to come to you. So each quadrant requires maturity, that comes in the mutable signs and houses.

So this square helps to show you where you are allowing yourself to get bogged down by details, which prevents you from growing. Seeing this will help you to resolve some issues and prepared you for Mercury conjunct Mars on Saturday.


A mentally active day with Moon in Gemini. And Sun square Saturn makes us a bit critical and judgmental, maybe even angry with the world. The evening is more relaxed once the Moon enters Cancer.

12:47am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) Middle of the night.

1:25am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Venus (Leo) Middle of the night.

5:43am – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra). Mental energy increases (Air signs). Positive attitude, more energy to go along with it. Good time for communication with your partner.

11:35am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires). Ambitious and looking for something new to stimulate the mind, like a good conversation. Void of Course begins. For the next few hours while Moon is V/C and in it’s death cycle, now is not the time to begin new projects. You may feel restless while nerves get overtaxed. You may need some quiet time.

3:12pm – Moon enters Cancer. You may prefer to crawl into you shell, a least for a while, over the next couple of days. Moon in Cancer prefers to be at home where it’s safe and where you can freely express your feelings without inhibition. A safe environment encourages you to get in touch with your instincts (Moon) and have a better idea about what is good for you.

7:58pm – Sun (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius). Aspect slows you down, lowers energy level, brings self-doubt and a highly critical mindset. Although it is great for getting a lot of work done, pursuing tasks that require attention to detail and a discriminating mind. The best bet is to live in the present moment, not be too concerned about the past or the future, that’s the remedy for all tough Saturn aspects or transits.

This is the second square in the Sun-Saturn cycle that began on 12/10/2016 at 18d Sagittarius. At that time you had some sober realizations about life and renewed your commitment to your career. At the opposition on 6/15/2017 you reached a climax in that effort. Now at the last square you either experience disappointment or reward, depending on whether or not you did the work. So you may feel a bit of disappointment today depending entirely on your past behavior. It’s a karmic (Saturn) time, maybe you feel judged or feel judgmental towards others. You may feel angry at the world or certain groups of people, or feel overwhelmed by disappointment at the state that society is in.

Aspect kind of makes you feel like a gate keeper for the 3rd quadrant, self-expansion. You may feel held back from expanding socially or you may feel like someone else needs to be held back, and it may be for very good reasons, maybe their bad or done something wrong, so don’t think you are wrong just because you feel judgmental. You may be right, it just doesn’t feel good. Virgo has very good judgment and it has something important to say about how you grow (Sagittarius) and about what society accepts as conventional wisdom. Society is not always correct, it’s often wrong and Virgo needs to come in an correct things.

The square from Virgo to Sagittarius is characterized as a religious crisis. Virgo wants to hold the doors to the church closed except to all those who have followed proper protocol while Sagittarius wants to hold the doors of the church wide open to let everyone in. It’s a basic difference that brings a strong desire to control the social order. Hence the feeling like you need to be a gate keeper in society, someone who prevents others from taking the next step because they failed to follow the rules. You may feel a desire to call out injustice that you see in the world, reveal the lies of the religious and political class.

The generally restrictive feeling that this aspect bring seems to inhibit communication and creativity, but really those blockages were already there and this aspect is just showing you what’s there. It can bring a sober realization about how you limit your own creativity and you may feel the need to review all of the creative (Sun) compromises you have made in order to have a career (Saturn). The realizations can be depressing, but they are an important part of lifting you up. Saturn is where we fall down and scrap our knees and this aspect show you that so that you can get back up and try again. Psychologically you may feel like quitting, but the more you work through it, the more you will overcome the little weak spots in your character.

9:41pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mercury (Virgo) A time of good judgment (Virgo) and confident emotions.


Two outer planets aspects to the Moon in Cancer may take you outside of your comfortable shell and ask you to consider the needs of others.

12:48am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mars (Virgo) Middle of the night.

12:32pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) A peaceful and sympathetic time, very sensitive and impressionable, easily brought to tears. Thinking the best of others, not a time to stand up for yourself, more a time of giving comfort to others.

7:50pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Intense feelings, can be overwhelming, jealousy and possessiveness, lots of sexual energy. Be careful of a desire to abuse women or your mother.


Venus sextile Jupiter (Libra) and we are pleasant and feeling indulgent today, not a day for work. Friday evening is a night to get out and go to a party.

6:00am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Sun (Virgo). The last sextile before the New Moon is always a creative time, good for social gatherings, an enlightening moment. The sextile in these signs brings good judgment.

9:18am – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra) Expansive and indulgent, desire to buy stuff you may not need. Not a time of good judgment.

12:44pm – Venus (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra) There is no bad side to this aspect, two planets that go very well together. Aspect brings a pleasant mood and disposition, very congenial. Important that you find some way to express all the warmth and generosity that you feel towards others today. It would be a shame to sit at home when you feel so good towards others. You may not feel like going to work today. An excellent aspect for all social gatherings.

Aspect is one of the best for relationships, so today plan on doing something special with your partner and/or loved ones. New relationships that begin now are expansive and romantic, sure to bring you to new heights.

Aspect stimulates indulgent spending, you may want to spend money on relationship needs and things to improve your looks (Venus in Leo). It’s time to go to an art show or take a walk in a park or drive along the beach. Put yourself in pleasant surroundings and allow your mind to travel bringing in new ideas, new possibilities, new ways of doing things, ways to adapt and reorient yourself, new ways of relating towards others. You may even find yourself daydreaming in the most pleasant way. That’s the best part of this aspect. So enjoy it while it lasts.

2:23pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires) Feeling restless and bored, attracted to the unusual, something different. Void of Course begins.

6:09pm – Moon enters Leo. Time for romance and recreation and attending to your hobbies for the next couple of days, perfect timing for the upcoming weekend. Leo rules the stage, we feel more pride, desire to be seen, good time to spend with your children (Leo). Just in time to make Friday evening a great night to get out of the house.


Mercury conjunct Mars today makes us headstrong and ready to start a new project.

12:01pm – Mercury conjunct Mars (Virgo). The second start of the new Mercury-Mars cycle. The last occurrence was Sunday 9/3 while Mercury retrograde. So this is our second shot at success with this aspect. Today we identify (Mars) with our ideas and opinions (Mercury). The high energy and feeling of mental confidence this aspect brings may make you may feel like starting a new project, check to see which house this aspect is happening in to get a better idea of how you should apply this energy.

Aspect make folks headstrong, not willing to compromise. Tendency is to identify (Mars) with your opinions (Mercury) to the point of not being able to see the other side. So it could bring up disputes. But Mars gives you a sharp, adaptable mind able to move from one thing to the next. The mind is more focused like a spot light that shines on just one specific area, enabling you to focus on one thing and do it well. So it’s the kind of energy that helps you if you are starting a project that is an expression of your ideas, something to bring conscious (Mercury) direction (Mars) to your life, may have something to do with your health (Virgo).

This energy applied in the right way will set you on a better course in life, like maybe adopting a new health regime. Virgo encourages you to adapt and reorient yourself, something the ego really needs to do if you expect to grow. As I mentioned earlier, the mutable signs require you to develop good character, including good moral behavior like good personal hygiene (Virgo), so that you can move beyond the fixed signs and into the next quadrant. So the quality of this energy is that you may feel a bit of a compulsion to do something that will help you move on. Fear of being stuck in a rut may act as a motivator in this case. If that occurs, the impulses may manifest as poor driving habits or egotistical behavior.

Mars encourages you to dominate the conversation (Gemini) which is helpful if you need to stand up for your ideas, but to your detriment if you really need to listen to another person’s opinion.

Check to see which house this aspect is happening in your chart. You will experience an impulsive need to communicate something important or do something regarding that facet of your life. You will notice the change you seek or the project that you begin has something to do with things related to that house. I recommend giving conscious direction to that house in your chart now.

Be cautious while driving today.

Several positive Moon (Leo) aspect compliment Venus trine Uranus, making it an exciting, interesting, mentally stimulating day. A good day to learn or try something new. Seek some activity that takes you beyond your normal routine today.

7:18am – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) Willingness to put off present comfort in the hope of future gain. The trine from Leo to Sagittarius means we are looking to take our creative efforts (Leo) and adapt (Sagittarius) them to some universal form.

The energy is active this morning, good for something like yoga or a good workout on Sunday morning.

1:37pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra). Much like Venus sextile Jupiter from Friday. Brings out the romantic side in everyone. Inspired yet congenial.

5:34pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Leo) Another very romantic and congenial aspect, great for social gatherings, folks are in the mood to show their creative side.

5:55pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires). Feeling a rise in ambition, looking for intellectual stimulation. Another fire trine to add even more inspirational energy to the day. Void of Course begins. Time to relax on Sunday afternoon.

9:25pm – Venus (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires). An excellent aspect for teaching or learning something new. Attend a class or lecture, go to an art or science exhibit, expand your mind, seek intellectual stimulation, go someplace you haven’t been before, just do something different. This aspect also stimulates our desire to teach and share our knowledge with others, so you may find yourself explaining things that help open new doors in the lives of others. It’s all because we see the intrinsic value in elevating others today, we want everyone to be as liberated as we are. Hence we feel a strong sense of community and want to share what we have with others. You could meet someone who changes your life, opens you up to new possibilities in life.

Venus is our receptive side, Uranus is intelligent and rules our process of evolution. So today we are receptive to anything that helps us get smarter and thus evolve. Ambition is strong today, this aspect helps overcome the shy side of Venus, encourages you to ask questions, warm up (Venus) to others who are different from you or unusual or eclectic (Uranus) because you see they have something to offer.

Aspect stimulates our interest in science, technology, computers and astrology. So you’d be wise to apply yourself to these topics today. Relationships fair well under this aspect as it stimulates the love and affection your share, Uranus modernizes Venus. New relationships that begin now are meant to help you grow, but not necessarily meant to last unless other factors indicate.

The Aires to Leo trine, so we are looking to put some creative inspiration (Aires, cardinal) into physical form (Leo, fixed), so it’s excellent for all creative endeavors. A good time for social gatherings. Relations with your children should be better than usual.

And you should find where this is happening in your chart, in those houses is where this aspect will manifest. I am encouraging this way of looking at aspects more and more because I am seeing the value of it in my own life in how I apply this information.

9:52pm – Moon enters Virgo. We are more adaptable, capable of critical thought and analysis, and more concerned with hygiene over the next couple of days.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Jupiter opposition Uranus
We’re getting closer and you can already feel the electricity in the air. All sorts of events are tied to this last pass coming on 9/27. The USA, EU, Bashar al Assad of Syria and Israel are all in for significant change as decisive events related to this aspect effect all of them. This week we take a look at the Federal Reserve.

Federal Reserve 9-27-17
Notice the opposition is forming a T-square to the natal Neptune at 27d Cancer in the first house. Squares to Neptune tend to leave you disconnected from the collective (Neptune). They can leave you weak, unable to stand up for yourself, dumbfounded, the mindset that sets in causes you to miss important details and can reek havoc in your life if you are not careful.

This is interesting, because both Jupiter and Uranus can cause things to be brought to the light. Both ask us to do things differently, be more adaptable, see a new perspective. With Jupiter square Neptune, the effect is an attempt to overcome limitations, embark on a religious quest, have nothing less than a spiritual experience, but they need to prove that their ideas are based on reality and some pie in the sky dream, which often it is. It leaves them open to deluding themselves in a big way. It brings an incredible leap of faith that really needs to be tempered through reflection over time. The temptation is to do something rash, look before they leap.

With Saturn in the last few degrees of Sagittarius, just waiting to oppose their natal Pluto and herald the start of a new cycle, they are desperate and this transit is likely to cause them to do something really foolish.

Add to that Uranus square Neptune. According to Robert Hand, Planets in Transits, “This aspect can be a severe test of your grip on reality”. The first pass was 6/14/2017, this will be the second pass, the third pass comes 4/2/2018. So just about anyone who has been watching the Fed lately would come up with that statement. This transit even more than the previous leaves them open to wild (Uranus) delusions (Neptune). A bolt of lightning hits them and they think it’s God calling them. Well it may very well be, but not for the reasons they think. For one thing, it will be a very karmic moment for them.

Neptune squares have a way of cutting a person off from the collective (Neptune), and they no longer get compassion and sympathy (Neptune), which is entirely due to getting carried away by their own delusions. For them, it indicates a time when their delusions are revealed by the combination of Jupiter and Uranus, both of which brings things out in the open.

The squares also indicate that whatever this opposition aspect brings, the Fed does not share in the benefit it brings, rather they experience a serious crisis and are cut off from the collective experience and left hanging in the breeze.

The biggest issue with both of these transits is that Neptune squares always seem to involve some sort of surrender, you have to surrender or sacrifice some part of yourself in order to fulfill the ideal you are striving for. In this case, their prosperity (Jupiter) and their evolutionary path (Uranus) are sacrificed (Neptune).

Although there is so much more going on with them. The Pluto and Neptune transits have their last pass in January and March of next year, respectively, and this last pass comes in April. So all of these transits together spell the death of the Fed as we now know it. Whatever remains after April of next year will be radically different.

What we are most interested in today is the events surrounding the last pass of Jupiter opposition Uranus. And this T-square tells me their surrender is part of the event. Considering this aspect is already showing a negative economic impact on the USA, I would say this is consistent with the already widely held belief that the US dollar is ready to fall from status as the world reserve currency, thus causing a devaluation in the US dollar. We just simply cannot count that possibility out at this point with regards to this aspect. I know that’s not the typical interpretation of the Jupiter-Uranus aspect, but due to concurrent transits, that seems to be the case this time.

This new paradigm now looks at the Federal Reserve and asks some serious questions, like how have they brought equality (Uranus) and prosperity (Jupiter) to the collective (Neptune)? If they cannot account for themselves, they are swept under the carpet (Neptune).

Uranus in Aires has heralded a new era of independence, and no one is listening to authority figures (Saturn) these days with Saturn in the last degrees of Sagittarius. Authority has dissolved. So at this point, no one in the world is afraid to stand up for themselves nowadays. I am seeing this all over the internet. Despite the intense crackdown in liberty and justice, people are more emboldened than ever. Even when it comes to people live in impoverish nations who under threat of terrorist attacks, even they are now willing to stand up and become spiritual warriors. Authority figures are dissolving right before our eyes all over the world and this whole new paradigm of the enlightened (Uranus) warrior (Aires) is now becoming part of the fabric of society, part of our collective wisdom (Jupiter). So when the aspect Jupiter opposition Uranus arrives the whole world will be ripe for some big event.

And that’s what this aspect seems to be leading up to, some big event. The fall of the Fed and US dollar are a part of it, and for sure there will be a wave of propaganda (Jupiter) that is radically different (Uranus) than anything we have ever seen in the past. When it comes to this aspect, we must look at recent patterns that have emerged. For example, last year in July we saw an attempted coup in Turkey, which was really just an elaborate false flag event, just like so many others. Notice in both the charts of Turkey and Recep Erdogan we see strong Jupiter and Uranus influences. I have been noticing this synchronicity and with respect to this upcoming opposition we should expect some big propaganda event, like a false flag.

Not to be all doom and gloom, there are many positive elements to this aspect which we are all starting to feel this week. The call to evolve and take the next step in your path of spiritual evolution is now ringing in our ears, waking us up inexplicably at strange hours of the night, asking us to be open to something new, something we have never seen before. We all need to let go of the past, our hurt and pain and all the reasons why we think someone has done wrong to us or others and realize that a whole new wave of energy is hitting the planet which brings a whole new realm of possibilities. You know they say that the purpose of mediation is to be able to confront the unknowable with impunity. That means you need to find that neutral space within you, like the neutron in the atom, which is not polarized. And you are that way, there is a part of you that is not polarized and that part of you can tune into the new vibration that is hitting the planet and change the good-bad paradigm. Becoming neutral will put you on a new trail, just like the word implies. Tune in to that, focus on dissolving old thought patterns and get ready to adopt a whole new (Uranus) perspective (Jupiter). It will surprise everyone, including you and me.

That’s all for weekly astrology notes. Thanks for viewing and thanks for liking my video and please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.

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