Hello and welcome to my blog.  Here I am putting together a hub of knowledge and insight of what I have learned in order to share with others.  This is my first blog, and it’s not as fancy as others, but it is true to me.  I am just one guy, not a part of any organization, and I try to read every relevant story I can in order to make sense of what is going on in the world.

The level and length of deception cast upon the human race is beyond any one or even group of individuals to comprehend, so don’t try and put your head around it all.  I made that mistake and it has taken me a while just to climb back onto the horse and hopefully start riding again.  The overall complexity can drive a man insane, so it’s important to take it in one step at a time.

Finding YOUR path, your WAY back to sanity and practical spiritual growth requires you work on both ends of the spectrum.  You must take in new information, but it always needs to be integrated inside of you in a way that benefits you.  What good does a truth do you if it does not forward your life in some way?  I have met many good people along my spiritual path whom I’ve parted ways with because the good that I am pursing doesn’t seem the same as theirs.  Or even worse, other people want you to serve them in some way.

The most important part about energy work is to keep the best part for your own healing so that you can always find source within you and not rely on others for your connection to source.

The planet is moving from a service to self (STS) reality to a service to others (STO) reality.  This blog loves and relies upon those spiritual masters, on all levels, who dedicate their souls to the evolution of human conscious in the positive STO direction.  I seek their protection, guidance and direction.  I understand that it is from the spiritual throne of positive evolution in service to others that all actions on this planet sphere are governed.  Obedience to this throne of light and love is the only practical path for me.

I am in total agreement with this positive evolution and ultimately, this blog seeks to serve that same purpose by enlightening people about what has been, what is, and what is to come.

I believe this to be my mission in this world and I hope to meet some wonderful, enlightening souls along the way.



28 thoughts on “About

  1. Tom,
    You are amazing. I look forward to your videos every week. Please please please is it possible to do my chart? I can pay you for it.
    Thank you


    1. Thank you Jenny,

      And yes I do readings. It would be best if we communicate through my YouTube channel, Tom Jordan. You can send me an email privately and we can do our correspondence that way. Send me your birth information including place (city), date and exact time of day. I do readings a few different ways. However, if there are travel constraints, it’s often best to do the reading over the phone. I like to get to know you a little bit first so I can get an idea of what you are looking for in a reading, i.e. career direction, relationships, etc. I generally tend to emphasize the psychological interpretations with an emphasis towards spiritual unfoldment. I charge $120 for a full reading including upcoming transits, but I give discounts to students.

      And thank you so much for your kind words. It really helps to get encouragement from viewers.


  2. Sorry, I don’t see an option for sending a private email via YouTube. Maybe you can email me directly? I entered my email address when posting on this blog. Do you have it?


    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for your message. I was wondering was happened to you after the first message. Let me explain, on youtube you can leave comments or messages. Comments are public, messages are private. In order to send me a message on youtube, you will need to log on to youtube and create an account with them. It’s very easy. That’s the best option I can offer. Please understand I do not give out my private email on this venue. Once we get to know one another a little better, then I can do a reading via telephone. But I would prefer to get your chart information first. And if you like, you can send that to me via this blog. Thanks for your inquiry. I hope to hear back from you.


      1. I’m logged into YouTube but still dont see an option to send a message. Sorry, I’m not also creating a YouTube channel, if that’s what I have to do in order to communicate. You said I can send my chart info via this blog? My DOB is 11-8-73 1:04 AM EST


    1. Jenny,
      OK, so I finally got your chart. You are a Scorpio with a Virgo rising and Moon in Aires. Just noting your transits. Currently the Sun conjunct Uranus aspect happening today is making a quincunx to your Mercury. It means you feel compelled to expand your mind and learn new ways of thinking, incorporate adaptability into your life, new friends or associates, reaching out to people who are different than you. This transit opens the higher mind and thoughts come into your consciousness as a rapid pace, you need to keep a notepad with you to write down all your thoughts. The compulsion comes from the awareness that you need to keep your mind open to new ideas so that you can continue to evolve spiritually. You are probably smarter right now than you have been in a long time. This aspect can make the mind feel young again. Now is a time of precise adjustment in your thinking, not a complete overhaul. Stay flexible, alert, adaptable, intelligent. Uranian people (people with strong Uranus/Aquarius characteristics) come into your life now to provide you with new insights, like what I am doing here. Uranus rules astrology. So this email is a direct manifestation of this transit, but there must be others in your life as well. Now is a time to learn more about astrology and esoteric studies that will enable you to relate to the world and others in a more dynamic and intelligent manner.

      Also, Pluto is currently making a sextile to your Sun. This transit lasts a long time, more than a year, and these last two passes for you come on August 12 and November 10. This Pluto sextile Sun transit is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Although there are actually a lot of these related to Pluto. The significance of this transit is that now you have the opportunity to make a serious transformation in your life. You are capable of expending a lot of energy over a long period of time in a dedicated way, including saving your money for a personal project that you have always wanted to do. You’ve got Sun in the 3rd house, which related to travel, so buying a new vehicle, either figuratively or literally, or something which gives you more personal power and control over your own life and specifically your ideas and beliefs. So your beliefs may undergo a rather positive transformation during this time in your life. It is easy now to let go of the old and adopt the new. Once this transit is over, your will find yourself to be a more competent and powerful individual. Anything you do now to help bring positive transformation to others is really going to help you as well.

      But the most profound transit you’ve having in the near future is Neptune opposition Ascendant. This is a really big one. The dates are 5/20/2016, 7/9/2016, 3/6/2017, 10/14/2017, and 12/30/2017. So basically this transit happens for 1 and 1/2 years starting next month. During this transit, intimate relationships in your life are confusing and contradictory. BE VERY CAUTIOUS ABOUT CONSULTING OTHERS FOR ADVICE DURING THIS TIME. Note that all caps means a big warning. You will be confused by others who present you with a picture so broad and seemingly perfect that it will certainly be an illusion, it is very easy to be deluded by others during this transit. It happened to me and I am an astrologer. In most cases, a partner or close associate will be hiding something very important from you. Maybe they think you can’t handle the truth or maybe they just don’t think you have a right to know. Either way, someone close to you will hide something important from you. You must remember this if you want to prevent getting victimized, disappointed and upset later on. Also this is not a good time to get involved in legal disputes as they are likely to turn out not in your favor. Nevertheless, the purpose of this transit to to open you up to things you haven’t seen before and to bring your spirituality to the surface in your life and make it a part of who you are. Over the past 12 or 14 years or so you have being doing your spiritual work and found ways to incorporate universal concepts into your everyday life. Now you are wanting to show the world the depth of your compassion and spiritual dedication. But be careful of attracting others who will abuse that desire within you and ask you to join them in their spiritual mission. Do not give up your life for someone’s cause. That is where the delusion happens. You’ll need to draw a realistic boundary around yourself if you expect the world to treat you seriously and not run you over due to your naivete. You may take on a commitment now to assist others who need your help. This would be good but only so long as you keep the appropriate realistic boundary and DO NOT see yourself as a savior. DO NOT surround yourself with weak-minded people at this time because they will not give you a realistic appraisal of yourself and may make you think everything is great in your life when it is not. Be cautious of attracting persons with a sick dependency, especially relationships. Despite all of these stern warnings, it’s not bad so long as you stay realistic. The more sober you are, the better you’ll avoid the pitfalls. The feeling of being connected to everyone and everything at this time can produce dreams and fantasies that mark a turning point in your life, a time when the truly spiritual aspect of yourself is now ready to emerge for the rest of the world to see.

      That’s about all for now, let me now if this is interesting to you.


  3. Fantastic, Tom. Thank you so much. Your ALL CAPS reminder is inspiring. I know exactly to whom this might be referring.
    One thing I wanted to ask about is…..about 10 years ago,I started lying about my age and bday…saying I am 5 years younger than I actually am. I write my fake age on documents…tell it to anyone who asks my bday…I am so used to it, that if someone asked my DOB in my sleep, I’d probably tell them the dishonest/5 years younger age.
    Can this have any impact on one’s horoscope? When one adopts a DOB different from one’s actual DOB?


    1. No, it has no effect on astrology.

      So tell me what you thought of the reading as is this useful to you. If you like, we can do a longer reading for which I charge a fee of $120 for a full length reading including natal and transits. We could do the reading over the phone or in person if you happen to live close to the Sacramento, California area. Thanks for you interest in my work. I hope to continue.


  4. I LOVE and appreciate the reading so much. Various trends in my life are confusing. I’ve been wondering if there is an astrological component as well as something I can do to navigate these trends better.
    My biggest question is about creativity.. As an artist, I’ve been extremely creative and driven my whole life, but, in recent years, my creativity has has nearly disappeared. My ambition and confidence have diminished too. I don’t get it. My health is fine. I have a very active mind.
    Nothing has changed.
    I just don’t have the creativity I used to. It’s strange and disappointing.
    Anyway, the reason I started paying attention to your YouTube videos is that I really enjoy your insight into the Presidential election and political figures. I do hope you’ll be posting more about them!
    Thank you so much,


  5. Hi Jenny,
    Let’s see about the creativity problem. I just noticed that your Progressed Moon is about to conjunct your natal Sun. This happens once every 30 years and for you it is about to happen next week. Here is an interpretation I got from http://www.cafeastrology.com/progressedmoonaspects.html.

    Progressed Moon conjunct Sun Expect a bit of an ego boost for a while, as your one-two Sun-Moon punch is right in tune in your Sun sign. So for the moment you may be best off putting your eggs all in one basket where you can take advantage of big steps forward without dividing your energies. Presenting a solid front is easy and puts you ahead of the game.

    I can see why you say that you have always had a lot of creativity because you have Jupiter in the 5th house (house of creativity) and it makes a close trine to Pluto. So not only do you have an abundance of creative energy, but also the energy to do it.

    Pluto is currently in your 5th house. This has been since 2014 and will continue for quite a few more years. So you should be getting a lot of energy and inspiration for creative work. If you’re being blocked, it’s because someone or something in life is blocking you. The Pluto energy can come at your from outside of you sometimes.

    In addition, recently you had Jupiter conjunct Ascendant. So you are feeling expansive and want to include more options in your life.

    The confusion probably started a few years ago with Neptune square Neptune. You may have picked up an unwanted drain on your energy and aren’t aware of it. The Neptune opposition Ascendant transit that I wrote about at length in the last email is a big part of that as well. Forcing yourself to do creative work will help get ride of the clouds around you now. But if there is someone or something blocking you or draining your energy, then the issue must come to a head eventually.

    When Uranus opposes your natal Uranus next year, you will get your mid-life crisis. If fact today, April 13, you are having Sun opposition Uranus, so you are feeling a bit rebellious today.

    Well that’s about it for now. Take Care.


  6. Thanks again Tom.
    How long will I be in the Progressed Moon Conjunct Sun phase?
    How do I contact you directly for a reading?
    Since this Progressed Moon aspect happens only a few times in one’s life, it would be helpful to know when it last happened and how long it will last. The hope is that recalling what I experienced in the previous transit will help me make the most of this transit,
    Thank you so much.


    1. This progressed Moon conjunct Sun happens precisely on April 16th. It lasts for about a week before and after that date, so you are in it now. The last occurrence was January 17-18, 1989. I hope you kept a good diary.

      I am just getting my reading business off the ground. Within a week or so I will set up a paypal account or figure out how to charge by credit card. I will contact you then and let you know. And thanks for encouraging me to get my own reading business going. Enjoy the nice transits.


      1. Great!
        And I really do hope you keep posting readings on our politicians and this election. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with it.


  7. Thanks so much for the comment about the political stuff. I do include that at the end of each weekly report, but maybe that information is getting lost. I think I will put politics back at the beginning of weekly report so folks find it easier. Thanks for all you input.


  8. Tom,
    I’ve spent much my adult life struggling for money and trying to establish a career. Is this reflected in my chart?


  9. Yes, your have Uranus in the second house. Money comes and goes rather quickly in your life as you desire for freedom deprives you of a steady income. You would do best by having your own business. I have this placement and have found it good for earning money using computers or some type of new technology.

    You have Uranus opposition Mars (8th house). You have a fierce desire for independence. This configuration is prone to frittering away your energy on useless love affairs. Must find a constructive outlet for your recklessness.


    1. Yes, very powerful lessons regarding relationships and sexuality. It’s pretty deep and not sure how much I want to go into it too much on a public forum. It’s privileged information. But basically speaking you have a powerful sexual nature that could attract very controlling partners in your life. Also your ability to arouse others to challenge you sexually could lead to fights. You enjoy hazardous activities and need to curb your rebellious nature. Take extra safety precautions.

      Ultimately this aspect can be seen as an intense desire to reach out to the spirit of everyone you meet and incorporate their knowledge into your being. An impossible task! You crave continued excitement and surprise. And you are powerful, strong, physical, probably a martial arts expert or something along those lines.

      Someone like you does not scare me as you do others because I can comprehend your intensity. For example, your quest for info from me encourages me to get my own act together with regards to accepting money for readings. That’s what you do to people, you poke them to see how well they have their act together. But most folks get their pride worked up about that. And that’s why you get the resistance from others that you get. You are a genius at poking others right where they are weak.

      Harnessed for the good of yourself and others, it is a powerful talent. Until then you simply are not the easiest person to get along with. Be careful of using or provoking violence.

      Other aspects in your chart show you have an intense desire to achieve success and reputation. I could do into these rather deeply as it is a rare configuration known as a Yod, or finger of God, (you can look it up). And it indicates your life is drawn, like by destiny, to a certain path and there is nothing you can to stop it. For you it is pretty well configured with Saturn in the 10th house at the top. You should lead a pretty successful life.

      At this point, I am gonna stop, let you think it over. Maybe you could let me know what you do, or did, for a living. I am rather curious at this point.

      Take care.


  10. Does my Yod configuration indicate a certain path my life is destined to take?
    It’s cool, I can handle it.
    I’m perfectly comfortable with your going into more detail in this public forum.
    I used to think I was, not destined, but at least blessed with the potential to be a great artist.
    My desire to succeed is still great, but I’m not as inspired artistically these days.


  11. You were made for a very specific reason. The Yod gives you a compulsion to succeed and you have great artistic skills with Pluto trine Jupiter and Neptune trine Moon. And since Neptune and Jupiter sit at the bottom of the Yod, then most certainly art is the vehicle for success. So glad to see you have a strong character and know what you want to do in life.


  12. I feel very fortunate to be one of Tom’s first online clients. After watching the “Weekly Astrology Notes” and “Planets in Politics” series on his YouTube channel, I decided to reach out to him asking for a personal astrology reading. I’m very glad I have.

    What is true of his video reports is also true of his chart readings: structured delivery, clear communication, and effective interlacing of ideas. All in all, his method of analysis is dynamic yet well contained and functional. The written product of his work (all nine pages) is likewise thorough and very well structured. In fact, I’m outright impressed – particularly with the amount of clear and organized writing he has produced for me. More so, he has spent a very good amount of time with me on the phone going over the written document – not unlike the format followed in his YouTube videos.

    I have consulted with multiple astrologers; Tom has a disciplined approach that effectively balances interpretation with technicality. In that way, the report is both very personal, relatable, as well as objective in nature. After having both read and listened to his report, not only did I understand the imperative psychological take-away message but I also learned why this was the case. In that sense, my reading with Tom has been not only a lesson on my life and purpose but also on astrology itself. Tom was never caught straying away from the central importance of my chart or getting side-tracked in the slightest. The delivery and structure of his reports are easy to follow and cohesive when from seen up close or as a whole. Even though I am one of his first official clients online, it shows that he has had much practice with astrology, life, and the healing arts in general. Tom has also mentioned that his father was a great astrologer, so I’m sure that also speaks a lot to his capability.

    Without hesitation, I recommend Tom’s astrological reading for a well balanced, thorough and thoughtful service that is clarifying, grounded and useful. His keen sense of focus paired with an earnest drive to help is a synastry reserved typically for the sage!

    Personally, astrology has helped me hone in on what is important and worth pursuing in life. More so than the common opinion, astrology is a practical and useful tool – particularly as a psychological understanding of oneself or, for that matter, of the world that we live in (“Planets in Politics” aptly demonstrates this). Topics such as career, relationship, strength, weakness, family, home, travel, creativity, structure, etc. are all covered respectively in an astrology reading. Transits – how the solar system is presently affecting you – are also a significant part of an astrology reading which Tom delivers with the same level of refined clarity.

    Overall, the entire reading has gravity to it not only because of it quality and comprehension but because it is delivered in multiple ways – written as well as spoken in real time. I have walked away with a piece of invaluable writing that can be referenced, shared, and used over and over. To put a cherry on top, Tom makes himself available for follow up – a sign of a personable yet professional human being.

    Thank you Tom for your insights, valuable time and attention.

    James Biehl


  13. Hi Tom,
    Recently I have put up a couple of comments on Youtube with the username Joe emerging from the cave. I’m impressed with your work and would like you to to do an online astrology reading for me.
    After posting this comment you’ll have my email address so we can take it from there, if that’s
    alright with you. I hope hear from you soon!


    1. Hi Joe,
      I like you handle. And thanks for the feedback. Yes, I do personal readings for folks all the time. Email me at mobilstar7@yahoo.com and include your birth data; name, date, exact time and place of birth. Readings cost $120 which you can pay through paypal using the same email. The way it works is you give me your birth data, I do the homework, call you back and we set up a time to do the reading over the phone, which you may record on your end if you like. I’ve had 100% positive feedback on my readings and I always leave the reading open to questions months later. Please contact me at mobilstar7@yahoo.com and we can take it from there. And thanks for leaving so many comments on my videos, it helps to get the conversation going and I really appreciate it.
      Many blessings,


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