Weekly Astrology Notes March 11-18, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes March 11-18, 2018

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Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) starting this morning at 2am.

Highlights of the Week: A big Mars week that’s why I am using an image of Mars this week.

On Sunday 3/11, Mars trine Uranus and Sun sextile Pluto, making it a motivational day. A day to assert yourself.

On Tuesday, a roller coaster ride with a stark contrast in aspects. In the early part of the day, Venus square Saturn leaves us defensive and having relationship issues. But Sun trine Jupiter brings a burst of creativity and optimism and by the afternoon we have a big appetite for life. But on Tuesday evening, Mars square Chiron may be the most important aspect this week, a big event in the news, a startling revelation, existential pain and conflict. Tuesday’s aspects have serious political implications.

On, Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, is a big day. The New Moon in Pisces and Mars enters Capricorn, where it is exalted.

At the end: Iran just made a bold economic move, so we’ll take a look at their transits. And the speculation regarding impeding arrests and fulfillment of Trump’s promise to drain the swamp has reached a fever pitch. So we are taking a look at transits for the USA, Donald Trump, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

An energetic and exciting day, great for all creative endeavors. A fantastic set of aspects. Mars trine Uranus gives you the desire to do something new and innovative, and Sun sextile Pluto gives you passion and a strong burst of energy to accomplish whatever you set your mind to as well as motivates your innate healing abilities.

4:21am – Mars (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aries) The explorer (Sagittarius) in you desires (Mars) a new (Uranus) path to go exploring. Today we’re more ambitious, daring, feel a burst of energy, and looking for surprises. Thinking abstract, able to see the big picture, in tune with cosmic forces to bring about a positive change in your life, take a step forward. Very positive aspect and the accompanying Sun sextile Pluto means we can more easily make the best of it.

A day for new activities, break out of your usual routine, do something different, express the unique (Uranus) side of yourself. Lots of physical energy, desire to move and make some changes in your life. Not interested in duty and obligations. Easier to let go of inhibitions. Brings up strange or quirky behavior, interested in the unusual. More independent, courageous, wanting to break free. Won’t listen to discouragement. A bit disruptive, like all Mars-Uranus combinations, only now the easy-going energy of the trine means you just do it and don’t let anyone hold you back.

Aspect is good for so many things, but whatever is your inspiration, follow that today. Not a day for sitting around the house. Folks you meet today will be breath of fresh air, you might make a new friend (Uranus) or two, or three, Sagittarius is abundance.

4:52am – Sun (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) A very productive and useful aspect. Good for getting a lot of work done. We have more energy, passion, stamina, focus and concentration. Feel magnetic, confident, more sexual, more capable, able to overcome insecurities or mental blocks to using our creative (Sun) energy.

Just like the Venus and Mercury sextiles last week, this aspect motivates our innate healing abilities. Enables us to make a change for the better in our lives. We are more interested in Pluto subjects, psychology and esoteric teachings as well as the practice of alternative healing modalities, such as yoga or energy healing. Aspect brings lots of psychic energy, able to see the motivation of others. We look beyond the mundane world today as we look for answers to the deep questions in life.

The transcendental (4th quadrant) nature of this aspect means we are looking to be part of a group that improves society or to just be of service to others. And Pluto requires that we act for the general good of everyone concerned, not purely selfish reasons. If you’re working within a group, you may have to make an adjustment, but it’s to yours and everyone else’s advantage. More willingness to work with others because we see it’s the best overall strategy.

I am really excited about this set of aspects today. I will be at the New Earth Expo in Sacramento where I have a booth and I cannot think of a better set of aspects for such an event. I’ll be doing something innovative and at the same time using my healing abilities to serve others. That’s the perfect combination of things to do with this fantastic energy.

7:43am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) On Sunday morning, feeling sensitive, mellow and dreamy, try to recall your dreams when you wake up.

9:15pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Intense mood. A strong burst of energy. Once a month, at this aspect, we can develop a new base emotional state, overcome insecurities. Brings up either a defiant response that disrupts or a quiet reserve that heals. Could bring up jealousy and the desire for revenge. Best to focus and harness the energy for transformation and regeneration. More psychic, magnetic, sexual desire emerges.

10:44pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Sun (Pisces) The perfect aspect to end the week. Problems dissolve and we feel better about ourselves, easy-going, carefree attitude pervades, good time for being with friends and family.

Moon in Capricorn has us restless this morning and without direction making it a slow day until until late afternoon when Moon enters Aquarius. Tuesday morning Venus square Saturn has us feeling defensive on Monday night, you may prefer to be alone.

2:00am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Jupiter (Scorpio) Good time for business, optimistic with good focus.

8:36am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aries) Monday morning, restless and ambitious, aware of what isn’t useful (Capricorn) and want immediate change (Uranus). Void of Course beings, continues until later afternoon. So Monday during the day is not a time to start new projects, feel like we’re without direction until late afternoon.

3:44pm – Moon enters Aquarius. More intellectual, abstract and interested in the unusual for the next couple of days. Aquarius activates the higher mind and we seek independence, need to express our unique qualities but more impersonal. More interested in public affairs.


Today is a roller coaster ride. A stark contrast in aspects today. In the early part of the day, Venus square Saturn leaves us defensive and having relationship issues. But Sun trine Jupiter brings a burst of creativity and optimism. By the afternoon we have a big appetite for life. But in the evening, Mars square Chiron may become the most important aspect today, it could produce a painful revelation, resulting in conflict.

5:39am – Venus (Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) Defensive. Not a very social aspect. Venus is fallen in Aries where it needs to learn diplomacy, and the square to Saturn means we are demanding (Capricorn) and uncompromising (Aries) with others. Today you may need to stop yourself and muster up the tact necessary to smooth out any rough spots in your one to one (Venus) interactions.

Relationships go through a tough test this morning. Secrets are revealed. You may feel frustrated that you need to sacrifice so much of yourself (Aries) for your career (Capricorn). Brings up concerns about money (Venus rules Taurus), feeling like you don’t have enough for your needs, worried about money. Overlook the contribution of your partner in the relationship.

Worried and insecure about your career, may desire to demonstrate your authority. Not a good time for business, hard to feel satisfied with your purchase. Bad time for business meetings or for any important negotiations. Too many insecurities arise and interfere with interactions.

Aspect is an opportunity to correct yourself, find your weak spots, little dings in your armor (Saturn). So you may feel like being alone on Tuesday morning, a common way for folks to deal with this energy. You can accomplish a lot, like any Saturn aspect, through attending to duty and responsibility, hard work and (self) discipline pay off in the long run.

8:21am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Venus (Aries) Pleasant disposition.

1:06pm – Sun (Pisces) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) What a contrast! Practically the exact opposite effect in every way. This is traditionally one of the best aspects, brings an optimistic, positive attitude, lots of creative (Sun) energy, ability to imagine more, see farther. Bigger appetite for life. Desire to travel and explore, and to gamble, feeling lucky, a bit louder than usual. Lots of physical energy, good time for a workout or a long run, and Yoga, more positive change than usual.

Scorpio trine Pisces is all about healing and reclaiming lost elements of yourself. Divine grace can come into play today. You may have an opportunity to heal a relationship or come to terms with what has been done and decide to forgive and move on, even resolve past life issues. Aspect motivates your innate healing abilities, good time for healing or a massage. Aspect is close to the Jupiter trine Neptune ongoing this year, next pass 5/25, and brings a similar quality. So this aspect is sure to stimulate your spiritual side, not worried about material things, there’s plenty for everyone, more interested in the mystical, magical side of life. Philosophical, religious and idealistic.

Excellent time for business. Aspect should coincide with good financial news. Folks are generous, easy-going and charitable, desire to spend money. Pisces is humanitarian, the heart grows a little bigger today. Folks are very giving, like they want to donate to their favorite charity, help others.

This must be the greatest contrast in aspects I’ve seen. The Venus aspect is shorter and early in the morning, while the Sun aspect, thankfully, dominates the day and should override the Venus aspect to make for a great afternoon and evening. The tactless Venus square Saturn may learn to overcome its’ defensive attitude.

2:36pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mercury (Aries) So the Moon is giving us another nice aspect to Aries. Mentally alert, quick reactions. Good intuition. Freely speaking your mind, good time for communication, writing, public speaking.

8:30pm – Mars (Sagittarius) square Chiron (Pisces) This aspect could produce a painful revelation, resulting in conflict. Desire to cause pain. Desire to fight, violently if necessary, against what is holding you back, confront those who have caused pain to the collective with religious zeal. Perspectives (Sagittarius) and beliefs (Pisces) are shattered in the conflict.

Very transpersonal. You may feel personally (Mars) humiliated, demoralized, existential pain, but the remedy is to act on a collective level because that’s the source of the problem. Nonetheless we will all have to cope with a personal crisis to overcome what we did not see in the past (Sagittarius square Pisces). Our personal limitations, past and present, to doing this becomes an issue. The result is feelings of guilt and shame. The remedy is to come to terms with what you did not see in the past and resolve to not be so ambivalent about the suffering of others.

Moon in Aquarius has us feeling independent, not interested in duty and obligations.

1:53pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Jupiter (Scorpio) Some doubts about your life, feeling rebellious towards the system, poor financial judgment.

8:43pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aries). All that Aquarius energy brings up strange behavior, folks are quirky, interested in the unusual, abstract ideas and concepts.

Moon in Pisces makes is a lazy, dreamy day, not interested in the material world.

12:32am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mars (Sagittarius) High energy just after midnight. Void of Course begins.

3:12am – Moon enters Pisces. We are more passive, sensitive and impressionable for the next couple of days. Interested in the spiritual side of life, feel the need for sanctuary so you can collect and center yourself. Good time for meditation and reflection.

7:07pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) Thursday evening we are looking for something useful to do. Capricorn energy helps the Pisces Moon stabilize.

Moon in Pisces makes a soulful Friday, we’re more passive and spiritual.

6:47am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) Friday morning, a cosmic poke at your belly button. Lay down your defenses and let the cosmic energy flow in. Feeling connected to everything. Low energy. Great time for meditation.

7:08pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Friday evening. desire to delve deep into any issue that arises. Emotional healing, reform your ways, make a change for the better. Looking to take advantage of the situation for personal gain.

11:11pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) Feeling lucky late Friday evening. Good time for social gatherings, easy-going, soulful, idealistic, compassionate, facilitates a healing exchange, change for the better. Good time for reflection just before the New Moon.

So Friday evening is a good party night, good time business.

St. Patrick’s Day. The New Moon in Pisces brings a crystallization of your life force energy this morning. Followed by Moon entering Aries at noon to make it a day of new beginnings. Lots of energy and confidence to start a new cycle. And Mars enters Capricorn which starts two months of self mastery. Excellent day to start new projects.

6:12am – Moon conjunct Sun (Pisces). New Moon at 26d53′. Always the best Moon aspect each month. Time for new beginnings. We’re more creative, in harmony with the forces in our lives, more energetic and full of life, more instinctual and ready to start a new cycle of growth. In Pisces, we re-collect ourselves with a spiritual, non-material, awareness. Our life force energy crystallizes, a powerful psychic force emerges within us, ready for the Spring season. The creative life force of the Sun lifts the Moon out of the ocean (Pisces), helping us to rise above disappointment, heal the past and show compassion. This vital life force brings new life to what was once seemingly dead.

Aspects at the New Moon.

Sextile to Pluto and trine to Jupiter are very good, lots of resources at our disposal this month. Money is a strong motivator this month. We are looking to move forward and willing to utilize all available resources. A time to heal psychological wounds and regenerate. Motivates our innate healing abilities. Divine Grace comes into play as we must seek higher guidance to succeed. You can’t do it alone. Optimism, hope and faith.

Conjunction to Chiron. We are coming to terms with and overcoming existential pain in our lives this month. Brings the Mars square Chiron into the mix. The ego (Mars) makes a bold statement (Sagittarius) in the media and it causes pain (Chiron).

Squares to Mars (Sagittarius). Lots of activity. Headstrong, impatient, inconsiderate of others. Need to pay attention to the details, could be deceived. Don’t sacrifice yourself for others, escape into drugs or alcohol. Aggressive behavior disconnects you from the collective. Your need to consider other levels beyond the material world before you act. It may seem like sacrifice, but that’s just the egos’ perspective.

Semi-sextile to Uranus (Aries). Something out of the ordinary this month, sudden surprises, a brilliant insight, an opportunity to move into better circumstances.

Every month I remind everyone to locate that point in your chart. Each month when the New Moon happens in a different house, and that’s an important indicator of this months growth for you. This month you need to focus more attention in the affairs of that house.

Void of Course begins, continues for the rest of the morning.

9:41am – Mars enters Capricorn. Until May 15. About 2 months. Excellent time to start new projects, they are destined to succeed and will last a long time. Mars is exalted in Capricorn where the slow, methodical quality of Capricorn enables the energy of Mars to be released in sustained bursts, enabling you to accomplish a lot, make your mark on the world, become a driving force. It’s a time of self (Mars) mastery (Capricorn). For the next two months we are working hard to get a head in life. Not concerned so much with present comfort, more interested in future gain, long-term preservation. Good head for business, good judgment, good moral values, traditional, not disruptive or self-destructive. More concerned with career, reputation and material things.

In a few days at the start of Spring, with Sun in Aries, both masculine planets are in their exalted signs, powerful forces emerge this Spring. Aggressive but mature and respectable. Strong, destructive, very masculine energy. Able to make a breakthrough. Lots of confidence, high energy and vitality.

First for Mars and Saturn in Capricorn in a long while. Authority figures, like Trump, are set to make a powerful statement during this time. As I mentioned last week, Mars conjunct Saturn on 4/2 is going to oppose his Mercury, this will be a point of moment when the energy of Mars and Saturn come to meet his politics, his promise to drain the swamp. The new era of Saturn in Capricorn gets energized.

11:57am – Moon enters Aries. Feeling like it’s time for new beginnings even though it’s still a few more days until Spring. Time to start new projects. We are more energetic for the next couple of days, also more headstrong.

Moon in Aries makes it a positive, energetic day with some good aspects in the afternoon.

3:19am – Moon (Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) Feeling cold and inhibited, life’s got you down. Slow Sunday morning.

2:58pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Aries) Feeling happy Sunday afternoon, affectionate, pleasant disposition.

4:47pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Aries) Good instincts, mentally alert, inquisitive and intelligent. Good time for social gatherings, no one is too shy to talk.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Important news recently from them. On 3/1, Iran announced they are dumping the dollar, banning trade in US dollars. This kind of thing has instigated wars in the past, it’s a threat to US power. But they probably think they can get away with it now because the people who have the most to loose from this are the deep state, and they are the same people who are trying to take down Donald Trump and they are loosing at that as well. So everyone has more courage to stand up to the US deep state and they are clearly loosing ground all over the world.

And right on the money (Pluto), Pluto sextile Uranus (Scorpio). Like China and Russia who are having similar transits, they all respond the same way, taking control of their own money which translates to dumping the US dollar. Clearly we are seeing the effect of Pluto sextile a planet in Scorpio, displaying all the classical qualities of Scorpio energy, taking the reigns of power, repair, transform, doing what is best in your own interest while still working to benefit others and being part of a collective effort. Iran isn’t just doing this by themselves, other nations are doing the same thing. And of course it’s all about money, collective resources.

Quick note: Notice the Mars conjunct Neptune on this day as well. Also Chiron conjunct Mercury, painful words, political revenge.

And what transit for the USA on the same day, 3/1, Mars opposition Mars. Astrology predicts a direct threat to the USA on this day. Well that was it, Iran dumping the dollar. Iran’s Neptune exactly opposition USA’s Mars is why the USA is in a never ending battle with them.

This week, at the New Moon, the USA prepares for Pluto quincunx Mars exact on 3/19. This is the transit that could erupt in violence or another big false flag, or a major police (Pluto) action. After all, we’ve seen every other classical manifestation of Pluto lately. That would be nice if we saw some politicians getting arrested. Two more passes, May and January.

As well Neptune quincunx Saturn on 3/28. Authority (Saturn) feels compelled by guilt for the collective suffering (Neptune) of the people. It’s about time! Something hidden (Neptune) comes to the surface which threatens the structure of the nation. Inclined to take risks that could sacrifice all you have worked for. Two more passes, September and January.

So those are two powerful transits concurrent with the ongoing political battle for the soul of this nation. And I must admit I am getting a bit anxious about the alternative news reports. The speculation about impeding revelations and arrests of major political players has reached a fever pitch. So, taking a look at a few choice charts…..

Donald Trump
Uranus and Mars are forming a Grand Trine on his natal Mars. At the start of this week, Mars trine Mars, then on Sunday 3/18, Uranus trine Mars on 3/18, last pass. All this week and most of the next he is ambitious and assertive. This transit gives him intelligence and adaptability to outmaneuver his opponents, which he’s been doing throughout this transit. It has also given him lots of physical energy, youthfulness, courage, independence, uncompromising, won’t listen to those who say he can’t do it. So it’s a week of surprises (Uranus) from Trump.

The New Moon on 3/17, makes a close quincunx to his natal Mars. So I am seeing this as a compulsion to act, if you don’t, then you feel guilty. Usually with the quincunx there are karmic implications as we seem to be drawn into other people’s karma.

Trump’s promise to drain the swamp is his politics (Mercury), so that’s why I see a major political showdown coming at his Saturn opposition Mercury at the end of this month. He has made lots of promises, said some powerful things, that’s all Mercury. Now at the Saturn opposition he must account for what he has said. The weaknesses and deficiencies are revealed. But, if he is proven right then it’s a huge gain for him, boost to his reputation. His Make America Great Again started at Neptune trine Mercury long ago. Now Saturn is coming in to make it a reality. It’s a moment of culmination for his political promises.

John Podesta
He is someone to watch this week as he faces a threat with Mars opposition Uranus on 3/12. On 3/9, Chiron square Uranus. So this Monday he needs to watch out.

Hillary Clinton
Mars opposition Uranus on 3/10. Just like Podesta, she faces a threat this weekend. A few ongoing quincunx transits to her 9th house. Pluto quincunx Saturn just shy before Retrograde. This month, Neptune quincunx Mars and Pluto, 2 more passes October and January. These quincunx transits are to her stellum at the top of her chart, the one that really defines her harsh character. And these transits could be malefic. Dark, hidden things are reveled. She is fighting a serious battle for her life now.

And of course Jupiter on her Ascendant and planets in Scorpio these days, typically a good time. But for her the expansion energy from Jupiter seems to be magnifying her problems as it is also squaring all her planets in the 9th house, and Jupiter rules the 9th house, and that could bring judicial actions (Jupiter). The interesting point is that all of these Jupiter transits could manifest differently than in previous passes because she no longer controls the broadcast media (Jupiter), so now they can go after her. I think that’s really important.

And taking a look at her Progressions, I found something interesting to share. Progressed Chiron square Saturn, exact next month. Adds more tension to what’s already going on with her 9th house and could bring the unearthing of painful secrets related to her career.

Human Abedin
On 3/11, Mars quincunx Jupiter, a transit to watch out for because a Mars quincunx can produce a hostile confrontation. And Mercury opposition Pluto, we’ve mentioned these transits many times in the past, the Mercury opposition often seem to get you in the news. Since she is infamous for the secrets (Pluto) she holds, this is the perfect transit for something dark about her to be revealed. Not sure about her birth time but it would be all the more powerful if this is her correct Ascendant. And just shy of exact before Retrograde, Saturn square Pluto.

So my sense about all of this is that something really significant is about to happen with regards to these people and Trump’s promise to drain the swamp. It’s not the last pass for transits for most players, but a significant arrives when the issue is clearly defined, likely legal battles ensue after that. So I think there that this recent uptick in speculation in the alt media is right on the money. I think we are about to see something big go down and I pray that it really does.

The contest to get folks to donate was so successful, that I decided to repeat the contest again in March and probably every month after that. It seems like a good way to keep folks interested. So please donate, everyone who donates $5 in any given month is automatically entered into the contest for that month to win a free natal reading. And those who have given more than $5 get entered into the contest for following months. You’ll find donation buttons for Patreon and Paypal in the lower right hand corner of the flower image on my channel home page. This week, I had a great time doing the reading for last months’ winner, it lasted over 4 hours.

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