Weekly Astrology Notes March 18-25, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes March 18-25, 2018

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) starting this morning at 2am.

Highlights of the Week: This week’s report we focus on the incoming energy of Spring, so this is basically the Spring report as well, as I go over the aspects in effect at the start of the season, which begins Tuesday when the Sun enters Aries.

It’s Spring once again, a time of new beginnings. A new creative force emerges and this Spring has some interesting qualities to consider. Both masculine planets, Sun and Mars, are in their exalted signs, and in a close square to one another. So we have a rather grand vision of ourselves from the very start, it’s like we see ourselves at the finish line, and already successful from the very beginning.

Mars, which rules Aries, is in Capricorn and square the Sun, and there are several similar squares from Aries to Capricorn, so this season will have a very Capricorn quality to it. This season we take command and control of our lives. That sounds like a military term, but that gives you a sense of the kind of energy we are looking at here. It’s very much concerned with physical strength and self-discipline, and control over the material aspect of our lives. We sense a personal struggle for achievement and we willingly cast aside anyone or anything that is not for our highest good.

The politics of the moment really reflect this energy as well, militant. We are on the verge of a major breakthrough in Trump’s political promises, we anticipate progress in the ongoing battle for the soul of this nation and to bring down the deep state and there is serious problems brewing in California. More about all of this when I get to Tuesday and at the end of the video as well.

I’ll also talk about Mercury going Retrograde on Thursday and the upcoming weekend is challenging with Venus square Pluto on Friday and Sun square Mars on Saturday. And basically I’ll be talking about the implications for Spring throughout the video.

I have an lengthy discussion of transits for California and Governor Jerry Brown.

Moon in Aries makes it a positive, energetic day with some good aspects in the afternoon.

3:19am – Moon (Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) Feeling cold and inhibited, life’s got you down. Slow Sunday morning.

2:58pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Aries) Feeling happy Sunday afternoon, affectionate, pleasant disposition.

4:47pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Aries) Good instincts, mentally alert, inquisitive and intelligent. Good time for social gatherings, no one is too shy to talk.


2:05am – Moon (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) Secrets are revealed in the middle of the night.

12:29pm – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aries) Sudden surprises around noon on Monday. Feeling independent, not interested in work, looking to break out of a stagnant situation. Void of Course begins, continues until this evening.

6:07pm – Moon enters Taurus. We are more steadfast for the next couple of days, continuing projects already started. The sensual nature of Taurus enables the Moon to slow down and enjoy life. Moon in Taurus enjoys 3 trines from Capricorn, Jupiter opposition and Neptune sextile, no squares during this time. Opportunities for material enterprises over the next couple of days, that includes the start of Spring.

8:36pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Mars (Capricorn) Feeling energetic on Monday evening, earth signs means we are focused on material things, lots of creative expression.

9:02pm – Mercury conjunct Venus (Aries) This evening, writing and communication (Mercury) take on the qualities of Venus, congenial and diplomatic. The bold and dynamic quality of Aries encourages us to share (Venus) our ideas (Mercury) with others. A good time for contract negotiations and to resolve disputes. Both sides see the need for balance, despite the sometimes intolerant quality of Aries. Venus is beautiful, delicate, a perfectionist, so we speak in gentle tones, trying to find agreement with others. And evening of energetic, yet light-hearted conversation.


9:05am – Moon (Taurus) trine Saturn (Capricorn) Steadfast, attending to duty and responsibility.

9:16am – Sun enters Aries. Spring begins. Traditionally the time of new beginnings, when we spring into life once again. We are more forceful this month, like a seedling breaking through the surface, we use all of our energy and go in one direction. And this year will have a Capricorn quality with Mars in Capricorn square the Sun. Efficiency, methodical behavior, achievement in the material world, long term preservation, these are the things we should be striving for this season.

Aspects at the Vernal Equinox

Sun square Mars, exact this Saturday, is what gives us the grand vision I mentioned at the start. It creates a desire to take control of your life and achieve, a compulsion to engage every activity right away and with a strong show of force. The energy is very Yang, active and forceful, battles for supremacy, especially in politics. More about this when we get to Saturday.

This square and all these planets in Aries square Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn adds to the commanding, domineering quality to the season.

The 2 squares to Pluto means we sense a limitation to available resources and do whatever it takes to survive, able to cut chords, brings on ruthless behavior, but gives us a lot of energy and stamina and strong desire to achieve.

The 3 squares to Saturn means authority takes control. Career (Capricorn) goals take precedent of personal desires (Aries). Ego denial. Lower elements of the ego judged and cast aside. We get more responsible and practical, looking for long lasting meaning in life, not immediate or temporary satisfaction. So we are very focused on the material world, trying to be more successful, working hard in the hopes of future gain, but it is all with the purpose of bringing greater meaning to your life.

Sun square Saturn, exact on 3/29, should prove to be a critical day in the Sun-Saturn cycle which began on 12/21 last year. We expect to see a test of the new structure that came into place at that time. Trump’s Executive Order to seize funds of persons involved in human trafficking was the event that marked that day and will be tested on the 29th.

On the positive side, Jupiter is looking good, giving us lots of opportunity for growth and next pass of Jupiter sextile Pluto on 4/14, is going to be really pronounced, a major economic turning point is coming. China, Russia and Iran all taking advantage of this. But for each of us, Jupiter sextile Pluto is also bringing opportunity, but in Capricorn it’s narrowly focused. It is a chance to invest with the high hopes of future gain, digital currencies and personal endeavors means to improve conditions for everyone, something to benefit society, will do very well during this time. Also, this aspect and the Jupiter trine Neptune, next pass 5/25, continue to motivate our innate healing abilities, heal psychological wounds. With both these Jupiter aspects happening for their second pass this Spring, we’re right in the heart of Jupiter in Scorpio, during this time, psychic abilities and energy healing expand. As we get to the end of the Jupiter cycle we ask ourselves what worked and what didn’t, we begin to look in the hidden places to complete the picture and solve the puzzle. Souls once isolated because of their universal ideals will now become the catalyst for joining different groups of people together.

The Moon is in a nice position in Taurus at this time. The beneficial aspects to the Moon indicate a good time for material enterprises, especially with the close trine to Saturn. More concerned with future gain than present comfort.

But I am thinking that Mars conjunct Saturn is the biggest event of this season. The new paradigm of Saturn in Capricorn, one which promises a return to morality and traditional common sense, gets a significant boost of energy, it will seem like it’s starting now, not last winter. Just like Sun conjunct Saturn, it’s another big event to mark the return of Saturn in Capricorn.

7:42pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces). The best Moon aspect for a massage. Feeling sensual and spiritual, calm and reflective. Good for rock medicine.


6:58am – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) On Wednesday morning, a strong burst of energy, driven, good instincts lead you to success.

10:21am – Moon (Taurus) opposition Jupiter (Scorpio) Emotions expand and we feel the need to earn some money. Optimistic, high expectations. Confronted by moral conflicts to your values (Taurus). Void of Course begins, continues until late this evening. So the rest of Wednesday we’re without direction, need to relax and recollect yourself, not a time to start new projects or sign agreements.

10:30pm – Moon enters Gemini. We’re more mentally active for the next couple of days. Restless, you need to keep busy, solving problems, catch up on missed connections. Emotions come and go quickly as we find it hard to keep our attention on one thing for very long. Good time for writing to release all the mental energy.


1:22am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Sun (Aries). Creative energy flows more easily, easy going, stimulating time.

5:19pm – Mercury goes Retrograde at 16d54′ Aries. Down to 4d47′, Direct on 4/15, same day as the next New Moon. So for the next few weeks we need to get mentally (Mercury) stronger (Aries). Of all the retrograde motions, Mercury is the most frequent and most significant. Not a time to sign contracts or start a journey. A time when you need to rethink your opinions, correct your thinking. Communication is difficult, uncertainty and hesitation. Technical problems seems to arise more during Mercury Retrograde. Thinking about the past. Time to reflect and turn inward, gather your thoughts. Try not to make big decisions now, if you can avoid it, you may change your mind before long.

Look to that area of your chart, you need to go over old ground and put more attention there. This simple exercise can yield the most useful results. Likely, you already realize that you need to put more conscious attention to matters pertaining to that house and this gives you a timetable for doing that. If this retrograde period crosses over a planet, then you know you will be putting a lot more attention than usual on that planet.

Aspects during the retrograde period are Mercury square Mars (4/4), Mercury square Saturn (4/5) in Capricorn means we focus on career. We will all need to make some important corrections, so clear thinking is a must.


3:31am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Mercury (Aries) Good common sense, easy-going.

10:07am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Venus (Aries) More refined senses, artistic flair and a pleasant dis position.

4:13pm – Venus (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) Pluto rules over our ability to wield powerful forces in order to achieve our desires. Sometimes that means dark forces and this square indicates a willingness to do whatever it takes to create or sustain a relationship (Libra), or obtain money (Taurus) and personal possessions, basically obtain it by any means necessary. On Friday evening, this aspect brings up compulsive and passionate behavior, stronger desire for sex. With Venus in Aries, some may feel paranoid and think the worst of others intentions which can lead to ruthless behavior.

However, once you rise above the jealousy and anger, you unleash the transformative quality of Pluto, fixing the personality, shedding fears and psychological complexes. It leads to spiritual unfolding, but you must be willing to burn through the chains that bind your consciousness. If focused inwardly, this aspect is good for overcoming fear and laziness.

Aspect is sure to bring a greater awareness of your relationship. You may find yourself taking stock of your relationship, evaluating how it stands with respect to the rest of society, wondering is it satisfactory on a social level. Does your relationship get you to the places where you want to go in this world? If not, you may wonder if that means that the relationship lacks a deep commitment? Stagnant situations begging for change have a way of attracting the Pluto energy. Vindictive even violent behavior could arise if these issues cannot be settled diplomatically. Aspect may ignite ongoing issues in your relationship, but it does not create any new ones.

And the same attitude when it comes to money. You may ask yourself if your money brings you satisfaction. If not, you want more. Better ask if you can how to use what you already have in a more righteous manner. It’s not the quantity of money, it’s whether or not it gets you the satisfaction you expect it to.

Taken positively, aspect enables you to cut the cord to negative persons or habits in your life, fix a stagnant situation and become more competent in the process, take better command of your life. This aspect strong in the Spring chart means we willingly cast aside persons or things that are no longer for our highest good and have a strong desire to earn money. This and the Mercury square Pluto give you the ability to severe chords that drain your energy and move into something better. Extremely productive when utilized righteously (Pluto).

8:52pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aries) Late Friday evening could bring some stimulating conversation as well as some erratic or strange behavior. Heightened awareness and appreciation of others and desire to help others, but in an impersonal way, like a teacher. Void of Course begins.


1:53am – Moon enters Cancer. We are more sensitive and easily hurt for the next couple of days, desire to spend more time at home attending to domestic affairs. Need to go slow and gentle so you can get in touch with your instincts. You may really want to crawl into your shell more than usual, because Moon in Cancer squares 4 planets in Aries and opposes 3 planets in Capricorn, so it’s a rough ride for the Moon in Cancer these days. Feeling really hemmed in emotionally. Hard to feel satisfied. Domestic issues crop up this weekend, forcing us to pay more attention to the home environment. You may need to change or restructure something. Conflicts from strong ego energies disturb domestic harmony. Duty and responsibility (Capricorn) take away the warmth and comfort.

8:35am – Moon (Cancer) square Sun (Aries). First Quarter Moon. Saturday morning we are feeling a struggle with domestic affairs. We sense a crisis for fulfillment, very sensitive, easily upset, tensions arise, self-absorbed, headstrong.

8:36am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Mars (Capricorn). Compulsive. May be confronted by persons in authority. Avoid becoming involved in others affairs. Emotional outbursts damage your reputation. Really tough on digestion. Avoid overeating.

9:08am – Sun (Aries) square Mars (Capricorn) Aggressive and domineering, this aspect provokes battles. Both masculine planets in their exalted sign means we are feeling supremely confident, looking to take command and control of our own lives, but as you can imagine with the square, it brings up a fighting spirit that could bring conflict.

Aspect has major influence on the Spring season. Strong, direct, forceful, competitive energies emerge. We’re ready to face a challenge in life so we have lots of enthusiasm. But beware of the self-destructive potential, Mars square Aries. Desire to quickly engage any person or issue with strong show of force, which is not always the best policy, unless you are in a battle with them. Rigid, inflexible, lack of tact and diplomacy. Lots of physical energy which enables you to get a lot accomplished today. Just watch out for flare ups on Saturday morning.

Psychologically, we sense a crisis to be accomplished and successful in life, have a good reputation (Capricorn) and a strong identity (Aries), so we are out to prove ourselves. The things is, with Moon now in Cancer, we are more easily hurt and prone to react to others aggressive behavior by going into our shell and feeling hurt and angry. That’s where that self-destructive, self-abuse behavior emerges. So you may need to stand up for yourself today and everyone is going through this energy.

But the productive element to this aspect has positive ramifications for the Spring season. Mars in Capricorn gives us the the ability to take command and control of our lives. The Sun square means we sense a crisis to do that this Spring, which can be very positive for anyone who grabs the ram by the horns and rides it to the top of the mountain, and that’s the quality of this Spring season.

We expend lots of energy in a focus, determined manner, like an athlete. Harnessing your energy requires sacrificing lower elements of ego in exchange for long-term success. We start Spring with an exalted vision of who we are and work the entire time to achieve that vision. A Spring season of personal achievement which is really great if you are in need of some motivation.

On a political level, this is the season of battle. Mars in Capricorn means authority becomes commanding and well coordinated. Not a season of diplomacy and compromise.

4:37pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Saturn (Capricorn) Feeling cold and critical towards others. The shell around you gets really hard. Best to eat a warm meal and always remember to live in the present moment during these tough Moon-Saturn aspects.


2:53am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Feeling very warm and sensitive, in tune with the subtle vibrations around you. Pleasant dreams.

5:54am – Moon (Cancer) square Mercury (Aries) Impatient, restless mind that doesn’t want to be bothered with emotional concerns. Need to compromise, avoid competitive talk. Poor digestion.

1:41pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Same as Moon opposition Mars on Saturday morning. Compulsive. May be confronted by persons in authority. Avoid becoming involved in others affairs. Emotional outbursts damage your reputation. Really tough on digestion. Avoid overeating.

4:32pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) Good time to seek a favor from a woman. Pleasant disposition, feeling lucky, optimistic, usually a good time for social gatherings, but not so much with the next aspect.

5:58pm – Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aries) Let go of what others think about you, especially issues concerning vanity. Allow the warm and gentle energy of this aspect to let you get close to others.

11:58pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aries) Surprises and disruptions. Intellectual, yet volatile. Attracted to the unusual. Not good for digestion.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Donald Trump
Last week, on 3/13, he had Venus square Mercury transit concurrent with Venus square Saturn aspect and, Sec of State Rex Tillerson was fired. So transit is all part of these planets in Aries squaring his Mercury and leading up to his forthcoming Saturn opposition Mercury on 3/29, the same day as Sun square Saturn aspect, big day of testing coming for Trump. I will go into that a lot more next week.

Right around the middle of May, serious disruptions begin in the State. Along with Uranus conjunct Uranus and Pluto, we see Mercury and Mars coming in to ignite these revolutionary transits. The Cinco de Mayo festivities will be like revolutionary rallies. Some folks may not be aware of what is going in California but it’s getting pretty crazy out here lately. I began talking about their Uranus return a while ago as I began seeing signs in my area for the State of Jefferson to split off from the rest of the state, and now we see a proposal for California to secede from the Union. I’ll leave links.

This really deserves some serious consideration. Uranus rules your process of evolution. The Uranus return means you evolve in a whole new way. For a nation that often spells revolution, like it did for the former Soviet Union which fell apart at their Uranus return. Saudi Arabia recently had their Uranus return and there was a lot of talk of revolution for them but it did not happen, nonetheless there was a major shakeup at the top as many royal family members were arrested and a new successor to the throne was chosen. Just like the Soviet Union, they too are now evolving in a different direction.

The history of California shows an interesting synchronicity with the cycle of Uranus. This is the second Uranus return for California. The State began with the gold rush era, that process of evolution lasted until the early 1930’s at the first Uranus return. Then the liberal Hollywood era began and has continued until now. But that era is now ending. The recent scandals, like Weinstein, has been an important event marking a changing attitude. I say this from a neutral stance, it just is what it is. The people of California are looking for a new path. As we approach the Uranus return, the people feel that the old path is worn out and stagnant and no longer provides the ideal they’re searching for. A whole new ideal (Uranus) of what California means will be reborn, just as it was in the past.

Everyone is arguing about the immigration issue, but that is just the issue of the day and which happens to be the current rallying call, but there is much bigger issue beneath the surface. The whole concept of what California has meant to the nation for the last 84 years is going to change radically. The California liberal ideal that it has produced and broadcast is now coming to an end. Note the natal Uranus conjunct Pluto quincunx Jupiter. That translates as a revolutionary (Uranus conjunct Pluto) who feels compelled (quincunx) to broadcast (Jupiter) their ideals. That natal quality is up for complete change (Uranus).

So it will be interesting to see this happen because with California, there is also Uranus conjunct Pluto and Uranus quincunx Jupiter, so there is a group of transits to consider. So the transformation is far more intense than most others. Uranus conjunct Uranus itself is revolutionary, but not necessarily violent, recall the Soviet Union just fell apart and Saudi Arabia not really at all. But Uranus conjunct Pluto is the one with the most potential for massive upheaval. Because of that, for California the change needs to be complete, like a volcano going off and devastating the landscape. And that’s what it looks like, complete devastation of the political landscape. The State government and numerous City officials, like the Mayor of Oakland are already in open defiance of the US Federal law and if Trump decides to go after them, it could get really ugly.

And it all begins in May, actually we can see it starting now. There are two more passes of this group of transits in November and late February.

Now considering all of that, notice where Neptune is right now. Neptune goes Retrograde before the Neptune opposition Sun is exact, so there first pass won’t be until March 2019. So revolution this year and dissolving next year.

Jerry Brown
He has been defiant in his stance towards immigration and turned all of California into a sanctuary state. Recent Pluto opposition Moon makes him intense and shows the cultural issues now at stake during Pluto in Capricorn. I am sure everyone is aware of the incredible upsurge in racial identity, it’s universal, everyone is doing it. All of that is Pluto in Capricorn. For him it manifests with his intense, almost psychopathic defense of his position. He’s a good example of how this energy can effect people.

On April 2, Mars square Saturn. Issue with authority figures, like Trump.

On April 6, exactly on his astrological birthday, Uranus square Pluto, last pass. Transits are extra powerful for the entire year when they happens exactly on your birthday like that. So as California is going through revolutionary transits he feels like leading the revolution. A disruptive combination.

On April 19, Saturn square Saturn exactly as Saturn goes Retrograde. He will be seriously limited at that time and questioning if he made the right career choice in life.

On May 4, Jupiter opposition Mars. This will really pump up his ego, maybe do something foolish, broadcasts his dogmatic Mars in Taurus.

All this incredible up and down and I think Governor Jerry Brown is going to come unhinged soon.

They are making a big deal about a March 26 date to start gold backed yuan oil futures trading. Bad news for the US dollar. And it sounds like exactly what they’ll do. Jupiter sextile Jupiter, coming up on the second pass, fits with the reoccurring theme of Jupiter sextile Pluto. Exactly on 3/26, Mars opposition Uranus, so there’s the threat (Mars opposition) element to it that also seems to accompany these bold economic moves. So look for China to go ahead with their threat which will negatively effect the US dollar.

In closing
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