Weekly Astrology Notes February 25 – March 4, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes February 25 – March 4, 2018

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: A SUPER HEALING WEEK. A busy week with 9 aspects and they all involve Pisces.

Start off Sunday, 2/25, with 3 aspects in the morning, Venus square Mars, Mercury conjunct Neptune and Sun sextile Saturn. It’s a very Pisces morning and the main effect is likely folks are dreamy and reflective for the most part.

On Monday, Moon in Cancer and we are sensitive, in need of warmth and protection. On Monday evening, deep feelings and emotions from Venus sextile Pluto. The first of two Pluto sextiles to Pisces this week which motivate our innate healing abilities. Monday afternoon we have a Void of Course until the evening, which is a great time for relationships.

Then Wednesday, a high energy day with Moon in Leo. Mercury square Mars in the afternoon and communication takes on a demanding, impatient tone. Compulsive, may be a bit accident prone, drive with caution. You may need to blow off some steam. But in the evening Mercury sextile Pluto leaves us quiet, reserved, capable, willing to make a commitment. Good for getting a lot of work done. Able to sense an opportunity, break through mental barriers, dig deep on any issue. But a Void of Course from Wednesday afternoon until late in the evening and Venus trine Jupiter has us feeling lazy and indulgent on Wednesday evening.

All of these Pluto sextile and the Jupiter trine aspects give us a communal consciousness, desire to be part of something good to improve society as well as activating and motivate our innate healing abilities.

So there is an abundance of healing and compassionate energy available to us this week, just like last week. Forgiveness and unconditional love enables us to reclaim lost elements of self, resolve the past, including past lives, and encourages us to seek our direct divine connection. Meditation and reflection are essential to nurture your connection to spirit, especially this week. As well, artistic endeavors help us immensely to find and cultivate sanctuary, a place where we can be uninhibited with our thoughts, tune out distractions, allowing us to transcend the material plane.

On Thursday morning Venus trine Jupiter makes us lazy and indulgent, a very social and pleasant aspect, good time for a party. Then on Thursday late afternoon, we have the Full Moon in Virgo which should produce a lot of emotional ups and downs with the usual crisis for fulfillment. Nonetheless with two Jupiter trines on either side of the Full Moon, no one wants to sit still. Big party atmosphere around the Full Moon.

On Friday morning Mercury trine Jupiter expands our horizons enabling us to see farther, giving us some optimism, good aspect for business. In fact all of these Pluto and Jupiter aspect this week are good for business and money related matter.

Friday evening we loose direction with the Moon Void of Course until just past midnight.

Then on Sunday morning March 4, Sun conjunct Neptune leaves us dreamy and lazy and Mercury conjunct Venus gives us a pleasant disposition and good communication skills. Both aspects occur early Sunday so they are in effect on Saturday evening. So the weekend is looking really good, a time to relax and heal. In fact the entire week is really the best week for healing and regeneration we’ve had in a long time.

The amount of healing energy coming to us now will help us enormously. Any type of healing work or modality that you utilize will work better this week. Our innate healing abilities are activated. We are motivated to heal. So it’s a very big healing week, make the best of it.

At the end of the video I go the transits for the USA and Russia.

Three planetary aspects make it a big Sunday morning, lots of activity. Contrasting aspects. Venus square Mars and folks are pushy, disagreeable. Mercury conjunct Neptune, folks are dreamy and reflective, thinking on more than one level, which I think will be the strongest influence this morning. Sun sextile Saturn gives us good judgment and morals.

I’ll go over these briefly since they are already in last week’s report and we have so much to cover this week.

4:01am – Venus (Pisces) square Mars (Sagittarius) Venus and Mars like to get along and this aspect makes that a challenge. Easy to break up the harmonious atmosphere as folks tend to aggressively confront others and what they don’t understand instead of reflecting on it and asking questions to fill in their weak spots. If you can admit your weak spots today, and we all have them, then it will be much easier to get along with others and overcome what you don’t see. The Sagittarius to Pisces square requires us to take a leap of faith.

4:26am – Mercury conjunct Neptune (Pisces) The conscious mind is very reflective today. The details are not as important as the overall picture, thinking on many levels at once, this may seem confusing, but that is actually what the word confuse means. Put together stuff that you can see with stuff you can’t see, that’s why it seems confusing. But if you are willing to think beyond the material work, you’ll find you are more intuitive, able to perceive more, such as the subtle vibrations around us, other people’s thoughts, hidden things. Hard to find the right words, so you may not feel like talking much. We seek sanctuary so we can get in touch with our innate spiritual side. Good time for meditation, communing with nature and animals.

Not a day for hard work or close attention to details. Not thinking clearly. Prone to daydreaming, fantasy, delusional thinking, easy to be persuaded or hypnotized, so not a time to sign a contract or come to any final conclusions, too easy to miss things. Low energy, not mentally aggressive enough to stand up for your own needs. We need unconditional acceptance today. Avoid negative people and situations, to easy to absorb foreign energy. The reflective and intuitive nature is best found in a quiet space. Good time for writing poetry, artistic endeavors, or a nature hike.

Pisces can sometimes produce a lot of activity. So if you do find yourself having a lot of communication today, that may indicate you are doing a lot of spiritual communication these days. Conversations with people with whom you share a past life, as there is always some hidden, spiritual element to our communication today, giving our connections a deeper, soulful meaning. Relax into the intuitive perceptions that you receive today. Be open-minded, great insight can be attained. If your nerves get stressed, then this is the message to slow down and collect your thoughts, you may be missing something and higher self is trying to get you to slow down and listen. Aspect is perfect for group activities related to spiritual matters, ceremonial gatherings.

6:40am – Moon (Cancer) trine Sun (Pisces) A peaceful Sunday morning, time for nurturing and sanctuary. The subconscious mind tunes into the greater vibrations of the day.

9:46am – Sun (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) Like Mercury on Wednesday, this aspect brings good judgment, moral behavior. Saturn slows us down a bit, more reasonable, agreeable, attend to duty and responsibility, look to be helpful and useful. 4th quadrant, everyone really needs to feel useful, like they are a productive member of the community, it helps us find our place in the grand scheme of things (Pisces). So we are inclined to share our success with others. Aspect may give an opportunity to come to terms with past life issues. Good aspect for attending to important matters (Saturn).

This aspect has a contrast with the other two aspects this morning. Unlike Mercury conjunct Neptune, this aspect is good for hard work and attention to details. And unlike Venus square Mars, this aspect is agreeable.

5:51pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Good time to crawl into your shell and hide for a while. Feeling more sensitive and vulnerable.

7:49pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Mercury (Pisces) More intuitive and better communication. Good time to write in your journal. Nice aspect to finish off the week.

Moon in Cancer and we are sensitive today, in need of warmth and protection. Deep feelings and emotions as Venus sextile Pluto is in effect this evening.

3:15am – Moon (Cancer) trine Venus (Pisces) Pleasant disposition in the middle of the night.

5:11am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Disruptive energy in the home, defiant behavior brings confrontations.

9:17am – Moon (Cancer) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) Pleasant disposition, feeling generous.

1:51pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aries). Disruptions, looking for a change, best if you instigate that change. More intelligent, interested in the unusual. Void of Course beings, continues until this evening.

8:42pm – Moon enters Leo. We are more playful and romantic for next couple of days. Good time to attend to your hobbies and pursue recreational activities. Lots of creative energy. Like to be on stage, get noticed by others, also good time to spend with your children.

Monday evening is a great night for relationships, Venus sextile Pluto gets the sexual energy flowing, brings up deep feelings and emotions and motivates our innate healing abilities, excellent time for romance.

Moon in Leo brings a little drama to our day, and Venus sextile Pluto motivates our regenerative abilities, we’re looking to merge with others in a communal effort.

2:17am – Venus (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) The first of two Pluto sextiles, tomorrow it will be Mercury. This aspect brings up deep feelings and emotions, which can be transformative, motivates our innate healing and regenerative abilities. Excellent for healing work, something we should all focus on in the early part of this week. Able to heal yourself and others, bring about a change for the better.

Very communal aspect, we feel a deep sense of commitment towards others and a strong need to be a useful, productive member of society, to be wanted and needed by others. Need to be stroked (Pluto). We have deep need to merge (Pluto) with the collective, be a part of a group, maybe even a group that is doing something to reform society for the better. Pluto gives the ability to dig deep on any issue until you get to the heart of the matter. Aspect brings good focus and concentration, ability to penetrate (Pluto) the facade of others and know how others really feel deep down. Though you may prefer to keep your perceptions to yourself as revealing them could cause disruptions and take away your superior advantage, which is another thing to consider, we are looking for personal success with this aspect as well.

Relationships takes on the same deep quality. A strong desire to merge with your partner (Venus) means it’s very sensual (Venus) and sexual (Scorpio), great for coupling. Union with another takes on greater meaning, you feel transformed. Relationships that start now have a fateful quality as the two of you have chosen to go through a death-rebirth (Pluto) process together, makes it a relationship to remember, and one that could last a long time (Capricorn).

Moon in Leo gives us a high energy Wednesday, need to do something physical today. Also Mercury square Mars gives us even more energy, mentally very active. Recommend some physical exercise today, do something stimulating to blow off some steam. But Mercury sextile Pluto this evening continues to stimulate our innate healing abilities and give us good mental focus. Contrasting Mercury aspects.

5:29am – Moon (Leo) trine Mars (Sagittarius) Energetic start of the day, lots of fire good for physical exercise and creative endeavors.

10:36am – Moon (Leo) square Jupiter (Scorpio) Extravagant and loud, desire to display, show off. Not the best business sense.

3:13pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aries) Feeling independent, fire signs, need to expend some energy, good for physical exercise. Void of Course begins, continues until later this evening.

3:56pm – Mercury (Pisces) square Mars (Sagittarius) Communication takes on a demanding, impatient tone. Compulsive, may be a bit accident prone, drive with caution. Desires (Mars) interfere with normal communications (Mercury). Some folks demand you see things their way and try to limit your field of view so you see no other way but theirs. Aggressive as well as defensive. Lots of interactions in quick bursts, can be nerve racking, you may forced to stay on top of things today. Tendency to be blunt or coarse with others. You may want to hold back telling others what you really think about them or saying/writing something hurtful. Not a good time for business, or business meetings or for any important communications that depend on careful interactions. High energy, mentally very active and self-motivated. May need to do something to blow off some steam. The personal challenge is to take a leap of faith (Sagittarius to Pisces square) without causing disruptions in your life. Which should be easier to do with the next aspect giving us a strong contrast.

Which brings up another topic, that is the Mars in Sagittarius has some challenges due to it’s position relative to the other planets, squares to Pisces, causing the ego to dissolve (Pisces) while trying to expand (Sagittarius). We need to make ego adjustments (mutable signs), stop ourselves when we are getting too big, share our inspiration with others instead of just trying to shine on our own.

8:40pm – Mercury (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Excellent aspect for seeing a job through to the end. Lots of stamina (Pluto), able to defend yourself, your opinions. Quiet, reserved, capable, willing to make a commitment. Good for getting a lot of work done. Able to sense an opportunity. Break through mental barriers, dig deep on any issue. Premeditate (Pluto), think ahead on a plan of action, able to get assistance from powerful people. Very wise, more aware of the power of your words, use your words to your own advantage to get ahead, mature, transcendental, poetic.

The opposite of the previous aspect, good for business and making important decisions. These two aspect together emphasize that if you hold back, restrain the ego, don’t be blunt, then you’ll be able to sense an opportunity and reach for it. Just like Venus sextile Pluto from yesterday, aspect motivates our innate healing abilities. Able to come to terms with past life issues.

9:57pm – Moon enters Virgo. Virgo rules work and likes to keep us busy and useful. So we’ll be active over the next couple of days, more critical, better judgment, taking better care of your hygiene, attending to your health regime, and as always Virgo loves to be helpful. A busy Moon in Virgo for this passage, lots of aspects, oppositions to Pisces, trines to Capricorn, sextile to Jupiter and square to Mars.

Venus trine Jupiter is strongly in effect this evening, making it one of the best nights for social gatherings.

Feeling lazy and indulgent with Venus trine Jupiter, not interested in duty and responsibility this morning. The Full Moon in Virgo late this afternoon will get folks active this evening with a lot of emotional ups and downs. Be careful this Full Moon as the energy can seem to come out of nowhere.

3:22am – Venus (Pisces) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) The first of two Jupiter (Scorpio) trines to Pisces, characterized as healing a psychological wound, or reclaiming a lost part of yourself, or even saved by divine grace. And with the forgiveness energy of Jupiter, we can be assured of a strong healing energy coming to us now, helping to heal our deepest psychological fears.

One of the best aspects in the book, regardless of signs, everyone is more pleasant and charitable towards one another today. Aspect makes us lazy and indulgent, not interested in work obligations. Great aspect for any social gatherings, folks are more extravagant, dressed up, desire to spend money, not the best judgment in financial matters. Of course a great aspect for relationships. Existing relationships go well today and new ones that start today are fun and inspiring.

10:10am – Moon (Virgo) trine Saturn (Capricorn) This aspect should help us attend to duty and responsibility for a while.

4:51pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Sun (Pisces) Lots of emotional ups and downs, which can get the best of us at this Full Moon as the energy of Pisces can seem to come out of nowhere. Virgo has events continuously moving along, with or without our awareness, keeping us emotionally attentive, forcing us to be adaptable (mutable signs) and accept events as they happen, not getting stuck on disappointment. We are more open to spiritual influences and you need to be watchful to maintain your spiritual hygiene. Easy to absorb the energy of others and get caught up in events, loose yourself. Easily deceived because we are searching for something we cannot see. Especially so with the next aspect. Be aware of your surroundings, use caution this evening, be careful if you go out as this Full Moon brings out a lot of the astral energies.

8:59pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) Superstitious, believe in things that are not true, hard to break the spell. Desire is to escape which would be a good idea this evening. However you may be feeling optimistic, desire conversation this evening with the upcoming Mercury trine Jupiter. Easy to overestimate yourself this evening.

Feeling optimistic this morning with Mercury trine Jupiter.

5:05am – Mercury (Pisces) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) Optimistic, thinking big, make big promises, long range planning, able to see the big picture and connect the dots, inspirational, open-minded, able to overcome your usual inhibitions, talk louder with more courage and intelligence. Feel connected to cosmic forces, more religious, philosophical and wise. Great aspect for travel, to plan or start a journey. Good day to write down your goals, in fact any writing is favored by this aspect. Great for conversation, water signs so it’s time to share your feelings with someone whom you can trust. Good opportunity to connect with a sibling. Reading spiritual, philosophical or religious books would be especially favored, as well as delving into fantasy and even occult subjects seem more interesting today. And playing music is also strongly favored because you really feel every note you’re playing and it carries the mind to a higher plane, which is exactly the idea with this aspect, we need to move the conscious mind to a higher plane of existence where we can see farther and imagine more.

8:26am – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Looking to get ahead on Friday morning, make a change for the better.

9:29am – Moon (Virgo) square Mars (Sagittarius) Quarrelsome, demanding, hard to feel satisfied with what your have. Poor digestion. Go easy on the coffee this morning.

12:40pm – Moon (Virgo) sextile Jupiter (Scorpio) Good mood in the early afternoon, emotions expand, feeling charitable, good time for business and good for digestion.

1:48pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Mercury (Pisces) Heightened awareness, but we’re easily preoccupied, may need to be of assistance to someone. Good for retail interactions. Open to whomever comes your way.

3:50pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Venus (Pisces) Not in a sociable mood. Void of Course begins, we feel like we’re without direction until just past midnight. So Friday evening is not a sociable time, more of a time to relax and center yourself, find your sanctuary.

The easy going Moon in Libra has one challenging aspect today in the early afternoon, otherwise a good day for relationships and social endeavors.

12:20am – Moon enters Libra. We are more diplomatic for the next couple of days, emotional needs fulfilled through quality interactions with others. More sensitive to what others think. More sophisticated and have refined tastes. Good time for relationships.

1:20pm – Moon (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn) Rigid emotions, hard to appreciate others, not feeling sociable. Not a good time for business meetings.

A dreamy, lazy day with Sun conjunct Neptune and Mercury conjunct Venus (Pisces).

5:55am – Sun conjunct Neptune (Pisces). Everyone becomes a Pisces today. Today we reach a high point in the Pisces energy we are feeling this month. A low-energy aspect, lazy, you may not feel like doing much today. Desire to escape. Energy flows like a river. We are more sensitive, intuitive and artistic, impressionable, open to the subtle influences around us. Spiritual, not materialistic. We desire a collective experience today so we let down our guard and reach out to others, see the best in others and overlook the bad side.

Despite the need to withdraw, we want to be amongst the rest of humanity so we can find our place in the grand scheme of things. We fell like we’re dissolving and it really helps to be find a support group you can be with during this time. Time for meditation. Be of service to others. Show compassion, acceptance, willingness to lay down your ego. And of course, artistic endeavors, like I’ve been talking about for the last couple of weeks.

10:06am – Mercury conjunct Venus (Pisces) Always a wonderful aspect, communication (Mercury) takes on a Venus quality, more diplomatic, aware of the listener, romantic, persuasive, beautiful, gentle tones, especially in Pisces which is so sensitive. So no harsh words today. It’s the perfect energy to resolve your differences with someone if you need to do that. Otherwise, it’s another dreamy Pisces aspect, that asks us to look beyond this material world, think on different levels. Another great aspect for artistic endeavors. Goes well with the gentle and sophisticated Moon in Libra.

12:35pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) This unsettling quality of this aspect is less than usual. Feeling a burst of energy.

4:00pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Mars (Sagittarius) Feeling energetic in the afternoon, good time for a breath of fresh air.

10:19pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aries) Emotions unstable, surprises cause disruptions.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

On 2/14, the recent school shooting in Florida concurrent with Pluto square Chiron at 20d08′ Aries. I anticipated that another false flag event could occur at this transit. I feel validated on that call.

On Thursday 3/1, Mars opposition Mars. It’s a point of culmination in the Mars cycle, a time when many affairs reach a conclusion, something is brought out in the open and get settled. High energy, very assertive and I expect conflict or some sort of serious political confrontation this week. A transit to watch especially because we are coming up on Pluto quincunx Mars (3/18, 5/30, 1/13/2019) soon which brings huge potential for a severe adjustment in politics (Gemini). It could be an political event as big as 911, or economic news, or a war, or all of the above, lots of potential with this one.

The developing story in the middle east in that the US has now created a new terrorist army in southern Syria, tempting Turkey to attack them, and that’s what recently happened. So now we have open war between the national armies of Syria and Turkey developing, all due to this new terrorist army encampment in Afrin, Syria that the US has created. Russia is not pleased about this, and with these transits the US is getting, the whole situation could blow up real soon.

So we are moving into a very delicate time for the USA as I have laid out recently, it’s a challenging time, political confrontations, potential for more of these false flag events, big economic news or some major military action. This could be related to Trump’s promise to drain the swamp and I will talk more about that next week because there’s a big transit coming up for Trump on 4/2.

Not only are they heavily involved in Syria, the story with them this week is that they are now threatening to disconnect from the SWIFT banking system. If they do that, it would be a disaster for the US petro dollar. This past week, on 2/21, Jupiter conjunct Venus, along with the recent Jupiter conjunct Pluto, and Pluto sextiles. Passionate reconstruction of their home (4th house) and foundation. They are looking for serious regeneration, this means taking the reign of power and charting their own course economically. So in short, breaking away from the SWIFT system is a very real possibility for them. This is a very big time for them economically (Scorpio), for sure they will vigorously seek independence and rebel in a constructive way from whomever is controlling them, and reconstruct their money system.

Notice on 4/14, the next pass of Jupiter sextile Pluto, makes transits to their natal Jupiter. Just like China has major transits concurrent with the first pass of this aspect, and this is THE aspect to watch for economic indicators this year. This will be a significant time for them. They are part of the overall group that is looking to take away control of the world’s financial system from the US, and for sure this moment presents a prime opportunity for that. So I am adding Russia to the overall economic picture that I have been painting in these reports which is a major economic adjustment is about to occur in the world.

And don’t let all this political stuff distract you from the wonderful healing week we’re having.

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That’s all this week for Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for viewing, liking, and sharing my video, please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.

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