Weekly Astrology Notes March 4-11, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes March 4-11, 2018

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I’ll be at the New Earth Expo in Sacramento on March 11 at the Crown Plaza Hotel. Sacramento New Earth Expo 03-11-2018 – Life Lotus & New Earth Events

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Standard Time (PST) until Sunday March 11, when we move into Daylight Savings Time.

Weekly Summary: A dreamy and pleasant start the week with Sun conjunct Neptune and Mercury conjunct Venus (Pisces). On Monday and Tuesday, Moon in Scorpio gives us stamina to focus and work on existing projects while Mercury and Venus enter Aries. A Long Void of Course on Wednesday morning until mid-afternoon, when Moon in Sagittarius begins to lighten things up a bit. On Thursday, Jupiter goes Retrograde. Thursday and Friday look to be good days for growth and business, and Friday evening is a good time to go exploring while the Moon goes Void of Course until early Saturday morning. Moon in Capricorn over the coming weekend. Saturday evening we may feel unsociable with Moon conjunct Saturn and Mercury square Saturn slowing us down.

However, two very energetic and exciting aspects early Sunday morning means that Saturday evening could be a lot of fun and excitement despite the other aspects. And Sunday is the best day this week, an energetic and exciting day, great for all creative endeavors. We have a wonderful pair of aspects. Mars trine Uranus gives you the desire to do something new and innovative, go exploring, and Sun sextile Pluto gives you passion and a strong burst of energy to accomplish whatever you set your mind to as well as motivates your innate healing abilities. So plan ahead and find something interesting to do this coming Sunday. In fact, I am particularly excited about this set of aspects because on 3/11, I will be at the New Earth Expo in Sacramento where I have a booth and I cannot think of a better set of aspects for such an event. Please come on over and meet me if you are in the area.

It’s a transition week as we begin moving from all this Pisces energy to Aries and the first of Spring.

And I have another announcement, Introducing my Twitter page. https://twitter.com/TomJordan364 Follow my Twitter feed where I am now posting tweets on a regular basis throughout the week. And I will announce the winner of last months’ contest for a free natal reading at the end of this video.

Also at the end, we take a look at the transits occurring this month for Donald Trump. There is a intriguing synchronicity with his transits and an upcoming series of aspects and it all ties in to the Executive Order he signed on December 21, 2017. Also, a bit about South Africa.

A dreamy, lazy and artistic day with Sun conjunct Neptune and Mercury conjunct Venus (Pisces).

5:55am – Sun conjunct Neptune (Pisces). Everyone becomes a Pisces today. Today we reach a high point in the Pisces energy we are feeling this month. A low-energy aspect, lazy, you may not feel like doing much today. Desire to escape. Energy flows like a river. We are more sensitive, intuitive and artistic, impressionable, open to the subtle influences around us. Spiritual, not materialistic. We let down our guard and let others in, see the best in others and overlook the bad side.

May feel disappointment, life’s got you down, unsure of yourself as your creative energy dissolves and it really helps to be find a support group you can be with during this time. Time for meditation. Be of service to others. Show compassion, acceptance, willingness to lay down your ego. And of course, artistic endeavors are recommended like all these Pisces aspect for the last couple of weeks.

10:06am – Mercury conjunct Venus (Pisces) Always a wonderful aspect, communication (Mercury) takes on a Venus quality, more diplomatic, aware of the listener, romantic, able to communicate your love (Venus) for another, persuasive, coquettish, appreciate beauty, interested in art, speak in gentle tones, especially in Pisces which is so sensitive. So no harsh words today. It’s a good energy to resolve your differences with someone if you need to do that. Otherwise, it’s another dreamy Pisces aspect, that asks us to look beyond this material world, think on different levels. Another great aspect for artistic endeavors. Goes well with the gentle and sophisticated Moon in Libra.

12:35pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) This unsettling quality of this aspect is less than usual. Feeling a burst of energy.

4:00pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Mars (Sagittarius) Feeling energetic in the afternoon, good time for a breath of fresh air.

10:19pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aries) Emotions unstable, surprises cause disruptions. Void of Course beings, continues until tomorrow morning.

Monday morning starts with Moon in Scorpio keeping us focused and determined all day. Mercury enters Aries today.

5:23am – Moon enters Scorpio. We are more focused and determined for the next couple of days, working to build a new base emotional foundation. Time to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter, like lava from a volcano, Scorpio burns through the superficial layers, repairs, transforms and purifies along the way. Relationships should be on a steady path as we’re focused on commitment and attending to your partner’s emotional needs, but jealousy and destructive energies emerge that could ruin it all.

7:31pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) Monday evening has us focused and attending to work and responsibility. Good aspect for seeing a job through to the finish.

11:35pm – Mercury enters Aries. Goes Retrograde from 16d down to 4d, so in Aries until May 13. Over 2 months, a lot more than the usual 2.5 weeks. Communication takes on an impulsive, aggressive tone. We are more active mentally, this gives us the energy to start new projects. It’s a really good place for Mercury, strong mind, Mercury in Aries says “I know what I think”, identify with their ideas and is not easily swayed by others, yet reserves the right to change their own mind. Can be very witty and do something surprising.

Aspects during this time, 3 passes of Mercury square Saturn and 2 passes of Mercury square Pluto so our ideas go through a lot of testing. These aspect create a political crisis over the next two months and it could start this coming weekend at the first pass of Mercury square Saturn.

Mercury, joins it’s higher vibration, Uranus, in Aries for the last time in a while, along with Venus and the Sun, so the paradigm of Uranus in Aries is activated one last time this Spring. See this time of Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries as one last opportunity to manifest your new (Uranus) identity (Aries), incorporating some element of your higher self (Uranus) into your identity.

Mercury and Venus are always close by the Sun, and in 2017 Mercury and Venus entered Aries a little before the Sun just like they do this year. This is part of the usual happenings around the start of Spring. So see this as a jump start on Spring.

Moon in Scorpio gives a soulful morning and Moon trine Sun about noon makes a good time for creative endeavors, and brings up deep feelings in the evening. Venus enters Aries.

7:24am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) Feeling dreamy, better connected to the spirit world, a calming, reassuring spiritual insight comes to you. Try to recall your dreams this morning.

11:27am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Sun (Pisces) Tuesday just before noon, a wonderful aspect. Creative energy flows in a loving, reassuring way. Insecurities overcome, able to give and receive unconditional love. Time of healing and rejuvenation.

3:46pm – Venus enters Aries. Until March 30. Venus is fallen in Aries, where it can be vain and self-absorbed about appearances. Although generally positive in Aries, Venus can be too outgoing and aggressive in Aries where it needs to learn diplomacy (Libra) and tact. Venus is Aries is more concerned about their looks and take care of themselves well, so it’s a good time to get in shape, anything you can do to make yourself more beautiful would be a good outlet for this energy. The impulsive nature of Aries means that relationships go through a dynamic state as partners reassert their individuality. Those that begin now are enjoyable but not necessarily long-lasting, depends on other factors.

Main aspects for Venus in Aries. On 3/13, Venus square Saturn. On 3/23, Venus square Pluto. On 3/28, Venus conjunct Uranus. So relationships and partnerships go through a challenging time. Sacrificing identity for career, need to independence, something new.

8:12pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Brings up deep feelings, not interested in superficial encounters, delve into mystery or psychology. Desire to make a change for the better, could be disruptive.

Moon in Scorpio is Void of Course this morning until the afternoon when Moon in Sagittarius gives us a creative evening, good time for business.

12:55am – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Scorpio) Emotions expand, folks are charitable and it’s a good time for business, but it’s just past midnight. Void of Course begins, continues until mid-afternoon, so we’re not starting any new projects Wednesday morning.

2:03pm – Moon enters Sagittarius. We are more jovial (Jupiter) for the next couple of days. Generally a good time for business as folks are in a spending mood. More enthusiastic and optimistic. This is interesting as Jupiter goes Retrograde during this time. So Jupiter is standing still this evening and while it stops we have these two wonderful Moon aspects this evening.

4:33pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Venus (Aries) Folks in a pleasant mood, good for social gatherings, very creative.

8:15pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Mercury (Aries) A creative flows of feelings, thoughts and ideas, interested in knowledge, good time for business and communications.

Moon in Sagittarius makes it a good day for business affairs with one challenge in the early evening. Jupiter goes Retrograde today.

5:53pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces) Hyper-sensitive, easily hurt. Induces a dreamy state of mind, easily deluded but important wisdom is gained during these moments if you can struggle through the confusion.

8:46pm – Jupiter goes Retrograde. At 23d14′ Scorpio, continues Retrograde down to 13d21′ on July 10. So that’s just over 4 months. This represents a time when the attributes of Jupiter are turned inward. We are more introspective about life, and you can develop an overly optimistic appraisal of your life, get lazy. Generally speaking, it’s a time when you feel like you can’t reach for your goals in life without some extra effort, even though that may not be the case, you just feel that way. We’re going over old ground, so it’s a time to reacquaint yourself with the wisdom that you’ve already gained and put it to good use, not ask for more from the universe.

The most important things about this is to check your own chart and see the degrees that Jupiter re-visits. See which houses and planets get aspects in this Retrograde period. Planets from 13d to 23d Scorpio especially as well as all of the other aspects to Scorpio see a lot of growth over this time. The initial growth that you experienced at the first pass will need further refinements and more growth at the second pass and the culmination occurs at the last pass after it goes Direct.

Major aspects for Jupiter during this Retrograde period indicate a time to heal psychological wounds and reclaim lost elements of self, receiving Divine Grace from the Jupiter trine Neptune, 5/25. And another pass of Jupiter sextile Pluto, on 4/14, which is so important to the ongoing economic changes in the world.

Moon Sagittarius makes it a good day for business and gives us the ambition to go exploring this evening.

3:20am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Sun (Pisces). Last Quarter Moon. In the very early hours of the morning, tensions arise as we are feeling a crisis for fulfillment, your perceptions expand beyond your current wisdom, feeling uncertain you are forced go on faith to overcome what you don’t see.

4:54pm – Moon conjunct Mars (Sagittarius) Feeling aggressive, impulsive, lots of physical energy, folks are irritable, it’s hard to maintain equilibrium, easy to loose your perspective, take things personally. Moon activates the coming Mars trine Uranus aspect on Sunday. I see these moments as rather important because the accompanying planetary aspect is activated in the subconscious (Moon) mind at these times. It may feel like the Mars trine Uranus aspect is happening now. This gives us an instinctual awareness of what is about to happen.

6:27pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aries). Feeling lucky, ambitious, very perceptive, spontaneous, enlightening conversation, desire to do something interesting, attracted to the unusual, a surprise. Tonight folks are looking for a change of scenery, go exploring, can be disruptive but for the better. Void of Course begins, continues until early next morning.

During the day Moon in Capricorn makes it a work day, and Moon conjunct Saturn in the early evening means it’s time for therapy. As well, Mercury square Saturn late this evening means we might prefer to be alone tonight. However, two very energetic and exciting aspects early Sunday morning means that Saturday evening could be a lot of fun and excitement.

1:52am – Moon enters Capricorn. We are more concerned with duty and obligations for the next couple of days. Emotions contract, more concerned with material security and reputation, more mature.

11:31am – Moon (Capricorn) square Venus (Aries) Both feminine planets in their fallen sign. Beware of falling down just before noon on Saturday. Brings up primitive or adolescent behavior, childish, selfish, uncharitable.

5:25pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Mercury (Aries) Restless mind, pessimistic attitude, subconscious fears interfere with normal communication.

6:05pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Capricorn) Emotions slow to a crawl. Feeling inhibited, not available for others. Monthly time for therapy, time to sit down and take stock of your hopes and dreams for life. Time for self-evaluation. Saturn digs down at first in order to build a foundation and we need to do that once a month, dig down and uncover our weaknesses and correct them, or heal them, so we can better face the future. Time to focus on work and responsibility. You can get a lot accomplished with this aspect, as I have noticed lately.

11:00pm – Mercury (Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) Mentally rigid, maybe you just don’t feel like talking. Not a good time for communication. Poor time for business. The lack of imagination is in contrast to the Mercury in Pisces period we just came out of. Feeling depressed, in need of encouragement. Think more slowly, carefully, look for things you’ve missed, focus on present circumstances only, not the future or the big picture. Good time for mental work that requires careful attention to detail, which would help prevent you from falling into depression and pessimistic thinking. Time to correct your thinking, look for imperfections in your communication, and correct yourself, or others may point out your flaws. Not a good time for social gatherings. Better to be alone and focused on a task that improves your mental faculties.

Aspect some potential for political crisis. More about this at the end.

Saturday evening has a contrast of energies. The Mercury square Saturn has us feeling isolated but early morning Sunday Mars trine Uranus and Sun sextile Pluto means we have lots of energy on Saturday evening, makes us restless, looking to break out of our usual routine,

An energetic and exciting day, great for all creative endeavors. A fantastic set of aspects. Mars trine Uranus gives you the desire to do something new and innovative, and Sun sextile Pluto gives you passion and a strong burst of energy to accomplish whatever you set your mind to as well as motivates your innate healing abilities.

2:00am – Daylight Savings Time begins.

4:21am – Mars (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aries) The explorer (Sagittarius) in you desires (Mars) a new (Uranus) path to go exploring. Today we’re more ambitious, daring, feel a burst of energy, and looking for surprises. Thinking abstract, able to see the big picture, in tune with cosmic forces to bring about a positive change in your life, take a step forward. Very positive aspect and the accompanying Sun sextile Pluto means we can more easily make the best of it.

A day for new activities, break out of your usual routine, do something different, express the unique (Uranus) side of yourself. Lots of physical energy, desire to move and make some changes in your life. Not interested in duty and obligations. Easier to let go of inhibitions. Brings up strange or quirky behavior, interested in the unusual. More independent, courageous, wanting to break free. Won’t listen to discouragement. A bit disruptive, like all Mars-Uranus combinations, only now the easy-going energy of the trine means you just do it and don’t let anyone hold you back.

Aspect is good for so many things, but whatever is your inspiration, follow that today. Not a day for sitting around the house. Folks you meet today will be breath of fresh air, you might make a new friend (Uranus) or two, or three, Sagittarius is abundance.

4:52am – Sun (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) A very productive and useful aspect. Good for getting a lot of work done. We have more energy, passion, stamina, focus and concentration. Feel magnetic, confident, more sexual, more capable, able to overcome insecurities or mental blocks to using our creative (Sun) energy.

Just like the Venus and Mercury sextiles last week, this aspect motivates our innate healing abilities. Enables us to make a change for the better in our lives. We are more interested in Pluto subjects, psychology and esoteric teachings as well as the practice of alternative healing modalities, such as yoga or energy healing. Aspect brings lots of psychic energy, able to see the motivation of others. We look beyond the mundane world today as we look for answers to the deep questions in life.

The transcendental (4th quadrant) nature of this aspect means we are looking to be part of a group that improves society or to just be of service to others. And Pluto requires that we act for the general good of everyone concerned, not purely selfish reasons. If you’re working within a group, you may have to make an adjustment, but it’s to yours and everyone else’s advantage. More willingness to work with others because we see it’s the best overall strategy.

I am really excited about this set of aspects today. I will be at the New Earth Expo in Sacramento where I have a booth and I cannot think of a better set of aspects for such an event. I’ll be doing something innovative and at the same time using my healing abilities to serve others. That’s the perfect combination of things to do with this fantastic energy.

7:43am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) On Sunday morning, feeling sensitive, mellow and dreamy, try to recall your dreams when you wake up.

9:15pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Intense mood. A strong burst of energy. Once a month, at this aspect, we can develop a new base emotional state, overcome insecurities. Brings up either a defiant response that disrupts or a quiet reserve that heals. Could bring up jealousy and the desire for revenge. Best to focus and harness the energy for transformation and regeneration. More psychic, magnetic, sexual desire emerges.

10:44pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Sun (Pisces) The perfect aspect to end the week. Problems dissolve and we feel better about ourselves, easy-going, carefree attitude pervades, good time for being with friends and family.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Donald Trump
An intriguing synchronicity. This month, we have series of Saturn aspects happening while Saturn is at 8d Capricorn, much like we had last month when every single inner planet made an aspect to Neptune while it was at 13d Pisces, the same thing for Saturn this month. Saturn is moving slowly this month as it gets ready to go Retrograde in mid-April and that’s why so many aspects as 8d. Important point here is Trump’s natal Mercury at 8d Cancer, opposite Saturn while this series of Saturn aspects is happening.

Let’s go over the aspects first. This Saturday, 3/10, at Mercury square Saturn (8d0′). On Tuesday 3/13, Venus square Saturn (8d09′) On 3/31, Sun square Saturn (8d51′). On 4/2, Mars conjunct Saturn (8d58′). Trump’s Saturn opposition Mercury transit happens on 4/1, in between the Sun square and Mars conjunction, the two most important ones. So all of these Saturn aspects manifest in a way that effects him directly.

Please follow me on this one. It’s gets really interesting with regards to the implications.

When considering all of these squares, we see a point of crisis. To determine what crisis, we always go back to the conjunct, the start of the cycle. So let’s go back to the conjunctions. Sun conjunct Saturn at 0d Capricorn on December 21. Venus conjunct Saturn at 0d Capricorn on December 25. Mercury conjunct Saturn at 2d Capricorn on January 12. The most important one is the Sun conjunction on 12/21. So we ask ourselves what happened on that day. Well that just so happens to be the most important day in Trump’s presidency because that was the day that Trump signed the Executive Order to seize the assets of people involved in human trafficking, his political (Mercury) promise to drain the swamp.

Please refer to my view on the Winter Solstice for complete details. But basically, within the overall framework of Saturn’s entrance in Capricorn, at that time astrologers were looking for a major event to signify that moment, a moment which would serve as a grand entrance of Saturn in Capricorn, which promises a return to morality and accountability. And that event turned out to be the Executive Order, we know for sure because it took place on the exact same day as the Sun conjunction, that’s what astrology teaches us. That was Trump’s major move to take down the deep state and drain the swamp.

So this month, culminating on 4/2, we arrive at a moment of crisis for Trump’s Executive Order and his promise to drain the swamp. It looks like a Cosmic setup and I just love those, don’t you. But to make things just a little more interesting.

This week, on 3/11, the Mars trine Uranus aspect forms a Grand Trine on his natal Mars. So he has a lot of strength and ambition to assert himself this week. A very energetic and fortunate set of transits for him. It looks like Trump is going to have a really good week. Uranus trine Mars exact on 3/18. Very fortuitous for Trump. Let’s pray he is successful in draining the swamp and prosecuting the child traffickers.

South Africa
Their Parliament just voted to confiscate white-owned land, but it still has another step to go before become a law. Notice in their natal chart, they have a Pluto conjunct Moon in Scorpio, so there is a lot of potential for violence and renewal with them, especially cultural and racial violence. The opposition to Venus means they may disregard diplomacy (Venus) and have an “the ends justify the means” mentality. At this moment, Chiron trine Pluto, so they know they are causing pain (Chiron) but they are defiant (Pluto) and do it anyway.

But the big transit is Uranus square Uranus, last pass occurs this weekend, coincidental with this vote. For an individual, this transit at it’s first occurrence in your mid-20’s, is suppose to be a time of putting away the rebelliousness of youth and pursuing your career. For them, it is a crisis to see if they can incorporate equality and brotherhood for all people regardless of color (Uranus) into their structure, their existing sense of community (Uranus). That’s the main issue for them.

Clearly this shows that many people in South Africa do not see white people as part of the collective community. So it looks like we are seeing a fundamental flaw emerging in South Africa, their failure to incorporate equality (Uranus) at this critical juncture in their young history is an ominous sign. There is already racial violence going on and the big question is will it erupt even further and destroy that nation. Pluto conjunct Neptune begins in 2020.

And the winner is Encima Technologies. And really everyone wins because everyone that donated is welcome to get free astrology advice from me. This campaign was a success, so I decided to repeat the contest again in March and probably every month after that. It seems like a good way to keep folks interested. So please donate, everyone who donates $5 in any given month is automatically entered into the contest for that month to win a free natal reading. And for those of you who have already given more than $5, like Kenna Young, just know that are automatically entered into the contest for following months. You’ll find donation buttons for Patreon and Paypal in the lower right hand corner of the flower image on my channel home page.

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