SPECIAL REPORT Winter Solstice 2017 and Saturn entering Capricorn

1 Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2017

Chart of the Winter Solstice December 21, 2017

Winter Solstice 2017 and Saturn entering Capricorn

This special report covers a longer time frame than my usual weekly report, it’s meant to be informative and to be a meditation on the energy of the moment we are living in and for the next 3 months until March 21, 2018.

This is not a comprehensive discussion on Saturn in Capricorn, but a focus on what is happening with Saturn now that it has just entered Capricorn and how that plays heavily into the chart for the Winter Solstice.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions you have in the comments section, share your insights, I’d love to see more of that on this channel.

On the screen, the chart for Dec 21, 2017, Winter Solstice.

Saturn entered Capricorn on 12/19.

Sun conjunct Saturn 12/21. Event to Mark the Beginning of a Cycle.

Whenever a outer planet enters a sign, we wait until the Sun conjunction to see the event which marks the start of the new cycle. We only had to wait two days after Saturn entered Capricorn for the Sun conjunction and true to form, a big event occurred which gives us a perfect idea of what is to come in this cycle.

The event was this: On December 21, Donald Trump issued an executive order seizing the assets of a human rights abusers. I will leave several links to this story. This story has gotten little to no coverage on the mainstream, but alternative news is all over this. This is very significant. These deep state operatives are also involved in child trafficking and pedophilia, and now all of their assets are being seized. It will bring down the deep state in this country by taking away their money. The old guard is being thrown out. The fools, they never thought they could get caught.

So, the upshot is Saturn in Capricorn has made it’s mark. The qualities of Capricorn such as high moral standards, respect, dignity, duty and responsibility and integrity will not be denied. This is a very encouraging sign, one that should give us a lot of hope for the coming 2.5 years. We can depend on something once again. We can have faith that the world is not being led into hell by a group of satan-worshiping pedophiles.

The 12-step Process

The 12 step process that begins with Aries really only applies to Mars, which rules Aries. The 12 step process for Saturn begins with Capricorn. So for Saturn, it sort of feels like Aries, because that’s what the first step feels like for every planet.

Therefore Saturn is entering its’ first step in the 12 step process,so this represents a time of new beginnings. A time when many things of the past are let go and we can start fresh. It may not seem that way, Saturn can be cold and inhibited, and you may not feel like we are starting a new phase, and it’s a very important phase.

Crossing the Threshold from 3rd to 4th Quadrant

The 1st quad is self-development, 2nd quad is self-expression, 3rd quad is self-expansion, and 4th is self-transcendence. I would say that the first 3 quads are about discovering and expressing yourself and the 4th is where you get over yourself, so to speak, it’s where you overcome the limitations of self and seek to play a role in society, have a career (10th house), associates (11th house), find your relation to the collective (12th house). This requires eliminating the lower elements of the ego, symbolized by the square Aries. So from this we get the concept that now is a time of acting more mature and taking more responsibility for your life and your personal happiness in this world.

As we cross over this threshold, we need to let go off the immature elements of our character and get serious about life. The time for playing with ideas, Saturn in Sagittarius, is over and now the real work begins. “What the 9th house envisions, the 10th house brings down to earth.” The Twelve Houses, by Howard Sasportas. My father often described the 10th house and Midheaven as the point you respect the most in your chart. It represents what you see as your highest potential in this world, so that is what everyone is looking to achieve now.

This threshold point is also the launching point for the circle above this one, the next vibrational level up so to speak. From here we get a glimpse of the formative realities above the physical plane of existence, it’s where we connect with higher self or the concept of a higher purpose in life, one that transcends the confines of physicality and allows us to expand beyond our personal experiences in this life. So, consequently, during this time, folks are looking for their higher self, trying to find their spiritual purpose in this life.

A Period of Restructuring

Whatever Saturn touches, it restructures. So Saturn is restructuring our connection to reality (Capricorn). It may seem a little uncomfortable at first, but soon you’ll notice that we are all standing on solid ground once again. Until then, insecurities, doubt, pessimism, critical of others, judgmental, these traits arise within you at this time to show you where you thinking is still limited by the past. Dealing with these issues is how we come to terms with and let go of false perceptions. Saturn loves tradition and so you may be encouraged to think small, think conservatively, stay inside the box. But thinking small is your biggest enemy now, as we don’t get a lot of encouragement while we work in the hope of future gain. The proverbial box of conformity that we are corralled into is being rebuilt, so thinking outside of the box is mandatory, because it’s not really there anymore and the more you expand your thinking the more space there will be for you once the box is complete. So, in all ways, resist the temptation to think small.

High Moral Standards
Once again, high moral standards really mean something, and reputation become more important. Even big Hollywood stars like Meryl Streep don’t get a free pass for dismissing moral standards.

During this period of adjustment, we are not as available for others as usual, and others are not willing to help you unless they see that you genuinely deserve it because you have good character, and are working for the improvement of yourself and society.

Ego Maturation
Capricorn squares Aries, this means that there is an element of the ego identity that must be destroyed now. Specifically, the part of the ego that is not respectable, does not help us stand up in the world, doesn’t have good moral character and most of all fails to take responsibility, that immature part of us needs to die away now. This is so that we can incorporate Saturnian elements into the ego, thus enabling us to last longer.

This period of restructuring is come at us rather quickly by way of the accompanying Venus aspects we are getting around this time. Venus conjunct Saturn on Christmas Day and the grand conjunction of Venus, Sun and Pluto in Capricorn on Jan 9.

Capricorn square Libra, this square also forces ego maturation because if you can’t be honest in your personal relationships (Libra), then you don’t get to have an honest reputation (Capricorn) in this world, just ask Harvey Weinstein. He never really had an honest relationship with his wife, more like a business arrangement.

Sometimes our ego can play games with us during this critical juncture in time. We may think that realizations are an important thing to hold on to because they are something we gained through hard work and dedication, especially realizations about self, like maybe how you were abused or neglected as a child and the hard work you did to overcome that. All that stuff becomes part of your ego identity. It was valid as a turning point in your consciousness, but you really want to let go now, especially any ego identity you may have formed about overcoming abuse and neglect in life.

Understand that your recollection of your past turned into a realization only when you gained an adult perspective and you could put the memory in line with all your other memories. But the source of the abuse or neglect was not on the physical plane, so despite having learned to cope, you never find balance or true awareness on the physical plane of existence. There is a transcendental cause to many of life’s experiences and can only be resolved in a transcendental (4th quad) state. So those ego identities never achieve balance in the physical realm, so we let those lower ego identities go now with the understanding that they were never meant to be maintained in this realm. Those things are temporary stepping stones, not meant to live on.

The reason why this is so important now is because we are crossing over the threshold into a higher plane of existence and it’s critical to leave behind your lower ego identity, after all, it’s a square to Aries so some part of the ego dies here along with some outdated notions you have about yourself. The part of your identity that dies is the victim part, because Capricorn is responsible, and Aries says “I am”, so now we experience a crisis (square) to say “I am responsible”. Everyone feels compelled or forced to do that now. So no one wants to say to identify with the victim side of themselves. It no longer serves you to focus on the what physically happened to you in this lifetime. Now is the time to identify with your higher self and the wisdom you have gained and seek to become the embodiment of that useful wisdom via your spiritual occupation (Capricorn).

Venus Aspects
Venus conjunct Saturn on Christmas Day. Venus rules what makes us feel complete in this world, personal possessions (Taurus) and a relationship (Libra). So Saturn is also restructuring our resources and our relationship to others. Personal relationships go through a period of testing, and in general this aspects limits our exposure to other people, isolates us. This is so we can re-evaluate the way we relate to others, get real, more honest, have more integrity. The more willing you are to not hide your weaknesses, the more respect you will gain from others.

Venus is also associated with our affections, what we like to receive. This aspect will realign our affections towards the new restructuring that we must do now. You don’t want to warm up to and spend your precious time on things that waste your energy and get you no where in life. We all have to be more responsible with regards to where we put our resources and to whom we give our time to, it should be only to things or people that will help us withstand the hard times. Frugality is in season.

On a macro level, the way society treats women will change drastically in the near future, more respect.

Venus square Chiron could bring the final death blow to major female political figures, such as Hillary. But Venus trine Uranus means opportunities for evolution come from learning how to relate to others in new and innovative ways and from women in general. We all see the intrinsic value in helping others grow so it’s a very good time to teach and share information that will help others evolve beyond their current circumstances.

Mercury Retrograde in the Winter Solstice Chart
Mercury shows us that we need to overcome inertia from the past. Mercury went Direct the following day at 13d Sagittarius, missed it by one day. This retrograde period, from 29d-13d Sagittarius, was a rethinking of the past 2.5 years of Saturn in Sagittarius, reflecting on all that we said and did. This period of reflection continues over the next 3 months as new information and more revelations regarding the truth will cause us to continuously rethink and update our thinking. So try not to form any permanent opinions about life during this time. Resist the temptation to think small.

The aspects for Mercury at the Winter Solstice and at start of the new Direct motion period are the same. That’s because the Mercury Direct period lasts until March 23, and the Winter season lasts until March 19.

And there is just one aspect, Mercury (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces). Unfortunately not a good aspect, it means we are being asked to surrender our thinking process, expansion (Sagittarius) with no boundaries (Pisces), you’ll be forced to open your eyes but won’t be given adequate explanations for what’s going on, so it won’t make sense, you’ll need to have faith (Pisces). To me this says we must work hard even though the clouds have not yet cleared away. We will still be seeing lots of revelations, probably more than before, so we will still be struggling to come to grips with what we did not see in the past (Pisces) and trying to incorporate that into our perspective (Sagittarius). In addition, the squares to Chiron (Pisces) means we are still dealing with pain (Chiron) on a collective (Pisces) level and they’ll be many more revelations about this in the coming months.

Moon Aspects
The Moon (Aquarius) has some challenging aspects this winter season. Moon square Mars and Jupiter (Scorpio). We will see lots of anger (Mars) and self-righteousness and poor judgment (Jupiter). We’ll see a made dash for money (Scorpio). Only squares means it’s a struggle for fulfillment, brings out ruthless and domineering behavior. This square to Jupiter also means judicial action.

The square from Scorpio to Aquarius always revolves around the issue of privileged information, either something that should be kept secret for the good of the individual and what should be revealed for the good of the community. So these Moon aspect will cause us all to revisit this issue of personal privacy in society.

But these Moon aspects give us the passion, stamina and inner fortitude to harness the forces of the collective for the common good. But you must maintain high moral standards.

Mars conjunct Jupiter trine Neptune
We identify (Mars) ourselves as cosmic beings with a spiritual purpose in life. We desire (Mars) to dig deep (Scorpio) and overcome psychological problems (Jupiter in Scorpio) and in this way, do our part to heal the collective. Ego (Mars) dissolves (Pisces) as we look for way to help others and be of service to humanity. We are all looking for our part in the collective.

Saturn rules karma, so this is a very karmic time, when things get resolved. There has been a change of the guard, the old authority is now getting thrown out. In the USA, the deep state Democrats and Republicans along with their cohorts in the news media and entertainment are suffering huge losses. This is going to continue as many remaining politicians, etc. realize that they simply won’t be able to operate as usual under the new status quo and will decide to retire.

Since we know that Saturn always resolves or pays off in this lifetime, whatever good things you have done in the past may come through as a payoff at this time. Those who have maintained high moral standards experiencing a rise in popularity and those who haven’t experience the exact opposite.

You may be surprised at how many things have suddenly just worked themselves out without any effort on your part. These things are now relics of the past cycle and only existed for a learning lesson that was occurring then, so you can let go of effort as we see a lot stuff gets fixed automatically when the cycle ends. I realize we are talking about Saturn, but it’s best to look at this as a liberating time, when karmic bonds from the past are released along with the lower ego identity that came with those bonds.

Saturn in Capricorn has religious implications. In astrology, we often talk about religion being associated with Sagittarius, but really that’s religious institutions. And we talk about Pisces being associated with religion because Pisces is our beliefs. But Capricorn says “Religion is whatever it is that you do religiously”, very practical. Usually that’s your occupation. It’s a very matter of fact, practical, definition of religion, and it’s one we can all understand, no philosophy (Sagittarius) to learn, no beliefs (Pisces) to adopt. It’s a totally different way of looking at it, you could say Saturn in your personal religion. So when Saturn enters Capricorn, we are not so concerned with philosophy or beliefs, instead we attend to our personal religion, your occupation, and you are more concerned with how to get a better grip on life.

And in a transcendental sense, now is the time to pursue your true spiritual occupation in life, what you were meant to do in this lifetime. For the last 2.5 years you may have thought you were pursuing your spiritual career because we think Sagittarius is spirituality and Saturn in Sagittarius made us feel that way. But that was just practice for the big time. As Saturn enters Capricorn, now is actually the time to start pursuing your spiritual occupation.

The most important point to make about this placement is that the element of yourself that emerges now is the thing that you respect the most in this life. Whatever is it that you will absolutely not deny yourself in this life is what you pursue now.

A new personal conservatism will envelope people as everyone becomes more realistic, self-disciplined, austere, practical, spartan, not interested in trivial concerns, more aware of the higher self. This will be the general theme. Over the next 2.5 years, conventional views, the proverbial “box” that we are all corralled into by the establishment will be restructured. There are great opportunities to recast yourself in a new mold. But it will require a long-term commitment, it won’t happen suddenly, it will take dedication. Make a 2.5 year plan and stick to it.

Saturn’s entry into a person’s 10th house brings great rewards and advancement or disaster, a great fall coupled with loss of reputation. We will be looking for who goes up suddenly and who goes down suddenly at this time as indicators of what Saturn in Capricorn is doing on a macro level, to see who and what society respects the most now.

The Courageous Winter Ahead
As Saturn helps us let go of the immature elements of self, we’ll have less emotional baggage and become lighter. And there is great opportunity with a new found courage, because Saturn starting a new cycle feels like Mars, which is courageous. Some I am calling this the “Courageous Winter”, 3 months of hard work breaking through ice to start the new Saturn cycle. (I like to watch videos showing glacier ice calving to put in the right frame of mind, I’ll leave a good link.) Work with the promise of future gain (Saturn). We’re building things to last a lifetime. The more you do this winter, the better off you’ll be over the course of the next 2.5 years.

Of course the dominant aspect in this Winter Solstice chart is Sun conjunct Saturn. The entire next three months is all about Saturn, become a master, restructuring yourself, getting real about life. It’s a time of therapy and sober realizations. We must come to terms with our limitations once again. As we suddenly face closed doors which were open just a short time ago. We learn that we cannot depend on the status quo of the past, a new status quo has arrived, and it feels like we are starting from square one again.


In geopolitics, this particular ending of the previous cycle and start of this new cycle has been very pronounced. The fall of the Tower of Babel was an amazing event. Every Sagittarius-related organization (politics, news media, entertainment, sport, higher education) suffered incredible losses. All of the people who could not restructure their perspective (Sagittarius), essentially get over themselves and their limited viewpoints, made a spectacular splash.

When considering the geopolitical implications this time around it’s a good idea to briefly remind ourselves of what happened the last 2 times. Recall that the last time that Saturn went through Capricorn the Soviet Union fell, the Berlin wall came down, China had the Tiananmenn square massacre and incredible changes began to occur with them at the same time. Basically the majority of China’s industrial growth began at the start of the last Saturn cycle. And if you go back to the cycle before that, which started in 1959-60, you’ll see a similar sweeping changes in geopolitics, JFK was elected and the neo-liberal movement in politics was born. So this gives us a good idea of how a new authority structure comes into being every time this happens.

The same is clearly happening this time around, particularly here in the USA where we have a complete change at the top. While this change is occurring, people become withdrawn until they can find their bearings once again. We have moved into a new phase of both individual and collective growth. Much of the past was resolved for you automatically as soon as Saturn crossed over the threshold into Capricorn. Already you may have noticed people leaving your life, and the ones that remain are more valuable than before. Only relationships that can withstand the test of time have made it into this new cycle.

Conservative values are popular once again, but trust me, it’s nothing like the old conservatism, which was basically destroyed by Bush. But the new conservative values are much more open-minded and egalitarian in this cycle. A lot of growth and awareness has occurred and the new cycle is based upon a whole new set of facts. It will take some time to incorporate those facts into your new found perspective. The new found wisdom and inspiration of starting a new cycle guides as we develop an entirely new personal religion, a new set of values, and a new set of things we need to preserve as we build a new structure for our lives.

That’s all for this report.
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