Weekly Astrology Notes January 21-28, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes January 21-28, 2018

Weekly Summary: It’s a week of moving forward, starting new plans. We begin the week during the first quarter or week after the New Moon, the time of beginning new growth, planting the seed of growth for the coming month. And Monday begins with Moon in Aries, which is also a time of starting new projects.

It’s all Mercury aspects this week, including two wonderful aspects mid-week. On Wednesday, Mercury conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) gives us all the mental focus and stamina we need to work hard, see tasks through to the end and make our plans a reality. With this comes the ability to dig deep on any issue and transform (Pluto) our thinking process (Mercury) for the better. Followed by Mercury sextile Jupiter early on Thursday, brings lots of optimism, ability to forgive and move on, overcome mental limitations and make the professional connections necessary to bring success. So mid-week is an important time for communication, when we need to measure our words carefully for success, be mindful of the power of our words and how they can be used to shape our reality for the better. Let it be a time to overcome pessimistic thinking and moving into your power.

As Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday, it brings more enthusiasm and optimism for just about the rest of winter, until March 18. This is another indicator that now is the time to initiate (Mars) your plans for growth (Sagittarius).

And Moon enters Gemini on Friday bringing increased mental activity Fri-Sat, bringing us into the weekend which could bring some surprises. Mercury square Uranus late Saturday evening means we need to overcome fixed, rigid, traditional (Capricorn) thinking. Earlier in the week we repaired and expanded our thinking, now on the weekend, we get a reward as Uranus brings release from limitations and some enlightenment. It could also bring some surprises, a sudden change of plans, some enlightening discussions and bright ideas. Saturday evening is lively. And Sunday, 1/28, is a day to relax at home and recharge with a long Void of Course in the morning and Moon in Cancer for the rest of the day.

So all things considered, it’s a big Mercury week, a time of mental breakthroughs and moving forward with your plans for success.

Also this week, transits for North and South Korea, Federal Reserve, China, the European Union and Germany.

Daily Summary:

On Sunday, Moon in Pisces makes it a good day to stay in, regenerate and repair in the home environment.

On Monday, Moon in Aries give us 3 aspects this morning to help us start the week.

On Tuesday, Moon in Aries is challenging us to overcome past conditioning and focus on the present moment today. This evening we are looking to make a break for freedom.

On Wednesday, A powerful set of Mercury aspects today make it a day to transform our thinking for the better. Strong mental focus, able to probe deep on any matter.

On Thursday, Optimistic about life today with Mercury sextile Jupiter.

On Friday, Mars enters Sagittarius this morning, bringing more energy and enthusiasm for the next 8 weeks, the Moon in Gemini brings a challenge mid-morning but we’re in the mood for socializing this evening.

On Saturday, Moon in Gemini gives us challenge to stay focused this morning, but Mercury square Uranus brings some surprises this evening. Good day to be with friends who could enlighten you.

On Sunday, Slow Sunday morning while the Moon is Void of Course until late morning, then Moon in Cancer has us preferring to be home.

More of Moon in Pisces makes it a good day to stay in, regenerate and repair in the home environment.

2:22am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) A burst of energy to regenerate, repair in the home.

3:25am – Moon (Pisces) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) Emotions expand, positive attitude.

5:13pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Mars (Scorpio) A bit more physical energy Sunday afternoon, good time to spend at home and regenerate. Void of Course begins. Sunday late afternoon and evening time to relax.

10:27pm – Moon enters Aries. Good timing as Moon in Aries bringing an enthusiastic tone to start of the following week. We have more energy and ambition to start new projects.

Moon in Aries give us 3 aspects this morning to help us start the week.

2:55am – Moon (Aries) sextile Sun (Aquarius) Ambitious and inspired, great aspect to get the creative energy flowing, will be great for those on the east coast when this happens in the early morning.

5:41am – Moon (Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) The past feels like it’s holding you back. Life seems hard, need to focus on work.

9:28am – Moon (Aries) sextile Venus (Aquarius) Monday late morning brings pleasant moods, good time to be with friends.

Moon in Aries is challenging us to overcome past conditioning and focus on the present moment today. This evening we are looking to make a break for freedom.

7:29am – Moon (Aries) square Mercury (Capricorn) Mind is active and in need of focus and practical direction. Preoccupation with the past distracts you. Commute is difficult this morning.

10:47am – Moon (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) Folks are moody and intense, desire to break free from a limiting situation.

8:16pm – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aries). Looking for a change of pace to break out of stagnant patterns. In Aries, this aspect tends to make us really self-motivated and inspired to be all that we can be. Very ambitious, it’s an aspect where you get lots of ideas that need to be looked at in a more realistic perspective the next day. You may need a physical outlet for all the emotional tension. Void of Course begins.

A powerful set of Mercury aspects today make it a day to transform your thinking for the better.

5:39am – Moon enters Taurus. Exalted in Taurus, we are steadfast and looking to find our comfort zone for the next couple of days. More focused on money and personal resources as a means of providing emotional stability. Time to follow through on existing projects we started in Aries.

12:47pm – Mercury conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) This aspect is all about transforming, regenerating, fixing, repair, revitalizing (Pluto) our thinking process (Mercury) for the better. Powerful subconscious forces emerge and we become much more aware of the power of our words. We intrinsically understand that what we say has consequences, so we choose our words carefully and only speak when it’s to our advantage.

A good day for hard work, putting your mind to a task and seeing it through to the finish, lots of stamina, very committed. Intense mental focus, to the point of not seeing anything else, able to overcome obstacles and distractions, which only serve to make you focus more.

As part of a pair of Mercury aspects today, this is a time to rethink your opinions and overcome just about any mental insecurity or psychological problem and resolve to make a change for the better. Speaking from your inner truth will transform your outer life and the lives of those around you. People will see you are coming from a sincere space and want to empower you. Writing, anything using the hands would be good therapy today. Using this energy for selfish gains will deny you the ability to merge your ideas with collective and see yourself as part of the group.

12:56pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Saturn (Capricorn) Steadfast, focused on duty and responsibility.

2:20pm – Moon (Taurus) square Sun (Aquarius). First Quarter Moon. The challenge for this months’ growth, we sense a crisis for fulfillment, tempted to clinging stubbornly (Taurus) to ideals (Aquarius). This New Moon in Capricorn tells us we need to focus on things of lasting value this month, career, reputation, and have integrity in all that we do. This First Quarter Moon is telling us we must use personal resources (Taurus) for achieving our goals. We need to be practical and down to earth when pursuing our plans this month.

9:35pm – Moon (Taurus) square Venus (Aquarius) Money (Taurus) and friends (Aquarius) don’t mix well this evening, issues may arise.

Wednesday evening Mercury sextile Jupiter is strongest. So it’s a good time to write down your goals and think about your plans for the future. Also very good aspect for social gatherings, folks have a lot to talk about and share with one another.

Optimistic about life today with Mercury sextile Jupiter.

3:28am – Mercury (Capricorn) sextile Jupiter (Scorpio) Another sextile similar to so many we’ve been experiencing lately. Today the mind functions better, and we’re looking for opportunity. Optimistic, able to forgive, overcome obstacles to your thinking, thinking (Mercury) about the big picture (Jupiter), want to know the greater meaning of things, how one thing connects with another, able to connect the dots and see the overall pattern. Aspect makes us curious, inquisitive, desire to travel, learn and explore (Jupiter). A good day for planning, thinking about your future. Good judgment, able to analyze your situation and find ways to make improvements. Good aspect for driving and any form of travel, long or short distance, good aspect to start a journey. Really good aspect for business.

And best of all, it’s a good day for communication of all types and there will be more of it. Good aspect for social gatherings, everyone is in the mood for conversation and has lots of practical wisdom to share, good ideas, important things (Capricorn) to share with one another. Able to find philosophical agreement with others. Also the mind is functioning better today so it’s a good day to get a lot of work done.

3:50am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Feeling dreamy early Thursday morning. Very sensitive and sensual. Good time for a massage, meditation, healing with crystals and stones.

4:01pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Looking for opportunity for advancement, change for the better.

5:40pm – Moon (Taurus) opposition Jupiter (Scorpio) Emotions expand, extravagant, poor judgment. A good social aspect.

7:17pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Mercury (Capricorn). Communication flows easily, another good social aspect for Thursday evening. Void of Course begins.

Mars enters Sagittarius this morning, bringing some optimism, the Moon in Gemini brings a challenge mid-morning but we’re in the mood for socializing this evening.

4:57am – Mars enters Sagittarius. Until March 18. Identify (Mars) with your perceptions, including religious beliefs, and your sense of justice (Sagittarius). Very principled. Optimistic, interested in professional sports. Over the next 8 weeks, we have more vigor, more energy for growth, good time for physical activity, you really need to stretch, move the body, feel the fire within. Mars is our desire nature and isn’t shy, so we’re not afraid to pursue sexual fulfillment. A tendency to desire whatever you see.

The symbol of Mars is taking the energy of the inner planets and directing it towards the outer planets. Whatever project your are working on now, you’ll feel a need to take the next step, or maybe you’ll want to start a new project now. Lots of positive attitudes about growth. Mars rules war and aggressive actions. In Sagittarius, Mars seeks justice, so folks fight for justice now. Folks more willing to stand on principle and fight against injustice. There is a tendency to take things personally.

A little lecture on fire signs. The primal creative fire starts with Cardinal Aries, is then forged and begins to take shape in the creative process of Fixed Leo, and then it needs to go through it’s final stage of adjustment in Mutable Sagittarius where that primal creative force takes its’ final shape as a universal cosmic form and is shared with the rest of the world. So basically the creative inspiration of Aries ultimately lands in Sagittarius. That’s how the creative process is revealed through the fire signs. So this is a very inspirational placement which lasts the rest of winter.

9:40am – Moon enters Gemini. We are more mentally active for the next couple of days, harder to make up your mind as Gemini sees both sides. Not a time for resolving things, more a time for catching up on missed connections and needing to feel like we talked to everyone we needed to before returning to our shell in Cancer. Good time for mental puzzles and quick exchange of information. Looks to be part of an active weekend, along with Mercury square Uranus.

9:52am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Mars (Sagittarius) Friday morning is very energetic, folks are loud and opinionated. Mars (Sagittarius) can get overbearing, and this aspect can be like a punch in the mouth (Gemini). Tempers flare and folks are demanding. The high energy is great for a workout or a yoga session, Mars (Sagittarius) loves to stretch.

9:45pm – Moon (Gemini) trine Sun (Aquarius) Friday evening is electric (Aquarius). Good time for social gatherings as inhibitions subside and we’re able to share ourselves with others freely.

Moon in Gemini gives us challenge to stay focused this morning, and Mercury square Uranus brings some surprises this evening. Good day for enlightening discussion.

5:31am – Moon (Gemini) trine Venus (Aquarius) Pleasant disposition early Saturday morning.

6:42am – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) The active Moon in Gemini can become very active at this time as emotional energy dissolves and we feel like we’re spinning our wheels, getting nowhere, low on energy. Time to pull back your energy and not go into effort or try to resolve anything. Let yourself be open to subtle influences, help from the spirit world, connect with animals or spirit guides. Feeling very sensitive, maybe disappointed about something in your life. Tendency to escape into fantasy. Can easily delude yourself.

11:08pm – Mercury (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aries) The weekend of 13-14 we had Venus and Sun square Uranus and those aspects helped us break through old patterns and enlightened us. I suspect we’ll feel a bit more of the same today. This overwhelming Capricorn energy has brought us to a high point in our perspective, now we need to move around, overcome our fears, open your mind to a new way of thinking. Despite this being a square, I am seeing how these aspects are playing out with respect to the overall patterns of energy coming at us now and it appears that at this time, we should see that as an opportunity to overcome limited thinking.

The mind is active an in need of stimulation, looking for information (Mercury) to help you evolve (Uranus) into better circumstances. We’re curious, looking for change, could bring some surprises, plans may change suddenly, need to be adaptable. The change can come in a number of different ways, a new way of looking at things, seeing possibilities that we not there before. Friends are very important to us today, we need them to share their ideas with us, share with you what’s working for them in life, what new tips or tricks for adapting to the changing world have they picked up on that maybe you could use in your life.

Be open to surprises, whomever crosses your path today, they could bring some very positive change in your life. Good time to seek a teacher or guide to help you on your path in life. A good aspect for group activities, as folks are talkative, looking to make new connections and open to people are different from them or have different opinions.

Slow Sunday morning while the Moon is Void of Course until late morning, then Moon in Cancer has us preferring to be home.

2:39am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aries). Feeling restless, mentally alert. Void of Course begins.

10:57am – Moon enters Cancer. You may prefer to crawl into your shell for the next couple of days. Time spent at home gives you a chance to nurture yourself, cook a nice meal at home. We are more sensitive and caring during this time, important to be around people who make you feel good about yourself, avoid negative people and circumstances.

6:15pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Saturn (Capricorn) Unfortunately around meal time. Digestion slows down. Lack of emotional flexibility, feel like a wet blanket has been thrown on you.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

North Korea
Very interesting developments out of that country. Lately there has been much reconciliation with the South as the two nations will have a joint Olympic team under a common flag. That’s something that has happened before, but this time they’ll have a combined women’s ice hockey team. So, it looks to be a big development .

Looking at their transits, we see that the recent Saturn opposition Uranus brought a desire to reach their highest potential, although it is more often a time when you feel restricted in life. They haven’t had this transit in 30 years and it seems like this time around that could mean more than in the past because the world has changed a lot in the last Saturn cycle, and now at the start of the new cycle Saturn is revisiting the issue of freedom (Uranus) for the people of North Korea. And the result of that was the best development towards reconciliation in many years. So it’s good news that this has been occurring during this transit.

I also suspect that Jupiter conjunct Chiron is helping to heal old wounds. Also, Uranus trine Saturn, April 2018 to January 2019 will help them make adjustments to modernize (Uranus) their structure (Saturn).

As for as reunification is concerned, I am noticing Neptune opposition Sun, because Neptune dissolves. Interest is that June 18, Neptune goes retrograde at 16d29′ Pisces, so they get an extended Neptune opposition Sun transit, from late May to early July. This is a long transit as they will have 3 more passes in 2019. So I am seeing likely indicator of reunification starting this June.

South Korea
Looking at their chart for some corresponding transits. Like the North, they too just had Saturn opposition Uranus, so the same thing about trying to achieve your highest potential applies to them as well. Notice transiting North Node conjunct their natal Pluto on Feb, 11. This will be during the Winter Olympics which start next month, 1/9, in South Korea. Interesting to see that transit at the time when the world’s attention is on them. According to this link, this transit “provides a positive influx of energy and power. It has been identified with Jupiter and embodies a joining quality.” So that’s a good sign.

It seems that the main issue is the North joining the rest of humanity, not just reunification with the South. To that end, it seems like the forthcoming Neptune opposition Sun means humanity is focused on them and that is the main force that will be dissolving the wall they live behind. So look for the first clear signs of reunification in late May and actual reunification sometime in 2019.

Federal Reserve
This week the first pass of Pluto opposition Mars arrives. Next passes will be 7/31, 11/29. They will now face the toughest test of their security they have ever faced. Powerful forces rise to oppose them. The issue with the Fed is that they have exerted dominance over others since they came into being, and it will be hard for them to cope with being unable to do as they have in the past. They’ll be tempted to use subversive tactics to maintain control which would backfire on them in this case. The fall of the US petro dollar around the world cannot be stopped by them and they will have a hard time adjusting. At the first pass of this transit we expect an event to define the issue, so this week we are looking to see what happens with the Fed. But it will probably not be from them because it’s the 7th house, so likely someone else takes action that threatens the Fed’s dominant position.

Looking to see who might be that someone who takes such action.

On 1/15, you see the recent passage of Jupiter sextile Pluto while making strong transits to their natal Venus (Scorpio). Considering Venus rules personal finances and Scorpio rules collective finances, this looks like they are ready to make a bold move in a way that puts them in greater control of the world financial establishment. 10th house, so they are looking to assert their authority.

Check out this link that says China is now signaling that it will no longer buy US Treasuries. The headline reads “Is this the beginning of the end of the empire”. This has massive implications in the financial world and it may be the event we are looking for with regards to the Fed Pluto opposition Mars. How appropriate that the issue is being established at the first pass of that transit, just as we’d expect. So I am not saying this will happen for sure, threats are common, but it’s significant because this is something that really threatens the Fed.

Once again we see big economic news coincidental with a major aspects and concurrent transits for China, just like when the aspect Pluto trine Jupiter made concurrent transits to their Saturn (8th) and which also coincided with some big economic news for them. That’s the kind of pattern you want to look for in astrology. What happened on the trine is now happening again at the sextile.

European Union
I have a couple of links to share with you regarding events in Germany and Sweden where we are seeing an ever greater possibility of civil war. I think the most important point to make now is that it seems clear that the recent passage of Pluto conjunct Uranus and Neptune has shattered the utopian ideal that is the centerpiece of this chart (Uranus conjunct Neptune). I think we can all agree on that. You can see that this utopian ideal from the start was always meant to destroy the European culture (Mars conjunct Pluto in the 4th opposition Moon in the 10th), and it has done that. On 9/2, Pluto will retrograde down to 18d45′ and come very close to another pass at Pluto conjunct Uranus. So the destructive force of Pluto may not be complete until late summer.

Basically, from now until then, we are looking for the astrological markers that indicate when civil unrest will erupt into violence or potentially some major political reversal of the current immigration policies.

The recent rise in nationalism and civil unrest in Germany and Sweden is coincidental with the recent transit Pluto square Venus on 1/15, followed by these Mars transits 1/17-1/19, and Uranus quincunx Mars and Pluto, which was anticipated as I mentioned recently. But still to come this week, last pass of Uranus quincunx Pluto happens this Monday, 1/22. So we are still looking to see more of this type of unrest early this week.

We focus on their natal Saturn at 18d48′ Capricorn, making them the authority (Saturn) of the EU utopian ideal (Uranus conjunct Neptune). They will get one more, extra long pass of Pluto conjunct Saturn in early September. So this summer civil unrest will likely manifest in Germany as they approach the last pass. In this article, the nationalists are talking about a Day X, the day of revolt against the government, that sounds like Pluto, so it would not be surprising if something like that happens in early September.

The overall theme for Germany these days is political (Mercury/Gemini) confusion and turmoil. On 9/24/2017 they had Neptune square Mars (Gemini), the same exact day of their last elections. One of the worst aspect under which to hold an election. So we can expect that this will lead to ineptitude and disappointment over the course of this election cycle. This past Friday, 1/19, they got the last pass. A demoralizing transit that bruises the ego and makes you feel weak.

This coming week, on 1/21, we are looking to see how Chiron opposition Mercury manifests. “Harsh words” is the key phrase. German politicians need to beware of this transit because anger and pain will be directed at them primarily. If you live in Germany you’d probably get a better feel for how this turns out, so for my viewers in Germany, please leave us some comments this week in the comments section and give us a feel for how this transit manifests.

On 2/10, Saturn conjunct Uranus, first pass, next two passes will be early July, mid-November.. This transit could be a flash point. Pressure has been building for a long time and this transit will cause it to be released. This transit is like loosing your Saturn for a moment, you could do something really surprising. We can anticipate sudden events designed to help people break through the stagnant and repressive energy that is holding them back. This radical energy will be directed mostly at the government and authority figures who defy the will of the people and ignore their pleas for change. It could get volatile, depending on now much stagnant energy needs to be moved out of the way, and for them it appears to be a lot.

Also coming soon, on 2/12, Uranus quincunx Mercury. More unrest in politics (Mercury) and more potential for sudden change. So we expect more political turmoil in Germany starting this week with harsh words, leading to a flash point in mid-February.


About myself a bit
My ascendant at 19d Cancer is feeling this Jupiter sextile Pluto as well. Pluto opposition Ascendant and Jupiter trine Ascendant. In fact, just this past week on the exact day of Jupiter trine Ascendant, I had the honor of getting a personal reading from Robert Hand, the famous author of Planets in Transit. It turns out he knew my father and respected his work. The opportunity came suddenly and I jumped on it and I am very glad I did, he offered me some excellent advice. If you are interested in how you could get a reading from Robert Hand, you can find him on Facebook and he has a link you can follow to schedule a reading.

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That’s all this week for Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for viewing, liking, and sharing my video, please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.

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