Weekly Astrology Notes March 25 – April 1, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes March 25 – April 1, 2018

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Highlights of the Week: An exciting week in politics. Aspects and transits for Trump indicate this coming weekend will be one of the most important of his Presidency, a time when he is held accountable, which means he either suffers defeat or his ideals are realized. Politically, this may well be the time he fulfills his promise to drain the swamp, take command and control over the government away from the Deep State and win a key battle against his opponents. Much will be revealed this week in politics.

We begin the week on Sunday 3/25 with Moon in Cancer having a tough day with some big ups and down, bringing disruptions in the home. At the start of the work week, Monday and Tuesday things are looking good with Moon in Leo giving us a flair for the dramatic and lots of creative energy.

Wednesday is a day for surprise encounters with Venus conjunct Uranus. A time to show the unique side of yourself. Able to love everyone. Find something interesting to do in the evening. Great time for social gatherings.

Then things start getting a big rough. Sun square Saturn on Thursday morning has us feeling inhibited and worried about the future. Feeling isolated and cold. Also a big day in politics.

On Friday we have a short Void of Course until late morning when the Moon enters Libra. Venus enters Taurus today. In the evening we have the Full Moon in Libra (early Saturday) comes with the usual ups and downs as we struggle for fulfillment. Energy could get destructive with all the accompanying aspects and Mercury retrograde, so use caution on Friday evening.

On Sunday, 4/1, we more mentally active with Sun conjunct Mercury, early in the day. That and Mars conjunct Saturn early on 4/2 are both great aspects to start a new project, however Mercury retrograde means that may not be advisable. It will be hard to wait out this Mercury retrograde period with these two wonderful aspects.

Also at the end, transits for Trump, the USA, China and Queen Elizabeth.



2:53am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Feeling very warm and sensitive, in tune with the subtle vibrations around you. Pleasant dreams.

5:54am – Moon (Cancer) square Mercury (Aries) Impatient, restless mind that doesn’t want to be bothered with emotional concerns. Need to compromise, avoid competitive talk. Poor digestion.

1:41pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Same as Moon opposition Mars on Saturday morning. Compulsive. May be confronted by persons in authority. Avoid becoming involved in others affairs. Emotional outbursts damage your reputation. Really tough on digestion. Avoid overeating.

4:32pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) Good time to seek a favor from a woman. Pleasant disposition, feeling lucky, optimistic, usually a good time for social gatherings, but not so much with the next aspect.

5:58pm – Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aries) Let go of what others think about you, especially issues concerning vanity. Allow the warm and gentle energy of this aspect to let you get close to others.

11:58pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aries) Surprises and disruptions. Intellectual, yet volatile. Attracted to the unusual. Not good for digestion. Void of Course begins.


4:45am – Moon enters Leo. We are more dramatic and in need of recognition for the next couple of days. A good time for creative projects such a hobbies and also a good time to spend with your children. With four trines to Aries and a square to Jupiter, Moon in Leo gives us a big dose of creative energy.

3:13pm – Moon (Leo) trine Sun (Aries) The Moon in Leo gives us a fixed outlet for the inspiration of Aries. Perfect for artistic endeavors. Always a good aspect, good instincts and easy-going attitude, in fire signs it’s time to create something. Art, romance, play.


7:09am – Moon (Leo) trine Mercury (Aries) Tuesday morning is energetic with a positive flow of communication and business.

7:05pm – Moon (Leo) square Jupiter (Scorpio) Tuesday evening emotions expand and we feel generous and indulgent. Big appetite.


1:33am – Moon (Leo) trine Venus (Aries) Pleasant disposition in the middle of the night.

2:54am – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aries) Ambitious and independent, not listening to the those who say you can’t do it. Void of Course begins.

7:30am – Moon enters Virgo. We are more focused on work and being productive over the next couple of days. Critical abilities are higher than usual and it’s a good time to attend to your health regime. Also, Virgo is helpful towards others. Trines to Capricorn means we are looking to get ahead, opportunities for material enterprises.

5:46pm – Venus conjunct Uranus (Aries) Time to show off the unique (Uranus) side of yourself. After Venus has gone through square to Saturn two weeks ago, square to Pluto last week, she gets a reprieve with this aspect. Time to let go of stuffy tradition and do something different and exciting. Surprises, unexpected encounters.

Easy-going, easy to love everyone. Venus is love and Uranus is friendship, so the line between the two gets blurred. Aspect is very good for artistic endeavors, come up with new ideas, abstract thinking and artwork, idealistic but a bit impersonal. Intelligent conversations. Greater awareness and appreciation of what other are thinking.

Very good for teaching. We intrinsically understand the freedom of others means we are more free, so we want to help others move on to better circumstances, teach them something new. More interested in the unusual or out of the ordinary people and situations. More curious, open-minded, abstract. Great time for social gatherings, able to love and appreciate everyone. It should make for a great Wednesday evening.

6:24pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Mars (Capricorn) Skillful use of resources leads to opportunity for advancement. More physical energy, good time for a workout.

10:30pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Saturn (Capricorn) Feel like getting down to business late Wednesday evening. Good time discuss important matters, reorganize around the home, take stock of your resources and make a plan to use them more wisely.


7:16am – Sun (Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) The Sun is your true, inner self while Saturn is your finite boundary in the physical world, what holds you in place and keeps you stable, your career. So whenever they get together, the true, inner self has to deal limitations, especially with the square we feel inhibited by the circumstances and the inherent limitations of our lives. Sun in Aries wants to makes it mark on the world, but Saturn and Capricorn are concerned with mastery and integrity, doing it the old fashioned way, through hard work and discipline. This aspect gets us to focus on the difference between what we can achieve in this world and what we’ve actually accomplished. A time of self-evaluation, inner critical voice nagging at you. Worried about your future. Feeling isolated and cold. It can drain your energy.

The remedy is to live in the present moment, do what you can now and try not to be hard on yourself and others in the process. The point is to not give up, don’t run away from duty and responsibility. Critical faculties are good, especially with Moon in Virgo, decisions are well thought out, so you can proceed slow but sure. Low energy aspect, folks are slower today, not as available for others as usual, hesitant, thinking about the past and important matters in the present. Good for focus and concentration, getting a lot of work done, finishing something through to the end.

Politically, this is the big day of testing for what began on 12/21/17, the day of Sun conjunct Saturn. That was the day Trump signed the Executive Order to stop the human trafficking. And if you follow the alternative media, you know something big is coming down. The recent firing of McCabe is just the beginning of a much bigger story about to break as people finally begin to see what has really been going on. I just ran across this story that says that 74% of all Americans believe the Deep State is running the Country. That high a percentage of awakened individuals means the Deep State can’t withstand much longer. Something big in politics is going to happen around this aspect, which is quickly followed by Mars conjunct Saturn on Monday morning. Between these two aspect, we will see some powerful events. More about this at the end when I talk about Trump.

8:49am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) A confusing moment when we are confronted by something we don’t understand. Can be easily deceived and prone to wishful thinking. Moon is Virgo is very helpful now, desire to help the sick or disadvantaged.

7:35pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Strong burst of energy, able to make the right move, a precise adjustment (Virgo) brings opportunity for success (Capricorn).

9:59pm – Moon (Virgo) sextile Jupiter (Scorpio). Emotions expand, desire to merge (Scorpio) with others, pleasant mood. Void of Course begins, continues until late tomorrow morning.


Begin the day with Moon Void of Course until late morning.

10:52am – Moon enters Libra. We are more congenial and looking for partnership for the next couple of days. Emotions are balanced and diplomatic. Good time for business negotiations.

9:54pm – Venus enters Taurus. Until April 24. Venus rules Taurus where the steadfast energy enables Venus to relax and enjoy life. More interested in personal possessions and in particular the comfort they bring, makes us more possessive and protective of what we have. More easy-going and sensual, sociable and charming. Good time for money matters. Personal business matters in particular run more smoothly, opportunities for material success with trines to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio. Good time to work on your own business or home occupation. Relationships are slow and steady, we’re more passive and desire to be stroked.

Friday evening we have the Full Moon, exact early Saturday morning, strongly in effect this evening, so I will just include it here.

At the Full Moon, projects which started at the New Moon reach a point of culmination. We always have a new start at the New Moon and at the Full Moon our moods reflect how well things have been going since then. We’re either really up or really down, looking for recognition. With Moon in Libra, you need to recognize your partner just as much as yourself. Subconscious impulses rise to the surface, bring out the dark side in some people, there is always a lot more police activity at the Full Moon. Folks are prone to big emotional ups and downs and impulsive behavior. Ego (Aries) energies are strong during this Full Moon and the accompanying aspects are challenging. Subconscious impulses rise to the surface, bring out the dark side in some people, there is always a lot more police activity at the Full Moon. So use caution this evening, folks are pushy and demanding, the energy become self-destructive when turned inward as Mercury retrograde is also in the air, causes mechanical breakdowns.


12:12am – Moon (Libra) square Mars (Capricorn) Late Friday evening, brings a time of delicate health, impulsive and volatile behavior.

2:22am – Moon (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn) Hard to express yourself. Secrets are revealed.

5:37am – Moon (Libra) opposition Sun (Aries). Full Moon.

9:15am – Moon (Libra) opposition Mercury (Aries) Diplomatic Moon in Libra is confronted by impulsive Mercury in Aries and we go on an intellectual tangent, trying to find perfection and balance. Subconscious impulses interfere with normal communication.


12:05am – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) Saturday evening is just like last night with Moon square Mars just after midnight, tonight it’s square to Pluto. Emotions inhibited, feeling frustrated, but the strong burst of energy needs to be harnessed. Secrets are revealed. Avoid getting involved in other people’s lives, leave them be.

10:35am – Sun conjunct Mercury-r (Aries) Happens a few times each year. Aspect is always a good one. It brings the light of the Sun into the conscious mind. We are more mentally active, talkative, intelligent, opinionated, and curious. Focused on ourselves and our own thoughts and opinions. Nonetheless, good day for communication. Our creative energy (Sun) is very active and changeable (Mercury), we can move easily from one thing to the next without much hesitation. Able to do two things (Gemini) at once. Folks have lots of bright ideas and the inner child within us comes out to play. In Aries, it’s more energetic than usual. Usually a good aspect to start a business, Mercury rules transactions, and especially in Aries, however Mercury is still retrograde so I hesitate to recommend that.

11:29am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aries). Interested in the unusual, confronted with something out of the norm, have a detached attitude, feeling the need for independence, hard to be domesticated. Void of Course begins.

3:57pm – Moon enters Scorpio. We are more passionate for the next couple of days. Folks are just more intense and more controlling with their emotions, do things all the way or not at all, brings up stubborn or defiant behavior and sometime the darker elements of your character. But Scorpio is a water sign so we are more sensitive and in need of reassurance. The second water sign is our partners’ emotional needs. More psychic, able to sense others emotional state.

8:17pm – Moon (Scorpio) opposition Venus (Taurus). Fixed, inflexible. Very sensitive and moody. Not a good time for social gatherings.

Regarding Sunday evening and Mercury Retrograde,

On Monday 4/2, in the morning, Mars conjunct Saturn. On Sunday evening, we are self (Mars) disciplined (Saturn), ego energies are focused towards success, trivial matters are dropped in favor of more important matters. More competent, more confidence, methodical, willing to work for future gain. Able to put in a sustained effort and see a job through to the finish, take pride in your work, feel a sense of accomplishment.

It’s seems like a very good aspect to start new projects, just like the Sun conjunct Mercury, however, with Mercury currently retrograde, it is not a good idea to start something new as we are still going over old ground until April 15. It will be hard to wait out this Mercury retrograde period with these two wonderful aspects, it will be rather frustrating as you want to move ahead but something just doesn’t seem to be right, we’re all still waiting. Mercury retrograde is a time to go over old ground, rethink things, and finish existing projects.

So the energy of these two aspects may cause us to finish existing projects with single minded drive. You may confront with warlike intensity anything left unfinished in your life. Which is really good if harnessed for your highest good. However, because the retrograde causes the energy to turn inward, with Aries that mean the energy coming back at you could cause self-destructive behavior, even to the point of having an accident. So be extra careful during this time as some folks may become more accident prone. Nonetheless these aspects give us a lot of self-confidence to make a powerful internal adjustment, awaken your spirit within, desire to speak your truth, give you a strong dose of confidence, a inner firmness of purpose, that could prove to be very useful. Just know that you’re not ready to move forward until April 15. A big political battle is going on and we need to wait until the smoke clears and dust settles before proceeding ahead.

Here’s a few links to read up on Mercury retrograde as it helps to get a variety of perspectives.

USA began with Mercury retrograde and I think it inhibits us politically quite a bit.

On a political level this is a very intense time. Mars conjunct Saturn marks a return of Saturn in Capricorn, in a way that is just as powerful as 12/21/17 with Sun conjunct Saturn. We are looking for another event to herald the return of Saturn in Capricorn, a return to modesty, morality, ethical and traditional behavior and values in life. Politically, for this new paradigm, the dye has already been cast with Trump’s Executive Order in December and this Mars conjunct Saturn should instigate a fight regarding that Executive Order. The commanding, aggressive, masculine quality of Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn and the Sun square Saturn indicate a serious political battle.

And all while Mercury is retrograde. Wow, all that aggressive energy turned inward. Aggressive, Mars actions which are not in keeping with the qualities of Capricorn do not work and lead to a big self-destructive mistake. So I am thinking the Deep State tries one last attempt to stop Trump and it backfires spectacularly.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Donald Trump
We’ve been anticipating this week for a while. Last week at Uranus trine Mars he displayed the typical manifestation of this transit. Check out the story. “Now I am #### doing it my way”. Independent (Uranus), single-minded (Mars) means you go your own way and don’t listen to those who say you can’t. He even fired his top lawyer as well who says Trump won’t listen to his advice.

On Thursday, 3/29, Sun square Mercury. Lots of communication, needs to listen in order to discern what others are really saying, not assume he has all the facts, Sun-Mercury combinations tend to be focused on their own thoughts, just like the Sun conjunct Mercury this Sunday 4/1. Potential for conflict with others just like the recent Mercury and Venus square Mercury. Another high profile firing.

On Friday, 3/30, Saturn opposition Mercury, Sun trine Pluto and Neptune quincunx Chiron. All on the same day. The most pronounced is the Saturn opposition Mercury not the least of which is because he’s a politician. It’s a time of confrontations and limitations. When he needs to show proof of what he has said. A time of karma, when he is held accountable for his promises, which means he could also show he is fulfilling his promises. As Robert Hand states in Planets in Transits, “At this time your ideas and plans may be defeated, or they may have their greatest concrete realization”. He will be very authoritative and commanding and act like a father figure. Transit inhibits his voice, he will be forced to speak slowly and clearly, possibly make an official announcement. Two more passes, May 6 and December 10. So the issue begins now and will last for the rest of this year.

But the Sun trine Pluto gives him lots of energy and he can count on his allies. And the Neptune transit is a very nuanced spiritual experience. Those quincunxes always seem to pop up on big occasions.

On April 2, Mars opposition Mercury. More confrontations, he will be in defense mode with this transit, once again being compelled to stand up for his words and opinions, his politics.

So this whole week, starting in earnest on Thursday and even into the early part of next week, he is going to have some of the most important days of his Presidency. All of the alternative media reports regarding events following the fall of the Deep State indicate now is a point of culmination in Trump’s promise to drain the swamp and astrology supports those reports. Very exciting week in politics.

We are still hovering around the Pluto quincunx Mars which is coinciding with some intense political battles. This is the transit that could erupt in violence or another big false flag, or what we would all prefer, a major police (Pluto) action. It’s ongoing as Pluto goes retrograde on April 22 at 21d17′ and remains close for a while. Two more passes, May and January.

As well Neptune quincunx Saturn on 3/27. Something hidden (Neptune) comes to the surface which threatens the structure of the nation, but it’s nuanced and you’ll miss it if you’re not paying attention. I’ll be noting the effect to see what happens. Two more passes, September and January.

Again this week I am showing their chart for 3/26, the day that they start trading oil futures in Yuan, bypassing the US dollar. Last week I mentioned Jupiter sextile Jupiter along with Mars opposition Uranus, but today I want to show another important point. Notice natal Neptune at 14d Libra, conjunct USA’s Saturn at the same degree. Two planets sharing a common point creates a sense of common destiny between the two. In this case, the USA’s authority (Saturn) and China’s hidden (Neptune) authority, which dominates their politics (Mercury). A while ago, in 2015, at the Pluto square 14d Libra, there was a economic severing that occurred between the two nations. Now at the Neptune quincunx we see a trade war developing between them. Interesting to note that when we see hard aspects to 14d Libra is has a detrimental effect on USA-China relations. Also note Mars square Sun and it looks like China is in a contentious and unpleasant mood this week as they contend with Trump’s new trade war.

Queen Elizabeth
Jupiter forms a T-square to her natal Jupiter opposition Neptune. Jupiter square Jupiter on 3/29 and Jupiter square Neptune on 4/5. Not at all bad transits, in fact it’s a time of spending more than you have, devoting too much of your time to causes and so forth. Her sense of proportion is tested as Jupiter expands and Neptune has no boundaries, limitless expansion. It’s all the more so with her as her Saturn is close by and this is sure to shake up her sense of structure. It’s something big and new. She will probably been very busy, maybe with the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry on May 9, the very day she gets Uranus conjunct Sun. Last time she got that transit she was 7 years old. This transit brings lots of change into your life, a time when a who new you begins to emerge, a electrical (Uranus) stimulation of your heart (Sun). I am concerned for her health because for someone of her age and temperament, this transit comes with some warnings regarding cardiovascular disease. She is the longest lived monarch and at this late stage in her life it will be interesting to see just how much expansion and change she can withstand over the course of the next 2 months. Like lots of folks I am watching to see when she steps down and whether it will be Charles or William to succeed her.

In closing
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