Weekly Astrology Notes April 8-15, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes April 8-15, 2018

Special Notes:  I will be at the Santa Rosa Mystic Fair this coming weekend, April 14-15. Here’s the link: Santa Rosa Mystic Fair

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Highlights for this Week: We have a week of transition and some reflection as we move into new beginnings. We have the second pass of Jupiter sextile Pluto this Saturday April 14th, and Mercury Direct and the New Moon on Sunday April 15th, and a few other aspects along the way.

We start the week with the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn asking us to complete projects already started in preparation for the coming New Moon.

On Tuesday evening we have two aspects, Sun square Pluto gives you burst of energy to break from the past and reform something in your life, and Venus trine Mars, a creative and romantic aspect that is also great for material enterprises (Taurus to Capricorn).

Then, on Wednesday morning we have a Void of Course until noon to slow us down a bit and then the Moon enters Pisces, starting a couple of passive and reflective days, including Venus sextile Neptune on Thursday and a very long Void of Course on Friday that lasts from early morning until well past sunset. So Friday is especially not a day to start new projects, time for reflection and meditation. So we have a couple of days of quiet time as we transition into the big weekend ahead.

The second pass of Jupiter sextile Pluto, exact on Saturday morning, is sure to have a positive effect on us starting around Wednesday evening and last throughout the weekend. By the time Moon enters Aries on Friday evening after the long V/C, we will experience a strong burst of optimism and desire to transition forward, start new projects. The regenerative energy will bring a powerful dynamic to our interactions, a passionate energy that simmers just beneath the surface, including a lot of psychic energy. It’s a bit disruptive, but the positive energy gives us the stamina to work hard and reform our lives.

Also on Saturday morning, Mars sextile Neptune. Ego demands are low and we have an acute sensitivity towards others.

Then on Sunday the 15th, Mercury goes Direct in the early morning, so we are ready to move forward with our plans and that’s just in time for the New Moon on Sunday evening in Aries. With a close conjunction to Uranus, we are strong, ambitious, independent and more intelligent this month, we don’t let anyone tell us we can’t do it. This New Moon is all about making a change and new beginnings. It’s a week of transition as we come out of a reflective period and look towards evolving and bringing something new into our lives this coming month.


12:17am – Moon (Capricorn) square Sun (Aries). The monthly crisis for fulfillment, a moment when we either feel a loss and disappointment or experience a moment of success for this months’ growth. With Moon in Capricorn, it’s all about material success this month. Last Quarter Moon.

6:02am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Intense emotions early Sunday morning. Disruptive and defiant, brings out ruthless behavior as we’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Focused in the proper direction you can overcome obstacles to finding lasting happiness.

7:14am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Jupiter (Scorpio) Should lighten things up a bit from the previous. Pleasant disposition and opportunity for financial success.

7:40pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aries). Sunday evening feeling a bit restless and able to take a step back and look at things from an impersonal perspective. More aware of others emotional state. Void of Course begins.

11:50pm – Moon enters Aquarius. More interested in social affairs for the next couple of days, friends are more important as we seek out folks who are our equals


12:16pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mercury (Aries) Midday emotions and flow easily, without inhibition. Easy to express your opinions. Good time for business.


12:56am – Moon (Aquarius) square Venus (Taurus) Don’t feel the need to express your feelings.

6:11pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Sun (Aries) Early evening, last sextile before the New Moon is always a good time to be with friends, easy-going time.

7:09pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Jupiter (Scorpio) Emotions expand, feeling exuberant, poor financial judgment.

9:51pm – Sun (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) Today we feel focused and determined to make serious reforms in our lives. The desire to transform some aspect your life for the better is so strong that you focus on just that and are willing to to do whatever is necessary to accomplish your goals, ruthless behavior, but not necessarily negative, just very focused. But don’t let that frighten you as this is a very productive aspect. You can really get a lot accomplish today if you set your mind to it. Tendency is to isolate yourself so that you have the space necessary to do your work reforming your situation.

Like Sun square Saturn last week, this aspect also gives a strong desire to acquire knowledge, so you may spend a lot of time searching for clues or information that is vital to your survival, get to the bottom of any matter that is disturbing you.

More energy and stamina. Not a lot of outward signs of change, just a strong focused resolve. Quiet, not outspoken, seemingly at rest but able to get up and make a total commitment. Scorpio is all or nothing, no in-between. Intense, compulsive, controlling, passionate behavior, or laziness. But even when resting the mind is at work, plotting, scheming, trying to break out of a stagnant situation. It always best to find something productive to do, something that needs repair or fixing, and apply the energy there.

11:02pm – Venus (Taurus) trine Mars (Capricorn). The second of three trines from Venus to Capricorn which are great for material enterprises. Steadfast Venus in Taurus gets a boost of energy from Mars to bring opportunity for earning money or some sort of career advancement. Aspect enables you to make a good impression on others, especially people in authority who could assist you in some way. Wonderful aspect in that you succeed (Capricorn) by doing what comes naturally and comfortably to you (Taurus). No need to pretend, just be yourself and you will succeed. Good time for all one to one encounters, romantic and even business partnerships.

Lots of creative energy and we want to create something tangible, not intellectual. Good for working with earth, stone and metal. Of course great for romance and relationships which get a boost of energy today. Relations between the sexes are more harmonious.


7:55am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aries) Ambitious in the morning, intellectual, interested in community affairs, good time to be with friends. Void of Course begins.

11:40am – Moon enters Pisces. We are more sensitive and open to the subtle vibrations around us for the next couple of days. We are in tune with the non-material (Pisces) level of existence which effects our own subconscious (Moon) thought patterns, bringing up strange feelings and behaviors. More passive, sentimental, considerate of others, psychic and in need of sanctuary.

Only good aspects for Moon in Pisces these days, all trines and sextiles. Next 2 days, very spiritual and healing, lots of unconditional love and really an exceptionally open time relative to what we’ve been going through lately. Moon is in the perfect position for Venus sextile Neptune tomorrow. Very dreamy and passive for the next couple of days.


5:18am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) Attending to work means attending to the needs of humanity. Helpful towards the disadvantaged.

9:27am – Venus (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Wonderful soothing, gentle energy, the absolute best time to get a massage. Sensual (Taurus) and compassionate (Pisces) energy gives way to daydream and fantasy, desire to explore another realm. Warm and sentimental, considerate, passive, very sensitive to how others feel. Also the perfect energy for working with crystals and healing stones because the Taurus earth energy mixes with the non-material realm (Neptune) to produce a direct divine connection through earth and stones. A more spiritual understanding of money and we’re more likely to give it away under this influence.

A mellow and relaxing, low-energy, passive morning, no one feels like working. Not a time to sign contracts or to make bold decisions, more of a reflective time. Great time for meditation as we are open to and in tune with the subtle vibrations around us. Desire to explore, delve in between the furrows and find the deeper, spiritual meaning to life. Very forgiving, accepting of others mistakes and lesser qualities, feel unconditional love for others, especially your partner. The compassionate spiritual quality of this aspect is sure to benefit relationships.

If you do muster up the energy for artwork, it will be sure to reflect your soul, so it would be a great time to do anything artistic or just to be around art. Greater appreciation for art and the sacrifice it takes to develop your artistic skills. Good time to seek beautiful surroundings such as nature hikes and exploring, letting your mind tune in your natural surroundings.

3:29pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Mars (Capricorn) A jolt of physical energy, better able to harness your emotions giving you a greater chance of success in whatever you’re trying to do.

5:09pm – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) Feeling lazy and in need of surrender, relaxation highly recommended now if you can manage. Feel depressed if you can’t have your direct divine connection in that moment. Very sensitive, open to subtle influences around us.

5:57pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Venus (Taurus) Mellow, relaxing mood, another good time for a massage.


4:16am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Very psychic. Gives you the ability to operate more effectively on the non-material plane of existence.

4:27am – Moon (Pisces) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) Pleasant mood to start the day. Desire to be in a crowd. Good instincts. Dreamy and idealistic, not thinking about material things. Expanding consciousness, greater awareness of your soul (water trine) needs, able to heal and transform a negative into a positive. Long Void of Course begins, continues until this evening. Not a day to start new projects. Considering these two Moon aspects this mornings, it’s the best time for meditation and any sort of religious ceremony or invocation, anything that attends to the non-material needs of your life. So many times we reach for material things to make us feel complete, but this aspect asks us to reach for non-material things in order to feel complete. That often means helping others transform their life for the better. No better aspect to be of service to others. Scorpio needs to be in the service of the collective.

8:26pm – Moon enters Aries. Time to start new projects. We are more energetic and headstrong for the next couple of days. Not afraid to show the world who we are. The New Moon in Aries on Sunday makes this a big event this time around. Lots of positive energy immediately begins flowing as soon as the Moon enters Aries. A strong contrast to the passive last two days. And Friday evening the energy of Jupiter sextile Pluto comes into full force,



3:28am – Jupiter (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) This aspect has 3 passes, The first pass was January 15 at 19d17′, both planets Direct. This is the second pass at 21d14′, Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Direct. The third pass will be Sept 12 at 18d47′, Jupiter Direct and Pluto Retrograde.

Like all Pluto aspects, this one represents an opportunity for reform, in this case the beneficial quality of the sextile with the growth from Jupiter, means the opportunity to reform is very positive and we see an opportunity to make improvements in our lives. Throughout the course of this aspect we see a deep transformation occurring within ourselves and in society. Pluto and Scorpio together ensures there will be fundamental changes for the better, although disruptive while going on.

The energy of this pass will be focused more internally now that Jupiter is retrograde, and Pluto will soon be as well.

Jupiter in Scorpio has been causing us to dig deep on my issues on our lives, coming to terms with our psychological underpinnings and seeking ways to heal ourselves. Jupiter is in it’s death cycle in Scorpio and is looking for things it has missed in this past 12 year cycle, looking for reasons why it did not experience the growth it expected, wondering if there is something of value to be gained in esoteric studies and psychic abilities and even shamanic techniques.

The sextile from Jupiter to a planet in Capricorn indicates that we are being asked to attend to duty and responsibility and to be more efficient and maximize the full potential of what we already have. So despite the desire for monetary gain that one might expect with this aspect, Capricorn encourages us to be more efficient, more knowledgeable and more of a master in the physical realm. As well, some of us may get opportunities for leadership in the community, depending on how this aspect impacts your chart.

This sextile is to Pluto, so we are looking to access some form of collective resource, like going to the bank, it could be material wealth, but even better is accessing vital or privileged information that is kept by those who have power over you. For example, the recent revelations that Facebook has been harvesting and selling your privileged information. That piece of news fits this aspect and we should consider that kind of manifestation very seriously. Those macro manifestations give us a clue as to what we are doing individually. We are all looking for that kind of Pluto information, secret information, the kind that holds power over you and you want to reclaim it for yourself. But also the kind of information necessary for personal transformation.

So we are looking for people who will help us transform our lives for the better as you’ll find it easier to connect with those people now. And this includes people with knowledge of healing and spiritual studies. And we really should focus on that part of this aspect because of the concurrent Pisces energy.

The influence of Neptune is a factor in this aspect with Jupiter trine Neptune happening concurrently this year, next pass in May, and with the concurrent Neptune aspects this week as well. Venus and Mars sextile Neptune this week are giving you a chance to play and have some fun while not so focused on the material realm, dissolving your boundary a bit and be more sensitive towards the needs of others, and this aspect has you searching for the tools and techniques that you need to effectively deal with Pisces energy on a regular basis. Seek out teachers who can empower you as a healer, teach you meditation teachers, astrologers, therapists etc, anyone who gives you tools you can take with you.

There is an interesting interplay between Scorpio and Pisces. Pisces represents the non-physical or spiritual dimensions, but Scorpio is what gives us the tools to operate in those dimensions, so you need a good exchange of energy between these two signs in order to expand your consciousness beyond this physical realm. This aspect could be like getting a box of new tools for personal transformation and/or information that will enable you to better comprehend the non-physical world.

So, in summary, we are looking for ways to empower ourselves and to do so on more than just the material plane of existence, psychic empowerment. We are looking for hidden information, things we missed, tools to take back our power and to transform our lives, heal ourselves and the community.

Very much a community oriented aspect as we must do the right thing for everyone concerned and feel a stronger than usual connection to the community and want to improve conditions for everyone, contribute in a positive way.

5:12am – Moon conjunct Mercury (Aries) Conscious (Mercury) and subconscious (Moon) thought processes working in unison. Sharp, active mind, instinctual, able to solve problems, communicate with ease.

10:28am – Mars (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Venus on Thursday and now Mars. Neptune sitting that that harmonic midpoint between the two gives us an acute sensitivity to others. A low energy aspect that gives us great appreciation of others, we’re more passive, probably the least aggressive Mars aspect. We are more idealistic, the boundary around you dissolves a bit and you can relate to a wider range of people than usual. Willing to help others because your ego needs are met through service towards others. A good time to seek sanctuary and reflection. Also just like the Jupiter sextile Pluto, this aspect opens you up to psychic impressions and the desire to delve into that aspect of life.

1:01pm – Moon (Aries) square Saturn (Capricorn) Emotional energy is rigid in the early afternoon as we focus on duty and responsibility.



12:46am – Moon (Aries) square Mars (Capricorn) Late Saturday evening, folks are sensitive and react in a volatile way.

2:21am – Mercury goes Direct at 4d47′ Aries. There has been a lot of rethinking and revising our opinions since March 22. The house where this retrograde occurred for you underwent a lot of extra mental activity which was all focused on completing tasks that needed to be finished before going ahead any further. It’s been a rush to correct your mistakes and complete projects. Now that Direct motion is here, you can forward with your plans. Until May 3 we are in the shadow degrees, up to 16d54′. Continues Direct until July 25 at 23d Leo.

10:36am – Moon (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) Best advice is to avoid getting caught up in other people’s drama and power games during these aspects. People are more aware of what they are not getting during these times and it brings up intense emotions, vindictive behavior.

6:57pm – Moon conjunct Sun, the New Moon at 26d02′ Aries. With the close conjunction to Uranus at 28d Aries, this New Moon is all about change. This month we don’t let anyone tell us we can’t do it. We are strong, ambitious, independent and more intelligent. We have a great awareness of the groups’ needs and some of us may even a get a chance to take on a leadership role in the group or maybe break out of your old patterns and lead yourself to better circumstances. Very positive, energetic and dynamic, feels like the start of Spring and it’s sure to bring some surprises this month. For certain, this is a great month to start new projects or just get yourself out there in the world, don’t be afraid to let the unique side of yourself shine. We are at the end of the Uranus in Aries era, we feel a strong urge to take a step forward in our evolutionary process.

Check your concurrent transits. See which house this is happening in for you, very important! This is the most useful task you can do each month, track the house location of the New Moon in your chart. Focus your energy in activities related to that house this month. When we talk about the monthly struggle for fulfillment that we all experience, it all starts with the New Moon and you only achieve the desired fulfillment if you focus your energy on affairs of the house where the New Moon occurs. There you are ready to make a surprising and dynamic new beginning. Projects started at this time carry your unique qualities and are sure to bring you lasting value.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.
That’s it for this week as I am rather busy preparing for the Santa Rosa Mystic Fair this weekend, Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th. Please come by my booth, I love to meet my youtube viewers in the area. It will be at the Santa Rosa Veterans Building 1351 Maple Avenue Santa Rosa, CA, I will leave a link in the description.

I have also been working work to get my new website up and running and it’s taking a lot of my time lately so that’s why there is no extra stuff about politics this week. I hope to have this website up and running within the next couple of weeks.

In closing
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