Weekly Astrology Notes February 11-18, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes February 11-18, 2018

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Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: We are in for a fun ride this week. Lots of exciting aspects to go along with all of the holidays. On Tuesday, which is Mardi Gras, Sun sextile Uranus and Mercury square Jupiter. Should make the Mardi Gras festivities loud and interesting, lots of fun. And that positive energy carries through Thursday.

Wednesday, Valentine’s Day is sitting right in the middle of all of these wonderful aspects and with Moon in Aquarius, it should be a great Valentine’s Day.

And Thursday is the best of all this week, we have the New Moon, Mercury sextile Uranus and Venus sextile Saturn. So we have some wonderful energies on the New Moon in Aquarius this month and there’s lots to discuss about that.

Friday evening, Chinese New Year, we have a interest mix of aspect, Mars square Neptune and Sun conjunct Mercury (Aquarius). So Chinese New Year festivities will be a very busy night, lots of action and transactions. Excellent night for dancing. These two aspects happen early Saturday morning and are most in effect on Friday night during the festivities.

At the end, transits for James Comey and people with transits concurrent with the Mars square Neptune aspect, including Huma Abedin, Senator Charles Shummer, Recep Erdogan, and the Federal Reserve.

Moon in Capricorn makes a calm, traditional day, time to attend to important matters.

6:17am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Capricorn) Early morning Sunday is slow and cold, a time for therapy and introspection, not outgoing, need to attend to important matters. Strong need to re-structure ourselves. Follow the advice of the squirrel who says “What you sow is what you reap. Take care in choosing the seeds you are planting.”

9:09pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) A wonderful aspect to finish the day, dreamy, and sensitive, helps to reflect at the end of the week.

Moon in Capricorn makes it a quiet Monday with a light diversion in the afternoon.

11:21am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Late morning, intense emotions just beneath the surface. Looking toward a new base emotional state for yourself. Reserved, not talking much.

3:42pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Jupiter (Scorpio) Much more open, easy-going, pleasant disposition on Monday afternoon.

9:43pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aries). Disruptions and distractions late Monday evening. Hard to focus on what’s important. Void of Course begins, last until tomorrow morning.

Mardi Gras. Mercury square Jupiter and Sun sextile Uranus. If you don’t come up with some new ideas today, check your pulse or maybe see an Astrologer. Fantastic day. Lots of mental activity, enlightening, uninhibited, boisterous, mental breakthroughs.

7:11am – Moon enters Aquarius. We are more innovative and unconventional for the next couple of days. An exciting pass this time around with lots of aspects, so the Moon helps us enjoy the freedom and progressive changes coming, including the New Moon in Thursday, encouraging us to get out of the house and get involved in community affairs.

2:39pm – Mercury (Aquarius) square Jupiter (Scorpio). Big ideas, but you must figure out which ones are worth while and which ones are just over exuberance. Lots of mental activity, over flowing with ideas. Aspects goes really well with the next one. Optimistic, positive outlook, you can connect the dots, see the big picture.

On the negative side, pompous and professorial. Just remember you’re not the only one in the room with a higher education. Jupiter pumps up the volume of your voice (Mercury), makes us louder than usual. With this and the next aspect, intellectual snobbery is quite possible. So be on the lookout for that. Discernment is not at it’s best now, we tend to overlook important details or think we know better and have license to break the rules.

But I prefer to see the good side of this combination, which is the potential for mental breakthroughs. Jupiter forgives and Uranus activates the higher mind, travel far distances in your mind, giving you a glimpse of greater possibilities. Very inspiring. You may want to keep a notepad handy to write down all your ideas today.

6:22pm – Sun (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aries). Last Tuesday we had Venus sextile Uranus, and exactly one week later the second of three sextiles to Uranus, all of which enable us to take some untapped or underutilized elements of our Aquarian nature and reclaim them, reinvigorated our Aquarian nature and bring it forth into the next cycle of growth. We more intelligent, creative and adaptive, looking towards a brighter future, making and rekindling friendships and associations that we plan to keep into the future.

The general theme of these sextile aspects is universal love, seeing and appreciating the intrinsic value of all people. Able to appreciate a wider range of people. Interested in the unusual, folks different than you. Desire to make new friends and associates, people who could help you on the next step in your evolutionary process. Most of all, very creative. Uninhibited expression of your talents, good day to make art, music, or whatever you do to express the unique side of yourself.

Not interested in stuffy tradition, looking for something new, very independent minded seeking new modes of expression. Love of freedom and refuse to be controlled by others. More psychic, better able to intuit what motivates others. Able to overcome inhibitions, see yourself free from the past.

Could be a day of surprises. Surprise encounters, meeting new people who could change your life, open you up to new experiences. Able to reclaim your youthfulness. Good time to get in touch with your inner child and play. Yes, once again it’s important to play this week, get out and have some fun, liberate yourself.

Valentine’s Day. Moon in Aquarius lets our love flow freely. Just one Moon aspect today, and it’s a good one. The exciting energy lasts Tuesday through Thursday, should make for a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

6:29am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mars (Sagittarius) Energetic, mentally sharp, seize the opportunity to do something surprising. Surprise your lover in the morning.

I think I should mention that tomorrow we have Venus sextile Saturn, which means things go smoothly, folks enjoy keeping up with the tradition (Saturn) of the holiday.

Much like Tuesday, an enlightening day. Mercury sextile Uranus brings brilliant ideas and lots of mental activity. Venus sextile Saturn has things running smoothly today. And the New Moon brings the start of an exciting month ahead.

4:00am – Moon (Aquarius) square Jupiter (Scorpio) Emotions expand. Feeling generous, poor financial judgment.

7:07am – Mercury (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aries) Very enlightening aspect. Sure to have lots of brilliant ideas today, new methods to overcome old problems, new ways to adapt and move on to better circumstances, overcoming inhibitions and mental blockages, and reclaim untapped mental resources.

Much like Tuesday Sun sextile Uranus, more psychic, better able to intuit what others are thinking (Mercury). Mentally active, very curious, interested in the unusual or anything outside of your norm, no time for insecurities, which suddenly seem like a thing of the past. You may feel like, “Oh yeah, I used to worry about that, but now I don’t, I have something more interesting to follow”. Able to reclaim your youthfulness, remember how you used to think when you were young and reclaim that. Interested in science, new technology, ways to evolve, modernize (Uranus) your thinking (Mercury).

Good time to get in touch with your inner child and play. Yes, once again it’s important to play this week, get out and have some fun, liberate yourself.

As part of this gathering in Aquarius sextile Uranus, a very important moment to bring forth changes you’ve been working on NOW, so they can continue into the next cycle.

Democratic and egalitarian. Politically open-minded. Able to appreciate people with different opinions. New alliances are formed this week. The survivors of the political battles come together to put forth useful ideas. Very community oriented. Connecting with your tribe.

9:40am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aries) So now the Moon joins in the fun, not interested in duty and responsibility, prefer to liberate yourself. Great time for a social gathering.

10:06am – Moon conjunct Mercury (Aquarius) Very instinctual moment, conscious mind overcomes subconscious patterning to liberate yourself from mental blockages.

1:05pm – Moon conjunct Sun at 27d08′ Aquarius. What an wonderful New Moon it is. All of the wonderful aspects we are having today set the tone for the coming month. It’s all about liberating yourself this month. We let go of past conditioning and stagnant behavior patterns that hold us back, and release the untapped Aquarian energy within us to move into a new growth cycle. A lot of growth this month. Lots of changes. Independent thinking and doing. Expressing the unique side of yourself.

It’s an excellent month for diplomacy, airing and resolving your differences with others. This month it will be much easier to come to terms with your open enemies.

We are bringing things to the light this month, so it’s time to air our your differences with others, both sides see new ways of seeing old problems and want to move into something new. Excellent time to get involved with community affairs, solve problems for yourself and for the community. No one wants to feel stuck in the past this month, everyone wants to move forward. New ideas, more enlightenment, and some surprises along the way.

Sometimes when we makes changes, it causes disruptions, but the concurrent Venus sextile Saturn means things run smoothly, we are more reasonable with others, willing to negotiate, willing to make a long-term commitment. So even though we are liberating ourselves, we are methodical in our approach and have good relations with authority figures. Not only does this sextile help with diplomacy, but it encourages us to help others who deserve help, philanthropy is an important part of this months growth as the community oriented spirit of Aquarius, which sees us all as equals, loves to put the people with money and success together with the people who need it the most.

3:19pm – Venus (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) Today our relationships go more smoothly, things that you have done well in the past with respect to relationships come back to you in a positive way, bringing a reward, which usually turns out to be things running smoothly. We are more calm, reasonable and balanced with one another. Excellent aspect for diplomacy, resolving your differences, just like the previous. We are more willing to attend the responsibility of relating, staying true to our commitments, more honest and dependable. This aspect reveals some general quality of your relationships.

We are looking for success, dress for it, follow traditional modes of behavior so as to find success, we warm up to it. But the desire to get ahead is not also without the desire to help others, especially those who look like they deserve it. Philanthropy, as I mentioned above, is the hallmark of this sextile, and with Venus in Pisces, we really feel the need to reach our to others, this aspect helps us do that in the right way, without giving too much or to the wrong person and draining your resources.

In general, sextile and trines to Saturn are what other people would say they like about you because those are the reasonable, dependable elements of your character that flow from you naturally without hesitation. So we are more willing to show the honorable, trustworthy side of ourselves today.

Look for an opportunity to build something meant to last, make a solid commitment with another person. Great aspect to start a relationship and existing ones go smoothly.

Moon goes Void of Course until later this evening.

6:42pm – Moon enters Pisces. Emotions dissolve into the collective and we become more open to the subtle impressions around us for the next couple of days. The subconscious (Moon) mind swims in the collective unconscious (Pisces), dive into the mystical side of yourself. A strong dose of Pisces energy this time around with Mars square Neptune and Mercury entering Pisces. So at some point this weekend, take the time to find sanctuary where you can overcome confusion and doubt.

Chinese New Year: The Dog. The morning is runs smoothly. Friday evening, confusing mix of energy, the need to release and drain a lot of energy from Mars square Neptune, but Sun conjunct Mercury (Aquarius) makes folks very talkative and desire community. The result is a very busy night, lots of action and transactions.

6:58am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) Life runs smoothly as we keep our obligations.

8:36am – Moon conjunct Venus (Pisces) Feeling very sensitive Friday morning, dreamy, idealistic, delusional , prone to fantasy, easily hurt by others and in need of sanctuary. The boundary around you dissolves, very psychic, intuitive, good time to commune with animal spirits. Good time for meditation to help you deal with the feeling of being in a cloud.

8:11pm – Moon (Pisces) square Mars (Sagittarius) People are impulsive and not aware of it. Poor judgment, demanding and self-indulgent.

8:32pm – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) Very sympathetic and understanding, very much opposite of the previous aspect. Confusing, low-energy, easily delude yourself, in need of sanctuary.

Early Saturday morning aspects in effect on Friday evening. It’s not the same easy-going party atmosphere we’ve been having the last couple of weekends, but it is perfect time to dance.

Friday evening and all day Saturday, Mars square Neptune and Sun conjunct Mercury bring a flurry of confusing behavior. We’re looking to release a lot of energy, let it drain out, but makes us fatigued afterward.

3:21am – Mars (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces). Aspect makes you want to confront (Mars) what you don’t know or can not see (Neptune). This often involves confrontations with others. So when you see something you don’t understand, instead of acting with curiosity, the reaction is to confront. The good side is altruistic, willing to sacrifice yourself for another. But the ego (Mars) seems to expand as it dissolves (Pisces) in a series of quick burst of energy, like putting a drop of dye in clear water. The need to release and drain a lot of energy brings a lot of activity, desire to move your body in all directions, good for dancing, but also brings confusion and self-doubt, discouraged by circumstances beyond your control, enough so that you may feel tempted to take a devious course of action, which only makes matters worse.

As a transit, this aspect makes for low physical energy level, but Sun conjunct Mercury is very active. So there’s a contrast. My insight is that this combination of aspects will produce a flurry of confusing activity, but this combo is actually very good for dancing, so I am guessing the Chinese New Year’s celebrations will be fun. But the energy will quickly dissipate for most folks who will then have a hard time getting out of bed on Saturday morning.

Despite the low energy, it could get a bit confusing because that’s in contrast to these signs. Sagittarius expands and Neptune has no boundary. A lot of idealism and restlessness, experiencing a crisis to overcome limitations as to what we are able to see. The square from Sagittarius to Pisces causes us to confront the limitations of our own vision and hence the need to go forward on faith, usually that requires some form of spiritual faith. So this aspect increases our interest in religion and spirituality. Nonetheless, with Mars involved, that leap of faith is harder than usual to do. Folks can come off as loud, arrogant, indulgent, unhinged.

We may identify with religious or philosophical beliefs to the extreme. This could cause disagreements. Those with very dogmatic beliefs find it harder to deal with the energy. The tendency is to seek escape with intoxicants, drugs and alcohol, which unfortunately have a stronger than usual effect and excessive behavior should be avoided. Very poor judgment with this aspect. Very delusional. Don’t come to any conclusions now, or sign any contracts, or make any final decisions, wait until this aspect is over.

The best part of this aspect is the desire to help the disadvantaged, those that society has swept under the carpet. That would be a good outlet. Lawyers of lost causes have this type of aspect in their chart. This aspect in the USA natal chart is the one that creates the most problems, cause the military (Mars) to think it’s the savior (Pisces) of the world. Robin Williams had this aspect in his chart and it was the source of his abundant compassion for others, so that just kind of shows you the range of expression for this aspect.

4:28am – Sun conjunct Mercury (Aquarius) Happens a few times each year. This aspect should alleviate some of the negative traits of the previous aspect, it is always a good one. It brings the light of the Sun into the conscious mind. We are more talkative, intelligent, opinionated, and curious. Good day for communication. Our creative energy (Sun) is very active and changeable (Mercury), we can move easily from one thing to the next without much hesitation. Able to do two things (Gemini) at once. Good for juggling. Folks have lots of bright ideas and the inner child within us comes out to play.

In Aquarius, this aspect is a perfect time for a gathering of friends, quite the opposite of the previous aspect. With this aspect, we need to talk to others, share ideas, develop communal (Aquarius) bonds. Any creative (Sun) effort using your hands (Mercury) is a good outlet for this energy. Short distance travel is favored during this aspect. A flurry of activity, lots of travel, mercurial activity, lots of action and transactions, good day for business.

9:49am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Saturday mid-morning, disruptions bring a change for the better.

2:13pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Jupiter (Scorpio). Saturday afternoon, the always wonderful Moon trine Jupiter brings a pleasant disposition, a great party aspect. Psychologically very powerful if you decide to harness the energy. Ability to heal a psychological wound (Scorpio) and reclaim (Pisces) a lost part of yourself. Void of Course begins, continues until next morning.

8:28pm – Mercury enters Pisces. Until March 7. The large dose of Aquarius energy we’ve been getting lately transitions to Pisces energy. We need to put a little more effort into thinking clearing. Mercury in Pisces is poetic, likes to daydream, escape into fantasy, more sensitive. This should help with artistic endeavors, like Venus in Pisces. Thoughts based on impressions rather than specific facts. A little harder to speak and express yourself as you may feel that you lack confidence in that area, really your just feeling the need to reflect on your thoughts. Creative activity really helps overcome any inhibitions you may feel. Journal writing is particularly helpful during this time. Unconditional (Pisces) or freely writing will give you access to your subconscious mind, helps to uncover hidden qualities.

Moon in Aries gives us some extra energy today as Sun joins Venus and Mercury in Pisces, ushering in a time to dive into the mystical side of ourselves.

4:05am – Moon enters Aries. We are more energetic and headstrong for the next couple of days. Courageous and ambitious, a good time to start new projects. Moon in Aries is good at taking care of themselves first, but that’s an essential part of living a successful life, they just need to put some effort into showing consideration for the feelings of others.

9:18am – Sun enters Pisces. Happy Birthday to all the Pisces. Now three planets in Pisces, it’s time to dive into the mystical side of ourselves, looking for our connection to the collective, also our direct divine connection. We’re more psychic, intuitive, able to tune in to the subtle vibrations around us, like your guardian angel. Contend with things you don’t see. Deeper connection to animals. Creative (Sun) imagination (Pisces), fantasy.

Pisces is unconditional love, the kind we need to find our place in the grand scheme of things. Without it, we develop trust issues, so this month we must practice forgiveness towards those who give you or gave you something less than unconditional love. This enables you to have the trust necessary to face the unknown, what you cannot see (Pisces). As we go through this month, as your creative energies dissolve, you may feel disappointed and in frustration do something underhanded. But if you force yourself to be artistic, if we sacrifice the ego willingly, we develop self-mastery.

Since we have Mars square Neptune yesterday and Sun enters Pisces today, it’s a good time to consider the advice of David Bowie from the song “Let’s Dance”. The entire song is all about Pisces.

“Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”. To get where you are going, you must go in the opposite direction, just like Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions. To get upstream, you go down stream, and vice versa. When you’re sad (blue), force yourself to get moving (red). That’s the paradox of Pisces. Often times artists goes through pain and angst to produce and perform their art. It’s a sacrifice. And of course Pisces rules the feet and dancing in general.

“Sway through the crowd to an empty space”. Feeling lost, meandering seemingly without direction trying to find yourself, that’s Pisces.

“If you say run, I’ll run with you”. Surrender, escapism, that’s Pisces.

“And if you say hide, We’ll hide”. Things that are hidden, that’s Pisces.

“Because my love for you, Would break my heart in two”. Disappointment. That’s Pisces.

“If you should fall into my arms, And tremble like a flower”. Surrender, and in need of unconditional love, very sensitive”. That’s all Pisces.

This song is good insight into Pisces energy. And what remedy does David Bowie suggest to deal with all of this dissolving? Let’s Dance. The song gives us a helpful remedy, dancing, one which I often mention during these aspects, reminding us to just keep moving, just dance. If you can’t go the direction you want, surrender your ego and just move in another direction, sway through the crowd until you find your place in this world. The same goes for drumming. And in the process you learn so much about yourself, because after all, the only way to learn about yourself is to be selfless. That’s the lesson of Pisces.

4:15pm – Moon (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) Disruptions in the home, demanding, volatile square, severs emotional bonds. Not good for digestion. So we have an intense ending for the week.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Stories: People to watch this week. Transits concurrent with Mars square Neptune aspect.

Jamey Comey
Mars square Pluto on 2/9 followed by Mars conjunct Mercury on 2/12. Mars activates his natal Mercury (Sagittarius) square Pluto (Virgo), he’s well versed in the law, no doubt he’s well aware of the power of his words. It will be interesting to see his actions and words about this time. Aggressive, threatening tone. His defiance for the law revealed this weekend.

Huma Abedin
I am mentioning her today because she is another one with natal Mars square Neptune. This week Mars activates that aspect. She is tired and frustrated. So she is one of several to watch this week related to Mars square Neptune.

Charles Schummer
Democratic Senator from New York, another one to watch this week, last pass of Neptune square Mercury on the 2/9, this week at Mars square Neptune aspect, Mars is conjunct his Mercury. He’s one of the politicians who is very threatened by Trump and his action to release the memo. Like all of these people getting strong transits at Mars square Neptune, he may get a boost of courage from Mars, like Comey, but the Neptune energy makes it impossible to see things clearly and drains him of energy. His behavior this coming weekend at the Mars square Neptune aspect will be an aggressive (Mars) act that dissolves (Neptune), possibly he makes a big mistake.

Recep Erdogan
Leader of Turkey, mentioned him numerous times on this channel. Been waiting for this one. Last pass of Neptune conjunct Mercury and Venus, exactly on the 17th at the Mars square. I am thinking he is going to make a foolish decision as well, not just for this but soon Pluto conjunct his South Node, and Uranus opposition Neptune (2/27). He is Delusional. And for sure one to watch this coming weekend.

Federal Reserve
Would be right to forget them even though I’ve been going on about them a lot lately, because on 2/17, exactly at the Mars square Neptune, they are getting their last pass of Neptune square Saturn. How appropriate that Mars would join in for the coup de gras. Powerful forces (Mars) come to oppose them openly at their weakest moment.

All things considered, these are just some of the major players to watch at this passage of Mars square Neptune this coming weekend.


That’s all this week for Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for viewing, liking, and sharing my video, please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.

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