Weekly Astrology Notes April 1-8, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes April 1-8, 2018

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) starting this morning at 2am.

Highlights of the Week: It’s a very Saturn week as we have four aspects this week and they all involve Saturn and/or Capricorn. It’s a masterful week, focused on the material world and getting ahead. A lot of rethinking going on as we reach the heart of Mercury retrograde this week with Mercury square Mars on Wednesday then Mercury square Saturn on Thursday. So Tuesday evening through Thursday afternoon is a challenging time for communication, politics is going to get downright contentious as folks go over old ground with tenacity while looking for information to stage war. It’s not the brightest outlook, but it’s pretty much what we have already been seeing lately, and the intense political time will continue this week.

On Monday, Mars conjunct Saturn. Desire to work hard and get ahead, but maybe feeling frustrated because Saturn/Capricorn has us feeling hemmed in. We start the day with Moon in Scorpio sextile this conjunction in the morning making Monday morning energetic as we are ready to work towards our goals. Lots of stamina and willingness to work hard, focused on material matters.

On Tuesday, Moon in Scorpio goes Void of Course at 9am and continues until midnight. So the long V/C on Tuesday means it’s a day for reflection and not starting any new projects. In the evening, Mercury square Mars brings forceful communication, could create tension. Continues through Wednesday morning. Things should lighten up a bit by the afternoon with Moon (Sagittarius). But by the evening Mercury square Saturn begins and we are looking for information vital to our survival. A time for strong mental focus, need to overcome pessimistic thinking. But Thursday evening is looking good with Moon in Sagittarius.

On Friday, a short Void of Course in the morning until the Moon enters Capricorn just before noon where it will be for the rest of the weekend, keeping us focused on material matters as we move into the Last Quarter Moon.

On Saturday, Venus trine Saturn. Again we feel the energy of Saturn slowing us down and getting us to focus on the important things in life, only now the trine makes it easy and creative. A good aspect for relationships and with Venus in Taurus a good aspect for material enterprises, maybe getting your home business organized.

At the end, transits for Trump, John Bolton, Benjamin Netanyahu, the USA and the EU.

It is a week of going over old ground and correcting your thinking on key issues, looking for vital information that you missed in the past and that you will need to move forward. Strong focus on material matters, focus on career goals, getting things in order, reassessing your priorities, catch up on important matters, fill in the gaps in your thinking, completing work that needs to get done before Mercury goes Direct on April 15 so you can move forward. This work is imperative for your success in the near future. As you restructure your thinking this week, you will find yourself speaking your truth with more wisdom and humility. So this week the image is Surviving Mercury Retrograde.


12:05am – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) Late Saturday evening, just like last night with Moon square Mars just after midnight, tonight it’s square to Pluto. Emotions inhibited, feeling frustrated, but the strong burst of energy needs to be harnessed. Secrets are revealed.

10:35am – Sun conjunct Mercury-r (Aries) Happens a few times each year. Aspect is always a good one. It brings the light of the Sun into the conscious mind. We are more mentally active, talkative, intelligent, opinionated, and curious. Focused on ourselves and our own thoughts and opinions. A good day for communication. Our creative energy (Sun) is very active and changeable (Mercury), we can move easily from one thing to the next without much hesitation. Able to do two things (Gemini) at once. Folks have lots of bright ideas and the inner child within us comes out to play. In Aries, it’s more energetic than usual. Usually a good aspect to start a business, Mercury rules transactions, and especially in Aries, however Mercury is still retrograde so I don’t recommend that this time around.

11:29am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aries). Interested in the unusual, confronted with something out of the norm, have a detached attitude, feeling the need for independence, hard to settle down. Void of Course begins.

3:57pm – Moon enters Scorpio. We are more passionate for the next couple of days. Folks are just more intense and more controlling with their emotions, do things all the way or not at all, brings up stubborn or defiant behavior and sometime the darker elements of your character. But Scorpio is a water sign so we are more sensitive and in need of reassurance. The second water sign is our partners’ emotional needs. More psychic, able to sense others emotional state.

8:17pm – Moon (Scorpio) opposition Venus (Taurus). Fixed, inflexible. Very sensitive and moody. Not a good time for social gatherings.


8:18am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mars (Capricorn)
8:19am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) Monday morning we are energized and ready to work towards our goals. Lots of stamina and willingness to work hard.

8:44am – Mars conjunct Saturn (Capricorn) Also in effect on Sunday evening. We are self (Mars) disciplined (Saturn), commanding, I am (Mars) the authority (Saturn), ego energies are narrowly focused towards success, trivial matters are dropped in favor of more important matters. More methodical, rigid, not adaptable, willing to work for future gain. Can be a little frustrating as we need to stay within established guidelines and there is often someone there to make sure that you do. Not a day for ego gratification, need to act mature, you’re not allowed to show your anger, so you may smolder quietly. Able to put in a sustained effort and see a job through to the finish, work that requires attention to detail. Good for working with stone or metal.

Things you do under this influence tend to last a long time. It’s a very good aspect to start new projects, however, but with Mercury currently retrograde, it is not a good idea to start something new as we are still going over old ground until April 15. It is hard to wait out this Mercury retrograde period lasting until April 15.

7:34pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) Monday evening feeling dreamy and lazy, imaginative, get in touch with subtle vibrations around you.


7:09am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Tuesday morning we are repairing and regenerating. A disruptive yet productive moment. Lots of focus and stamina to break through blockages.

9:06am – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Scorpio) Not feeling like working. Emotions expand and we want to be in a crowd. A generous forgiving mood pervades, not the best business sense. Void of Course begins. Continues for the rest of the day.

11:55pm – Moon enters Sagittarius. We are more optimistic for the next couple of days, although we face some challenges with two Mercury squares, this should help to alleviate the pessimism that comes with those. Sagittarius expands everything it touches and we feel more spontaneous. A time to practice forgiveness, essentially practice what you preach. We warm up to knowledge and wisdom. Desire to travel and explore life, all the more so with 3 trines to Aries.


12:06am – Mercury (Aries) square Mars (Capricorn) More in effect Tuesday evening but combines with the next to create a powerful effect. Compulsion to express yourself, maybe in a forceful manner. Feel the need to defend your opinions and you may need to. Strong show of intellectual ability or use of the hands (Mercury). Could create conflicts, heated discussions, folks have strong opinions, sharp mind, judgmental attitude. Tendency to identify (Mars) with your opinions (Mercury) too much. Mars square Aries means it seems our identity is literally at stake if someone disagrees. Weakness in your thinking revealed, others sense imperfection and attack, see it as a chance to rise above you in status, competitive.

Find a useful outlet for the energy, writing and drawing help to release the energy in a sustained way (Capricorn), methodical tasks than require a sharp mind. Hands are stronger, need to use the hands productively, although be careful with sharp objects, machinery and power tools, because you may be more accident prone with this aspect. Strong driving caution. Drive defensively, people are headstrong behind the wheel. Find weakness in your own thinking first and if you must defend your opinions, do not claim victory if you are proven correct.

In politics, considering Mercury is retrograde and the effect of these two aspect, I am thinking political battles (Mars) but mostly lots of review and re-evaluation (Saturn/Capricorn) looking for more information which keeps a lot of activity under the surface, smoldering while Mercury is retrograde. But let’s hope for secrets being revealed, as well as weakness in their thinking. I have a vision of this aspect as politicians in their bunkers in a desperate battle for survival trying to cover up their mistakes and reveal the mistakes of their opponents. A complete winner take all attitude, no compromise. Maybe another high profile firing. This starts Tuesday evening but it strongest on Wednesday afternoon while we are between both aspects.

5:51pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Mercury (Aries) A nice trine to break up the energy in the late afternoon. Good time for business, lots of activity, easy flow of communication.


1:22am – Mercury (Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) Rigid (Saturn) thinking (Mercury), hard to think outside the box, hesitant, unsure, worried about the past, not interested in the big picture, more focused on the details. May need to account for yourself in some way. Good for getting a lot of work done, seeing a job through to the finish, especially tasks that require painstaking detail. Strong need to gain knowledge and information as if it’s necessary for your very survival. Folks really want to be correct in their thinking and in need of acknowledgment when they are right.

With Mercury retrograde, you may need to spend a lot of time going over old ground, reviewing the details, more than necessary just to be sure, or spend time reading up on important subjects trying to gain as much knowledge as possible. Problems with communication, concerns about the past and emotional insecurities interfere with normal communication process. May have to take responsibility for and fix someone else’s mistake and not get credit for it, don’t worry, it will payoff in the long run, Saturn always does. Sharp, analytical mind, able to find the weak spots, correct your thinking and do the same for others.

You just need to slow down and reflect before speaking and you’ll find that a lot more truth and useful knowledge comes out and that is the most wonderful thing about this aspect. Saturn can be very liberating as you let go of the superficial side of your thinking. You may find yourself to be much wiser and more truthful with yourself and others today. The whole idea is to force you to restructure (Saturn) your thinking (Mercury). Not a good time for business, folks not in a spending mood.

5:20am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces) Dreamy and delusional, easy to be fooled.

6:31am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Sun (Aries) Always a creative time, inspired to bring forth some ideal and enlighten others.


6:36am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aries). Friday morning feeling independent, able to overcome rigid thinking, you need to stretch, good time for Yoga. Void of Course begins.

11:01am – Moon enters Capricorn. It’s been such a Capricorn week and it ends with Moon in Capricorn, which like Moon in Cancer, gets a lot of powerful aspects. Unsympathetic as we attend to work and responsibility. Earthly affairs need our attention and we’re not so interested in the impractical things. Solitary, confining, but the hard work we do now is helping us to restructure our emotions so we can overcome the limited patterns of the past.


2:15am – Moon (Capricorn) square Mercury (Aries) Preoccupied with the past.

5:10am – Moon (Capricorn) trine Venus (Taurus) Pleasant, earthy disposition in the morning.

5:19am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Capricorn) Slow things down on Saturday morning, seeking quiet and reflection, time for therapy.

6:36am – Venus (Taurus) trine Saturn (Capricorn) The materialistic Venus in Taurus sees an opportunity for financial gain through hard work and discipline (Saturn). We are more self-disciplined and attend to others in a dutiful way. We’re more dependable and honest, and it’s what we are looking for in relationships today, and those that start under this influence tend be practical and last longer. Good time to discuss issues with your partner or just look for ways to keep things going steady.

Good aspect for one-to-one communication, able to discuss important matters more easily than usual, reach a fair, reasonable agreement, good time for business meetings and negotiations. In earth signs this brings out the materialistic side in us as we are more concerned with our wealth and possessions and look for security in those areas, consequently not interested in taking risks, more looking for ways to hold on to what we have in the long term. Good time to take stock of what you have, balance your checkbook, look for weak spots in your budget, places where your wealth and energy is being drained away and use the Saturn energy to restructure the situation so your wealth will last longer.

Saturn always asks us to take stock and reevaluate the situation, in this case it is with respect to money and relationships and the trine means we can do it without pain now.

10:41am – Moon conjunct Mars (Capricorn) The aggressive quality of this aspect is not so intense in Capricorn where the energy tends to smolder, anger just beneath the surface, find a productive outlet for this energy. Avoid emotional outbursts you regret right away.

5:46pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Saturday late afternoon, mellow mood, philanthropic.


12:17am – Moon (Capricorn) square Sun (Aries). The monthly crisis for fulfillment, a moment when we either feel a loss and disappointment or experience a moment of success for this months’ growth. With Moon in Capricorn, it’s all about material success this month. Last Quarter Moon.

6:02am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Intense emotions early Sunday morning. Disruptive and defiant, brings out ruthless behavior as we’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Focused in the proper direction you can overcome obstacles to finding lasting happiness.

7:14am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Jupiter (Scorpio) Should lighten things up a bit from the previous. Pleasant disposition and opportunity for financial success.

7:40pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aries). Sunday evening feeling a bit restless and able to take a step back and look at things from an impersonal perspective. More aware of others emotional state. Void of Course begins.

11:50pm – Moon enters Aquarius. More interested in social affairs for the next couple of days, friends are more important as we seek out folks who are our equals

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

In Politics

Donald Trump

A review of Trump’s Twitter feed on 3/29 coincidental with his Saturn opposition Mercury transit and Sun square Saturn aspect reveals nothing but talk of rebuilding the USA’s infrastructure, that’s all he talked about, very focused, one-dimensional. All about material things, restructuring, rebuilding, and jobs, all things related to Saturn. And this gives us all an idea of what we are going through on a personal level this Spring. This same Saturn reconstruction is going on in our lives as well.
On 4/2, Mars opposition Mercury. Another contentious political transit for him, but with Mercury retrograde the threat this poses is not so bad. As I am watching these events unfold I am realizing just how profound this Mercury retrograde has been. In Aries, it effects Mars activity as well.

Looking for clues to recent Sun square Saturn on 3/29 and how it relates to the Executive Order that Trump signed on 12/21. On Friday March 23, Craigslist eliminated its personal ads after Congress passed a bill that would penalize websites that promote sex trafficking and prostitution, even if the content is posted by a third party. Coincidental with Venus square Pluto and Sun square Mars.

With respect to the deeper issues like sex trafficking and Clinton and the Democrats trying to interfere with Trump’s presidency, Sessions announced that there is investigation into accusations of FBI FISA abuses which is connected to all of this. And if you following the story in detail, it turns out the guy that Sessions named, John Huber from Utah, has been investigating this for a long time behind the scenes and things seems to be moving along albeit very much under the radar. But not the major breakthrough just yet.

We seem to be in a holding pattern until Mercury goes Direct on 4/15. There is a lot of going over old ground, rethinking and waiting. Meanwhile the domineering energy of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn square the Sun at the start of Spring has given new life the ultra conservative neocons.

John Bolton
Looking at his transits it seems that he is riding the wave of Mars conjunct Saturn, as this conjunction makes a trine to his natal Saturn at 5d Virgo trine Jupiter at 1d Capricorn. The thing about his appointment is that is took place under Mercury retrograde, which is not a good sign for his longevity in that position, despite Mars conjunct Saturn usually lasts a long time. Let’s see how long he lasts after Jupiter finishes going over his Mercury.

Benjamin Netanyahu
He is facing serious legal problems right now with Israel police recommending he be indicted for bribery. And just recently a health crisis, he was rushed to the hospital. Lots of Uranus transits. Recently Uranus trine Mars (Leo) and at the time of this health issue, Mars opposition Uranus. And this Sunday, 4/1, Uranus opposition Sun which could bring legal (Libra) problems. All the Uranus-Mars and Sun transits brings lots of energy and youthfulness, but like I mentioned last week with regards to QEII on May 19 she has the Uranus conjunct Sun and it comes with a similar warning. The sudden electrical shock to the heart can be hard when you are older. So he should be careful with his health these days and take it easy, all this Uranus energy can fry the nerves.

On 4/14, Neptune opposition Saturn (two more passes 8/28, 2/14/2019). This is the transit that tells me his is on his way out of political life, his career. This transit will make him question many of the beliefs by which he has lived his life until now, his authority dissolves as he is now suddenly more concerned with the non-material (Neptune) side of life. For a tenacious guy like him, this can be a very debilitating transit, confusion that will take all the wind out of his sails and make him rather delusional.

Mercury retrograde is repeating oppositions to his Neptune and Mercury, so we will likely here some big news about him after 4/15 when Mercury goes Direct. So he faces opposition this month from that as well. On 5/12, second pass Jupiter square Pluto, last pass will be Sept 7. This transit is very ambitious but also problematic in my experience and it could produce serious legal problems for him.


On 4/4 Sun opposition Saturn. My first hunch is the stock market does not do well on this day. Transit helps you get in touch with your limitations (Saturn). Not good for business. A good aspect to note in your own chart, happens the same day each year. For the USA at this particular time, I am looking to see what kind of news this brings related to China. On 4/4, Sun opposition Neptune. Both with planets at 14d Libra.

But there are other big transits to consider for the USA this month. On 4/9 Mars opposition Sun brings direct threat and then the really big one, on 4/18 Uranus square Pluto, last pass, with the Sun joining in to make it much stronger. The last Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries for a long time and it squares the USA’s Pluto. These transits spell bad economic news starting this week.

On 4/9, the last pass of Uranus opposition Jupiter. This transit has been very revolutionary for them. Jupiter rules the 9th house and down in the 3rd house it is fallen. Jupiter rules foreigners. This transit has caused them to completely change their perspective of foreigners, the collective (Uranus) has come to oppose the foreigners in their land and it is causing a revolution within the EU. So far the EU bureaucracy has weathered the storm, will this last pass coincide with more demonstrations and if so will they even be televised? The point is like so many Uranus oppositions it seems like your life is never the same afterward. There is always a significant change, in this case their perspective (Jupiter rules Sagittarius, says “I perceive”).

I ran across a story about 911 and how a judge has decided to allow the victims to sue Saudi Arabia. So I decided to look at the 911 Event Chart once again and what we see happening is Neptune square Saturn. Neptune creates delusional circumstances in our lives, especially the square. Important to read the comments in this story which teach you far more than the story itself. 911 was an inside job, a coordinated effort by deep state operatives in the USA and Israel. This entire court case is complete shame, an illusion (Neptune) of responsibility (Saturn). It’s important to see how Neptune squares can seriously effect our lives by giving us a completely wrong perspective. In astrology we seek help and to heal others by pointing out the pitfalls in life, and Neptune squares are the biggest ones that I have found. And I just saw this as another opportunity to break through the Neptunian veil of illusion that so profoundly effect out lives.

Despite the tough week ahead as we face the challenges of Mercury retrograde and the tough month ahead for the USA, there is some good news to consider, the second pass of Jupiter sextile Pluto on Saturday 4/14. It will be a different manifestation that the last pass in January because now Mercury and Jupiter retrograde now, and Pluto will soon be as well. So this pass will all be focused internally. The opportunities that this aspect presents will need to be incorporated inside of you first. A spiritual unfolding occurs as all of this energy is driven inward. There will not be the tremendous outward manifestation as we saw on the first pass with the surge in cryptocurrencies and great desire for material wealth, instead at this pass we are looking for spiritual wealth. Esoteric studies and alternative healing, healing the community and yourself, finding a way to let your inner spiritual life prosper.

In closing

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