Weekly Astrology Notes February 18-25, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes February 18-25, 2018

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: On Sunday, the Sun enters Pisces and that sets the tone for the week as Pisces is involved in every aspect this week, that’s a lot of Pisces energy. So we are very psychic this week, more sensitive and impressionable, artistic, idealistic, or maybe a bit melancholy , find it easier to cry and in need of escape to seek sanctuary.

On Monday, Moon in Aries gives us a nice, energetic start of the week. On Tuesday morning, after a short Void of Course, the Moon enters Taurus about noon to give us two steadfast, easy-going days. Venus conjunct Neptune makes Wednesday dreamy and idyllic. Great day for relationships, maybe you meet the perfect partner or project perfection onto the partner you have. Either way, it’s very romantic. Also on Wednesday, Mercury sextile Saturn gives us good judgment and morals. Both aspects make Wednesday quiet of reflective.

On Thursday, we have a long Void of Course in the morning until late afternoon when the Moon begins a rough ride in Gemini. On Friday, the Moon makes several square to Pisces, making for a confusing day. So Friday evening is not a good time for social activities.

Saturday morning brings up some strange compulsions, the a Void of Course from noon until early evening when the Moon enters Cancer. But Saturday evening and Sunday could get rather interesting with a contrast of aspects. We have 3 aspects on Sunday morning, Venus square Mars, Mercury conjunct Neptune and Sun sextile Saturn, all are in effect on Saturday evening.

Often it’s been said that Pisces is confusing, but really that just means putting together things that seemingly don’t make sense, but if you are willing to think on more than one level, suddenly it makes sense. So thinking on more than one level, willingness to go beyond just the mundane and rational, and consider the emotional and spiritual elements and maybe even things that you don’t see, all that will help you contend with the cloudiness. With both Venus and Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces this week, our artistic energy is sure to hit a high point for most of us. Also the Mercury sextile Saturn and Sun sextile Saturn will give us more spiritual maturity, willingness to reflect and accept what we cannot change, and maybe even come to terms with some past life issues. And we all need to do that now as we look forward to the coming spring.

Moon in Aries gives us some extra energy today as Sun joins Venus and Mercury in Pisces, ushering in a time to dive into the mystical side of ourselves.

4:05am – Moon enters Aries. We are more energetic and headstrong for the next couple of days. Courageous and ambitious, a good time to start new projects. Moon in Aries is good at taking care of themselves first, but that’s an essential part of living a successful life, they just need to put some effort into showing consideration for the feelings of others.

9:18am – Sun enters Pisces. Happy Birthday to all the Pisces. Now three planets in Pisces, it’s time to dive into the mystical side of ourselves, looking for our connection to the collective. We’re more psychic, intuitive, able to tune in to the subtle vibrations around us, like your guardian angel. Contend with things you don’t see. Deeper connection to animals. Creative (Sun) imagination (Pisces), fantasy.

Pisces is unconditional love, the kind we need to find our place in the grand scheme of things. Without it, we develop trust issues, so this month we must practice forgiveness towards those who give you or gave you something less than unconditional love. This enables you to have the trust necessary to face the unknown, what you cannot see (Pisces). As we go through this month, as your creative energies dissolve, you may feel disappointed and in frustration do something underhanded. But if you force yourself to be artistic, if we sacrifice the ego willingly, we develop self-mastery.

Cancer, the 1st water sign, is our own emotional needs, Scorpio, the 2nd water sign, is your partners emotional needs, and Pisces, the 3rd water sign, is the collective emotional needs of the community. The point to make here is that our own deep emotional needs are reflective of the collective emotional needs of the community. Pisces shows us that we need to bond emotionally as a group in order to process emotions individually.

4:15pm – Moon (Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) Late Sunday afternoon, lack of flexibility and inability to express yourself.

Moon in Aries brings an energetic start for the week, time to begin new projects.

7:18am – Moon (Aries) trine Mars (Sagittarius) Lots of physical energy on Monday morning. Very creative and active, good to start new projects.

5:47pm – Moon (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) Early evening the mood is intense, hard to let go of the past, intolerant and demanding. You may feel like being alone.

Moon (Aries) Void of Course until late morning. After that, Moon (Taurus) makes it a easy-going day with positive aspects.

3:11am – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aries) Surprise in the middle of the night. Sudden events meant to shake us up out of stagnant patterns. Void of Course begins, continues until late morning.

11:12am – Moon enters Taurus. Exalted in Taurus where the sensual earth energy enables the Moon to slow down and enjoy the security and comfort of a firm commitment. We are more steadfast, mellow and sensual for the next couple of days, prefer to continue existing projects rather than start new ones. Looking for stability and comfort. And at this pass of Moon in Taurus we get 4 wonderful sextiles to Pisces.

3:16pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Sun (Pisces). Wonderful aspect, feeling sensitive (Pisces) and sensual (Taurus). Good time for a massage. Everyone is warm and friendly with this aspect.

9:12pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Mercury (Pisces). Good time to share your feelings, express devotion, very intuitive. Quiet time for the mind opens up new pathways to healing and understanding.

11:14pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Saturn (Capricorn) The earth energy is good to help you get some rest late in the evening.

Dreamiest Day we’ve had in a while. Venus conjunct Neptune while the Moon is in Taurus. You may want to sleep all day, indulge your need for comfort and sanctuary, but Mercury sextile Saturn has us using our better judgment. A wonderful day, use this energy to do something artistic.

10:42am – Venus conjunct Neptune (Pisces). Everyone gets a strong dose of Pisces energy today. We are very sensual, sensitive, intuitive, psychic, perfectionist, walking around in a cloud of fantasy, delusion about others, may feel disappointed at time, looking for the ideal partner (Venus). You may meet the perfect partner today or just project perfection onto your current partner because we really tend to overlook the bad side in others with this aspect.

Surrender to the powerful, sensual healing energies that are coming through now, feel loved by everyone and everything. Universal love is the theme with this aspect. We feel dreamy, lazy, indulgent, wish the best for everyone. More connected to our ancestors, spirit guides and guardian angels, fairies, elemental beings, etc. And Venus rules Taurus, so it’s the best aspect for working with crystals and healing stones, rock medicine.

A great time for artistic endeavors. Whatever you do now reflects the soul. I’ve been talking about this recently since we have 3 planets in Pisces, art work is a must to help deal with the veil placed before our eyes. Expose yourself to art.

11:20am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) A perfect set of Moon aspects to accompany the Venus conjunct Neptune. Schedule a massage at this time. Sensual and sensitive in large dose.

11:23am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Venus (Pisces). Sensual and sensitive, a second helping.

12:23pm – Mercury (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn). Thinking idealistic (Pisces), yet practical (Saturn). Desire to attend to important matters, duty and responsibility. Saturn slows down the already reflective Mercury in Pisces, but we’re able to express good judgment and moral values, better attention to detail, and willing to sacrifice and work hard or do something artistic, like writing poetry. Good aspect for meditation, tune in to lots of useful guidance, very therapeutic, helpful and caring.

Pisces is a mutable sign, like all mutable signs they enable some adjustment to break us out of our fixed ways, fixed signs. Capricorn is mature so with this aspect we are able to forgive and act with spiritual (Pisces) maturity (Capricorn), more able to express universal spiritual values. Access to divine source (Pisces) is what gives us the tools we need to resolve our karma (Saturn).

11:30pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Late Wednesday evening, a little extra energy for emotional regeneration and coupling.

Void of Course begins early morning, lasts until late this afternoon, so it’s not a day to start new projects, continue existing work.

3:46am – Moon (Taurus) opposition Jupiter (Scorpio). Void of Course begins, lasts until late this afternoon.

4:07pm – Moon enters Gemini. A bit of a confusing pass of Moon in Gemini as we get 4 squares to Pisces. Because of this things could get really active over the next couple of days as folks get more restless than usual.

Moon (Gemini) squares 4 planets in Pisces. A confusing day, when we have to contend with what we don’t see, easily deceived. Lots of communication. Feeling of death, like things are passing away. Emotional disconnect, feel like turning away from others.

12:09am – Moon (Gemini) square Sun (Pisces). First Quarter Moon. Gemini is the conscious mind while Pisces is the unconscious mind. This square is a mandate to think on more than one level simultaneously. If you can do that, great, but if you are stuck on the material plane, that makes it hard to believe what is being said to you, because there is often a hidden (Pisces) element to what is spoken (Gemini) that we don’t want to deal with. The crisis for fulfillment is met by being willing to think on more than one level, that advice goes for all day long today.

9:51am – Moon (Gemini) square Mercury (Pisces) Friday morning, communication breakdown, subconscious reactions to what is not being said interfere with normal communication. We feel like turning away from others.

3:28pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) Friday afternoon, low energy, not feeling like work. Feeling disappointed is common, best to find a quiet place where you can relax.

8:26pm – Moon (Gemini) square Venus (Pisces) Friday evening is not a good time for social gatherings.

9:57pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Mars (Sagittarius) Poor digestion, volatile emotions surface. Strong words, lots of rhetoric.

Moon (Gemini) brings up strange compulsions this morning. Void of Course starting at noon, it’s not a day to start new projects. And you may prefer to crawl into your shell this evening with Moon enters Cancer, but 3 planetary aspects early Sunday are in effect this evening.

3:00am – Moon (Gemini) quincunx Pluto (Capricorn) Insecurities arise. Compulsion to act. Make a precise adjustment. Take a definitive course of action. Swept up in a moment of collective karma.

7:20am – Moon (Gemini) quincunx Jupiter (Scorpio) Strange compulsions, strong need to nurture others and be nurtured, share you feelings with others to the point of being overbearing.

11:58am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aries). At noon, feeling ambitious and in need of independence. Void of Course begins, lasts until this evening.

7:06pm – Moon enters Cancer. After the last two stressful two days, we want to go into our shell for the next couple of days to nurture ourselves. We are more sensitive, react to things more slowly, in need of a comfortable home environment, good time for gardening, plants do better when planted during Moon in Cancer. This passage of Moon in Cancer is eventful with 3 aspects tomorrow, testing the thickness of the shell in which you hide your true feelings.

Three planetary aspects happening Sunday morning begin to take effect Saturday evening.

Three planetary aspects make it a big Sunday morning, lots of activity. Contrasting aspects. Venus square Mars and folks are pushy, disagreeable. Mercury conjunct Neptune, folks are thinking on more than one level. Sun sextile Saturn gives us good judgment and morals.

4:01am – Venus (Pisces) square Mars (Sagittarius) Venus and Mars like to get along and this aspect makes that a challenge. Easy to break up the harmonious atmosphere as folks tend to aggressively confront others and what they don’t understand instead of reflecting on it and asking questions to fill in their weak spots. If you can admit your weak spots today, and we all have them, then it will be much easier to get along with others and overcome what you don’t see. The Sagittarius to Pisces square requires us to take a leap of faith.

4:26am – Mercury conjunct Neptune (Pisces) The conscious mind is very reflective today. The details are not as important as the overall picture, thinking on many levels at once, this may seem confusing, but that is actually what the word confuse means. Put together stuff that you can see with stuff you can’t see, that’s why it seems confusing. But if you are willing to think beyond the material work, you’ll find you are more intuitive, able to perceive more, such as the subtle vibrations around us, other people’s thoughts, hidden things. Hard to find the right words, so you may not feel like talking much. We seek sanctuary so we can get in touch with our innate spiritual side. Good time for meditation, communing with nature and animals.

Not a day for hard work or close attention to details. Not thinking clearly. Prone to daydreaming, fantasy, delusional thinking, easy to be persuaded or hypnotized, so not a time to sign a contract or come to any final conclusions, too easy to miss things. Low energy, not mentally aggressive enough to stand up for your own needs. We need unconditional acceptance today. Avoid negative people and situations, to easy to absorb foreign energy. The reflective and intuitive nature is best found in a quiet space. Good time for writing poetry, artistic endeavors, or a nature hike.

Pisces can sometimes produce a lot of activity. So if you do find yourself having a lot of communication today, that may indicate you are doing a lot of spiritual communication these days. Conversations with people with whom you share a past life, as there is always some hidden, spiritual element to our communication today, giving our connections a deeper, soulful meaning. Relax into the intuitive perceptions that you receive today. Be open-minded, great insight can be attained. If your nerves get stressed, then this is the message to slow down and collect your thoughts, you may be missing something and higher self is trying to get you to slow down and listen. Aspect is perfect for group activities related to spiritual matters, ceremonial gatherings.

6:40am – Moon (Cancer) trine Sun (Pisces) A peaceful Sunday morning, time for nurturing and sanctuary. The subconscious mind tunes into the greater vibrations of the day.

9:46am – Sun (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) Like Mercury on Wednesday, this aspect brings good judgment, moral behavior. Saturn slows us down a bit, more reasonable, agreeable, attend to duty and responsibility, look to be helpful and useful. 4th quadrant, everyone really needs to feel useful, like they are a productive member of the community, it helps us find our place in the grand scheme of things (Pisces). So we are inclined to share our success with others. Aspect may give an opportunity to come to terms with past life issues. Good aspect for attending to important matters (Saturn).

This aspect has a contrast with the other two aspects this morning. Unlike Mercury conjunct Neptune, this aspect is good for hard work and attention to details. And unlike Venus square Mars, this aspect is agreeable.

5:51pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Good time to crawl into your shell and hide for a while. Feeling more sensitive and vulnerable.

7:49pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Mercury (Pisces) More intuitive and better communication. Good time to write in your journal. Nice aspect to finish off the week.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.


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