Weekly Astrology Notes January 14-21, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes January 14-21, 2018

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: This week starts of with Jupiter sextile Pluto on Monday, bringing the need for constructive reform into our lives. This is the culmination of the grand confluence over the past 10 days. By this point we all feel we’ve got some extra, positive energy which we can use for the enrichment of ourselves and society. This is just the first of three passes this year of what is one of the most important aspects of 2018. On a personal level, this is a wonderful aspect that brings opportunity for financial success and a chance to heal and regenerate. This aspect can even bring psychic visions. And we should not underestimate the destructive force of this aspect necessary to sweep away the old. Powerful undercurrents of energy are sweeping us along in a positive way, transforming us like a butterfly emerging from its’ cocoon. That’s the theme for this week.

The New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday, so for the next Moon cycle we are more focused on what brings us personal happiness in life, things of lasting value, dependability, tradition.

Then on Wednesday, Mars quincunx Uranus brings volatile energy to the surface. Ambitious to the point of defiance, headstrong, sharp mind able to probe deep on any matter, causes disruptions and disagreements. Watch out for sudden aggressive behavior and big events. The last pass of this aspect was in July 2016, which brought us two major false flag incidents, the Nice, France terrorist attack and the attempted coup in Turkey. So I am giving a heads up to watch out for this one. Since we are all waiting to hear about mass arrests, this could be a significant day is the takedown of the Deep State. At the end, I have a special analysis of this aspect, including what happened last time and major concurrent transits.

After all that high energy early in the week, we have an absolutely placid weekend ahead, starting Friday with Mercury sextile Neptune, dreamy and poetic aspect, and Moon in Pisces throughout the weekend. Saturday is really mellow and Sunday as well with some Moon to Pluto/Scorpio aspects making it a weekend to spend at home recuperating your energy and revitalizing the home environment.

At the end, more on Mars quincunx Uranus, concurrent transits for the EU, as well as transits for Robert Mueller and Recep Erdogan.


Mood Void of Course this morning until noon, so it’s a slow Sunday morning. But Sun square Uranus makes it much like yesterday, stimulating and forcing us to let go of old worn out elements of our structure.

12:48am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aries). Late Saturday evening, feeling ambitious. Void of Course begins.

11:42am – Moon enters Capricorn. We are more concerned with structure and preserving the important things in life for the next couple of days, especially since we’ll have 6 planets in Capricorn! Although despite feeling like you need to attend to duty and responsibility, today’s Sun square Uranus means you need to do the opposite of that.

12:44pm – Sun (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aries) Like yesterday, today we are looking for a change of scenery. The usual will not suffice, looking for something different to stimulate the mind. Surprise is in the air, things don’t go as planned, interruptions, deviations, disruptions, things breaking down. Sometimes, rather than having surprises come at you, it’s best to make productive changes on your own. We all need change in our lives to keep us from falling into the same old routine. Structure is good, but it can prevent growth sometimes, today we need to let go of the structure of our lives and allow change to come in and move the furniture around. See this aspect as a crisis (square) to express (Sun) the unique (Uranus) side of yourself and allow yourself to do that. If you hold back too much, the energy can come back at you in the form of unpleasant surprises. So today, do something strange, or out of the ordinary, let structure and stuffy reputation slide and express yourself in wild and untamed ways.

5:49pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Capricorn) Sunday late afternoon, things slow down, we turn inward, feel a little inhibited, not as emotionally available as usual, time for therapy, thinking about your feelings. Eat a warm meal, it really helps at these aspects.

Jupiter sextile Pluto brings the need for constructive reform in our lives. This is the culmination of the grand confluence over the past 10 days. By this point we all feel we’ve got some extra, positive energy which we can use for the enrichment of ourselves and society.

12:39pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Around noon, feeling compassionate and willing to help others. Ego dissolves a bit as we look to discover our place in the grand scheme of things.

7:46pm – Jupiter (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) This is the First pass at 19d. Second pass, April 14 at 21d. Third pass Sept 12 at 18d. This aspect furthers the need to make constructive reform in your life. Jupiter-Pluto transits tend to bring out the ambitious nature in people, Jupiter gives us a strong desire to expand and Pluto transforms like a caterpillar into a butterfly, so these Jupiter-Pluto aspects make us feel like coming out of our cocoon, transforming into the butterfly and moving on to the next stage of growth. So that’s where all that ambition comes from. And sometimes we forget our limitations under such circumstances, and in this case that could be a good thing because let’s face it, we all need to move beyond current boundaries and chart new territory.

This aspect is the culmination of a group of sextiles occurring over the past week that are bringing a large dose of transformation energy, designed to reform us, making a new and improved you. By the time this aspect arrives we should all be feeling very good. The positive energy of these sextiles has been spiritually revitalizing us, giving us the stamina, focus and energy necessary to make substantive changes in our lives. There is always a destructive element to change because we need to destroy the old to make way for the new. So this aspect can be like a volcano, clearing away years of stagnant energy, but the sextile ensures there is opportunity for growth and positive change, so the destructive element is for the good.

One thing I have not mentioned much regarding this group of aspects is the increase in psychic energy. I’ve mentioned the healing energy, and for sure that is also very strong with this aspect, but I’m thinking about the psychic part of it now. Jupiter in it’s death cycle in Scorpio is looking for the things that it missed, is interested in psychic phenomenon and trying to glean some value in it. Also Jupiter is associated with cosmic forces and it induces visions. You may feel prophetic, visionary and psychic.

On a geopolitical level, I anticipate big economic news associated with this aspect, since Pluto/Scorpio rules the banking industry, this aspect must have some manifestation along those lines. But of course this is just the first of three passes this year. So the issue begins now. The bold vision begins to take shape. We are seeing massive amounts of wealth changing hands through crypto-currency, a term which really captures the strong Scorpio quality of the moment considering crypto is Scorpio just like currency. I suspect the rush into these currencies will be the most obvious characteristic of this aspect throughout it’s duration. But we are also seeing the fall of the US petro dollar as the sole currency of international trade as pretty much everyone is trading in other than US dollars. So this aspect coincides with the emergence of new forms of exchange.

Considering this aspect as part of the Pluto in Capricorn era 2009-2023, we see authority taking on the dominating qualities of Pluto, which is bringing both destruction and reform to the government and it’s control of the banking industry. In 2008 the banking industry fell apart and government basically became the bank (Pluto in Capricorn), printing money with nothing to back it up, putting the economy on a destructive death spiral. So it’s like the authority structure has been trying to manifest all of this Pluto energy, but by doing it in a selfish way, they are bringing on the destructive qualities of Pluto.

Since then we’ve been living on borrowed time, waiting to see how the situation would change and if we’d get saved. Now comes this aspect and we see that Jupiter brings opportunity to this chaotic, destructive mess, driving people into crypto-currencies and new forms of exchange due to the fall in the value of the US dollar, all of which itself is driving the monetary system towards more destruction of the old ways. So it’s not all bad, but it is amplifying the destruction. So, if we are not selfish and truly motivated by what is good for all concerned, we can make some very constructive reform to the system.

Other manifestations that could be even more intriguing, the release of esoteric knowledge and unacknowledged ancient history, like the Ritman Library going online. But so much more is due to come out. Evidence of extraterrestrial visitors to earth is already being tried out on the public to see our reaction. Of course many of us in the alternative news movement are well aware that the powers that should not be are keeping lots of information from us. Just consider the evidence of ancient settlements in the Grand Canyon that’s been kept hidden. There is so much about our past that has been hidden and it’s been coming out for years now, but we will see much more broadcast (Jupiter) of this esoteric information, making it part of conventional wisdom, thus widely accepted.

So Monday is a very positive day, bringing lots of hope for a better future, starting us off on a bold vision for the coming year. All things considered, we could see a lot of positive changes in people this week.

Moon (Capricorn) has us attending to duty and responsibility today. But of course Capricorn loves to party as well and this evening brings the New Moon and a good time for social gatherings.

2:54am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Each month this aspect give us to opportunity to develop a new base emotional state, not entirely, just a little bit at a time. Strong emotions comes to the surface, like jealousy, to test your resolve, but if you hold your ground, don’t give in to regressive behavior, you’ll find the ground your standing on is a little more solid than when your started.

2:58am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Jupiter (Scorpio) Brings an optimistic attitude.

12:27pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Mars (Scorpio) Lots of energy Tuesday around noon. Looking for opportunities for advancement, financial, professional.

1:44pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aries) Tuesday afternoon we’re able to break free from tradition and chart our own course.

6:17pm – Moon conjunct Sun (Capricorn). New Moon at 26d54′ Capricorn. Always a positive time, it’s the most powerful and creative aspect in all of astrology. Good instincts which we need for starting the next Moon cycle. This month, Capricorn seems to dominate everything. So we are more focused on what brings us personal happiness in life, things of lasting value, dependability, tradition. It’s an austere time, when we don’t feel as available for others as usual because we are attending to important matters, we have lots of work to do, need to stay focused and maintain your integrity, attend to duty and responsibility. Check your chart to see where this is occurring to see where you need to focus your energy this Moon cycle. The Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect plays into this Moon cycle as well. This aspect gives us the energy and stamina to accomplish whatever we set out to do this month.

10:30pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Capricorn) Tuesday evening a good time for social gatherings, need beauty and harmony, folks are congenial and affectionate. Void of Course begins.

Mars quincunx Uranus brings volatile energy to the surface. Very ambitious, headstrong, sharp mind able to probe deep causes disruptions and disagreements. Watch out for sudden aggressive behavior and events, like another false flag, which is what happened the last time this aspect occurred in July 2016.

12:32am – Moon enters Aquarius. After Capricorn, the Moon looks for freedom and independence in Aquarius. Folks are more friendly, more group oriented, socially conscious. We are more interested in intellectual pursuits over the next couple of days.

2:00pm (approx) – Mars (Scorpio) quincunx Uranus (Aries). Last occurred July 15, 2016 at 24d25′. This pass is at 24d41′. The same degree! And only 16′ apart. Mars has make one complete cycle and Uranus is sitting in the exact same spot. This is deja vu all over again.

We’re looking to make a precise adjustment (quincunx) or carry out a very specific task to achieve success, folks are very opportunistic. At the same time, it’s easy to get swept up in some one else’s karma. Important to avoid anyone that could steer you the wrong way. We sense a crisis to prove that we have the power to achieve independence. Desire to prove your worth. Feeling restless, brings up compulsive behavior, accident prone, be careful when working with machinery. Deep psychological or pathological (Scorpio) behaviors emerge. Headstrong and ambitious like many Mars-Uranus aspects. Strong need to show the world that you have Uranian qualities, such as intelligence, group awareness, you have some value to the collective. Sharp, probing mind, stinging intellect, able to dig deep through the surface layers and find the inner meaning to things. Cause disruptions and arguments, even leading to fights.

Powerful psychic powers emerge meant to bring destruction and transformation within you and in society. You may feel a sudden impulse that comes from a powerful psychic awakening. Most folks are not aware enough to know what’s really motivating them in these cases. This energy needs to handled carefully. You may become suddenly more aware of the control games being played on you, you may see the deeper, psychic meaning in it, get paranoid and lash out against restrictions.

Aspect brings strong desire for independence, but you may sacrifice your independence to some one or some group effort designed to bring about better circumstances. The danger with this aspect is we are susceptible to getting caught up by someone or some group, where it looks as if they are coming from an enlightened perspective. Beware of making sudden changes or causing disruptions in your life right now, or at least get a second opinion. Beware of change for the sake of change. This aspect reminds us that we need to change on the inside first.

On a macro level, this aspect brings aggressive and revolutionary forces to the surface, it could coincide with another false flag attack, or something along those lines. Lots more details at the end of this video.

5:44pm – Venus enters Aquarius. Until Feb 10. That’s 23 days. The keyword for Venus in Aquarius is detached. That’s because the impersonal quality of Aquarius gives the desire to love everyone, not just one person. Not possessive, very egalitarian. Good placement for teachers, enables one to see the intrinsic value of helping others, enlightening others. Very good for group activities, time with friends. Venus is our receptive side, so during this time we are more open to the unusual, people with different forms of expression, scientists and innovative people. More concerned with equality (Aquarius) under the law, want to be sure that everyone is treated fairly. I would say this is a good time to take a class, find a teacher who could enlighten you, learn something new to expand your social sphere. Venus is not busy in Aquarius, just one aspect, Venus square Jupiter on Feb 3.

The strong energy of Mars quincunx Uranus from yesterday carries forward into the morning. Moon (Aquarius) has us looking to break free from restrictions.

4:00pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Jupiter (Scorpio) Tendency for extravagance, poor judgment. Be careful, you might accidentally reveal too much. Scorpio to Aquarius square, it’s all about privileged information, what should be kept secret so the individual can function in a group setting or what should be revealed in order to preserve the integrity of the group.

A dreamy and idealistic day with Mercury sextile Neptune. Let your imagination run free, a day for poetry and music. Not interested in mundane affairs.

1:57am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aries) Looking for independence, opportunity to move into better circumstances.

3:52am – Moon (Aquarius) square Mars (Scorpio) People are emotionally demanding, feeling a crisis to control the situation, people play games with each other to maintain status. Void of Course begins. So Friday morning is not a time to start new projects.

12:26pm – Moon enters Pisces. We are more open to subtle vibrations around us for the next couple of days. We are more sensitive and empathic, interested in the intangible things in life, like watching a beautiful sunset or listening to music. Ego dissolves, desire to escape in fantasy, easy to delude ourselves. The effect is much stronger today with the accompanying Mercury sextile Neptune.

5:08pm – Mercury (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) A wonderful aspect that opens us up to the subtle vibrations around us. Conscious mind (Mercury) feels the need to focus on the intangible things in life (Neptune). No interested in mundane affairs, despite being in Capricorn, the transcendental (4th quadrant) quality of this aspect means we are interested in the non-material world. Capricorn slows down the mind, brings the need for therapy while Neptune creates a pool of water to give us a window into the spirit world. So, it’s a very reflective day. A good aspect for writing (Mercury) poetry and music (Neptune). Let work slide if you can and allow you imagination to run free, be open to intuitive guidance.

Nonetheless, thinking is clouded, not interested in details, not a day to make important decisions or come to any final conclusions about matters, more a time to let things be. Ego denial, not really sure of your opinions and not interested in defending them. In this case, with the 4th quadrant sextile, surrendering (Neptune) your thought processes (Mercury) helps you overcome limitations, pessimistic thinking. Brings a desire to help others, philanthropy.

7:10pm – Sun enters Aquarius. Happy Birthday Aquarians! Time to develop the unique and interesting side of yourself. Aquarius is unconventional, likes to do things their own way. Open-minded and very smart, able to converse on a wide variety of topics. This month we are more interested in information that will enable us to move on to better circumstances, evolve (Aquarius), this includes topics like Astrology, science and new technology.

7:28pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) We want to attend to responsibility, but Moon in Pisces wants to relax, we seek isolation to help us recollect ourselves.

Moon in Pisces makes it an imaginative and impressionable day. Feeling sentimental and more vulnerable, we seek calm surroundings, like home. More open to psychic impressions. Start of a placid weekend.

12:46pm – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) The monthly cosmic poke at your belly button. Increased sensitivity to everything around you, able to pick up subtle vibrations, compassionate and understanding, delve into fantasy.

3:20pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Mercury (Capricorn) Good time for writing, words reflect the soul, able to sincerely (Pisces) communicate important matters (Capricorn). Good for business.

More of Moon in Pisces makes it a good day to stay in, regenerate and repair in the home environment.

2:22am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) A burst of energy to regenerate, repair in the home.

3:25am – Moon (Pisces) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) Emotions expand, positive attitude.

5:13pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Mars (Scorpio) A bit more physical energy Sunday afternoon, good time to spend at home and regenerate. Void of Course begins. Sunday late afternoon and evening time to relax.

10:27pm – Moon enters Aries. Perfect as Moon in Aries bringing an enthusiastic tone to start of the following week. We have more energy and ambition to start new projects.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Mars quincunx Uranus
Last occurred July 15, 2016 at 24d25′. This pass is at 24d41′. The same degree! And only 16′ apart. Mars has made one complete cycle and Uranus is sitting in the exact same spot. The same degrees is everyone’s chart are activated.

The last occurrence of this aspect brought two major false flag events event. We had the terrorist attack in Nice, France, where we see concurrent transits for the EU and the attacker, and the attempted coup in Turkey, when this aspect made concurrent transits to their natal Jupiter. So I see this aspect as the culprit.

The quincunx is an aspect where you can get caught up in a collective movement, collective karma gets resolved, or created. The restless ambition of the aspect coupled with the power of Scorpio makes for very aggressive behavior, like war. Not only is there potential for another false flag, but we have all be hearing stories in the alternative media about impending mass arrests, Gitmo getting special guard units for political prisons, etc. This could be a significant day in the take down of the Deep State. The fact that this aspect occurs at the same degree as the last occurrence gives the feeling like we need to do something all over again to get it right. Maybe this time the good guys score a victory. So let’s see how this plays out this week.

Looking at potential location for a big event.

European Union
This is the chart that really jumps out at me for this aspect. This pass at 24d41′ is very close and approaching their natal Pluto at 24d45′ and it will definitely effect them strongly. Once again, just like last time, Mars conjunct Mars, Mars opposition Moon, Mars conjunct Pluto and Uranus quincunx Pluto. But unlike the last occurrence, this pass also shows the concurrent transits of Jupiter conjunct Mercury, which is sure to amplify their voice, could produce crowd events, loud voices, lots of political activity. And Pluto square Venus occurring exactly just 3 days prior on 1/14 means they are dealing with relationship problems these days, likely concerning money (Pluto), lack of personal resources (Venus), lots of subconscious impulses come to the surface, secrets are revealed (Libra/Capricorn square). And it’s just more destructive Pluto energy. So it looks like the EU is ripe for another big event. Destructive forces unleashed by this aspect. Maybe another false flag? Or maybe mass arrests take place in the EU as well as the USA? Either way, they are the ones to watch again this week to see the destructive power of this aspect.

Just to mentioned the USA and Turkey first briefly, I don’t see this pass effected them because Uranus went Direct before it made another quincunx. It’s a similar situation with the USA, Uranus has finished the square to natal Mercury.

Recep Erdogan. Pluto opposition Uranus this week. This transit could bring a big surprise for him. A man in his position, getting a transit like this, he attempts to embody and manifest the subconscious urges of a generation. Tries to play God. Revolutionary transit, desire to make sweeping changes in society. Very aggressive.

But notice Neptune is about the make the last pass on the conjunction to Mercury and Venus, next month.Ripe for resolution any time between Direct motion and last pass. These transits could take the wind out of his sails. He’s totally delusional now, far more than his usual self. It may be that he tries to do something daring and suffers a terrible setback this time, unlike the last pass of Mars quincunx Uranus when he pulled off a false flag attempted coup while Jupiter was sextile his Uranus.

Robert Mueller
His natal Mercury square Uranus is being tested. His rebellious, know-it-all attitude is coming back to haunt him.

This week, Neptune opposition Mercury, the last pass. It’s not his exact birth time but we couldn’t be off by much. To say this transit clouds one’s judgment is an understatement. He has had very clouded judgment this past year, he’s been pursuing the Russian scandal and now it seems now the tables have turned and his investigation is going in the opposite direction, towards the DNC, Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. How appropriate as the symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, meaning to get where you are going, you go in the opposite direction.

Then on 1/20, the last pass of Neptune square Uranus. According to Planets in Transit by Robert Hand, “something you have been trying to keep secret from others will be revealed suddenly…..or a secret that someone else has kept from you may be revealed”. I think the purpose of his entire investigation has been a big secret, not only a secret from the DNC, but possibly from Mueller himself. At this point he’s painted himself into a corner. So he is facing a serious time of testing as he come to grips with many things he did not see in the past, that’s all Neptune.

Lastly, on Feb 13, Saturn opposition Saturn, a challenging time, will be all the more so for him. This transit is a time of testing to see if you are on the right path in life, authority figures (Saturn) come to oppose you. He may discover he should have gotten out long ago.

So I hope this potential bad news regarding the Mars quincunx Uranus does not distract us from the positive energy coming forth with the Jupiter sextile Pluto and the New Moon in Capricorn.

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