Weekly Astrology Notes April 15-22, 2018

Weekly Astrology Notes April 15-22, 2018

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Highlights of the Week:

We start this week as Mercury goes Direct and the New Moon in Aries. So it’s a great start for the week as we are ready to move forward and start new projects on Sunday.

Monday, Moon enters Taurus and we are more focused on the sensual side of life, especially Monday evening with Venus opposition Jupiter (Scorpio) and Venus trine Pluto early Tuesday morning. You really need to share yourself and your personal values with others, a healthy exchange of energy between you and others is essential now so that you can express your values and find your worth to others. You are valuable to others and that really needs to be shared on Monday evening. These two aspects are also great for material enterprises as well as for social gatherings.

And Saturn goes Retrograde on Tuesday, and I’ll go over the detail for that.

On Wednesday, Moon enters Gemini keeping us mentally active for the next couple of days, especially with Sun conjunct Uranus on Wednesday morning. So Wednesday is a day or surprises, unusual events, a different day from the norm.

On Thursday, the Sun enters Taurus. Then as we move into the weekend things kind of slow down a bit.

On Friday, Moon enters Cancer and we’re more sensitive and emotional, especially with the oppositions to Capricorn.

On Sunday, Earth Day, Moon in Leo brings the First Quarter Moon and Pluto goes Retrograde. That will make 3 outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde and I have some insight on that as well.


12:46am – Moon (Aries) square Mars (Capricorn) Late Saturday evening, folks are sensitive and react in a volatile way.

2:21am – Mercury goes Direct at 4d47′ Aries. Until May 3 we are in the shadow degrees that Mercury visited before going retrograde, up to 16d54′. There has been a lot of rethinking and revising our opinions since March 22. The house where this retrograde occurred for you underwent a lot of extra mental activity which was all focused on completing tasks that needed to be finished before going ahead any further. It’s been a rush to correct your mistakes and complete projects. Now that Direct motion is here, we can forward with our plans. Continues Direct until July 25 at 23d Leo.

10:36am – Moon (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) Best advice is to avoid getting caught up in other people’s drama and power games during these aspects. People are more aware of what they are not getting during these times and it brings up intense emotions.

6:57pm – Moon conjunct Sun, the New Moon at 26d02′ Aries. With the close conjunction to Uranus at 28d Aries, this New Moon is all about change. This month we don’t let anyone tell us we can’t do it. We are strong, ambitious, independent and more intelligent. We have a great awareness of the groups’ needs and some of us may even a get a chance to take on a leadership role in the group or maybe break out of your old patterns and lead yourself to better circumstances. Very positive, energetic and dynamic start of Spring that is sure to bring some surprises this month. You never what to expect with Uranus in the mix. For certain, this is a great month to start new projects or just get yourself out there in the world, don’t be afraid to let the unique side of yourself shine. At the end of the Uranus in Aries era we feel a strong urge to take a step forward in our evolutionary process.

Check your concurrent transits. See which house this is happening in for you, very important! This is the most useful task you can do each month, track the house location of the New Moon. Focus your energy in activities related to that house this month. There you are ready to make a surprising and dynamic new beginning. Projects started at this time carry your unique qualities and are sure to bring you lasting value.

Void of Course begins.


1:51am – Moon enters Taurus. We are more steadfast for the next couple of days, like the bull, more placid and desire to be around our personal possessions. The sensual Taurus energy needs to be in nature to feel grounded and protected. It’s a wonderful ride through Taurus for the Moon these days, 3 trines to Capricorn and sextile to Neptune, opposition to Jupiter, all very nice aspects.

5:38pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Saturn (Capricorn) Early Monday evening we are ready to attend to duty and responsibility. Looking to focus on material enterprises.

Chiron enters Aries today.

11:59pm – Venus (Taurus) opposition Jupiter (Scorpio) Sensual Venus in Taurus wants to explore, big ideas, likely about material things. Love of pleasure and beautiful things, not interested in work. Expressive, looking for opportunities to grow, desire for money, a relationship, to be published or to increase your status in the group. May be confronted by conflicts to your personal values, you may have to make a judgment call based on competing values. Aspect tend to cause you to let down your guard, so be careful of being persuaded by someone with hidden intentions. Or you may try to persuade someone.

In Scorpio, brings up a lot of sexual and even erotic desire. With this aspect and the next it should make for a very sexual and erotic Monday evening. Want to receive or maybe even expect to receive the help and kindness of others, and excessive willingness to help others, but even then there is always something in it for you. Deep need to exchange valuable energy with another person, if you can’t do that you feel poor, so depending on you basic temperament, you may need to let down your guard a bit so that you can do that. Need to put yourself in a place where you can have a valuable exchange with another person. It could be sex or money, but also exchange of ideas, perspectives.

Prone to extravagance, exuberant behavior, poor judgment. Good time for business, luxury purchases, impulse buys, desire for material things to help fill any void in your life. Idealistic, optimistic, but with high expectations. This energy is positively expressed through artistic endeavors or material enterprises or anything that enables you to share what you value with others.


4:28am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Feeling relaxed and dreamy on Tuesday morning, try and recall your dreams.

6:02am – Venus (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Again Venus is feeling some passionate, erotic desire, but as well the desire for money. Good financial judgment, able to acquire resources for the things you love, looking for opportunities for career advancement, good business skills, show dedication to your work. Excellent negotiating skills, can stand up for your values and not back down. Able to work hard and see a job through to the finish.

Working together with the previous aspect I see this primarily as a need to exchange something of value with others. Venus and Taurus is our desire to be stroked, and Pluto and Scorpio like to do the stroking. We need to exchange energy with others more than usual in these times because we feel this imperative to express our personal values, which take center stage in life early this week. What you value is very important today and you are not willing to compromise. Inability to share yourself with others is not acceptable at this time. You cannot close yourself off from others at this time because we all need to share energy with one another in order to regenerate and avoid stagnation in life. And when these aspects come along you really need to let down your barriers so that the communal energy of life can flow through you.

This exchange of energy takes place on a personal level, such as coupling, but also on a community level, such as being a part of a group or using your money to help transform society for the better. But whatever it is for you, for sure you need to do that so that you can be part of the community. Aspect is great for teaching, sharing and leading others to better circumstances.

6:48am – Moon (Taurus) trine Mars (Capricorn) Fits well with the previous. More physical energy in the morning, feeling stable and in good health.

1:40pm – Moon (Taurus) opposition Jupiter (Scorpio) Emotions expand we feel like being in a crowd.

2:18pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Feeling emotions very deeply, need personal contact with others, exchange of values.

3:05pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Taurus) Friendly, warm, feel like pouring on the charm, good time for social gatherings. Void of Course begins, continues until tomorrow morning.

6:47pm – Saturn goes Retrograde at 9d09′ Capricorn. Down to 2d33′ on Sept 6. The restructuring that Saturn normally does while moving Direct turns inward. Now internal restructuring takes place. We are all working through our karma, rethinking our obligations in life and how that relates to what we need to learn as souls in this life. So there is a lot of coming to terms with the limitations imposed upon you and how you may have created those circumstances yourself. Use this time to understand why you have not achieved the success you desired, how that relates to your own internal lack of responsibility for yourself. Best advice is to be very patient with yourself and others during this time. Coming to terms with your karma requires modesty and sincerity. Here a couple of good links the I recommend. In this link from AstrologyKing.com he mentions the Mercury square as the only aspect at this moment and how that indicates the need to show temperance with others.


5:02am – Moon enters Gemini. We are more mentally active over the next couple of days. Moon in it’s death cycle needs to catch up on missed connections. Communication colored by emotional needs as we are more likely to blurt things out that reflect our passing emotions.

6:59am – Sun conjunct Uranus (Aries) The Sun represents our creative energy and Uranus represents dynamic change, rebellious, revolution, breaking out of stagnant patterns. So today we are restless and ambitious, trying to let part of ourselves break free from our typical patterns of behavior. Uranus represents our process of evolution, it enables us to rise above or see beyond the proverbial box we live in and see things in a new way. So this aspect gives us the energy to create something new for yourself, move on to a better situation.

Today we act more Aquarian, free, independent, more enlightened, not interested in mundane affairs or work. Not as held back as usual by inhibitions and irrational fears. Rather we are looking to evolve. Look for surprises today.

On the negative side, people are headstrong, reactionary, not in the mood for balance, don’t want to listen to others. Not a good day to settle disputes in most cases, too much energy of change in the air. Not a good day to makes agreements, too much desire to break free.

Try something new today. Initiate a change in your life. With Jupiter and Saturn currently retrograde, there is a lot of rethinking going on right now, and this aspect comes along and encourages us to see things in a whole new way, find new solutions to old problems. As always, locate the house where this is occurring in your chart, there you will need to do things differently today, don’t hold yourself back, hesitation or relying on tradition could cause you to miss an opportunity for some enjoyable change in your life.

On a geopolitical level, it’s a big day for the USA as this aspect exactly squares USA’s Pluto, more about that at the end of the video.

1:57pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Mercury (Aries) Mid-afternoon feelings and emotions work in unison, very good communication skills.


7:11am – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) Feeling a bit uncertain on Thursday morning. Aspect can make us ambivalent about the world, we are forced to think on another level, consider more than the present facts. Easily deluded as the boundary between different levels of being are blurred and rational thought gives way to superstitions and idealism.

8:31pm – Sun enters Taurus. Sun is cautious and persistent in Taurus. The vital energy of Aries gives way to a more steadfast, plodding, one day at a time, quality that keeps us going with projects already started. Like Venus through Taurus, the Sun gets wonderful 3 trines to Capricorn to give us lots of encouragement for material enterprises. In the natal chart, Sun in Taurus or the 2nd house is an indicator of someone who owns their own business, works for themselves, their occupation reflects their personal values. So this is a very good month for working on or expanding your personal business. Regardless of your situation, we are all looking for opportunities for career advancement. And really we all focus more on our money and personal possessions during this time and look for ways to get the most out them. Taurus, like the bull, needs to feel grounded and in a serene environment, so nature hikes and just getting in touch with the sensual energy of earth is a good idea, especially over the next 4 days while Venus is still in Taurus.


5:05am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aries) Feeling ambitious and a bit high strung for so early in the morning. May need to calm your nerves. Void of Course begins.

7:26am – Moon enters Cancer. Moon begins a new cycle in Cancer. We are more sensitive and spend the next couple of days getting in touch with our own emotional needs, maybe you want to spend more time at home and crawl into your shell, but these oppositions to Capricorn bring disruptions that make make us rigid.

8:16am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Sun (Taurus) A placid Friday morning, easy-going and creative time. Folks in a good mood.

5:42pm – Moon (Cancer) square Mercury (Aries) Friday afternoon, minds are restless and active. Thoughts clouded by subconscious desires.

10:49pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Saturn (Capricorn) Late Saturday evening we slow down and reconsider our responsibilities.


9:45am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Passive and relaxed on Saturday morning, in tune with the subtle vibrations around you.

3:36pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Mars (Capricorn) The quiet solitude of Moon in Cancer is forcefully interrupted by duty and responsibility, or some tradition.

5:56pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Jupiter (Scorpio) Emotions expand, optimistic attitude, big appetite.

7:21pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Insecurities arise, folks are possessive and jealous. The placid Moon in Cancer is once again forcefully interrupted. Strong burst of energy brings sexual desire.

Earth Day.

5:40am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Venus (Taurus) Passive, pleasant, relaxing disposition early Sunday morning. You may not want to get out of bed. Relax and sleep in.

7:58am – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aries) Distractions interrupt the normal flow of work, cause emotional upset. We’re more aware of what we’re not getting. Use the ambition to break out of stagnant patterns of behavior. Void of Course begins.

8:23am – Pluto goes Retrograde at 21d17′ Capricorn. Until 18d45′ on Sept 1. The death-rebirth process turns inward. Any self-destructive behaviors that you still cling to become more intense and more self-destructive, yet now you have the power to overcome things like addictions and bad habits and purge them from your system. But the intensity is hard to work through especially now with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde. A lot of inward focus these days and we are doing a lot of rethinking, making internal adjustments. It seems the best advice now is to cleanse the body of impurities, eat properly and get good rest and rejuvenation for your body, because we really need to regenerate now.

The second pass of Pluto transits happen on the retrograde motion. These can be the strongest expression of these transits as powerful forces for transformation effect you internally, making this a time of profound change on an inner level. As always, check your chart and note which house this is occurring in, any planets that get the second pass. Inner work needs to be done to overcome your inability or resistance to change. Sometimes the blocks to change are so great that Pluto energy causes destructive forces to be unleashed in your life. But what I have found is that the mere acceptance and willingness to work with these energies not only prevents the destruction, but brings positive lasting changes to your life. Take extra good care of yourself.

10:09am – Moon enters Leo. We are more dramatic and in need of applause for the next couple of days. Time to attend to your hobbies and spend time with your children.

2:46pm – Moon (Leo) square Sun (Taurus). First Quarter Moon. This month the challenge to establishing fulfillment for this month is characterized by the square from Taurus to Leo, which is a challenge to have enough personal resources (Taurus) in order to finance your creative (Leo) efforts. So this square brings up money issues. Personal values become very important now, your values live or die depending on how you respond in this moment. It’s critical that you respond in the affirmative in when these moments come along. So when this aspect comes along, note where you feel the need to spend money, let that be a clue as to what you are looking for this month.

10:32pm – Moon (Leo) trine Mercury (Aries) Late Sunday evening is a good time for creative activities, mind is sharp and active.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

On Wed 4/18, Sun conjunct Uranus exactly on a square to natal Pluto. Pluto rules the process of renewal and regeneration, the need to fix things and make them function again properly, and the need to get rid of the old and move on to something new. The Uranus square can be a serious wake up call to repair what is broken. Events can take a sudden turn as forces beyond your control compel you to make a change. So really the USA should be trying to fix it’s economic problems.

But as of this moment we are looking to attack Syria along with Britain and France ostensibly to punish Assad for chemical attacks that our side secretly carried. But as this article clearly points out, this fake war in Syria is all about protecting US economic interests. In the 8th house, so that further emphasizes the money element to it.

As the USA arrives at this transit, Uranus square Pluto, we see the forces of change (Uranus) bearing down on the US dollar. China and other nations have found ways to circumvent the US dollar, and that has been concurrent with the aspect Jupiter sextile Pluto, the second pass happens this weekend, which has turned out to be another economic threat to the USA.

And what happens when the USA faces all the economic threats? It decides to go to war, a very Pluto thing to do. They are using the occasion of this Uranus transit to flex their military power in order to cover up the serious economic problems the USA faces internally.

So what can we expect at the last pass of this transit for he USA? The revolutionary spirit of radical change should be bearing down upon us now. Is this revolution really happening beneath the surface? We could see the unsealing of the thousands of indictments against major players in politics. If you listen to the alternative news outlets you get the feeling that we are on the verge of something really big in law enforcement, which is also ruled by Pluto. Or we could see another high profile firing. One way or another it looks to be a big week for the USA, especially around Wednesday.

That’s all for this week.

In closing

That’s it for this week as I am rather busy preparing for the Santa Rosa Mystic Fair this weekend, Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th. Please come by my booth, I love to meet my youtube viewers in the area. It will be at the Santa Rosa Veterans Building 1351 Maple Avenue Santa Rosa, CA, I will leave a link in the description.

I have also been working work to get my new website up and running and it’s taking a lot of my time lately so that’s why there is no extra stuff about politics this week. I hope to have this website up and running within the next couple of weeks.

Once again this month there is a drawing to receive a natal reading. Everyone who donates $5 in any given month is automatically entered into the drawing for that month. So please donate to this effort, if you haven’t already and thanks to those who already have donated this month. You’ll find donation buttons for Patreon and Paypal in the lower right hand corner of the flower image on my channel home page.

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That’s all this week for Weekly Astrology Notes. Thanks for viewing, liking, and sharing my video, please subscribe if you haven’t already. Many blessings and have a great day.

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